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Even to this day, religion, just like politics & sex is not discussed at a social gathering unless the initiator is deliberate about sparking some lively and possibly hostile conversation. I am here today to BE that initiator and reveal some very alarming truths about religion & its role in ancient as well as our modern society. My intent is purely for your consideration and thought expansion. As always ... take what you want & leave the rest behind.
WARNING! Continue reading only at your own benefit. (notice I did not say "risk"!) Consider yourself warned & meanwhile, plan on getting most of your feathers ruffled as you read on. What you are about to read will shake the very understanding of the belief system that you have grown accustomed. I use the word "accustomed" as it is through that very word that our soul becomes stifled & stagnant. If you dare to venture out of your comfort zone, if you are truly looking for answers, then, by all means, please read on. Again, I must warn you that if you DO choose to read on, you will be forever changed in the way you look at life here on planet earth. As they say, there is no turning back ..... & you will also experience what it means to FEEL and UNDERSTAND the expression: "ROCK MY WORLD", as that, indeed, is what will come out of this ....... so, choose, my friend. To read or not to read .......
               Human Genesis
"In the beginning God created the Heavens & Earth" ... most of us on earth at this time, have heard this story taken from the very first book of the Judaic Christian Bible. This is the familiar & lovely "Creation" story. This is the story of the beginning of mankind. This is the story that most who will be reading these words have come to know & love as well as believe.
As the human species evolves both science & our common sense have come to a sort of agreement that there is an on-going process of change taking place on planet earth. The only constant on our earth is just that: C-H-A-N-G-E. This word evokes FEAR in many. Change is what fuels most of our fears as human beings ... from a global perspective down to the community & personal level.
Although many do not recognize it for what it is, change is the bogeyman in nightmares of both young and old.
Anxiety, trepidations, concern, worry ... ALL are the by-products of change. 
And that is exactly WHY I issued a warning about reading this article on Religion's Role in human evolution ... since my goal, my mission in this life, is NOT to make anyone anxious or worried ... but quite the contrary! My mission in this lifetime is to relay information that has been presented to me in so many varied ways as I live in this wonderful universal school room that we call LIFE. 
My life's purpose here on earth, is to provoke change ... not via politics or a position of leadership or power, but just via one small voice. My passion in this life is to uplift every soul that crosses my own soul's path whether it be in "person" or via communication like the internet. When I write or speak these words, I know that this is true because my soul leaps for joy and I am moved to tears.
I am taking this time to digress with an explanation because I want all who read these words to FEEL my sincerity and the actual presence of my inner urging  that prompts me to reach out and touch (yes, as a matter of fact, I DID work for the telephone company! ;)) the lives of more and more individual souls while here in the physical world. Just these concepts  that I am teaching on this web site, make life simpler and most magical. I simply MUST pass them along! I am compelled to do so!

It hurts my own spiritual growth to have learned this which I am sharing on this web site without passing it on or paying it forward. In my eyes, if someone has the means to teach ideas and concepts to make life better for others and chooses not do so, then not only is he denying the growth of others he is denying the growth of his very soul that he intended to expand in the first place.
So folks, I am compelled to pass these theosophies on ... all of them ... until the day I quit learning or the day that I die, which will be one of the same.
Ah, yes , back to ... change:
Change does spark evolution in the consciousness of mankind. When we come to the famous "fork in the road" and know that once we make a choice we cannot turn back, it catapults us into change which, then expands our very being. That, my friends is why we are here on earth!  Change is one of the 'teachers" that has been set forth for human evolution. Change IS evolution. 
While we are here in the physical, we experience a phenomena that is unique to earth: CONTRAST or DUALITY as most metaphysicians call it. As of yet, the theory is such that earth is the only place in our Universe that harbors duality.
Duality is the state of being "dual". In other words, opposites ... or two extremes, like ; Dark /Light, Good/Evil, Up/Down, Male/Female, Night/Day, Peace/War ... get the picture? Without experiencing duality, we would not even have choices that lead to change to spark the evolution & expansion of our human consciousness. Which translates to; we would not grow spiritually, either.

Remember ... we ARE spirits, here on earth, having a human experience. (so, when I reference "spiritually", I mean from a spirit's perspective, not
necessarily, a religious perspective. Both are separate perspectives)

Again,we would not comprehend nor would we even HAVE choices without duality. We would be constant or static as a species and our consciousness would become stagnant, also. There would be no growth! And, one must keep in mind that we, as humans, are growth seeking beings.
From the beginning, God understood the laws of the Universe, because, afterall, He was the Creator! When creating the physical world, our earth, He knew that the same laws would apply here as well. 
One of those Universal Laws is the Law of Attraction which states : 

"That which is like unto itself is drawn."

When one makes a statement like, "Birds of a feather flock together,"  this it the Universal Law that is referenced.

The Law of Attraction is THE MOST POWERFUL LAW IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE and for anything ... ANYTHING to even begin to make sense to you in your life, you MUST, I repeat, MUST understand fully the Law of Attraction. YOU, my friend, attact it all ... every bit of what you experience in life ... from attracting relationships, to health to wealth to happiness. You are the only one who attracts for YOU or for that matter, repels !!!
So ... if YOU are the sole attractor of what you "get" in life ... then, my friend, you must realize that you create your own reality. You & only you are responsible for how your life "rolls" out. It is LAW. Universal or Spiritual Law. 
OK ... OK, and what does all of this mean? I thought that I was reading an article about Religion's Role in the scheme of things ... you say?
Well ... keeping in mind that all humans house a spirit ... spiritual ignorance is the very fundamental principal that keeps the soul, all souls, from the original intent of the expansion and evolution OF the soul.
Religion was originally inspired to teach individuals about the Universal Laws that governed all aspects of life. 

Religion was intended to re-establish the connection with our Creator, the God of Our Understanding ...that we had from the very beginning of time, but somehow, over many generations had forgotten.

We started out with a connection to the Source Energy, the God who breathed life into human beings and all of the other creatures of the earth in the first place. All we had to do to communicate with Our God was to be still and speak to Him. That was the original plan.
"Be still and know that I am God."
I'll repeat: That  great plan between God and our own spirit prior to our birth here in the physical, was that anytime that we as humans, inhabiting this earthplane, this physical world, needed reassurance that Our Creator was with us and we were not alone, ALL WE HAD TO DO was be still (or quiet) and meditate and we would be in direct communion with God, Our  Life Source.

