Unconditional Love
    Many Souls who have made the choice to incarnate on earth during these times made the choice to "study" and experience unconditional love during this lifetime also. I know that that is a theme that runs through both my husband's and my families and also many of our friends' families, too. When I look around the souls associated with me in this lifetime, it becomes quite obvious who is studying unconditional love and who has chosen other endeavors of thought in this incarnation. At times, it can overwhelm me.

You see ....... there is not a reason to be concerned with the theme of unconditional love on the "other side" (or spirit side) of our lives, because unconditional love just is on the other side. But being the growth-seeking beings that we naturally are, we choose a theme like unconditional love, here, in the physical, to expand our under-standing of that concept. There is just no place like earth to  drive any particular concept home! Physical life is the epitome of learning because it is the epitome of experience. Once we spirits fully grasp a concept from a physical perspective here, on earth, well ....... one can be assured that never again is there a question of whether we have learned and assimilated that wisdom. We need not repeat that particular course of study once we have mastered it here in the physical.
Earth is the classroom in which only the brave and the most spiritually earnest souls inhabit. When a spirit decides to come to earth, there is no doubt whatsoever that that soul is a true seeker. That soul is one who makes spiritual understand-ing a true priority!
So, as you observe the experiences of your own family and friends, as well as your communities on a local and National basis, please keep in mind that we have all chosen these wonderful lives, these experiences, here on earth, for the evolvement of our souls....... our spirit.
Earth is where the cream of the crop (of spirits) come to experience. Earth is not for the casual learner.  This is the BIG TIME ! This is our fundamental basis of spiritual education of the soul. This is where we all discover and utilize the Laws of the Universe either in one lifetime or another.
Each individual soul or spirit has an agenda. And it is not possible for any other soul or spirit to identify all of the details of another's agenda.

      Therefore, we cannot judge .

Judgement of either our own or another's life experiences results in creating Karma. When we create Karma there is a very real possibility that we, then, will repeat similar experiences in, yet, another lifetime as well as creating *dis-ease in our physical bodies THIS present lifetime.
If a soul judges himself or another while in the physical (there is no judgement on the other side)  ....... that judgement could (and does) manifest in the form of dis-ease of the physical body during this lifetime. We all have judged at one time or another. If we have judged, the next best thing is then, to learn to forgive.
It is to our own spiritual benefit during this lifetime to learn to forgive. Forgiveness is the beginning of emotional healing which is actually healing at a soul level. Emotional healing is the beginning of physical healing. (please see Healing the Physical)
     There are many who cope with illness/dis-ease on a daily basis. Obviously, we all could do without any dis-ease of our physical bodies.  The true understanding of the experience of illness is understanding the underlying emotional cause of the illness and then, moving beyond that.
There is ALWAYS an underlying emotional reason for the physical manifestation of illness/ dis-ease of the body. And most of that dis-ease stems from the inability to forgive....... either yourself or others.
That's where the opportunity of the experience of "Unconditional Love" comes in.......
Enjoy this article ....... and take it to heart.

*Dis-ease of the body is the antithesis or contrast of the emotional ease or balance that every soul has the right to experience. We all can go through life in the state of ease and balance. It is our birth right. When we become imbalanced, we are experiencing the onset of dis-ease in our physical bodies. Our emotions are the guidance system. If we feel out of balance emotionally, that is our warning sign to stop thinking or doing what we are currently engaged in thinking or doing. A very powerful method for restoring balance in body~ mind~ spirit is to practice forgiveness in meditation and prayer. Please visit: Healing the Physical page of this
Question to Jesus:

Beloved Jesus, Can you teach us more about unconditional love?


Imagine that you meet a person who has never tasted an apple. How would you describe the taste of an apple by using words? It is nigh impossible, so what you really need to do is to give the person an apple and let him or her experience the taste. I would love nothing more than to see every human being experience the unconditional love of God because I know that once you experience that love, your life will be transformed.

Unfortunately, many people have been programmed to close their minds and hearts to God's unconditional love, and therefore, it can be difficult for them to open themselves up to this experience. Yet for those who are willing to experiment, I suggest that you use the technique for attunement. Go into the garden , and then ask me to give you an experience of God's unconditional love. If you open your heart to that love, you will have the experience.

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Thought 5
You must realize that unconditional love is not soft and mushy. As explained by the Presence of Unconditional Love, love is the driving force behind creation because love is the drive for self-transcendence, the drive to become more than you are right now.

Therefore, one aspect of unconditional love is that it wants you and all human beings to have life. Having life means that you are growing, that you are transcending yourself. When you stand still and refuse to become more than you are, then you are dead in a spiritual sense. God's unconditional love will not allow you to remain in this state of spiritual death, spiritual paralysis. It will not allow human beings to remain where they are comfortable but where they are not self-transcending. God's unconditional love will not accept any conditions for stopping self-transcendence, for stopping the flow of life.

