Are You Worthy?
    Remember Your True Beginning

Are You Worthy?
Let me put it another way ... Do YOU believe yourself worthy?

Worthy for what, you ask?

Do YOU BELIEVE yourself worthy to participate in the process of life here on planet earth?

Most of us never take time to ask that question as most never recognize that question as a valid question to ask one's self. That question is one of the most important questions you could ever ask yourself in this lifetime.

Again, I repeat:

Do you believe yourself worthy to participate in the process of life here on planet earth?

As you ponder upon this question, I am going to enumerate about why it is a question of value to be asked of self.

Allow me to begin at the beginning ... and that beginning place, that point in linear time that I am making reference to is ... during your pre-birth planning stages of this lifetime.
We all begin our current lifetime with a planning stage of that lifetime while we are still in the non-physical state of being. Some say that the non-physical existence is while we are in spirit, others say it is while we are in Heaven with our Creator or God ... it matters not what you call this time in-between lives, but that you acknowledge life between life and come to understand its value.

Most physical beings, or humans as we call ourselves, do not entertain the possibility that we are conscious thinking beings before our physical birth here on earth. We are taught that our life begins at conception and continues until our death in this world. Lots of us hope that life is eternal and that our soul or consciousness continues after death, but there are very few of us who have the understanding that not only is life continual after our physical deaths, but life also exists before this current lifetime. Life truly IS eternal.

I am a Hypnotherapist, Past Life Regression Therapist and soon-to-be ordained minister (update: ordained minister as of 2010) who has also had the privilege in this lifetime to experience a Near Death Experience. That NDE (Near Death Experience) got me to the place of asking the questions about eternal life and then studying the evidence during this lifetime. It is my passion to find out the answer to every question I have ever had about life as we know it on planet earth ... and believe it or not, there IS an answer to every question! 

To some, when asking, it just may not be the correct answer,  ;).

It is with unwavering certainty and understanding of this topic that I am bringing to you the information at this time about life on planet earth. This information will benefit greatly all who are reading these words. This information can be transformational if taken into your current belief system. You can add unto your current belief system and incorporate this information into your everyday living of this lifetime. Your life will have more purpose and meaning to you once you understand these truths:

It is in the pre-birth planning stage that we set our intentions for the forth-coming lifetime in the physical world. It is at that time that we list our goals and lessons to be learned. It is during this time, just prior to our birth, that we refine the expectations of the next lifetime. Initially, it is with our pure intention that we utilize every moment in the physical life for our evolution of our consciousness ... our spirit.

Our pre-birth plans include many possibilitiesto set up the opportunities that we could encounter to make the choices that will help us mould the results that we (while in spirit) have eagerly anticipated. I must stress that we do not choreograph every experience, but merely the abstract scenario that leads us to the experiences that, then, lead us to make the decisions or choices ... our lives are not minutely pre-destined. We live our lives from experience to experience with each choice leading us off into, yet, another trajectory. 

Each choice could lead us into yet, another adventure!!! (or experience, or "lesson")

The underlying goal or reason to reincarnate 
(yes ... we DO!) is purely for the expansion of the consciousness of our souls. While in spirit we are drawn to this never-ending evolutionary cycle. Although these plans are not set in stone, due to the Law of Free Will, these plans are the outline for our next lifetime on planet earth.

All of our pre-birth planning is due to our wanting growth for our consciousness or 
spirit. We are first and foremost pure consciousness or spirit ... merely inhabiting a vehicle that we label a body in this physical world. We are growth seeking beings before, during, after and in-between our physical lifetimes.

It is all for the expansion, the evolution and the growth of our personal consciousness which in turn, contributes to the collective consciousness and All That Is, or GOD.

While in the pre-birth planning stage of the next lifetime on planet earth we are spirits without form. We are pure, positive and very passionate energy. We are made in the image of the energy from which we came. We are pure spirit and we are planning our next lifetime from that perspective.

Since the expansion of our perspective is really what is meant when we refer to consciousness, let us examine what perspective means. Perspective is how we each view an event in our present reality. Perspective is formulated after experiences in time-space reality. Experiences are how we gather information to add to our perspective. Experience is what we have come to earth to do so we can expand our perspective or consciousness. Some call this earthly experience, spiritual lessons.

