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                                          SOME ANSWERS

First off, allow me to express my heartfelt condolences to those who are reading this and are the survivors of loved ones who have chosen suicide as their means of leaving this physical plane. Death, itself is such a leveler and often times the exact nature of a death can be extremely challenging to those left behind. Suicide is probably the primary cause to launch the most questions for the living after a loved one dies. Most often suicide of a loved one is the situation that haunts us for the rest of our lives. It is no doubt, the mother of all change ... and remember, change is what we fear the most as humans. 
With suicide, there is an added element that rarely accompanies other deaths; that of guilt of the surviviors. Not only do the friends and family have questions ... they also bear the burden of guilt. And guilt serves no one. Guilt depresses our spiritual growth and thwarts the purpose of our earthly lives.
             Most Common Reasons:

Rebellion: If life is a gift from God, Our Creator, then taking away a life is the ultimate slap in the face or rebellion against God. There are many souls (or spirits) who are so angry at God from their perspective about their so-called inequities in their present life. Rebellion against Our Creator is the ultimate state of denial of personal accountability. 

Some souls must go through the process of suicide in order to experience, then understand that they cannot escape their rebellious state of consciousness by killing the body. This may be the way that this particular soul learns (and ultimately grows) to take responsibility for his own actions and situations.  Learning personal accountability may have been the intent of this soul prior to birth here in the physical. He may have disregarded many of his other "teachers" or opportunities that he encountered along his way due to the choices that he made. Suicide may have been his last perceived teacher.  
This is not to say that we should ignore a soul who is obviously troubled. What I am saying is that if the process is so very gradual to the very soul that is on the path of self destruction, often times it goes unnoticed by the the survivors. My wish for you, the survivor of suicide of a loved one, is to please, let the guilt go and place it in the hands of the God of your understanding. The self destruction of an individual  was the choice of the individual. Our entire physical lives are spent making appropriate and inappropriate choices. Each one of us learns by both kinds of choices. We expand and evolve and GROW with every choice our soul makes whether viewed as "good" or "bad" by others. It is all perception.
Suicide is no exception in that, that was the choice the soul who committed suicide made.
In fact,  there are many people who are supposedly "alive" here on the earth plane and are "walking suicides".  We have all seen them ... the recreational and prescription drug addicts, the alcoholics, the spiritually vacant people. They are the obvious souls who have lost the spark to live in the physical world. They are the ones that we may be able to help escape the downward pull of  the event of suicide.  But, ultimately ... we can only attempt to influence another ... not make the choices for another soul.

This is why I am compelled to teach spiritual principals via this web site; in hopes that others may realize that they can accept the creation of their reality as their own responsibility not another's.

At this time, I am going to present to you some possible reasons that a soul may choose suicide during a lifetime here in the physical world. Each reason could be a possiblity that may be applied to your own experience observing that situation with another soul. 

These reasons may prompt your compassion and help you to recognize that the soul who is exhibiting  what I am about to tell you is, indeed, a soul who is in need of your help. I must caution you once again, though, that you are not responsible for another soul. You are responsible for your own soul. You, therefore, need to protect yourself from the toxic energy of the soul who is in the downward spiral and set limits or boundaries of what you will and will not do for him. Do not risk yourself or other innocent parties by becoming overly involved with a soul whose intention is bringing others to his level of despair.  Set limits from the beginning.

There are souls who FEED on others' energies and no matter how much compassion that they are shown, there will not be the outcome of any positive nature. Know when to "cut bait", please!!! Wish them well, but remove yourself ...
Let me state, here, that I do not have the belief that any soul INTENDS to commit suicide as part of his spiritual path in the current physical lifetime. But I do believe, that there is the end of the line for opportunites for our soul to GROW in a particular lifetime.  Our decisions expand our spirits and if we do not think (again, it is all in the perception of the soul) that there are any options or opportunities left ... we may choose to end this particular life ... however, there could be a huge price to pay for that decision.
No, no ... I am NOT referring to 'burning in Hell' like so many fundamentalists of all religions will encourage you to believe ... (that is a whole 'nother topic!!!) but I am referring to the fact that most souls who commit suicide end up coming back into embodiment at the first suitable (similar situations) opportunity !!!! They will often have the very same challenges that they had to meet during the life that they had just left!! They are drawn to resolve the issues by reincarnating more quickly than most.

