No Kidding ... We Choose!

                         CHOOSE WHAT YOU ASK?

Life is full of choices and we are all very aware of that fact. From the time that we were wee infants, we have been faced with choices.

BUT ...

How would you react if I asked you to entertain the possibility that we choose our very lives including our parents and families before our birth, here, in the physical? What would you do differently if you had the information that we did, indeed, choose our past, present and future opportunities to mould this current lifetime of experience?

Go ahead ... pause a moment ... and assimilate what I just proposed to you.

This information is quite shocking if you are hearing it for the first time. If you have heard it before, I acknowledge that this information does not leave your awareness which causes great changes in HOW you go about your life, here, on planet earth!

Pre-birth planning and reincarnation are my favorite topic in metaphysics. Why? Because this understanding answers so many questions that we human beings gather over a single lifetime. Just knowing this can completely change your approach to life itself ... and OH, it is SO liberating!! 

This information, this understanding, this knowing ... gives you wings!

After pondering, then incorporating the truth that we are always the creators of our experience ... how is it that this is not common and shared knowledge? Why is it that this most useful information has been kept safely guarded and under wraps from the most of us?

Oh, yeah, the metaphysical and spiritual communities have been teaching these truths for thousands of years ... but why is it that these truths (and, boy are they TRUTHS!) regarded as woo-woo still, after all of these centuries to the general masses? Have you ever asked yourself why? THIS, my friends, is the secret behind the secret.

And I am sure that you have asked  why ... or you would not have been guided to visit this very irreverent web site or read the words that you are now reading!

If you have come to the place in this lifetime to ask the questions ... you are, indeed, ready for the answers!

With the coming of every New Year ... most of us resolve to precipitate changes that would enhance our lives. This year, would it not be prudent to reassess our belief system first and THEN proceed to changing our outward lives?

If we change our beliefs ... our life will change drama-tically because all physical experience begins with a thought first. We create our own reality through our thoughts first.

I am sure that you agree that how we perceive anything, whether it be a person, place, thing or event ... is the information that, then, formulates our response to that person, place thing or event. We, then, go about "judging" the situation as to whether it is good or bad for us. Those assessments shape our lives and our relationships with EVERYTHING within our lives. We weave every judgement or assessment into our belief system. The culmination of that tapestry results in our perception of our world ... and boy, oh, boy ... each of us has a perception very uniquely our own!

Why, do you suppose, then, the truth that we choose the opportunities for life experiences prior to and during our current lifetimes causing us to create our own reality has not been taught and passed down generation after generation to the masses within our churches and governments? Why are these teachings hidden from most?

The answer to that question is obvious and can be found as we look around in today's modern society ... let alone studying the previous societies that helped shape our present-day cultures and beliefs. 

It is all about CONTROL. Control of the masses. Control in both our beliefs AND our physical lives. It is all about the arrogance and greed that the ruling elite feel is their birth right ... and only theirs! This arrogance is the by-product of the ruling elite's belief system ... and that belief system has served them quite well, I might add. 

To impose your will upon another soul is inappropriate because that soul, then, does not have the opportunity of his own choosing. Opportunities to choose for the sake of each soul's evolution and expansion is why we came to this physical life. To give another soul an opportunity to choose on behalf of your soul's intention is balancing Karma, but to strip away the choices and impose your will upon another is contrary to the Universal Law of Free Will. 

When we impose our will upon another, we do not balance Karma ... but CREATE Karma. (some call this Law "sin" ... with all of it's fundamental misinterpretations. I choose to call this process "Karma" because Karma is a Universal non-judgmental system set in place to assist with the Law of Free Will.) 

It is in our nature as spirits to exercise the Law of Free Will ... and this is why we decided to come forth into this physical realm in the first place ... for the choices. We, then, learn to choose the most appropriate choices for the growth of our soul or spirit.

That is why the man-made laws as we know them are always broken. The soul is always looking for the CHOICE. The man-made laws are constructed to attempt to manipulate those who will not obey them, anyhow! 

                                      Isn't this amusing?