In other words, while in the non-physical realm, (Heaven, Spirit World) we make the conscious choice to come to the physical realm to attend the physical classroom that we call earth ... to experience. We choose to reincar-nate time after time because planet earth is unlike the spirit world and other dimensions. Life on planet earth is chock-full of choices due to its dualistic nature. Because of the eternal nature of our soul that is ever wanting expansion, this physical world provides the necessary environment for our spiritual development ... that spiritual expansion.

After having spent over a half of a century this lifetime with other souls on planet earth, I have observed many who have spent their entire lifetime attempting to deem themselves worthy to live upon this earth. 

They know not from whence they came ... they know not that they are co-creating with God. They know not that they are a part of the Divine.

It is with heartfelt sadness that I am in the company of some of these souls as I realize that many do not know the rules of engagement for life on planet earth. There is much confusion when we are unaware of certain universal laws as we become players in the game of life. If unaware, we become players by default instead of deliberate intent.

You see, after our pre-birth planning, we are born into a soul family (which consists of hundreds) and then, go about executing our pre-birth plans here on planet earth. It is all God's big vision ... with everything choreographed toward opportunities for the choices that will be presented for the soul's growth, but each soul ultimately makes the choices  for himself.

Too many rely upon others to make their decisions. Too many rely upon others in the execution of their own lives ...

Many rely soley upon the great institutions of our modern world ... our government, our religions, our schools, our financial institutions, our health care professionals ... when the answer to every question lies within each of us. That is why Jesus and all of the great spiritual teachers told us to "go within" ... for it is only our individual connection with our Source, our God, that can supply the answers best for the individual ... and all we have to do is ask.               
                                        (continued ... next column)
There is just one little thing ... you are familiar with the proverbial clause in the contract that offers some kind of negating discourse or disclaimer ... and here it is:

While collecting our pre-birth goals, and expectations for the next life and shaping our blueprint, we also agreed to abide by the earthly laws once we reincarnated. Those laws were in regard to time and space and gravity. We agreed to forget about previous lives and the lessons we learned.

In other words, we agreed to not look back. We agreed that if we reincarnated once again to the earth plane, we would start the next life from scratch and not allow Infinite Intelligence (that which we call God) to interfere with the Law of Free Will. While we were in the non-physical, we agreed that once we became physical we would not rely upon the information that we had amassed over many, many lifetimes of physical existence, but rely upon the present life opportunities for growth. We agreed to focus on the lifetime at hand and gather all of the experience that we could from that ... without rehashing that which we lived before. We agreed to live in the ... NOW.

In other words ... once we came to this physical environment, we temporarily agreed to forget that each one of us has access to Infinite Intelligence. We agreed to go about experiencing physical life on planet earth and soak it all in like a sponge ...all the while working our way back home.

While in the non-physical it was understood that there would never truly be a separation from our Creator, the God of our understanding ... and each soul knew that direct communication with God could be established anytime that we desired. But ... we had to come to the wanting of the communication.

We also knew that a part of each of us, that older, wiser being that transcends all life and death would also be available to us in each and every situation while in the physical ... and all we had to do was ask

It is not by coincidence that once we establish communication with our Higher Self ... we are in direct communication with God, also. Consciously establishing that  connection ... that reconnection gives us access to Infinite Intelligence.

How is it, then, that we are born unto the earth plane and then ... just forget all that we had known to be truth while in the spirit world? 

In order to adjust, here,on planet earth where the energy is denser than that of the spirit realm, we must lower our vibration and that results in a sort of "veil" between the dimensions.

It is all part of the big plan, if you will, in the evolution of the spirit of each of us. The soul understands that we are all one and understands that in order to grow in a spiritual sense, we must also temporarily feel that separation from Source, Our God, and learn through the journey back Home to that divine dimension ... to our ONENESS.

Each soul innately knows of its origins and each knows that we are part of God or the Divine. Each of us also knows that WE ARE LOVE  ... and WE ARE LOVED.

We are here to live life and gather the experiences from the smorgasbord OF life.
Again, we are in control of it all as we are co-creators of our lessons ... of all of our experiences through our own choices.

If we choose, for example, to experience the lack of love in a lifetime, which includes self-love, we, then, come to learn the fullness of love at a soul level. Those experiences come from all facets and in all directions while we attend this physical, earthly classroom.

I want to convey the peace that it brings once you begin to remember the Source of your existence. When one acknowledges that there IS an older, wiser, non-physical part of his very own existence ready and willing to assist in every area of life, here in the physical, the shift from the personality occurs. The ego slowly fades.