The Karma that they were to settle in the lifetime that they decided to exit prematurely ALONG with the  problems that they were to solve in their psychology still need to be resolved ... so, most often a soul will CHOOSE to reincarnate ASAP so they can get on with the balancing of their misqualified energies.  It is up to the individual soul, though ... and sometimes, a soul does decide to "cocoon" himself for a period of time to gain the insight about the next life so he is better prepared to make more appropriate decisions, including that of living his lifetime out and not suicide. That means he may choose to remain in the non-physical or spiritual realm until he is ready to reincarnate.
The next reason is ...

The survivors of those who have committed suicide feel as if they have been cheated out of the grieving process that the families and friends of others who have transitioned into the non-physical are allowed to experience. This combined with the shock of the details of the suicide event ...  pushes the limits of the spirits of the people left behind.  

Another difficult thing about suicide is that rarely is it a sudden occurrence. It is usually the result of  a slow process that is taking place within the individual ... and that information is unavailable to others.

The process of suicide is more often than not, obscure from the victim, let alone those who surround him. The process begins at a soul level and for varied reasons. It takes place so gradually that most suicide victims are past the point of no return that ultimately leads to a confrontation with the spectre of death.  

At that point, the troubled soul will find it extremely difficult if not impossible to reverse the process on its own. The soul does not understand that he has slipped into a downward spiral. Professional help will be the only answer ... possibly.

There is evidence, that  many who commit suicide have been involved in one if not multiple "accidents" prior to the actual event of a suicide.  
At that point the individual's spirit is attempting to communicate to the individual so he can confront his own process of falling into the abyss. By awakening him to the danger and the reality of suicide the soul 'shows' the individual that he is creating his own reality and demonstrates it. The opportunities for an accident can prompt the soul to realize that he IS IN a self destructive process but that he is able to turn himself around and begin that upward climb. The individual spirit takes every opportunity to communicate hope to the person who is experiencing until it just runs out of options.

This is why the survivors of suicide must not accept the responsibility for the death of a loved one to suicide. (or any means of natural death, for that matter)  As a rule, each spirit, each soul ... is truly responsible for his own  method of exiting life here on earth. We all create our own reality.
Revenge :  This reason is along the lines of rebellion and again, revenge is against GOD, but it is perceived by those left picking up their lives as revenge against them ... the parents, other relatives, friends or maybe society in general. If the soul was to realize prior the choice of suicide that suicide hurts itself MORE than anyone else and it certainly does not affect God ... then, possibly he can get the help that he needs. Again, the soul may be so angry that any attempt to impart this understanding will fall on deaf ears.
desire for escape is another common reason that people choose suicide.  Again, you witness this many times with souls who are chemically addicted . These souls want to escape from something that is unwanted in their lives. The unfortunate thing about this theory is that we never "escape" the consciousness that we are experiencing at the moment through any means except spiritual growth and under- standing.         
Some souls are in an intense situation that they are not capable of handling mentally or emotionally. They did not develop the coping skills or tools as I call them when given the opportunity. They feel so stuck  (their own  perspective) that they cannot see any way to change the situation that they are experiencing for the relief. The energies of the dilemma that that soul perceives becomes so intense that it appears that their escape through suicide is the only option.  They merely want 'relief'.            
Again,  ideally, if a soul in this situation could be made to understand that they will not escape their consciousness by killing their body it would help defeat the idea of suicide as a solution to their dilemma. 

If they are old enough to under-stand and their feelings are detected  ... the information that must be imparted to them is that there is always a way out and someone who can help them find it.

Then proceed to connect them to a professional counselor. If they are too young to seek help on their own ... then they need to be physically removed from the hopelessness once the siutation is evaluated.   
This seems simplistic, I realize, and more often than not, the average person does not have the resources to extend a hand, personally, to a person in crisis. Professional help is always suggested once another realizes that a person is in crisis. The  unsettling element of this is 
the fact that many potential suicides are not detected because, as we said earlier, the soul's down-ward spiral can be ever so gradual.    

                                   continued >>>>> 
Usually a person with suicidal thoughts who is in the category of crying out for help can be turned around if he realizes that someone really does care.However, ultimately, it is each individual's responsibility for that realization. There are many who will not acknowledge or receive the love and care of another. They deny that they, themselves, are worthy of love. Herein, lies the core problem.

