Who or What is God?
Were you aware that even scientific laboratory experiments are influenced by the consciousness of the facilitator? In quantum physics it has been proven* that even if a subatomic particle is observed, it is influenced by the consciousness of the observer! (I love evidence ... and that is what I relay on this site)

And to take it even further, I have met and attended classes with Professors, men of science, who believe that we truly do create our own reality, like the metaphysicians and the Spiritual Seekers have been saying for years! These men of science are now, with the understanding and research behind them, teaching that everything we observe is influenced by our state of consciousness !!!  (That's huge for Science to be on the same page as spiritually-minded people ... well, it is a melding of the minds, that's for sure! All is Well!  :)

Good ol' Einstein (who was extremely spiritual, by the way) helped to break down the wall between mind and matter. So, now, we have most scientists believing and supporting that there is, indeed, a new way of looking at "mind over matter"... How cool is that?

If mind over matter is an accepted truth ... how far is it to comprehend that the consciousness of human beings co-created the entire universe? If you do not agree, then, you are ignoring the philosophical implications of the discoveries in physics. Not to worry. Just think of consciousness as a form of energy (which it is) and that it MUST play a part in the creation of the physical universe. 

Obviously, the consciousness of human beings could not have exclusively created the material universe ... because how could the consciousness of human beings have created planet earth that existed billions of years before the first human beings took their first breath on planet earth?

Possibly, the explanation is that our universe was created by intelligent beings residing at a higher frequency spectrum and not confined to a physical body. These could be what we all refer to as "God".  Sort of a collective and highly evolved consciousness and not the typical image that most humans have of God ... but a very possible one!

Such a group of intelligent beings may have created our material universe which included our physical bodies ... they, then, used our physical bodies as vehicles to house their consciousness to move about the material world to experience life. These beings are what we call our soul. Each of us have a soul and as we "bang around" (to quote Abraham ) here on earth in our physical apparatus that we call a body, we gain more and more insight about who we are and what our connection really is to our spiritual Source, that which we call God.

So, YES ... My God is an awesome God ... He reigns from Heaven on high ... He is all things to all souls ... and we, as human beings, while here on planet earth, can take comfort in the knowing that we are truly a part of God ... we are God's children in every sense of the word! We are co-creators with God and we can be or do or experience anything that we choose to while here in the physical. We are growth-seeking beings ... with a real hunger, a burning desire ... for the evolution of our spirits. That is what moves us forward ... it is called our Life Force. When we cease to have the desire for growth, our Life Force withdraws. It is then that our physical body dies. Our consciousness transitions once again into the spirit realm ... until we make the CHOICE to once again, be reborn in the physical realm, the earth plane.

During this time of progressive revelation ... this time of spiritual awakening  ... we must remember who we truly are and why we have, yet again, come to this material world ... and then, maybejust maybe ... we will discover for ourselves who or what God really is.

                                                                                      ~ Rev Holly ~

"What What? Why? Why?"
** Choices:

To quote Edgar Cayce ...

"For we can, as God, say Yea to this, Nay to that; we can order this or the other in our experience, by the very gifts that have been given or appointed unto our keeping. For we are indeed as laborers, co-laborers in the vineyard of the Lord ... or of they that are fearful of His coming.
And we choose each day whom we will serve! And by the records in time and space, as we have moved through the realms of His Kingdom, we have left our mark upon same."

Edgar Cayce Reading 1567-2
Subjects to ponder upon with friends or family members ... over tea, perhaps?
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To quote Albert Einstein:

"The most beautiful thing that we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and all science. He to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead: his eyes are closed."
  For those who have eyes ... see !
  For those who have ears ... hear !
Original Article from 1982 ... by Holly Greene White
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The GOD Concept
                                   DO YOU BELIEVE IN GOD?

As a spiritual seeker I am often asked that question. It seems strange to me that people may assume that if you are a person 
who thinks and therefore, researches, you are a non-believer. Some assume that if you fall between religious and scientific views you are a non-believer. Others feel that if you question traditional thought and challenge traditional dogma and beliefs ... you are a non-believer.  Some feel that if you look outside the box for answers you are a non-believer. I am here to dispute all of those inaccurate assumptions.

I currently live in a small town. It is typical in small town America to have clusters of people sharing the same beliefs as their neighbors. That is what brought us together in the first place ... and in my humble opinion, small-town America is the best place to live and nurture the human spirit. Small towns with small-town belief systems are so very instrumental in providing the fertile grounds for the evolution of our soul.

Community tradition is what provides the basis for the expansion of thought. When we grow up indoctrinated in the beliefs of a small community we tend to value the contrast as we set out in the world. BUT ... accompanying the inquisitive mind comes risks when it comes to beliefs ... so I tread lightly upon this subject.

The contrast from which we draw, provides us with the wonderful perspective about the true meaning of life and our individual role in the bigger picture.

When asked if I believe in God, I would have to answer with a resounding "YES!" ... and depending upon the situation and the person, I may stop at that ... not elaborating on my ever evolving belief system.

