WHY ARE WE HERE?
                The 411 of Life on Planet Earth
Simply put: "For the fun of it!" (so, now, go about your business of the day .... and leave me alone! )   
I just absolutely love this little troll. He is so very mischievous ... with that underlying & blunt sense of humor that we all possess. You can just tell by his expression that he is bursting to give you his 'what for' of the day. He is so amused by us all.

And, now, I will pick up where our dear little troll left off :

                  "Why ARE We Here?"

Wow! Talk about a timeless question asked in every culture down through the ages ... and NOW, in this time-space-reality, we finally know the answer!

     FOR THE FUN OF IT  !!! 

What? You don't believe that? You won't accept that answer? Why is that answer so hard to believe for you?

Could it be because that answer was not a part of the belief system in the family in which you were raised? Could it be that your society/ culture did not accept this answer, so you, as an individual did not, either? Could it be that because life has beaten you up quite a bit and you are NOT having fun at this time in your life that you do not believe that answer? 

You may have answered yes to all of these reasons for not believing that we all have chosen (yes, chosen!) to experience life on earth for the fun of it ... or you may have never thought that that answer was even a possibility.

Think again ...

If you are a frequent reader of this web site, you already know that I continually underline that we are SPIRITS, contained in a vehicle, that we call a human body having a HUMAN EXPERIENCE. 

You will also know that we have chosen to reincarnate to the earth plane to experience the duality that life here on planet earth has to offer.

We have discussed Karma, Reincarnation and Life's Lessons ... and you know that not only are we Spirits in this physical body, but we are also a part of the very Creator, the GOD of your understanding. We are a part of the ENERGY that created this Universe and we continue to co-create as we live out our physical lives, here on earth.
Remember how we discussed the importance of the expansion of the individual?
(see the topic: Religion's Role)

The individual is of the utmost importance because he adds unto the expansion or evolution of the entire human species, who, in turn, adds unto the expansion and the evolution of "ALL-THAT-IS", or GOD... that entity or that energy or that being is the source of our very own consciousness.

Yes, because of us, our Creator, too, is expanding and evolving. We incarnate (and re-incarnate) ... in other words, we embody on His/Her behalf. We were made in His image ... we are spirit, and we are the reason that the Infinite Being continues to grow. We all experience for our God.

That energy, that creative source is US and each one of us is a part of the collective whole ... the God Force of this Universe. 

We don't just have God in our hearts, guiding us ... yearning for the reconnection ... we are part of God, each one of us!

Now, don't get all in an up-roar ... don't get your panties all in a bunch. I walked you through it! Why can't you believe that you, me, everyone ... is a portion of the bigger picture? And that bigger picture is the God of your understanding? 

We are in no need to worship God or do good deeds in His name ... all we need to do is to acknowledge that we are part of Him and show our appreciation for the opportunities that we have to make the choices, while here on earth, that cause us to expand. God EXPECTS nothing from us. Like any good parent, He/She just wants us to live a happy and healthy life ... and that is up to us! We are in control, here ...

If we always reach for that feeling that we get when we are in the state of appreciation ... for anything, we have in our earthly experience ...  (of course, that means different things to different people) we can be or do or have anything that we want if we learn to be more in a state of appreciation for our being-ness and our now, than not. Happiness is the result because the blessings of the Universe rain upon us. 

We can move the proverbial mountain once we remember the reason for our coming to the material world ... our intention was to gain new experience.

Most of us, during this lifetime on earth, have intended  remembering our Source and who we really are before we were 'born'. That is why the majority of us have come forth once again at this particular time in human history.  (ever wonder why the stage was set for the Boomer Genera-tion... The largest generation, popluation-wise, in the history of the world?) We knew that this would be a time of the Great Awakening. We knew this time would be the time that there would be more humans understanding the Laws of the Universe, than not.

And ... WE wanted to be a part of this most awesome time in the evolution of the human species! We wanted to be able to exclaim, "We were THERE at the time humans finally understood the true meaning of their lives." We wanted these times, here on earth to be added to our experience for our spiritual expansion ... and, then, possibly ... move on? H-m-m-m ...

We desired to be the first generation who  remembered that we ARE all from one Source, hence, we are ALL ONE ... 

Yes, each soul does have an individual plan, a blueprint, so to speak, of its "mission" in each lifetime. Those missions are extremely varied and evolves the individual soul.