 God continues to this day to keep His promise about this and has reminded us numerous times that we ARE NOT ALONE ... sometimes via the written word:

"The Kingdom of God cometh not with observation: Neither shall they say, Lo here! Lo, there! for behold, the Kingdom of God is within you."     Luke 17: 21


"And I will ask the Father, and He will give you another Counselor to be with you forever."      John 14: 16


"I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you."    John 14: 18

 and the most reassuring.......

" All this I have spoken while still with you. But the Counselor, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you all things and remind you of everything I have said to you. Peace I leave with you; peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid. "               John 14:  26-27                   
We humans  are creatures who need to be reassured that the changes that we experience ... the actual evolutionary process is not random or unguided. We need to know that the painful changes that we all go through have a clear sense of direction and an underlying purpose. Ever since ancient times, we have looked toward the great religions of the world to anchor us in this area. 

Normally change is gradual but there are times when evolution takes a quantum leap. We are presently in such times ... as growth for the expansion of human consciousness is approaching the end of one spiritual cycle and entering into the beginning of a new spiritual cycle which usually last approximately 2,000 years. With each spiritual cycle ... there is a gradual process that beckons mankind forward with their evolvement in their spiritual understanding. During the "out with the old and in with the new" phase of every cycle ... there is a huge release of concentrated spiritual energy from ... well, none other than our Creator, our Life Force, Our Source ... our God. You can envision the confetti that is thrown when the clock strikes midnight at a typical New Year's Eve celebration as it is much like that ... and it blankets the entire earth and fuels us with every breath that we take. Too cool for words!
Some of us sense this outpour of spiritual energy and feel the shift of it in our very bones while others of us are quite unaware of its existence except at a soul level. But none of us can actually escape the new feelings that occur within us during a time of the passing of the torch from one 2,ooo year spiritual cycle to the next. This energy brings mankind to a new spiritual level. Some embrace it and some ignore it ....... but as I said, we are all aware of it mostly at a soul level. 

If we are in the category of indifference, the next 2,000 year cycle will help to gradually bring us (as a species) into the
deeper understanding of spirituality. This will raise the consciousness of our species as a whole whether you may be aware of it or purely by default.
At this time I am going to run down the cycles of consciousness that mankind has already experienced. This is not only logical and scientifically based but it is also an over view of what our souls or spirits have experienced during our many, many reincarnations here in this material world. It is quite fascinating because, as a past life regressionist, I have MET representatives from every level of consciousness. Witnessing this fuels my wanting to relay this information to others so they can live their lives with the understanding that "It is what it is" ... and every lifetime and every soul is not only valuable to itself but to the whole species AND to our Creator.
So far, human beings have evolved through the
1. Cellular Cycle
2. Mammalian Cycle
3. Familial Cycle
4. Tribal Cycle
5. Regional Cycle
6. National Cycle
7. Planetary Consciousness Cycle
8. We began the cycle of Galactic   
     Consciousness in 1999 & it will last 
      only 12.8 years.
9. The FINAL cycle is called the    
     Universal Cycle and it is calculated to 
     begin on December 21, 2012, lasting a
     mere 260 Days. 
Please do not get your panties all in a bunch ... I am not in any way insinuating that this will be the end of the earth ... on the contrary. It will be the "Tipping Point". That means that the human population will reach "critical mass" and that there will be a tad more of those who believe in the nature of the human spirit than don't. This time will be the beginning of the summoning of Heaven on Earth, so to speak. This will be the beginning of mankind understanding the meaning of life here on planet earth. This will be the beginning of God's original intention for man here in the physical without the distortion of the spiritual revisionists. 

This will be the gradual universal understanding that all man has ever needed to know ... comes from the communion with the God of the individual ... from within 
and NOT relying on an outside source or religious instituion for answers.
Allow me to go into a little more detail of the overall spiritual growth cycles or human consciousness cycles that I was referring to earlier: 

Let's begin with the caveman ... these first humans had very little understanding about the world around them. They merely reacted to all of the environmental changes that surround-ed them. They did not even begin to see that there was a connection with their own state of consciousness and the natural world in which they lived.

Later on, people lived in this material world not clearly comprehending the forces that they observed and experienced and thought that it was a type of magic. To them there was no pattern or system in the natural forces that they witnessed so all of nature
appeared random as well as inexplic- able.

The next phase, man realized that there was a bit of intelligence or purpose behind all of the natural phenomena that they saw and began the process of thinking in the abstract. At this time, people began to factor a God or Creator into the scheme of their lives.

The next cycle had people associating all of the natural phenomena on the earth plane with one or more gods but still had no idea of the connection between the god or gods with human beings. They did not make the connection that their own actions resulted in their outside situation.
The cycle after this began about the time of Abraham from the Old Testament. That phase brought about the interaction with the gods. Humans were beginning to understand that there was a correlation of their own actions and the actions of the God of their understanding. The only thing was, the people of that time and of that lowly state of consciousness thought that God was an angry God that got a thrill out of punishing his children. At that time, they thought that God punished people when they broke His laws. (Law of Moses and the Exodus) The people of that time thought that if you obeyed the laws you would gain favor in the eyes of God and your situation on earth would improve ... like wise if you broke God's laws you, then, would suffer an even worse situation.
It was certainly not by chance or happenstance that Jesus showed up when He did!  As you know, He appeared on earth 2,000 years ago and not a moment too soon! He ushered in the age that gave us a new concept of our God. The God, The Father of Jesus ... our Father in Heaven finally got the P.R. that He deserved ! Jesus taught us that God was a truly loving and caring  God who loved each of us dearly. Jesus brought about the teachings that each of us has the potential to become one with God and put on our "Christ Consciousness" as our brother Jesus did.
Mankind has come from a point of a very primitive understanding of our relationship with God to being on the brink of a deeper and clearer comprehension of our interactive relationship. We have been primed to accept the relationship with God as co-creator with God ... that God originally intended for mankind. 
The role of religion in all of these thousands of years and through many spiritual cycles was to merely guide us in and out of these spiritual cycles and help man to realize that it would be to our own benefit to follow God's laws ... that following God's laws would help to free mankind from a lower state of mind and raise the collective consciousness.

This was the perfect scenario !

Religion was NOT supposed to set itself   up as being the originator and enforcer of  God's laws!!!! Religion was meant to be a gentle guide, a shepherd of sorts, that brought the people back into the fold of living a godly life. During the time that man was attempting to find this better life, the church was meant to provide sanctuary to the people and nurture them toward the concept that we are all God's children. 