Therefore I say usually a soul can be turned around, because there are many, many souls that, although they DO KNOW that there are those surrounding them who DO LOVE and CARE for them, they are insatiable with insisting that those who surround them hold them solely as their object of desire forsaking all others. This is an unrealistic perspective and the consequences are that those who love this person end up totally drained from attempting to demonstrate their love & devotion to that person who is crying out for help.

Unfortunately enough is never enough for these souls who demand total attention from another!

The family & friends do need to know, however, that they have tried to make the person aware of their love for them. Again, the survivors are not responsible for the acceptance of their love ... the victim is. That is where the survivors must draw the line in their grief:  They need not accept the guilt that accompanies a suicide.

Obviously, there is great suffering of the souls that survive a suicide in their relationship circle even if each knows in his own heart that he expressed his love for the one who ultimately commits suicide.  Initially, each  soul feels that he could have done more, said more ... to the victim in hopes that the victim turns away from the decision of taking his own life.

It is so very true that suicide DOES destroy the web of connection that the souls on earth have with each other and therein lies the "sin" of suicide, although there really is no sin ... only appropriate and inappropriate choices in attempt to balance individual energy.

We are taught in most religions that a soul who takes his own life is doomed to a hell in the afterlife. Because of that belief of many, those in the relationship circle  (or "SOUL GROUP") of the suicide when left behind experience much, much more in the dynamics of grief than those in the soul groups of the person who dies of so-called natural causes. 
I am here to relay that although a soul group grieving the loss of a loved one to suicide does experience more negative emotions than that of a soul group who grieves from a natural death of a loved one, there are many more opportunities to expand and evolve in a spiritual sense for the survivors ... in other words, if the soul group becomes AWARE of what is actually occurring within the group, it can be an extremely BENEFICIAL and POSITIVE event in a spiritual sense once you get past the loss.
Losing a loved one to suicide can raise the awareness and hence, the understanding of the agony that others in this physical lifetime are going through. Becoming aware of others can lead to the prevention of additional suicides which affects us all ... whether in the same soul group or not.
So, while losing a loved one to suicide is quite painful and, yes, many more lives are affected by death through suicide, it can move the energies to a higher vibration due to the awareness that this experience has taught.
The love and compassion of the soul group surrounding the lost soul can envelop each other and make each feel less hopeless, therefore moving into a more positive and productive life here on earth.
Those remaining loved ones can CHOOSE how they experience the departure of the loved one. That in itself is an opportunity for a huge spiritual leap ... as they can choose to live in guilt and pain  OR  they can choose to turn the entire experience around to help others.
There is an even bigger role  waiting for those left behind:

Those who are left behind on earth after a suicide and who have the biggest emotional investment in the soul who crossed over can play a most important part on how that soul can progress or grow spiritually after a suicide on the other side, the spiritual side ... or Heaven.

If those left behind choose to let go of the guilt and anger and eventually forgive the suicide as well as forgive their role, the soul who chose to exit this physical lifetime by means of suicide will be able to move on in consciousness. (this is , basically, the acknowledgement of purgatory ... WITHOUT turning to an institution to administer paid prayers on behalf of the departed soul.)

This is so very important that I am going to repeat it:


                       THIS IS HUGE!!!!
If you take nothing other than this with you today, please, please, please ... take this bit of information. This will unlock the hold that your grief has on you at this moment. Forgiveness is the beginning of the solution to most grief and most problems here on earth for that matter.
The ONLY time that forgiveness is not the beginning & unnecessary ... is if we have not judged a person or situation ... and that, is indeed, a rare occasion because our very interaction with most everything whether it be with another soul or witnessing an event is brimmed full of judgement. It is human nature to judge. Stop and think for a moment how true of a statement this is.
In order to continue to grow in a spiritual nature ... which is the reason that we have embodied this earth plane in the first place ... we must strive to  be judge-less and detached ... and when judgement does enter an equation, we must offer forgiveness to all of those involved including ourselves

Forgiveness propells the soul to new heights and raises the vibration of the individual as well as the whole of human kind. Forgiveness makes a fertile bed for the acceptance of love. And, as we all know in our souls ... love is truly the answer to everything as we surrender to the will of Our Creator.
Keep in mind, also, that as with all deaths, we arrive in the spiritual plane with the very same consciousness that accompanied us upon our departure of the physical earth plane.