And, we ... as human beings, allow the few ruling elite to do the choosing for us!  We joyfully follow blindly ... and continue to allow the arrogance of the few to shape our lives, whether it be the government or our very religious institutions. Then we ask ... why are we getting what we are getting? Our inner-beings, our souls, KNOW what are the appropriate choices for each of us and coupled with the understanding of the Law of Karma ... it would benefit us ALL to revisit the truths of reincarnation and pre-birth planning. 

If the knowledge of our creative and individual powers over the decisions in our own lives was passed on generation after generation ... the NEED for a governing power over our inner and outer lives would cease to exist. Those institutions would be left purely for the services of mankind ... NOT for imposing what a few think appropriate or inappropriate for the masses. Who gets to choose? Who is right? Who is wrong? The traditional institutions' primary functions would become obsolete.

When the teachings of reincarnation and prebirth planning  are given to the masses and not merely for a select few ... we give the power back to all individuals.

If the fact that we CHOOSE to come to this physical existence because we are in training to evolve and expand our consciousness  ... was assimilated, accepted and a part of our every day knowing ... how DO you think it would change the complexion of HOW we go about life on planet earth? Would it make any difference to YOU?

Would we ever NEED anyone to impose their will upon us knowing this? We would, indeed, be free to DELIBERATELY create our own reality instead of purely by DEFAULT.

Would this change YOU if you knew from the moment of your birth that each one of us already has the inseparable connection with our God (All That Is, Infinite Being. Spirit, etc.) along with a general blueprint or outline of the relationships with people, places, things and events that we would experience this particular lifetime? 

Would it change the way you look at your present life if you also understood that we never get it wrong because we never get it done ... and continue to reincarnate to the physical experience on earth lifetime after lifetime? (until we finish our training in this physical dimension)

                    This information is quite 

Would this information make a difference in how YOU PERCEIVE YOURSELF? Would you feel better about yourself? Would you perceive our world as a better place? Would you take back your power and know that YOU are the very best person to make your life's decision and NOT your oppressive government nor your oppressive religions nor any other outside source? 

Would you, then, realize that each one of us has come to this outside physical realm from the inner spiritual realm so we can become the co-creators that we were meant to be? We ARE "becoming" ... we are Eternal Beings!  We are divine creatures ... a part of that which we call GOD. We made the choice to come forth into this time-space reality to expand our consciousness on His behalf. We are adding unto our individual growth of the soul ... yes ... and we are also adding unto the expansion of All That Is! Each soul is important in the bigger picture!

Our lives are not a happenstance of random events or  existences. Each life and every life is choreographed by All That Is (God) AND each soul ... we ALL (collectively) benefit from each and every physical experience.

Life on planet earth is part of the BIGGER PLAN for all of us. We are in training for our role as co-creators in all that we think, say and do. We are, indeed spirits inhabiting a physical body ... having a human experience!

Take your power back! Begin with the truth in understanding that you are a unique being. You and only you are capable of making the RIGHT choices for YOUR OWN soul's growth. You knew that prior to your birth here in this physical world and you will continue to know that as you travel through all dimensions throughout eternity. 

Relying on an outside source will NOT help you with your soul's expansion. Only your inner-you can assist in your spiritual expansion. Ask for that assistance. Then let go and allow. Meditate often ...

DO NOT ALLOW another, be it your government or your religions, to control what only you know is appropriate or inappropriate for you!  Control your personal choices and let go of that which does not offer you the choices.

DO ALLOW your consciousness, your soul, your inner being ... to steer you to where YOU need to be. Listen to that guidance! Listen to that inner voice. Ask and it will be given.

Take it upon yourself to improve the way you go about your business here on planet earth. Take time for your inner-most questions to be answered so you can better make use of the very purpose of your physical life! Take time to discover the truths that have been so safely guarded by those who think that they are the only ones who have the answers to YOUR well-being.

Do not waste your time here on planet earth as each and every incarnation is precious and forever valuable for the expansion of our spiritual self. (we are spirits!)

TAKE BACK YOUR POWER NOW! Resolve that you are going to discover the who-what-where and why of YOU this very year and it is guaranteed that once you understand the very essence of YOU ... that you are more than you see in this physical body ... the improvement of your present life will begin to unfold and you will see much evidence to that fact.

                                           Linger & Learn.

I wish you as much well-being as you first intended for yourself while planning this physical experience ...

 ~Namaste',  Holly ~ 1999

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