Organized religion was NOT to take on the role as a prison guard and mandating the behavior of humans. The church inhibited the process that mankind was to employ on the path to the understanding of how God's laws influenced every individual. In many cases, the church actually aborted the process entirely due to the steps that it took to punish those who seemingly went by the way-side. During this time, people were supposed to gain knowledge and understanding of the impersonal laws of God and how the observance of these laws would either make or break their current life situation. 

God, in His Infinite Wisdom, knows that man will find his way through life experience ... and NOT by the threat of punishment and exclusion.

The church, not God, was the harsh and static gatekeeper that meted out the punishments for those who went against CHURCH LAW during this time.
Over thousands of years, God and His teachings have encouraged that, we as a species, recognize that there are certain principles in which the way God, Our Creator ... does just that: Creates.

God's hope (shall we temporarily place human emotions upon God?) is that man raises himself to a higher state of consciousness so that he will not destroy himself. God's wish for mankind is that we eventually see (Those who have ears, hear. Those who have eyes, see.") that we are the co-creator of our own reality. God wishes, hopes, encourages ... but God does not demand. God knows not to violate The Law of Free Will. The consciousness of mankind will not expand if God mandates anything. God knows in His infinite wisdom that expansion is the result of one's own decisions. That decisions present the opportunities for change and change is the catalyst. 

God shows us the way by releasing progressive revelation in all of our lives. He gives each of our souls continual  hints and guidance to opportunities of growth. Some of us never see anything as an opportunity for the expansion of our spirits. Some of us only see everything as negative events and occurrences.

The really NEAT thing is that we have a choice to align ourselves with God and help God create His Kingdom on Earth. We are God's instruments in this physical world. We have been given many opportunities to grasp the Universal Laws, God's Laws, and put them into practice here in this physical plan.

Organized Religion was meant to be used as a spiritual tool to bring forth a concise understanding of these Universal  principles but instead, turned away from the original intention in order to promote it's own selfish agenda: The control and power over the lives of the human species.
(Religion's Role continued)
Yeah, that may sound like blasphemy to some ... whatever that is now days, but the point is that because the Church turned away from the original intention of God, mankind, as a whole, does not understand the Universal principles. 

At present, none of the great organized religions (oh, there are pockets of people who get the gist....)  teach from the understanding of these Universal Laws. Most continue to use the threat of punishment . Hellfire and Brimstone sermons they were once labeled and the threat of Hell is still on the minds of many a spiritual seeker ... because that is what was taught in the churches.
As people gain insight into the Universal Laws, there will be more and more of a decline in membership in the organized religions. We have seen many churches fold in most recent times and the popular consensus is that it is symbolic or proof  of the decaying  condition of civilization as we know it. 

Maybe so. But I would like to think that more and more people are grasping the understanding that, although we did need guidance as we spiritually evolved as a species, now is the time to set out as individuals and study the true messages of the great teachers in history. Jesus the Christ is one such teacher.

Once we realize that Jesus is everyone's brother and was sent by God, our Creator, to teach us about our relationship to God ... we will enter the threshold of the Kingdom of God being manifest on Earth.

Jesus as many spiritual teachers, taught primarily using symbolism whether it was the spoken symbolism of the proverbs and stories or actual imagery that was used to transcend the many languages and dielects of the times. That was how it was; You used whatever means available ... to get the message out.  
Taking  into consideration the times and the people back then in which modern man has no real understanding ... and attempting to interpret all of the stories and metaphors and apply them today, its no wonder that we get confused.

And yet, these are the exact teachings that organized religion still, after thousands of years, wants to relay to modern man. Ya know? All  man-made institutions must justify their existence, whether it be to the government (not unlike organized religion!!)  that hand feeds them or to the general public that was taught to depend on them. All man-made institutions must justify their existence or they would cease TO EXIST.

Think about it ... religion has been used to divide and conquer throughout history. This is NOT what Jesus or any of the great spiritual teachers wanted to convey. And it was certainly not God's big vision. 

Religion has been exclusionary when God intended it to be inclusionary. Again, do you really think that God has favorite children? Do you really think that God will allow you into His Kingdom just because  you follow a certain set of outward beliefs? ~~~~~
At this time I am guided to retell a joke that, I am sure many of you have heard before ... but it really does drive this point home.

Ahem ... let me begin...
Upon reaching the pearly gates of Heaven, a recently deceased man's soul was greeted by Saint Peter. Saint Peter began the soul's orientation by showing him around the "premises".

As the man had previously been taught, there were many rooms in God's mansion and this particular soul was insistent in seeing every one of them before he made a decision on where he wanted to "settle in" for eternity.

Saint Peter took him to the room where the Buddhists gathered. He took him to where the Hindus met. He took him to where the Muslims celebrated and then the Jews and on and on. 

The man had not previously understood that there would be so many different rooms and so many different celebrations ... but still insisted in visiting each. Every time Saint Peter introduced the soul to another room, they both were included in the celebration and welcomed. It was a tiring process but a very satisfying  and interesting one for the newly crossed-over soul.

He and Saint Peter finally came to the Christian wing of Heaven's mansion and the man breathed a tired sigh of relief that his time "celebrating" and meeting with the other recently crossed-over souls would come to an end and he could make his own decision of where to spend eternity.

Then Saint Peter began the Christian rounds ... there was the Catholic room, the Methodist room, the Presbyterian room ... again, each and every Christian religion was represented and each room invited the pair in for a celebration. 

Needless to say, the man's soul was really, really tired and he was ready to call this tour quits. When he voiced his feelings, Saint Peter just winked and said, "There is just one more room that we can visit." The man again breathed a sigh of relief ... as Saint Peter continued, "And we will not be invited in for the celebration as it is exclusive club." 

The man was attracted to this announcement and thought, "Wow! ... who?" and Saint Peter went on to say,  "Not only will we not be invited in, but we must remain silent and tip-toe passed this room so that we will not be detected." 

Finally the man could not contain himself any longer and blurted out, "But Saint Peter ... who are these favored people?" 