When we choose to raise our consciousness, our vibration, while here in the physical (before our deaths) ... we prepare a higher level of a reception area  (so to speak) in the non-physical ... where a portion of our spiritual awareness resides, anyway.

Forgiveness .... resulting in love ... gives us the added insurance that our OWN SPIRIT  ... our OWN CONSCIOUSNESS will, indeed, contribute to All That Is or God.
Our embodiment here in this physical world serves threefold: 

Just our reincarnating to earth
contributes to :

1.  Our personal spiritual growth  

2.  The spiritual expansion of the human species as a whole

3.  To the evolvement of  OUR CREATOR.

We are growth-seeking beings forever on the path of expansion.   
With every incarnation in this physical plane, our intention is for spiritual evolvement ... because we are spirits that transcend all births and deaths.

With every incarnation we have joyfully agreed prior to our birth that we would accept and not deny the experiences that we would create for ourselves while here in the physical.

We knew that prior to our decision to come to the earth plane that all of our experiences here would contribute to the big picture. We so eagerly agreed to all of the opportunities for our growth and we knew, then, that we would create those opportunities ourselves through the choices that we would make in this lifetime. We would create our reality on earth.

With the blessing of our Creator upon our birth, we forgot that it was by design ... our own design  that we came to experience it all for the spiritual expansion. 

Because of our "amnesia" we have gone about our lives forgetting that we still have a connection with our spiritual beginning, our Creator, namely, God. 

If we would "Let go ... and let God", and seek the answers from within by direct communion with God instead of relying on an outside source, we would begin to discover that everything ... and I mean, absolutely everything is in perfect time. It is referred to as 
              "Divine Timing ".                      
Even the suicide of a loved one as painful as it is ... is still in Divine Time.It is because of our being endowed with Free Will and subsequently, the choices that we make during our experience here in this physical lifetime.                                                                                             
What will help us move through an experience of losing a loved one to suicide is to forgive, to then love and ultimately reach for the contentment of knowing that all experience is for the advancement of consciousness and we are not alone on this path toward enlightenment.
Another reason that a soul may take his own life is that they have carried negative energies forward from a past life time into the present one. This is not to blame, but to give you the understandin if you have exhausted all questions of the possibilities with none of them ringing within your souls as truth. 

Past life experience can surface in the present ...  making a person feel so intense with negative emotion that they feel the cessation of consciousness would be a relief. The soul has not yet learned that consciousness does not cease with the death of the body. The suicide still has to face and conquer the problems experienced here in the physical before he begins to experience peace. Once in the spiritual realm, he will realize that suicide did not achieve his goal. That is why most souls who commit suicide come right back into embodiment the first chance that  they get to do so.
One of the other common reasons that a soul will choose suicide is simply a call for help. Obviously, this stems from feeling unloved.  Although it is a seemingly valid perception for some after observation, it is not a valid reason for all. Afterall, it is just a perception and every one of us has one ... perception merely mirrors our own beliefs and is NOT always the truth of another.  Perspective is unique and personal.              
                In Love & Light, 
     Reverend Holly Greene White
             A Letter to those DEPRESSED 
               CONTEMPLATING SUICIDE            

You have FREE WILL ... this right was afforded you from the day that Our Creator imagined our universe and subsequently created it.  YOU and ONLY YOU ... can make the decisions that govern your existence of your consciousness both in the physical and non-physical focus of your life.

                                  ONLY YOU CREATE YOUR OWN REALITY ! 

If you have gathered beliefs  along the way that deem you as unworthy in any aspect of your physical life, indeed ... you will not look upon your life as anything but a mere speck of existence with nothing to give and nothing to receive in this lifetime. You will feel hopeless, helpless and victimized. You will continue along the path of victimhood unless you change the beliefs that got you on that down-ward spiral in the first place. You will be powerless.

I am not going to beg you to abort your decision of suicide as that is not my purpose. I am not going to interfere with your Free Will. I am a respecter of  the Laws of the Universe as they have been established to offer perfect balance in our universe. I am a teacher of those laws. I know that  each and every choice of each and every soul is part of the evolutionary process of that soul.  If your final decision is to end this life by your own hand, then so be it. I will not attempt to over ride one of the most powerful laws in the universe; that of Free Will.