Therefore, to be an open door for God's unconditional love, you must be willing to challenge people's comfortability and their unwillingness to change. This is what you saw me do on many occasions 2,000 years ago. In fact, my entire ministry was a an act of challenging the illusions and mindset in which most people had become comfortable. That is still and essential part of my ministry.
Unconditional Love
by Kim Michaels
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Thought 1
To gain a deeper understanding of unconditional love, consider the physical sun. According to the current scientific understanding (which is somewhat incomplete), the sun is completely self-contained. It produces light by bringing its own fuel, and therefore,it needs nothing form outside itself. Without the life-giving rays of the sun, no life could exist on planet earth. Yet despite the fact that the sun gives to the beings of Earth, the sun is asking nothing in return. The sun receives nothing from the Earth in order to produce its light.

It does not matter to the sun whether the people on Earth worship it seek to hide from it, whether they praise or curse it. No matter what people do or say, the sun simply keeps shining. It gives its light, and it continues to give its light without asking anything in return. There is nothing that human beings could do to cause the sun to turn off its light.

God's love is like a spiritual sun. God is complete- ly self-contained and has no need to be worship-ped by human beings.  The concept of a god who needs to be worshipped is an example of how human beings project their own needs and desires unto God. This, then, becomes a graven image that replaces the true God. God is self-contained and is constantly radiating His unconditional love to all parts of creation. God's love truly rains upon the just and the unjust, as the sun's rays shine upon the just and the unjust.

God gives His unconditional love uncondition-ally. There are no conditions on Earth that could possibly cause God to turn off or limit His unconditional love. If there was, God's love would not be unconditional. No matter what people do, God keeps radiating love.
Thought 2
The very fact that you have self-awareness makes you worthy to receive God's unconditional love. Contrary to human belief, even the belief propa-gated by certain Christian churches that people are by nature sinners, there is absolutely nothing you could do to make yourself unworthy to receive God's love. God's love is unconditional, so how could there be any conditions that would make you unworthy to receive unconditional love?

The question is not whether you are worthy or wether God is offering that love to you. The real question is whether you are able and willing to receive that love. You cannot turn off Gods love because it constantly radiates like the rays of the sun. Yet, as you can hide from the sun, you can hide form God's love. You can build a sense of identity which makes you believe that you are unworthy to receive God's love or that you are capable of receiving it.

However, such a sense of identity is a temporary
manifestation that will exist only as long as you choose to maintain it. You can, at any time, make the decision to abandon this sense of identity and gradually reclaim your true identity as a son or daughter of God who is fully worthy to receive God's love. You are worthy because you are part of God's creation. How could a perfect God ever create anything imperfect, so how could any part of God's creation be unworthy of God's love?
Thought 3
Because most people are trapped in the dualistic state of mind, they cannot understand God's unconditional love. Because they cannot fathom the idea that God's love is truly unconditional, they cannot let go of the mindset that you have to do something to deserve it. You somehow have to live up to an outside standard before you are worthy to receive something as sublime as God's love. Yet, all of the outer standards that human beings have defined were defined based on the duality of the carnal mind. Therefore, they have no reality in God.

God has no standard for determining whether you are worthy of His love. His love is unconditional. It constantly radiates to all aspects of God's creation, including you. Those who deny this fact, by referring to this or that church doctrine, simply have not experienced God's love.

Why does God give love regardless of what you have done or have not done? God's love is the basic drive behind all creation, the desire for self-transcendence, the desire to become more, that caused God to start the process of creation. If God were to restrict or turn off that love, God would immediately destroy parts of His creation- parts of Himself. God has no desire to do so because God is truly a God of love. God is love. God is a sun of unconditional love, and suns radiate light. God radiates unconditional love because that is who God is. It what God does.

Furthermore, God has no need to restrict the flow of His love. Although love is the driving force behind creation, the universe in which you live is created based on certain laws. It is impossible that a human being with free will can decide to violate the laws that God used to define the form of this particular universe. Yet, violating God's laws for this universe has no effect whatsoever on the central sun of God's love, as no human action can effect the flow of light from the physical sun. God is not mocked, and God is no respecter of persons.

However, one of God's laws for this universe determines that you will receive back from the universe what you send into the universe. This is the law of cause and effect, the law of Karma. Because of this law,God has no need to restrict His love or to punish human beings. God has created an impersonal law whereby you punish yourself by reaping what you have sown.

in other words, your actions in the material universe have no impact on God's love, and that is why no actions can turn off the flow of God's love. Certain actions might make you feel that you are unworthy to receive that love, and thus you turn off your experience of love. This then, becomes Catch-22, because the only true way to transform your actions and transcend the lower state of consciousness is to experience the perfect love that casts out al fear and other human limitations.