Saint Peter just grinned as he placed his index finger over his mouth, "Sh-sh-sh", he said,  "and they are no more favored than the rest that we have met. It's just that they are Baptists ... and they THINK that they are the only ones who made it to Heaven!" 
(please feel free to insert any and all religions and denominations in this joke ... believe me, it is not to the exclusion of any religion. I am just betting that the Baptists have enough of a sense of humor to laugh at this ... 'cuz I first heard it in a Baptist Church) Ha! Ha!
And so it goes that most organized religions have the arrogance to think that if you do not believe solely in their way of thinking that you will not be rewarded by entering the Kingdom of Heaven and quite possibly end up in "The other Place"... 

How can this be??? How can a religion that is merely a fragment of the true teachings of God set down the rules and micro-manage the lives of its congregation? Does this not cause division? Does this not cause exclusivity?
The next several years will prove to be interesting for the religious institutions in that we shall see what beliefs continue to serve mankind and what ones will fall by the wayside.

The next step in spirituality will be understanding the symbolism behind the religious dogma. This symbolism has been the underpinnings of  our religious beliefs for many, many centuries. Soon the veil will be lifted and we will be shown the path to individual Christhood. 

The path to individual Christhood is through individual spiritual experience which expands the soul and teaches us to recognize the infinite possibilities of our own reality.

Let me jot a quote off to you from one of the Daily Devotionals that I receive:

"...each soul has a mission on the earth and is in expression a manifestation of the thought of God, of the First Cause. Thus all stand upon an equal basis for Him.
THEN, ye have no right to condemn self or to judge others.
Let all be done rather, then, as an appreciation of the love, the thought as may be expressed in appreciation to that Creative Force called God.
And the greater lessons may be learned from His manifested activity on the earth through Jesus Christ."

Edgar Cayce .......

The Human Potential Movement or the New Age Movement like some call it, is more about discovering the God within each and every one of us and "serves" us, as a species, more than an organized religion can. It is all inclusive as we are all human beings, housing a spirit created in God's image.

Why is that so hard to comprehend for most of us? Does that diminish God's role in our lives? Does it evoke the wrath of God to understand and then acknowledge that we ARE OF GOD and therefore have the same potential as our SOURCE, our God?

On the contrary ... if we are empowered and understand that we all have the Divine Spirit within us ... we look at God with more love than ever. We then, understand ... that because we are one with God, we must strive to live our lives in honor of our heritage.

On the other hand, if we belong to an organization that keeps beating the drum that we are sinners by nature and that we can never live up to the expectations of our God ....... we become defeated in our quest for spiritual discovery and spiritual growth.

Therefore, according to organized religion we need to wait to be saved or face a metted out punishment of a judgemental God.

At this point, I should think one realizes that the perpetuation of the belief in a judgemental God serves no one. The membership in the exclusive clubs of worship serves no one. 

More people die every year on our planet due to maintaining and defending beliefs that do not serve the whole of mankind.

What? God is on the side of only Muslims? Only Jews? Only Christians?
WHAT SENSE DOES THAT MAKE? What Father/Mother loves one child more than the other? What Father/Mother  allows one child to survive because of his/her beliefs and another to perish?

C'mon, people THINK !!!!

            ~   continued next column  ~
I encourage you to sign up for Cayce's daily quotes. They are extremely insightful as well as truthful. Every quote will resound in your soul ... now or in the future, as you remember your soul's own mission.
It's all about remembering ....... at a soul level, each and every minute of the day is spent in quest for the soul's 'holy grail'....... that which we identify as that longing in every soul to be reconnected to the higher self ....... the spirit that resides within. That part of us that IS God.
And, THAT, my friends, was religion's role in the whole scheme of things. To teach us that we are co-creators with God.  But guess what? Organized religion DROPPED THE BALL. Period. 

IF organized religion had remained in its purest form ... that which was God's vision (again, 'assigning human qualities) ... from the get-go, it would have served its purpose as well as serving mankind in the interim.

Organized religion as we know it today, has not served mankind ... let alone fulfilling the very meaning for its own inception thousands of years ago.
         God's Vision
Ok, you say ... exactly what was God's vision and the role of religion on earth?
Let us begin at the most logical beginning
or point in our time reference, to allow the understanding of the evolution of the role of religion in human society.

If spiritual energy comes in cycles of aproximately every 2,000 years ... I would like to discuss the previous two, 2,000 year cycles, so we can have an understanding of the spiritual changes that God is stimulating by releasing the energy (hey, go ahead ... liken this process to spreading "pixie dust" all over the earth! That is a terrific visualization!) that we spoke of earlier, to assist with the evolution of mankind's spirituality. 

Four thousand years ago, we humans were spiritually experiencing  the dominant views of "Moses" ... and for the sake of simplicity, let's call this time the Age of Aries due to the precession of the equinoxes as noted by our modern astronomers.

While in this time-frame, the Age of Aries, human beings were supposed to come to the understanding of God's Laws. The "outside" source (as opposed to the knowing that comes from within each of us) of the teaching of these laws was supposed to be Religion!!! Again,the main role of releigion was to teach the Laws of God.

If religion would have concentrated on passing along the teachings of these laws during the Age of Aries, the people (US, you & me) would have developed the intuitive understanding that it certainly would be in our very best interest to follow the laws of God. However, the "church" came up short because its interests were consumed with their establishing being the SOURCE of the laws! This put the church in alignment with being the police and enforcer, too ... so, you see ... nothing was relayed or taught to the people that would not glorify and encourage the dependency of the institution of organized religion ... the church, if you will. Nothing was relayed by the church that would empower the individual. 

The entire premise of the church during the Age of Aries was not to set the people free from their primitive  consciousness and way of looking at their relationship with God ... but to enslave and dis-empower the individual! This scheme enabled the church to dig right into the very soul of the people that they were supposed to enlighten. 
I am NOT blaming the church for this missed opportunity for enlightenment of the species ... I am, however, voicing the truth so that NOW that we are "older & wiser" souls we will  see the signs and never again allow an outside source to devour our inner spirituality. 
Next we, come to the Age of Pisces in the timeline of earth's renewed spiritual energy ... the 2,000 years after the Age of Aries.

Jesus reigned over this time as the teacher and "way shower" of God's Laws. He was dubbed as the only Son of God, and in some circles God incarnate which, unfortunatley, perverted and distorted His teachings.

Jesus' entire purpose for incarnating to the earth plane was NOT to become the idol that we have made Him into being.
Nor was beginning a new religion the  purpose for Jesus incarnating to the earth plane. Religion merely restricts a souls' spiritual growth and Jesus was fully aware of that. 

