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Reverend Holly Greene White CHt.

       How often have YOU felt like a victim?

We all have at some time or another. The  reason that we have felt like a victim from time to time is due to the training that we have received as a member of modern society.

What if you were taught from the time that you were born that there really are no victims in any situation and no victimizers?

Despite society's proclamations to the contrary, the Spiritual or Natural Law of Responsibility states that there are NO VICTIMS;
            ONLY CO-CREATORS!

The Law of Responsibility states that the ONENESS of GOD chose to split off into separate parts in order to grant existence to individual souls. After creating the illusion of being separate from God/All That Is, the individuals immerse themselves into the material realm, that which we call 'earth' ... in order to uphold the evolution of the soul. 
               INFINITE WISDOM
God, Our Creator, knew that the density of the material realm and the buffer of time that is experienced on earth would 
push the individual soul to grow more rapidly than if remaining in spirit, continually basking in the light of The Creator.

Ultimately, it is the choice of the individual soul to 'come here' to the earth realm. As individual spirits, but knowing we are part of the Whole, we instinctively know that with each visit to the material world, we grow our spiritual understanding because of the contrast that earth provides.With the planning of each incarnation to planet earth each spirit eagerly awaits the opportunity for his spiritual evolution that will be gained from the visit.

Once we get here, and it was agreed upon before we did, we experience a temporary amnesia and feel separated from our Source AND our intentions for coming here in the first place!

Prior to our physical birth, we understood that our time visiting earth was for the evolution of our spirit ... PERIOD. We agreed to the earthly laws of time and space and the earthly law of gravity. We knew that although this getaway was for the expansion of our spirit ... it would be exciting and FUN, too! 

While in spirit, with our God/Infinite Being/Creator/All That Is ... we have the knowledge and the confidence in understanding to TRUST in the PROCESS of LIFE, whether it be non-physical life or physical life ... it is all the same to us when we are viewing the bigger picture from our true home. 

From our soul's perspective, we instinctively know that NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS during our journey to the material realm, 

We KNOW that each trip, here, to the physical world, is one step closer to our UNDERSTANDING while in our physical experience, that we are, indeed, ONE and closer to reclaiming our Divinity.

Every soul's intention with every incarnation, however, may NOT be to seek and understand his Divinity while on earth as the intentions, each visit, are as individual as there are physical beings. The journey or path as some call it, can be as long or as short and as complex or as simple of a journey on the way to ONENESS and involving many, many incarnations as the individual desires. In fact, most of the souls, currently, here, on planet earth have been around the perverbial block many, many times before. Understanding the Law of Responsibility was one of the spiritual laws that some of us decided to experience and possibly master while here on planet earth. As one looks around at today's society, it SEEMS that some souls are actually working on understanding this Universal Law while others may not be ... but when one examines the Law of Responsibility, it will become obvious as with all universal laws, that in order to master the true understanding of this law, two extremes of this law must be in play.


Those souls who have already mastered and currently practice the Law of Responsibility on planet earth by demonstrating this law in their daily lives, of course, are the corner stones.

These souls KNOW that to deny that they are the creators of their own experience, here, on planet earth, is to deny their own power.
Those souls who understand that their own decisions in life, whether it be physical life or non-physical life ... create their life ... are the ones who set the standards. By accepting the RESPONSIBILITY for their choices, they also know that they are never a victim.

You know, at a soul level, that you are never a victim of circumstances; weather, other people, dis-ease, environment, your governments, etc. You, at a soul level, never see yourself as a pawn in the scheme of things. You, at a soul level, never 'see' yourself as 'lost' ... and most definitely, at a soul level you never feel the need to be 'saved'.  

YOU, at a SOUL LEVEL ... KNOW who you are and where you have come from AND YOUR POWER!

Do not allow an outside source to tell you what you already know! 

In order to fully grasp the concept of responsibility, the (seemingly) total opposite or contrasting action must also be demonstrated. That action is what society labels as irresponsibility ... or those souls who claim to be 'victims' in whatever arena that they decide to claim as their stage.

Again ... CONTRAST is the true teacher on the earth plane. 

In order to be aware and understand the concept of HOT ... one must also experience COLD and all of the variations of temperatures in-between to establish his  preferences in temperature. In order to be aware about UP ... one must also be aware of DOWN. In order to understand or interpret what is RIGHT ... one must experience 'stuff' that may not be so RIGHT for him.

All of the previous examples, of course, seem simplistic but that is how humans learn; by establishing a set-point in between two extremes.

Each lifetime, we go about establishing our individual set point/perspective in whatever area we have chosen as our life's intention or 'purpose' for coming to the earth this time in the first place.

        It really IS that SIMPLE!

Originally, while in spirit, as we were in the planning stages of our current 'trip' to the physical realm ... we ALSO knew and expected that the trip to earth would be full of wonder, exiliration and JOY!

Once we get to destination earth, we create the choices of one extreme situation after another ... that STIMULATION is our method of experiencing human life, as we innately know that we are really non-physical beings ... or spirits

You are an amazingly divine being of incredible power and wisdom!

Most have difficulty accepting this concept that humans, indeed, create their own reality. Assigning responsibility to another outside of us, be it another human, an iconic deity or that which we call God, is what humans have done for centuries. 

The reason that humans refuse to accept that, individually, they DO CREATE THEIR OWN REALITY ... is because if belief in that concept becomes a part of their core belief system, that means that FULL RESPONSIBILITY must be accepted  for EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENS IN THEIR LIVES!

         ... or claim victimhood!

        What's it gonna BE ... ??

Do you CHOOSE to empower yourself
and take charge of your choices this lifetime OR do you choose to dis-empower yourself and wait for a savior to do it for you?

             It is YOUR DECISION!

Since life is eternal, there is comfort knowing that the soul is NOT forever ignorant and that corrections can be forever made ... you are forever coming forth into the physical as you are a forever evolving being! 

Once we establish the limits and boundaries of our responsibility, we can take full charge of that which is our duty and let go of that which is not; In doing so, we find more joy in supporting others as we create more harmonious cooperative relationships.  ~Dan Millman

                 THOUGHT FIRST

You must first understand that this is a MENTAL UNIVERSE and that each mental act is a reality for which you are responsible. Your beliefs matter because that is where your thoughts spring forth.

Whatever you believe ... your reality will give evidence to that belief.

Each drama/event that is played out in your physical reality arises first from your inner reality... beginning with a thought and then adding energy to that if focused upon; Eventually, manifesting.

You are learning ...and this includes the three dimensional perspective in which your emotional and psychic earth-time can create varieties of physical form.

Each lifetime, here, on earth is cutting edge stuff ... each lifetime in the physical is refining our perspective, nothing less.

You are learning ... as life in the physical is teaching you how to flow your own energy ... and honing your understanding of the infinite ways of seeing how consciousness expresses itself. Be gentle with yourselves.


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