Neither will I benefit in one way, shape or form by your staying alive or by your choosing to exit this particular physical lifetime.  I am a detached teacher of the laws. Detached in the sense, that I am compelled to pass on the information that has been given to me in this lifetime as it is my purpose, but I will not become attached to the outcome once I have relayed the information.

I am charged with presenting universal laws to you and once presented it is up to you to do the choosing.  Only YOU will know if the information that I pass on to you is right for you at this particular time in the development of your spirit. Yes ... it IS all about that; Your spiritual development, your evolution, your growth, the expansion of your soul.  Each and every decision that you make both in your physical life as well as your non-physical life is your responsibility.

You may not realize it but you are in control of you and your own life's experience! It is almost certain that you have never been told that ... and now, you have the perspective that you are a pawn in this seeming chess game of life. You feel that no matter what you do ... it has no effect on your life. There is no relief and no hope for the change in which you are longing. 

I am here to tell you that you CAN change your life ... just by changing how you think. Gaining a better-serving perspective is what you can change to support the well-being that is your birth right. Giving your thoughts a tweak will provide you with the catalyst of change.

Although I am a minister, a hypnotherapist, a past-life regressionist a spirit artist as well as the webmaster of the Souls-R-We  ministry website,  ... I am NOT attempting to SELL you anything ... EXCEPT the belief that you can have, do or be anything that you set your mind to. I will  give you some basic tools and understanding and then the rest is up to you. You will eventually find that life is a scavenger hunt, of sorts ... and actually fun. We all have our individual purpose, of course ... the reason for our re-emerging into this physical realm ... and you will couple that understanding with a bigger perspective once you have learned the basic ideas of life here, on planet earth. You will learn to be the captain of your ship. You will become empowered if you choose to do so. Again, that decision is yours and yours alone. I will NOT force you to choose anything. I will, however, encourage you to open your mind to some alternative thoughts.

If you choose to entertain some of the possibilities that I am suggesting, you will be more light-hearted. You will be less serious. You will not sweat the small stuff. You will soon come to the understanding that only YOU can control YOU. AND ... just as importantly, you will come to the understanding that you cannot control another in thought, word or action, either. You will come to appreciate the contrast that life brings to you when you begin to look at life as it truly is and truly meant to be.  I consider the following the holiest of trinities as the purpose of physical life is threefold:

                                 (1)  The expansion of the individual consciousness. 
                                 (2)  The expansion of the consciousness of the human species.
                                 (3)  The expansion of that which we call GOD.

Were you ever told that YOU are a portion of the energy that not only fuels this universe, but creates it ? YOU are part of that which we call GOD. YOU are a co-creator with God. YOU 'experience' for that Creator. YOU are the embodiment of the God Source. Are you surprised?

Have you not seen glimpses of what I am saying throughout your life? You are a portion of the Divine! YOU ARE A PORTION OF GOD!

I know. You were taught the opposite. Most of us have been taught that we are born 'sinners' and that we NEED someone or something outside of ourselves to 'save' us from our naturally evil inclinations ... our human inclinations. I am here to tell you that we have been taught incorrectly!

Most of our teachers (referring to those that we model in all areas of our lives; parents, community leaders, clergy, etc.) have passed down information quite innocently due to the incorrect information previously given them. They just missed the INNER OFFICE MEMO! Much information regarding the spiritual nature of our being is due to the attempts in dispelling the fear that is also taught to us the longer we live on earth. Fear is the antithesis of love so it is not surprising that we have been taught to cope with fear by perpetuating the prevailing man-made tales of redemption and salvation. Simply put, most of us were taught that we had to depend on an outside (self) source to 'save' us and if we did not introduce that way of thinking to our individual belief system we were, indeed, doomed to an eternity of damnation.

Under the guise of what became religion, those stories were and still are interwoven in every culture. They once served a purpose; they originally were meant to give hope to those who felt hopeless and wanted a relief from those feelings. Those tales were created to prod the individual to move forward in their physical life in a time when ignorance ran rampant and the average person's reality was bordering upon the barbaric. These stories began with good intent then morphed into an avenue of control for the ruling elite. (Remember that the government and religion were once one in the same.)