Jesus' purpose, His mission, His intent, was to demonstrate and relay that ALL who walked on this earth plane were children of the very same Mother/Father or God or Infinite Being  or Source Energy or Spirit or All That Is ... whatever you CHOOSE to call the Creator ... as Jesus was. And that each one of us were His brother or sister and of equal value in the eyes of the Creator, His 'Father'.

Jesus wanted all of His brothers and sisters to understand the Universal Laws, the Natural Laws that governed the entire Universe set forth by the Creator so all could go forth and seek the joy of living in the material world instead of being stuck in the struggle of survival.

But the main crux of Jesus' teachings was that all of us have the capabiltiy of communicating with our Creator if we stay still and go within. We do not need a middle man or mediator to hear the Divine word. We can hear it first hand.

All of the truly Spiritual teachers that came into the physical have taught these Universal laws. Some of these great teachers, we have heard of, others have been lost to time. But each and every one of them were "way showers"  ... ones who began new thought ... not ones who aspired to begin new religions. Again, let me repeat: Religion in and of itself only restricts the spiritual evolution of mankind. Seeking new thoughts about the Spiritual side of life promotes spiritual growth. We are growth-seeking beings ... we are eternal ... and there is not an end to spiritual expansion.

Back to Religion's Role ... religion had its place in society. In fact, it was the self-appointed middle man attempting to bridge the communication between our Creator and our very souls. In the day, it was of great value to provide the spiritual information to the masses who at the time, were not merely unenlightened, but struggling just to survive on the earth plane. But the church morphed into a much different approach ... due to a much different agenda!!!

As we all know, the church became a powerful institution ... a powerful financial institution and, unfortunately lost sight of its mission to spiritually educate. The church soon became the equivalent of our present-day government entitlement programs making the parishioners dependent on them instead of following the sermons that Jesus taught. No longer did the churches teach the parishioners HOW TO CATCH FISH ... the churches were charitable but with strings attached. Jesus on the other hand, gave the people spiritual tools, not handouts, to obligate them to His theosophy. Jesus remained detached from the outcome of His teachings ... His mission was to teach, not mandate nor recruit.

Organized religions who claim that they are the "only way" ... have an ulterior motive. Again, traditional churches need to justify their existence ... so, they do not equip their followers with the necessary tools for spiritual growth, but in contrast ... hinder the spiritual growth of the individual by putting up boundaries and fences within the information that is meted out to their followers. Most churches create mental prisons for their members with the church being the prison guard.

The average member of a traditional religion lives in the fear mode. By that I do not mean that he is "fearful" on an everyday basis, but rather, fear, not unconditional love is the language spoken in most churches. The "If you do not belong to MY church, then your soul is in jeopardy of salvation." is the arrogant attitude.

I recall one of my very dear friends commenting to me that she would "pray for the salvation of my soul." the day that I "confessed" to her that not only did I think that reincarnation was a very viable concept, but that I, personally, believed in it!!! 

It was the limiting beliefs of her particular church that made her feel uncomfortable with my belief in reincarnation.  I understand and hold no animosity but, oh, what a pity! 

My beliefs have served me quite well and have brought much understanding of how things work in each of our spiritual journeys, here, in the physical world. I doubt that she could say the same. And, she, like so very many who are spiritually arrogant ... in times of challenging opportunities for the expansion of the soul, have turned to artificial means, not spiritual comfort, to assist in overcoming a crisis. For anyone ... controlled and limiting beliefs carry with them an array of side effects: Eventually, rigid and unyielding beliefs manifest in the physical body ... healing comes only with forgiveness not judgement. (see Healing the Physical)

That is one reason that during this time of instant communication it is unnecessary and often risky to rely on the fixed beliefs that any particular religion or church is offering. Most offer only education in the area of their own beliefs which hold many limitations and restrictions due to the 
*tenets of that particular religion....... or they would not BE a particular religion in the first place! !!
*Tenet: "Any opinion, principle, dogma, belief or doctrine held as truth ....... as in religious tenets."

Most religions continue to justify their existence by attempting to make mankind dependent on the material portion of their being; The good works part of every church.

 Most do not encourage studies outside of their own belief system. Most do not encourage becoming a spiritual seeker.
Most encourage replacing others' beliefs by recruiting  members from other churches. 
WHY? Numbers ... the goal of every church is not to have eager-to-learn souls sitting in their pews each week, but rather, merely butts covering those seats!!! Ones who will listen to the rote words of a belief system that no longer serves the people and then donate their money to perpetuate that which is not serving but a very few.

I know that is a harsh and crude observation ... but it is true!

Jesus spoke with many in an informal setting ... on a mountainside, in a home, in the streets ... wherever there were people eager to learn HOW to grow in spirit. He was not concerned with membership, logistics, statistics or overhead ... nor was He concerned with actual "recruiting" as, remember ....... Christianity was not a part of the whole scheme of things ... Jesus merely wanted to uplift the people during that time and give them some guidelines to assist them in that upliftment! It was not about saving souls in the sense that they had to believe a particular way and worship within the perimeters of a particular religion or be damned by an unjust God.

It was all about reminding each individual that he, too, was a child of God an actual part of God and that each of us can pray 
(talk to our Creator) and meditate (allow our Creator to speak to us) any time that we want ... without the assistance of anyone or anything else!

So, to sum it all up ... what is Religion's Role in the whole scheme of things? (versus Spiritual Seeking)

 Tradtional Religion had its day ... it was necessary in a time where many had not a clue as to their own role in their own lives nor any clue or tool to gain insight  about that role. Most were floundering hopelessly ... and in fact, most were beyond hope and drowning as they did not know where to get the answers.

Today, in this time of instant information there is absolutely no excuse for spiritual ignorance ... unless, of course, it is your choosing. And, I admit, there are many who still refuse to venture beyond the four walls of the belief system from their childhood. 

And that is OK if it is your choosing ... the only downside to that is that the individual spirit will remain stagnant and not have an opportunity to participate in the joyous evolution of the collective consciousness of mankind. (although ... there is ALWAYS evolution, either intentional OR by default!)

In other words, we came forth from the spirit world to gain new understanding of our eternal lives ... a different perspective, if you will ... and when we remain rigid and unyielding of what is introduced into our beliefs, our spirit has not as much of a chance to expand and grow.