Each soul also has a sketchy, but general plan collectively with the other souls in their particular lifetime's generation ... and that is to help with the evolvement of  the Human Species. At this time, the "Boomers" are marching toward the critical mass of the enlightenment of modern man. Yeah!

And, finally, as I have said, our experiences here in the physical, contribute to the evolution of God, too. That is ever so important!

At present, in this time-space-reality, the collective plan is to be present on earth when it becomes apparent that the critical mass of souls discovers and awakens to the knowledge ... that knowing, that remembering ... of the true source of the human consciousness.

Once the majority ... of all of the humans on earth recall their origins, the collective intention will be fulfilled. Some souls will experience this and others will choose to exit (die) this lifetime just short of this amazing development due to their ingrained belief system.

But, meanwhile, we are to focus on the fun of it all. Don't worry, be happy ... is the mantra. It is what it is ... a wonderful time to be "alive" on planet earth.

The curious nature of the Human Being is to search for that good, happy feeling in all that it does, all that it experiences. In doing so, we receive all that is good and all that is happy right back ... because the Universe is like a mirror and it reflects back to us that which we project outwardly to it.

We create our own reality... (keep in mind; not another's, but our own!) If we decide on the better feeling choice in all that we do ... and in all of our decisions, we remain in that space of happiness and joy ... we will be operating at our full potential.

And that is the primary reason that we decided to visit the earth plane once again ... for the joy of it, for the fun of it,  for the bliss while we are creating opportunities for our expansion.

If we get side-tracked from that plan and make the decisions that create fear and anger and hatred ... the Universe will also send back that to us, as it is like a cosmic mirror, not qualifying but merely reflecting that which we project.

It is to our own benefit, as a species, to look at our lives and project more positively that which we know in our souls to be truth. 

As I have said, today, the "veil" is thinning. There is a positive energy that abounds on earth today. Some have taken it into their belief system and have reclaimed their birthright ....  (Those who have ears, hear. Those who have eyes, see...) Others  have chosen to remain spiritually ignorant and stay rooted in their old beliefs. 

I am challenging you to just let go and have some natural fun in your life.       
is a good way to view it all. Life is supposed to be FUN !  (all natural, of course ... I never advocate  a chemically induced state of happiness ... because that is artificial)

So, connect the dotsthink outside of the boxdo the math, have no fear, whatever phrase you like to use ... use it, speak of it often and just enjoy this magnificent ride that we call life. "It is all good", as Martha Stewart says ... and we need to understand the reason for experiencing all that we do in these amazing times. It is all for US!

Seek the best-feeling place in your life and you will be astonished at how the Universe reflects back unto you.

Don't worry, be happy ... and see the God in all those you meet  ... and it will all fall into place.     

                                ~ Rev. Holly ~  
(Namaste' is a greeting that means, "The God in me acknowledges and praises the God in you." It is one soul greeting another, much like a physical handshake and greeting)                 

You ask, "If I chose to come here to live a life on earth for the fun of it, why am I not having any fun?"
Answer: Because you are not allowing the fun to come forth. You are resisting the fun and all that is good if you do not view life as fun.

Back to why we are here ... we came into existence in this time-space-reality, that we call earth, from a place we call "Heaven"... some call it the spirit realm, and it matters not what we call 'it'.  Heaven is the natural home for spirits. The spirit realm is the place of pure and positive energy and all is blissful there. As we planned each of our lives (YES -MULTIPLE!) while in spirit ... we had a much different perspective than we do now, while in these physical bodies, experiencing this material world. We resided in only the positive energy and we were quite confident that our connection with the Source of that pure, positive energy would always accompany us, no matter where we would roam in the universe. 

We trusted that our connection to Source Energy (some call it God, Infinite Being, All-That-Is, the Life Source, The Almighty, Our Creator, etc.) would always be. And that is a fact. 

Our connection is always available ...  but we, as humans make the decision to not allow that connection. We have forgotten about that crazy little thing called 'connection' with Source. Most of the reasons that we DO forget about that crazy little thing is because life gets in the way. Ironic, huh, since, the very reason that we came forth from our true home in the spirit world was to experience that which we call life in the material world. 

How could we forget such a thing like that connection with our Creator?  It is part of  our 'agreement' before we incarnate so we can begin anew. PLUS ... once we get to this physical world, those well-meaning beings who are here to greet us begin our indoctrination to life on planet earth. Most are ignorant of the reason that we came forth here ... so they know not.