This shift is a shift to soul consciousness. This is what some refer to as the awakening.

One of our intentions, to inhabit planet earth at this time, was to be a part of the 
Great Awakening and to eventually come to the understanding that we are all Divine Beings.

The "Greatest" Generation set the stage, the "Boomers" began the execution and "Generation X" and the generations beyond will reap the full benefits of this time of the Great Awakening.

That shift to soul consciousness can assist us in reducing the feeling that we are unworthy in every area of our earthly lives.
When we awaken, when this shift occurs ... we remember that we are divine beings and our souls are immortal. After that epiphany, a release of all judgement comes about as we learn forgiveness. 

In the place of judgement of self and others, we consciously choose to embrace neutrality and that reduces our feelings of unworth-iness and brings us closer to the under-standing of unconditional love. 

When in the state of unconditional love and appreciation, each one of us brings healing to ourselves and others. Only wellness in body, mind and spirit can follow that shift.

Learning unconditional love, as Jesus and many other great teachers taught us, is the underlying lesson for life on earth. This IS what the Great Awakening is all about ... understanding the true essence of our being is the first step. 

Every day we have an opportunity to see the good, the God ... in ALL people, events, situations and things. If you choose to see that good, that GOD, in all ... then and only then will you bring forth your divine birth right into your own reality:

The acknowledgement of YOUR OWN WORTHINESS. 

And from that understanding, you can create the life that you so desire.

So ... do yourself a favor ... ask again, if you are worthy to participate in the process of life here on earth ... and shout upon the rooftops, "I am worthy because I am a divine being!"

You are worthy! You are worthy because you created this lifetime of experiences! You are worthy because each and every experience, whether currently perceived as good or bad, adds unto your spiritual growth. You are worthy because there IS no gain without perceived pain ... that contrast that allows you to understand what you DON'T WANT in order to understand what you DO WANT !

You are worthy purely because you have decided to fine-tune, yet, another lifetime ... here on planet earth! You are worthy because, once you find out what you do not want out of this life, you can move forward to consciously creating a life that you DO WANT. The contrast in your life brings about change. Change promotes growth.

All that growth will uplift you in body, mind and spirit. It is of the utmost importance that each of us feels worthy to experience the process of life here on planet earth. When we feel worthy and make the shift to becoming soul-conscious beings, we have a more accurate understanding of our purpose.  We see the wisdom offered in our life's challenges and not so much the pain or contrast. We can bless our past and let it go ... and set the stage for our future.

We no longer see those challenges as punishments but gifts to our consciousness. And we no longer view ourselves as unworthy or victims of anything or anyone. We come to a point of responsibility for our own reality once we remember from whence we came.

So, begin a conscious effort to remember your true essence and honor the spirit within. If you do, I promise that you will have the life beyond your fondest dreams.

(which is Sanskrit for, "The god within me acknowledges and honors the god within you.")

 ~ Holly ~

What we are is God's gift to us.
What we BECOME is our gift to God  ~Anonymous

"You do not have to create your worth with God. That was done in God's Mind when He created you ..."      ~Gary R. Renard~
" The habit of thought, or belief that holds most people outside of their Vortex of Creation, more than all other thoughts put together, is the lack of appreciation of self."

     When you are connected to your Source ... your GOD ... 
    You automatically KNOW/SENSE the following:

    1.   You are free ...

    2.   You are powerful ...

    3.   You are good ...

    4.   You are love ...

    5.   You have value ...

    6.   You have purpose ...

    7.   And ... ALL IS WELL ...

~Abraham-Hicks~  (from an Art of Allowing Workshop)      

     It is NOT that you should feel loftier than others, as we are all one ... but in your sense of alignment with Souce, you may, then, assist others in understanding their own connection with Source thus, 'paying it forward' to create the upliftment of the collective consciousness ... some call it Loving Thy Neighbor as Yourself.

     Once you remember that YOU are a part of GOD ... and experiencing for all, then you will establish the balance within your own reality.

     It is every man's birthright to REMEMBER from whence he came ...                                                          

                                              ~ ~

   Are You Worthy?

   The Knowing Comes with the Connection Connection

"They that have ministered that the God-force, the soul that is the image of the Maker might be glorified have done so unto the Lord.  His brethern, His individual selves are but the material manifestations of that Creative Force in a material world. "

Edgar Cayce Reading 524-2