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Sabbath Rest
Sabbath Rest
   Reverend Holly Greene White
Take a stroll down the paths of Sabbath Rest. This is a village in which you are familiar. It is every village, every town, every city world-wide. It is common ground.

Sabbath Rest is a village that holds the secrets about the lives of its inhabitants. The source of these secrets is not by chance and not happenstance. In a time not so long ago nor very far away ... these 'secrets' were carefully planned opportunities.

And these secrets are the secrets held within us all ...

The stories of Sabbath Rest are stories of our very own. As you read the accounts of the citizens of the Sabbath Rest community you just may see yourself. You just may see that "man in the mirror". And if you do ... you will begin to shift your perspective to that of healing and forgiveness ... of yourself as well as others.

The Sabbath Rest series will be in book form soon ... Look for an announcement at:

                            In Love & Light,