At this present stage of your life, you have become aware that each and every day there is new information added to every area of life.  There are always new and improved versions of every aspect of life on planet earth. The spiritual side of life is no exception. We humans continually discover, through a multitude of sources, just what it means to be human. 

                  Although not entirely a 'new' concept ... It is no surprise that one of those 'discoveries' is ... that we are not human, after all. We are spirits ... merely housed in a human form. 

To most of my first-time readers ... that is a profound statement! To some, it is confirmation to long-held beliefs and still, to others, it is heretical. Again, I am not trying to recruit souls to my beliefs to benefit me in any way. I do not have an 'agenda' that will, in the end, be profitable to me, thank you very much. I am quite comfortable in my life. I am doing what gives me joy. I am fulfilling my life's purpose as I continue to teach what you are reading. THAT is how this all benefits me. I am obsessed with passing my life's work along to others who will be the beneficiaries of the information.  I must 'do' this every day!

I am 'paying it forward.'  This is MY contribution to the world. I am prodded, poked and guided every day of my life to get this information 'out there' ... and I cannot sleep and I am not at peace until I do so.  This is my dream ... I am inspired directly from my Inner Being ... that which we label as God, to teach these things. I do not want you to go away thinking that I am more special than the next soul ... I am not. Each one of us is special in the eyes of our Creator because we are OF that Creator. This is my message to each of my readers; YOU are a portion/child of GOD ... each one of you. 

I have been aware from early-on, after experiencing a near-death incident in my teens, that bridging the communication from that realm to this one was my purpose in this lifetime. And so it has been that I have been trained from that time forward to gain the understanding so that I may pass the understanding along to those who are ready to receive it. Only those who attract this information will 'hear' it.

This letter is to reach those of my readers who have been guided here by their own souls wanting to gain a greater understanding of why they are contemplating suicide. This letter is directly from the inspired heart and guidance of my higher being ... that part of me that is God.

                                               A Primer on Some of the Basics

Allow me to go even further and explain even more of the process of our physical life both before our birth and while we are 'here' in this physical world:

Because we are spiritual beings and use our human form to merely navigate in this physical life existence there is an endless stream of infinite understanding available to each one of us IF we take the time to receive it.

I am not referring to knowledge ... although that is also available to each of us, if we ask. The understanding is the first step to cracking the code of life, here on planet earth. If we first ask some of  the basic universal questions and get the answers ... we then understand how the rest of life falls in place. Let me continue.

First I want you to get your head around that, contrary to what most of us are taught ... each one of us who are living as a human being on planet earth at this time, PLANNED OUR OWN BIRTH prior to our birth here on earth.  Yeah, we did ... 

As I mentioned before, our life is full of choices and the very first choice prior to our birth this lifetime was the choice that we wanted to experience this particular life! (We have eternity from which to choose) 

After making the decision TO experience, yet, another lifetime ... we enthusiastically went about planning the details of our next incarnation. (aside: most, during this time on earth have experienced many lifetimes) Some of us while in spirit have put much time and thought into the planning of our next lifetime getting down to the nitty-gritty of the color of our eyes and hair as well as who we will choose for our parents and siblings. Other spirits overlook such details and figure that they will deal with whatever once they get here. There are as many plans as there are spirits and as no two souls are alike, no two plans or intentions are alike, either. Each spirit/soul has his own intention, his own agenda, his own reason for his incarnating to the physical realm.

My own spirit guide just reminded me that each lifetime of the individual, also, contains different reasons for the physical life experience. The reasons are limitless and that limitlessness* ... contains the expansion of it all. 

(*bear with me, as I find it necessary to make up words that explain my teaching better. LOL)

I am aware that this letter that I am now composing IS speaking to those who have been contemplating suicide and it should be serious. I am a minister and I should have a particular decorum of reverence about me. However, I find it quite unnecessary to be gloom and doomy when I know what I know. The information that I am passing along is not of gloom and doom nor is it to be taken in any light other than stating just the facts, ma'am. This information has been available for as long as man has been living on planet earth and should be celebrated as the wonderful truth that it is! 

Again, what the individual DOES with this information is really no concern of  mine ... that is why I am keeping my dialogue light hearted.  I love spreading the truth, the word, if you will, in this manner. It is for all walks of life and all of mankind ... excluding none. Yes, it may be a tad 'irreverent' ... but it is all inclusive and is not to offend any belief system. This 'irreverence'  goes along way to unite the souls on this earth ... I wish the same could be said about the 'reverent' ideologies that are more than merely divisive. So, my advice ... lighten up!