It is a waste of a lifetime on planet earth. We came to JOYFULLY experience, to soak it up, to explore all that we can to evolve that perspective which leads to the individual understanding and most importantly, it adds unto the collective consciousness of ALL THAT IS, or God

Yes, we are co-creators with the God of our understanding ... and, although we cannot disappoint Him, per sae  ... we can miss the opportunity that has been presented to us in this lifetime.

If we are to become enlightened beings, if we are to put on our own personal Christhood, if we are to spiritually (and do not confuse that with RELIGION !!!) evolve the true nature of our souls ... then it is imperative that we look beyond our own comfort zone and reach into the unknown for the answers.

This is a web site to educate and evolve the spirit within each of us. Please, take at this time, that which resounds in your own soul and leave the rest .......  but keep with you the intent of revisiting  "WE" in the future to benefit the expansion of your soul.   
                                              ~ Holly~
What Would Jesus Do?
Caution !
Caution ! 
Look into the eyes of this portrayal of Jesus ... Look into His very Soul if you dare ... and allow the truth within your own soul to surface. You will know if it is of God by the joy that you experience. Trust in your own knowing. Only you know what is good for you and the development of your spiritual path. Take what you need and leave the rest ...

I am sure that most of my readers can remember the game that we played as kids called the "Telephone"  or "Rumor" game. Many a Girl Scout meeting included this game. It was a game to demonstrate that, as in real life, information could be repeated purely from the perspective of the many receivers of that information ... who then continued to pass the information to the next and they to the next, time after time without ever questioning the validity of what they originally were given.

As Girl Scouts, we stood in a line as each receiver of the rumor whispered into the next girl's ear sure that she heard what she heard and repeated it to the next with much conviction ... on down the line receiver after receiver.

It was an innocent game of fun & giggles and all of us were so excited with the anticipation of the message that would be repeated by the very last person in the line. That message was always so very distorted from the original message that our Scout Leader whispered into the first-in-line girl's ear.  By the time the rumor reached the last girl in line and she loudly announced its content, we all rolled with hysteria and laughter at what was repeated! It was THAT ridiculous!

None of us could begin to predict what the end-message would be, but guaranteed it was the making of lesson that our Scout Leader would incorporate into the meeting; ah, life's lessons. Those were the days when every gathering was a lesson that we could apply to our daily young lives. 

And the underlying  BIGGER MESSAGE of the execution of this game ... was that perspective is everything. 

Perspective is something every human being has. Perspective is unique to every individual. There are no two perspectives exactly alike. Perspective is what forms our individual worlds. Perspective creates our personal reality.

Perspective is born from all of our collective experiences, both, here, in the physical and (hold on ...) from our non-physical existences.

     Again ... unique to the individual.

Perspective is gathered, as I said, from all of our experiences, and although, many people travel in the circles of similar experiences none of us assimilate those experiences exactly the same.

Prior to our birth, here in the physical, we made contracts with other spirits whose intention for spiritual expansion was similar to our own. We made these contracts with those we connected to while in our planning stages for our life here, on earth. Most view these connections or contacts as members of our "Soul Family". 

Most of us, while in spirit, gathered more than 200, or so, other spirits to associate with on the earth plane. Those spirits would then be the core group or family that would bring about the direct expansion or evolution of our individual soul or spirit.

These other spirits who were in on the ground floor of our plans for our earthly incarnation, agreed to be our mothers, our daughters, our fathers and sons. They would be the ministers, the  elementary teachers and chums, the neighbors, the  siblings. They would play the role of the group of people who would have enough contact and influence in our lives that, from a spiritual sense, would contain most of those who would be students and teachers to each other... and we also agreed to have supporting roles in their lives. A bi-lateral contract, if you will.

In the spiritual realm,this group of souls all agreed to give each other the oppor- tunity to evolve spiritually. That's what soul family members DO. They support each other in their spiritual quests once in the physical because that is the very reason that we choose to keep coming back to earth; to evolve spiritually.

Although, in the spirit realm, we do not use the same labels to identify relation- ships that we have with other spirits such as 'mother', 'father','brother', etc ... because there are no such relationships in the spirit world ...We DO, however, agree to play the role for each other in that capacity once we reach the physical. Those plans are all ironed-out while on the other side, or Heaven, as we here on earth "label" it.

While in spirit, we have meetings with a council and our spirit guides and our potential soul family members and sort out the general details ... all before our birth on earth.

I say... general details, because during  the planning stage we set up relationship roles that are merely to present, as I said, possible opportunities for our soul's growth while in the physical and not the set-in-stone destiny of the soul. These plans will sketch the possibilities of attracting the people, places and events into our life that will serve us best. It is all our choice ...  even before we get here.

              CHOICES ... 

Each and every lifetime that we choose here on earth is guided by the choices that we make while we are here in this physical body. Those choices are merely assisted by the circumstances that we choose for ourselves prior to our birth. 

We all have free will. We are all responsible for what comes into and goes out of our lives; either by design or default ... we are responsible.

Free Will is a Universal Law created and respected by the God of our understand- ing and will never be breached. It is all about our free will ... both with our choice to re-incarnate to earth and with every choice that we make once we are here experiencing in the physical.

You see ... when we make the choices in every and all things ... even in the simplest every day terms ... we expand our spirit. We grow. We evolve

Our individual growth hinges on our choices.

Our collective growth as a species, hinges on our choices.

And, last, but not least ... the growth of ALL THAT IS (GOD) is also dependent one our choices!


Maybe if all of the spirits who inhabit an earthly body would remember this little factoid, our intentions would shift with our realization. We would then under- stand that we are not only on the cutting edge of the evolution of our species but  also of the Creative Force of the Universe . 

                  Better known as GOD.

Each one of us is experiencing on His behalf. Each one of us is an important and contributing component of the Source Energy that supports our very existence.

The Holy Trinity, in a true sense of the word, is that we are all part of a three-fold team
                    Individual Spirits
                    Collective Spirits
                    Our Eternal Source Energy

Once we internalize this ... all of the symbols of our religions come into focus. We can see clearly now, the veil has lifted.
                        WE ARE ONE.
     Symbolic Portrayal 
               of the 
    Christ Consciousness 
           ... in All of Us
                         WHY JESUS?
Why, then, Jesus? Why, if we are already here, representing our God, would a being such as Jesus the Christ offer to come to the earth plane? What was His purpose?

Back to the telephone game ... back to 
perspective ...