Once here, the spirit in the human infant begins his education of maneuvering and survival in this world while inhabiting a human body. This has been since the very first human beings.  So, maybe we began merely preoccupied with the lessons of survival. And maybe those challenges were the reason we were so intrigued in populating the earth in the first place. Whatever the reason for incarnating (and there are as many reasons as there are people!) ... the process of the overlayment of beliefs began from day one for us as spirits inhabiting a human body.

And we all understand that tens of thousands of years-worth of layers of beliefs distorts the original intention. That distortion happens in just one lifetime ... let alone many! 

If we would remember our connection with our Creator, our Source from the get-go ... the experience that we gain while in this physical form would not be as potent. Part of the adventure or the discovery ... the FUN, if you will, is due to our NOT REMEMBERING about our connection to our Source .
There is great value in the unknown. When we are interested and enthused in experiencing and exploring anything while we are in this physical body, it summons the Life Force through us and keeps us focused in the physical. To put it another way, it keeps us alive. 

When we choose a topic, whether it is a life lesson,  or a topic to increase our knowledge, or an experience ... when we choose (hear this ...) when we choose .... from an array of anything ... we expand, grow and evolve.

Even if we are seemingly disconnected from our Source we are growing every time we make a choice about anything. So, it was by design that we had "amnesia" about our origins at the time of our birth, here on planet earth. It gave us even more curiosity to ask the questions and then search for the answers thus having a constant flow of this vital life force. But at this time ... things, they are a-changing ... We are gaining more and more knowledge of our true Source. The veil is thinning ... enter the NEW AGE ...
           (continued in next column >>>>>>>>)
                        Helpful Hint from Abraham:

We are really advocates of just getting as happy as you can be ... which takes care of everything. Even if you don't have a reason to be happy ... make it up. Fantasize it. Make a decision that you're going to be happy one way or another ... no matter what. (Repeat:) "No matter what, I'm going to be happy! If I have to ignore everybody; if I have to never watch television again; if I have to never pick up a newspaper again, I' m going to be happy. If I never have to see that person's face again, I'm going to be happy. If I have to see that person's face, I'm going to find something to see in that person's face that makes me happy. I'm going to be happy. I'm going to be happy. I'm going to be happy."

                                                                                    ~  Abraham ~

Excerpted from the workshop in Sacremento, California on Saturday March 15th, 2003

                                                 Our Love,
                                           Jerry & Esther   
 For Real ... Tibetan Monks ... Finding Bliss ...

      Enjoying the RIDE that we call LIFE

                    IN ALL EXPERIENCE
                                     Quote from Abraham:

"As you diminish contrast, you diminish your ability to decide ... and as you diminish your ability to decide, you diminish your ability to focus ... and as you diminish your ability to focus ... you do away with your REASON for exisiting ..."     ~Abraham~
                                       A Note from Holly:

We are human beings ... housing an eternal spirit ... and each one of us understood the value of a life embodied here on planet earth long before we decided to come forth in these physical bodies.

Would it not be prudent, then, to not waste our time and squander our opportunities for that growth, that expansion ... that we all knew would be the result of physical life? 

All we have have to do is change our perspective by very small increments and adjust our thinking to:

I am here, to live life to the fullest ... I am here to expand my spiritual perspective ... I am here to experience relationships in the physical which includes ... other people, places, events, nourishment, things ... and all the while, I am guided ... in every moment to formulate a unique perspective as I interact with all that is available to me in the physical existence. 

The contrast is what I have come to experience as I know at a soul level that my expansion comes through my experience ... through the opportunity of choices that I continue to make.

The guidance is always there ... if you still your mind and ask (and even if you do not) ... it is always given ... the teacher always pays a visit to the student who is ready for the lesson.

So view life for what it is ... your classroom for the expansion of your soul's perspective ... and remember to always go with the choice that makes you feel good ... because your emotions are your guidance system ... or GOD speaking to you  ...           ~Rev. Holly~         

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Hu-mans call this "Birth" and "Death" ... This process is cyclical and eternal and it is not to be feared. Most souls experience closing their eyes and taking their last breath on the earth plane and then opening their eyes and taking their first breath in non-physical reality.

Both the "comings and goings" of an individual consciousness is relatively simple ... and both are usually met by loved ones. ~Ezra