If we understand that we, do indeed, ASK and actually PLAN for this physical life's experience, it may help us to understand that we are more in control of things here on earth than we were first lead to believe. That, to me, is quite a valuable bit of information, especially to those who have come to the conclusion that physical life is not worth living ... which brings me back to the reason for this quite lengthy letter in the first place!

 If you accept that YOU CHOSE this lifetime ... what else might you accept as truth?

Maybe, just maybe, might you accept that you CAN continue to CREATE YOUR OWN REALITY?  If so, then ... could you possibly reconsider seeing this lifetime to its natural conclusion all the while, reconfiguring it more to your liking? 

At this point, if you feel relieved that you have found a reason to look into more possibilities than suicide, then I would suggest that this sense of relief is your own inner being 'speaking' to you to reconsider all of your options. Death comes to us all ... that is an undeniable fact. Physical death comes with each and every lifetime. Physical death is NOT unfamiliar to us. Physical death is merely closing the book on the current lifetime's story. No more, no less ... We actually want it that way ... so we can re-emerge into, yet, another experience to expand the perspective of our soul. Death is merely a transition from one dimension to another. You close your eyes in the physical dimension as you take your last breath here ... then open your eyes in the non-physical as you take your first breath there! It is a continual cycle of birth after birth after birth ... NOT death. We have the opportunity to write, yet, another book of our experience!

When you planned this lifetime, you knew that there WOULD also be an end TO this lifetime. You also knew that this lifetime would give you a wonderful opportunity for the growth of your consciousness.
I will not say 'never', but rarely, does a soul, when planning his next life experience, include suicide as an experience. When the soul makes his plans to participate in physical life experience, he does so with contracts with many other souls. Each soul is aware that not only will he be the one planning his own life, but he will also 'dovetail' his experiences with others who will reciprocate in the growth and development of the soul group's collective consciousness. Each soul, as I have stated, has his own intention, but  remains integral in the student/teacher relationship with all others in his souls group. IF one soul ... in a soul group ... during the current physical lifetime ... decides to end his life 'prematurely' ... or earlier than the contract with the soul group members that he is currently affiliated ... it sends out an enormous wave of first, the obvious emotional signals coupled with the deep awareness at a soul level that there were lost interactive opportunities of the involved souls within that soul family.

As I said, we have sacred contracts with those in which we choose to reincarnate with as a soul family/group. Within the soul group there are certain established intentions and spiritual goals with each other at different times of our lives. When one of the soul family's members cuts his life experience short ... it truly DOES affect every soul involved AND beyond. It aborts the opportunities of experience.

Having said all that ... I must tell you, also ... that ALL DEATH IS SUICIDE. Each and every 'death experience' is created by the SELF. No human transitions from this physical plane before the soul or consciousness of that human decides to do so. There are no exceptions to that. 

The difference of natural death as opposed to (perceived) suicide in the eyes of  physical society is that suicide is more obvious as well more often than not, dubbed premature. If the truth be known ... every disease contracted, every natural disaster, every accident that is part of the human experience both individually and collectively is the means, the opportunity TO transition back into the non-physical IF THE SPIRIT involved SO CHOOSES. 

These events are called EXIT POINTS. They are presented to all of us, much like a vent for this life time so we do not drown in our own stew, so to speak. We may take these exits or pass them by. At a soul level we make those decisions. Some choose to exit this physical lifetime earlier than planned and use those opportunities as the means. So, in reality, there is no need for suicide. All one has to do is ATTRACT the opportunity for an exit or escape through thought and then act upon what is presented to you. If it is disease that you want to attract ... you can decide if it will be fatal or not. If it is an accident that you want to attract as an opportunity for the choice of remaining in the physical or transitioning to the non-physical, again, you can decide. No one is a victim nor dies unless he has attracted that event at a soul level.

Think that this is not so? Take a moment and recall your life experience. I would venture to say, that if you have arrived at the crossroads in a decision that may include suicide, you have already been attracting the energy that will bring you to that time of decision, anyhow. Most likely, you feel as if you are on a downward spiral. The energy that you are summoning through your thought  already is supportive of your decision to exit this physical lifetime. You will get your chance unless you change your thoughts and focus on thoughts of relief.