So, instead of thinking that you have to follow certain outer rules before you are worthy to experience God's love, it would be far better if you would go directly to the source. Thinking that you have to reform your actions (by conforming to church doctrines) and change your state of consciousness before you are worthy to receive God's love is really putting the cart before the horse. It would be far better to do everything possible to attain an experience of God's love and then allow that love to transform your actions and state of consciousness as it surely will.
Thought 4
When I said, "I am the open door, which no man can shut," I was referring to the fact that the Christ Consciousness is the open door through which God's unconditional love can be experienced by human beings. When you embody the mind of Christ, you become and open door, whereby the unconditional love of God can be given a tangible form that can be experienced by people who are unable to accept their worthiness and therefore cannot experience God's love without help. What does it take to become the open door for God's unconditional love?

You must become like the sun, namely completely self-sufficient and self-contained, In other words, you must stop thinking that the source of God's love is outside yourself. You must internalize the full truth behind my statement that "The Kingdom of God is within you." You must find the source of deep love within your soul and allow that love of your I AM Presence to stream through you until your soul becomes one with that stream of life.

Yet, to unite with the source of love, you must first overcome the many conditions that cause human beings to turn off the flow of love. This means that you must overcome the forces of this world and the forces in your own psychology that cause you to block the flow of unconditional love through you. These are the forces that cause you to set up conditions in your mind, and then, you turn off the flow of love when those conditions are not met. 

To overcome conditionality, you must internalize the fact that God loves you unconditionally and that God loves all other human beings unconditionally, regardless of their current state of consciousness or outer appearances or actions. I suggest you start by internalizing that God loves YOU unconditionally. Physician, heal thyself!

Thought 6
Unconditional love is like a sun that constantly gives without expecting anything in return. This is the hardest aspect for human beings to understand. Humans are so used to giving conditionally or have other people give conditionally. So many people have grown up believing that in order to receive, they must live up to certain conditions. They also believe that for them to give to others, other people must live up to certain conditions. As long as you hold on to such conditions, how can you be the open door for unconditional love?

To be the open door for God's love, you must be willing to give without expecting anything in return.and without ever allowing other people's reactions to cause you to turn off the flow of love through you. To do this, you must become a self-sufficient and self-contained spiritual being. You must realize that you have everything you need inside yourself.

The major block to the flow of unconditional love through you is the feeling that you need something from outside yourself in order to be whole, in order to be complete. This is one of the most insidious serpentine lies, and has been programmed into consciousness and subconscious minds of human beings for thousands of years. Yet, it is a lie and once you experience God's unconditional love for you, you realize that you truly need nothing from outside yourself in order to be whole and complete. When you experience God's love, you feel complete because perfect love casts out all unwholeness, all unholiness.

The truth is that unconditional love can come from only one place, namely inside of yourself. It can come only from your I AM Presence, which is the open door to God's love for your soul. A spiritual teacher with sufficient level of Christ consciousness can become an instrument to facilitate your experience of unconditional love. Yet, that love does not come from the teacher. The spiritual teacher is simply a facilitator who tricks you into opening the flow of love from your I AM Presence, In other words, even when it seems like you are receiving unconditional love from  another human being or from a spiritual being, that love truly comes from your I AM Presence.- the Kingdom of God within you.

So, the key to giving without expecting anything in return is to accept that the key to your wholeness is found inside yourself, inside your spiritual self. Therefore, you do not lose anything by giving away your love. You give with no hope of a reward or a certain outcome. You give for the sheer joy of giving, which is its own reward.
Thought 7
To be the open door for God's unconditional love, you need to continually transcend yourself.
The carnal mind has a dream of finding permanent and everlasting paradise in which it nevermore has to change. This is a false dream about a false paradise. Paradise is a state of consciousness, namely the Christ Consciousness. In this state of consciousness, you re constantly transcending yourself. This is the true meaning of an abundant life.

You are constantly experiencing more of who you are, more of God. One might say that God's unconditional love is a stream, and the essence of the stream is that it is always flowing. The carnal mind causes people to refuse to flow with the stream of life. They attempt to hold on the the river banks and some even attempt to dam the stream.

When you fully embrace the Christ consciousness, you let go of all of the desire to hold on to a particular place on the river bank. You let go of the desire to stop the flow of life. Instead, you emerge yourself in the river of life and curiously and lovingly flow with it. To experience God's love, you must allow yourself to flow with the river of love. You must have faith that the river of love can only take you closer to the source of love.

You must immerse yourself in the river until your soul becomes one with the stream of life and you love the experience of the flow more that the experience of standing still. When you reach that point of oneness with the flow, your love can become the bread of life that is broken for others and inspires them to leave their nets and immerse themselves in the flow. I look forward to the day when we can all flow together in the never-ending stream of God's unconditional love.

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