But, since,this is my website, my space in the cosmos that I contract on a yearly basis (ironic, huh, having to pay for what is rightfully mine: SPACE :-) ...) I am going to bring about the teachings that I know in my soul to be correct and true ... AND over time, have been given the evidence. You see, I have learned to reconnect with my God. I am not unusual ... as we are all quite capable of that communication.  Many are doing just that. Some choose to reconnect, others, refuse. It's all in the choices.

And THAT is our life's work: Choices. ** 

Our choices are not meant to be judged. Our choices are merely experiences (some call them 'lessons') that will add unto the evolution of our own eternal spirit. Some choices appear as appropriate, others ... not so much ... BUT we all make the right choices for us at the time of the decision. That is how our spirit expands. Without that contrast of the perceived 'good or bad' choice, we would not know the difference between what we wanted and what we did not.

Again,it is with risk that I bring forth a different perspective about God, so I ask that you be gentle with me. I am going to begin at the beginning:

As in most spiritual circles, the question arises of how to approach explaining to a child about the concept of God.

For those of you who have children or grand children, this may be helpful to you. For those of you who need to understand more fully about God and the role He plays in our individual lives this will also be very useful. Spiritual Seekers Welcome! We all need a refresher course from time to time due to our ever-changing experiences ... due to our ever-evolving choices.

Again, this is our life's work: Choices. **

When we first emerge into this physical and very dense material world, we are unaware (by design) what will greet us. We came forth from an all-together different type of existence.

We are all spirits in true spirit form, residing in one of the spirit realms just prior to our coming to planet earth ... so it is quite natural for us to still have spiritual tendencies when we first transition into this world. At our birth, we transition  to spirits having a human experience ... by choice and by design.

At that point, most of those who witness our 'birth' also believe that because we are infants and cannot understand adult concepts and language and are physically dependent upon our caregivers, that we are not capable of being spiritual beings. Most human adults think that religion and spirituality are one in the same. In general, most human adults inhabiting our planet have forgotten their roots, their connection with the spirit or non-physical realm.  It is natural for human parents to look at their baby from that perspective and never give it a thought that that infant whom they call their child, is the vehicle for a very wise and sophisticated spirit.

We are all first and foremost spiritual beings! Our physical body is merely housing our spirit.

 Anyone who is involved raising a child knows that many of the questions that a child asks must come from a place of knowing  and not education. The source of these questions as well as some of their actions do not come about seeing or hearing the adults that surround them. Their curiosities are innate.

Each one of us is born with the knowing of who we really are ... but, unfortunately, as time passes, here, on planet earth (I love saying that as it denotes that we are merely tourists just visiting!) most of us are indoctrinated to believe that the focus is on the physical life.

                                              AIN'T SO!

"Unless you become as a little child, you cannot inherit the Kingdom of God"

        It's (really) ALL ABOUT our SPIRITUAL development!!!

Most young children have an inherent spirituality that allows them to fully understand and accept God as a presence who is always with them. ("I AM with you always.")

We also trust in the KNOWING that we are each a part of God, Himself/Herself. Originally, WE trust in the 'process' of life, here, in the material realm, early on. It is that 'layering' affect gathered from the unenlightened societies that instills doubt in us along the way. (by 'unenlightened', all I mean is that, in general, human society as a whole does NOT REMEMBER WHO IT IS and from WHENCE IT CAME) 

From this truth, WE, then, must conclude that if WE all would continue in this understanding that WE ARE SPIRIT throughout our adult life, it would serve us well as the foundation for our very lives and perspective of our world view. 

If WE would maintain and nurture this very basic understanding  throughout our lives, that WE ARE, indeed, a part of the Divine and WE ARE, here on earth to experience upon 'His' behalf, WE would operate on an entirely different wave length. (Ha, vibration or frequency, if you will...) WE would view every other human being AS the SAME ... KNOWING that each is part of the Divine, has come from the same place with different intentions ... and without the 'help' of intervention or rescue from any other soul, dead or alive, WILL RETURN TO WHENCE WE CAME.

                                             YE ARE GODS

WE are here, in this physical realm, in these physical bodies to learn and experience and flow the energy according to the Laws of the Universe. It is our choice; Our birth ... our death ... and everything in-between. 

                                    This is leading edge stuff! 

AND WE COME HERE MANY, MANY TIMES AS THIS IS AN ETERNAL PROCESS!!! (non-physical life back to physical life, again and again and again!)

This is what the original religions attempted to teach, but failed in doing so as they succumbed to the demands of the ruling elite. Religious intention was pure and noble in the beginning, but then became distorted due to the agendas of the politics of the times. (church and state were one of the same, and the 'emperor' was the assumed and duly appointed representative of God, here on earth ... so the population or subjects of a particular empire were forced to pay homage to whatever belief system an emperor dubbed as the belief of his Kingdom ... in an attempt to unite that Kingdom)

The game changer was when physical man decided that power/instilling their WILL upon others while here on earth was a good idea. To take away the power /will of another ... those who sought that power understood that every other person had to feel the URGENCY and THINK that they had but one chance to 'get it right', here, on planet earth. The true teachings, the true message of our Divinity was DELETED from conventional wisdom through time all in the name of one man imposing his will upon another.