'Suicide' has been defined as 'taking your life by your own hand', when actually, all death is the DECISION to 'take your own life'. Once that decision is made subconsciously, the soul will seek the event opportunity. As I said, the non-physical soul, when planning the current life experience was well aware that life would also end in death of that physical body ... which merely means, your spirit will leave the physical perspective ... RETURNING or TRANSITIONING back into the NON-PHYSICAL. From the soul's perspective that is really no big deal. It IS, however a BIG DEAL once we acquire our physical perspective! Death, here on earth ... IS the BIGGEST DEAL we face!

From the perspective of the soul ... there is not death. There is only the viewpoint of non-physical life and physical life ... one is either coming from the perspective of spirit ... or one is coming from the perspective of physical life. Period. There is not what humans term as 'death'... only life and life and life and life ...

So ... from a spiritual perspective, it is understood that physical life is an amazing opportunity to evolve the spirit and physical life is to be REVERED because of that understanding. When a soul chooses to end that revered opportunity by actually committing suicide during  a planned lifetime, it is viewed as a disappointment by the other souls.  Physical life is revered as gathering evolving wisdom and if the soul chooses to 'drop out' of the classroom of life ... it truly affects many other souls in their learning experience.

HOWEVER, as I said, I don't believe that many souls make plans to commit suicide in their pre-birth planning stage ... BUT, if their life rolls out and includes that experience, the other members of that soul family make huge spiritual advancements. Who is to say, then, that the soul who decides to take his own life, prematurely ... by means as society views as suicide, is not a part of the pre-birth plans within that  particular soul group?  (In my regression practice, I have never met such a soul ... but that does not mean that it never happens!)

Again, I remind you: Each and every soul has Free Will. And each and every soul IS the choreographer of his own life experience, both from a non-physical AND physical perspective. Only that soul is aware of what opportunities are necessary for the spiritual growth of that soul. Each soul, although a portion of the whole, is unique and on his own growth-seeking path. 

In the end ... it is about choices. I will not beg that you change your mind about the decision of suicide. I am a believer in the wisdom of each soul as we are a part of Infinite Intelligence. I am not here to change your mind about any of your decisions. I merely want to give you some information that may assist you in those decisions. I am constantly aware that we each have Free Will and only the individual soul understands the nature of that particular soul.

It is with great awareness that you now understand how your (possible) decision for suicide will affect you as well as others.  As you were guided to this information I know, also, that you will be guided by your own Higher Self to take the appropriate action for you. I am also aware that that action may be the execution of your plans for a premature death or it may be that you will choose to 'pay it forward'. You may choose to be a guiding light in another's life by offering an up close and personal perspective of the information that you have received about how life works. 

As always, it is my love for my fellow spirits that prompt me in this work so it is natural for me to hold the vision that only the highest and best will be presented to you.                                                                                                                                                                                                               

                                                                            The Reverend Holly Greene White

P.S. The above letter can also be applied to those who have been given a 'terminal' diagnosis of a 'terminal' or degenerative dis-ease ... any individual can turn things around by training himself to first understand and then apply spiritual laws. Even 'Karmic' experiences or intentions to balance mis-qualified energy CAN be accelerated by aligning with this information.
The following article is meant to empower the individual who, at this time, feels most powerless. This article should NOT be substituted for professional, person-to-person counseling on self destructive, morbid or suicidal thoughts. This article is written by an interfaith minister who teaches Natural Law and subsequently, teaches the individual to heal himself in body-mind-spirit by first understanding and then following some fundamental and undeniable Laws of the Universe. If you have been drawn to this website and, particularly this article ... chances are that you are ready for this understanding. Again, although it is the belief and teachings of this website that one CAN heal himself in body, mind and spirit and achieve balance in all areas ... it is stressed that this website and its content are NOT to be substituted for professional help in any area of your life, be it physical, emotional or spiritual.
YOUR Higher Self /GOD is with you always!
                              A Letter 
 Those Depressed & Contemplating Suicide
The above is condensed information derived from the teachings of Abraham-Hicks, Dr.Wayne Dyer, Ezra, Owen Watters, Seth, Kim Michaels and a host of other amazing teachers both in the physical and the non-physical side of ' life'.