As the Jewish religion began to abandon the tradition of the prophets, the authorities of the Jewish church no longer had the access to the Living Word of God. Sound familiar?  It should as most modern day Christians no longer accept the Living Word, either, but rely solely on the perspective of another who interprets the lessons from the dusty documents of old.  Some appropriately, some not so ...

These documents are from a time and people that none of us (no, not even the scholars) can fully understand. We can only speculate of another time, another culture as to why they said what they said, did what they did, felt as they felt and lived how they lived. We are looking at the civilizations of old with eyes of an entirely different perspective. 

We are , in a sense, perpetuating the Rumor and Telephone Game!  As a whole, we are NOT allowing the truth to come through as it relates to our time, our  civilization, our  time-space reality. We are merely attempting to see the teachings through the eyes of the people of a time that knew not yet our own !

Again, no disrespect intended, and although the Bible is a wonderful tool and model for the way we humans are to conduct business while here on earth, it is also distorted and incomplete!  It was all interpreted through another perspective.

The word and guidance of God was to be a continuence of messages from the Source of our being and never ending. We were to receive the Living Word ... which is current and directly from God!

     "Fear not for I Am with you, always."

The Word was to be forthcoming and always available to each and every one of us and not finite ... as is the Bible and any of the ancient documents.The Nag Hamadi and Dead Sea Scrolls have even more information to add unto that which is written in the Bible.

Spirit  (or God) intended that even while His children experienced in this physical world, we would still be able to remain connected to our Source and have access to progressive revelation.

God is eternal, we are eternal and God's word is eternal also. Why are most Christians captivated by the messages of old, yet, rebuke the modern day prophets? Or better, yet ... why do most Christians rely on an outside source (be it man or the written word) to volley information TO them instead of discovering the answers for themselves?

When Jesus began to teach and then send out others to preach the Word, not Jesus nor His apostles nor disciples read aloud from a predefined doctrine. Each apostle and disciple were told by Jesus to not be concerned with what they would say, because it would be given unto them.  They did not interpret from their individual perspective the  words from a book ... they preached by the power of the Holy Spirit. They did not deliver a fixed outer doctrine. Their sermons were the Living Word which was spoken and received directly in their hearts. The Word was directly from God.

WOW! How trusting they all were. WHY?
Because they totally surrendered to Spirit.

                    " Let go, Let God "

Just the fact that Jesus began an organization totally without any dogma or doctrine is truly profound! 

The Living Word, a tradition which is continued today by a few of the non-main stream belief systems is more truthful than that of most of the orthodox doctrine filled with the  dusty remains of dead men's bones. This tradition can be found in beliefs centered around the ancient and sacred beliefs and sciences.

Current scripture has its value as it can be a stepping stone to align one with the true teachings of Jesus. The true and complete teachings of Jesus are not to be found in any particular outside teaching or religion. 


There is NOT one true teaching or a one  true religion found on earth! There are many truths because all teach an elementhere and there of the universal path. And that universal or inner path is the one true teaching that can be incorporated into everyone's studies. Unfortunately, no one religion can represent all of what that encompasses.     

                   Spiritual Seekers ...
Because there are no written accounts of Jesus' life here on earth written by Jesus, there are no true and complete interpretations of His teachings. All were interpreted by different people at different spiritual perspectives. (ah ... there's that word again!) No human being can accurately interpret another's perspective. Perspective is personal and abstract. Even the perceiver cannot find the exact words to interpret his own perspective on a subject as some of perspective has no language. We gain perspective through all of our senses ... all of our emotions.

We can all begin our spiritual journey with an outer doctrine but eventually the true Spiritual Seeker finds himself unfulfilled. The Seeker follows his heart knowing that outside sources do not lay the Kingdom of God in his lap. Outside sources even fall short in their attempts at teaching the basics of the original teachings of Jesus. There is always a gap ... always a yearning for the truth without the obvious distortion..... and distortion of  Jesus'  teachings IS obvious to a Seeker. Their spirit just does not respond with the joy as it does when a truth is uncovered.

Q. How do we ever know when we experience the ultimate joy of that knowing, of the Spiritual Truths? 
A. It will resound in your very soul and the truth will set you free. You will never turn back from that point.

We can rely on that inner knowing. Inner knowing is the same knowing that
Jesus and His disciples came to understand when they did not 'prepare' for a sermon. "It was given unto them." 

                But how and from whom?

It is that still small voice that each of has heard from, from time to time.  We all have it. We all can access it. We all have accessed it at one time or another.

Believe it or not ... intuition, in its highest form, is that still small voice . And that still small voice is the communication between your conscious mind and your higher self ... your inner being, your soul ... the God of your understanding.

 Simply put, intuition is the key or tool to the communion between you and God.

Let me repeat that ... as it is of the utmost importance;

To receive the Living Word of God, we must allow intuition to unlock that door.

Jesus taught us that we must go "within"  to experience the truth. The ancient Greeks and even some of Jesus' disciples called this "gnosis", which means inner knowing.

When you experience gnosis, you close that gap between you and God. You close that gap between the knower and the known.

The key to understanding the original teachings of Jesus the Christ is allowing the truth to transform your very consciousness so that you can put on the mind of Christ as Jesus originally taught and become the spiritual being that you really are while in  physical form here on earth.

While in the physical ... again, very important. Why wait to make the transition at the time of our death?  And WE ALL MAKE that transition then.

Why not initiate the Christ Consciousness when it would do us and so many others the most good? Right here, right now, meaning while we are walking on earth? Why wait until our death from this lifetime?


So many people think that if we follow Jesus' teachings and strive to become more like Him, more Christ-like ... and attain a higher state of consciousness ... the Christ Consciousness, it is blasphemy. 
      (very convoluted, if ya ask me ......)

Jesus did not "invent" the Universal Christ Consciousness. God did when He created the material world. Jesus came forth in a physical body, to bring to man, the teach-
ings of the Universal Christ Consciousness. 

Jesus was the example of a human being, our brother, whose intention before His birth was to represent the blending of the Christ Consciousness in a physical body. The spirits on earth who were also inhabiting a physical body were to take note and apply Jesus' teachings to their own lives.

Jesus, I am sure, would be exasperated and appalled at the same time at the way we have distorted and misinterpreted His original teachings. 

He did not come from the inner (or spiritual) realm to create an outer institution (the church) that could be used as a weapon ... (yes, weapon!) in the on
going way that human beings insist on doing 'business' with each other!!!