                    EXIT the TEACHINGS of REINCARNATION!

WE ALL have FREE WILL and God does not interfere with that as He bestowed upon us, this Universal/Natural Law.

OK, so we have established that everyone is born with the knowing of his/ her spirit-side and that over time here, on planet earth ... WE FORGET our origins and the nature of our own reality. It is by design that we do so. If we did not forget our previous lives, we would not move forward to understand the CURRENT LIFE EXPERIENCE. (and it is as simple as that; WE continue to come forth BECAUSE WE WANT the physical experience ... as WE KNOW, from a spiritual perspective, the CONTRAST that this dense material world offers hones our spirit more than when we are on the spirit-side ... where thoughts 'manifest' immediately ... and there is no buffer in time)

So ... exactly how do WE encourage a child (US) to KEEP that memory and assist in human adults recovering that memory? What spiritual tools do we use?


When teaching a child, I would recommend that he be taught from day one, that:

If he would close his eyes, he would feel the presence of God in his heart. That just being still and going inside his heart, he will feel the presence of God. That God will always be there for him and protect him. God will guide him in every day to be the best that he can be when he listens to that voice of God. God is the invisible 'person' that you can talk with anytime that you'd like. Just be still and think of God living in your heart and He will make sure that you are protected.

Yes, it is a form of meditation and it could be taught early on in the life of every child. It is not religion. It is not dogma. It is not indoctrination to any particular belief system.

Meditation is the Bread of Life. It is our connection to God. In the silence is when we hear God. God speaks to us while WE meditate. Prayer is good and necessary ... but WE do not get the answers while WE are asking which is what WE Humans call prayer. God answers during meditation. (the asking does not need to be verbal, either ... as our asking is directly connected to our life experiences ... and our living life, here, on planet earth, is our asking. Remember; God, or our Higher Self is a part of us, so when WE experience anything, here, on earth ... our Higher Self is the first to know!)

WE speak during prayer (either verbally or by our actions). God speaks during meditation. It is the Yin and the Yang of spiritual communication. It is absolutely necessary to use both tools, both prayer and meditation, in your daily walk with God.

Do I believe in God? Absolutely! Does a spiritual seeker believe in God? Absolutely! ALL call Him/Her a different name ... some call Him God or others call Him Spirit or the Life Force or Infinite Being, Infinite Intelligence or All THAT IS. It matters not the label, I assure you. Labels divide ... and the true intention of any spiritual leader is to unite ... to unveil the truth that each one of us is a part of the collective consciousness ...that which SOME call GOD.

Now that WE know that WE can have direct communication with God if WE care to go within and be silent (in contrast with finding it necessary to employ another in that communication, such as a pastor, priest, rabbi, minister) at any age ... let us continue with the explanation of who or what is God to a person who is an adult and also skeptical of the Universal approach. Please keep in mind that the Universal way (the Metaphysician, Spiritual Seeker's way ... that which is taught on this web site) to the truth is allowing all of those who have a belief system about God to keep that belief system intact. This explanation of the Universal God is merely to add unto the current belief system to anyone doing the ASKING for the UNDERSTANDING ... open your mind to the possibilities!

                                  The UNI-VERSE ... ONE SONG

When explaining my definition of God to an adult who comes from his current beliefs or lack of them, I begin with a common ground: Science. 

The renowned Albert Einstein proved that absolutely everything is made up of energy and energy is vibration. Over time, the world of science has proven to us, also, that there are many different levels of that vibration. For example, we know that there are many types of light rays that our natural eyes cannot detect and WE all enjoy the use of electricity, microwaves, radio waves, etc. in our daily lives. WE, as a consumer, cannot explain them all, but we are aware of their existence.  

Thanks to scientists like Einstein, WE now know that the universe is a continuum of all sorts of energy frequencies. Some we cannot detect with our human senses NOR even scientific instruments.

For thousands of years ... many spiritual people/teachers have already been saying this, that there is something beyond this material world. They have been saying that there is a spiritual level of existence. For the sake of science, let's just say it is the spectrum of frequencies that are off of the charts and higher than the frequencies/vibrations that are found in this denser material world that we call planet earth.

So now we have science backing up what spiritual seeking students have known for years; That there is something beyond the material realm. That something could be intelligent beings that exist on a higher plane (vibrational frequency) than WE humans.

Hmmm ... could that frequency be what man labels as God or our Angels or our Spirit Guides?

I AM telling you that Religion and Science are not adversaries like many of the churches lead you to believe. Not at all. Both religion and science are in search for the answers to the very same questions. It is a balanced relationship ... both left and right brains are being utilized. It is a symbiotic affair!