Jesus did not come to earth on a power trip thinking that He would become the next worldly idol. He did not incarnate to create and support an organization through which a very small part of humanity could attempt take body, mind and spirit CONTROL over His brothers and sisters. (Christianity) And there are no Catholics, Jews, Protestants, Buddhists, Muslims or Taoists in Heaven! In Heaven one will only find sons and daughters of  Mother-Father God ... our Universal Life Force Energy.

Jesus did not come to earth to be the Savior of mankind ... not in the sense that is popular doctrine, anyway.  

And He most certainly did not come to give energy to the current belief that HE IS THE ONLY SON of GOD ... I can see Him shaking His  head with disbelief of the perversion of His original intent.

Jesus came to TEACH US to save ourselves!
He came to teach us that the real Savior is the Universal Christ Consciousness.

          THE WORD MADE FLESH ...

Is it not LOGICAL (careful ... ) then, that God would send Jesus NOT as an EXCEPTION, but as an EXAMPLE of the path that all of His brothers and sisters could follow on their way home to the Kingdom of God?

If you believe that Jesus is the ONLY SON of God ... would it not be logical, then, to assume that God was a really cruel God dangling His only son, Jesus, like a carrot in front of the noses of the souls who inhabit the earth? (Nah-Nah-Nah-Nah-Nah, nah!)

How could we ever live up to the example of Jesus the Christ without the tools to do so? Jesus brought those tools to give us, but they were scooped up by the power elite and stowed away so that we must first pay homage to them, before we have a chance to commune with our God.

How could God offer a reward that could not possibly be won because we do not know the rules of the game? That is just screwy thinking! I don't know about your God, but my God is a loving God and does not play favorites. We all deserve the tools, the understanding ... not just the herarchy in the churches. 


Please, please keep an open mind and heart ... as I continue with this reasoning.

Are we not taught that we are created in the likeness of God, our Father? Then we MUST ALL be sons and daughters of God!

Did our churches ever teach us to entertain the possibility that Jesus was not created in the fullness of the Christ Consciousness, but had to learn like us?

Did we ever stop to think that Jesus, like all of us, had to experience, for Himself ... and follow the exact same spiritual path that we are now in the process of following before He ever began to imagine teaching the Word of God?  

To discover the knowing, the truth and then relay it ... was Jesus' intention, His purpose for incarnating ... but all of this wisdom and knowledge was not merely imparted to Him. He had to take a similar path as we all do. His desire to be a way shower was always foremost in His mind, so He had the "edge" only from that perspective. His wanting to extend a helpful hand to His brothers and sisters and teach us all how to fish, so to speak, was ever present. 

That prior-to-birth determination , that wanting to teach His brothers and sisters the TRUE MEANING of GOD  and the UNIVERSAL LAWS was what set us apart from Jesus. There have been others before and since Christ with similar intentions.

Jesus, the man, wanted to teach us all that those who seek the truth shall find it NOT by idolizing Jesus the man, but by the inner way ... that first hand communion with God, that which Jesus TAUGHT.

That is what Jesus wanted us all to know; That it is NOT by an outer source, neither man nor religious institution, that gives us the knowing. (the GNOSIS) But it is purely by a direct, personal experience of the Christ Consciousness that we discover who or what is the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE.


So, what WOULD Jesus do in today's world?

You can BET that He'd be quite the rebel in regards to religion ... and He'd not promote any earthly religion, let alone one in particular.  Some would even regard Him as a New Age Cult leader!

He'd tell us to use any and all orgainzed religion for study purposes only but not to remain with any one indefintely. He'd caution us to remain detached from specific ideology and instruct us to merely use the many traditional religions as stepping stones as to get to the next level of study. 

Jesus would tell us to  "Learn to Discern" and not hand over our spiritual development (study) to anyone or any organization that claims that it is necessary to have that element intercede with our communication with our God. 

Jesus would make it very clear that God does not need to be worshipped and that religion was not created for God's sake ...
it was created for OUR sake! Through religion, humans were originally meant to understand God's Universal Laws. In hind-sight, religion, it turns out, was founded to establish a totalitarian organization that would set itself to be the only doorway between God and His children. That was not a part of  Jesus' big vision!

Man, not God, created that which we call religion. Religion mandated that no human could ever commune with God on his own behalf ... but only through a church mediator or hierarchy within the church. And religion then taught that salvation for the few was only attained IF a person believed and followed the church doctrine.

Jesus would continue today where he left off 2,000 years ago. I am sure of it. He would continue teaching the inner way so that more and more people could directly commune with Father/Mother God. He would not be a proponent of organized religion per sae. He would encourage the studies, but He would not encourge membership in any particular thought that would stunt the growth of the spiritual seeker. Growth is eternal and paramount to our spirits!

Jesus would promote the saying, "When the student is ready, the teacher appears." because, in His wisdom, He knows that we create our own reality, therefore, creating our own opportunites to learn and expand. Again, no two paths are the same but it is all about expansion of the spirit.

Jesus  would also set people straight on the false image that we have had of Him these past 2,000 years. He would tell us that when we are taught and then believe that He is the exception rather than an example, we are imprisoned even more so than when He first walked the earth. We need to see Jesus' example for what it is: THE ULTIMATE EXAMPLE of the life which we all can emulate with the expectations of gaining our very own and personal Christ Consciousness.

He would tell us that His heart is saddened when He reflects on the reason for His first coming compared to the distortion of that reason that is mainstream belief today. 

Jesus would again tell us that He came to set us free just like before ....... and for us to never allow an outside source to use Him as a tool to enslave and imprision our minds by ever-so-subtle means. If we are subtly subdued, we do not even realize that we are enslaved.

And last but not least, Jesus would continue the conversation by telling us to NOT totally abandon the belief system that we were born into, but, instead, add unto that belief system by continually studying other beliefs. 

There was a reason that you were born into the beliefs that you were ....... either by design or by default, but those beliefs "served you" up until the time of your intention of expansion. Look beyond any outer doctrine and seek God from within and you will be guided to your next level of spiritual teachings. 

Above all, acknowledge your inner guidance system and know that you are never alone.

And then, Jesus would turn with a beaut-iful broad smile and say, "I do not need you to be Christians. I need you to be Christs in embodiment to provide the open door to the Kingdom of Heaven!"

                          ~    In Love & Light, Holly  ~

       This website was founded upon the many ways of exploring the path toward attaining the Christ Consciousness. This spiritual state of being is the birth right of every one of us. There is not one path, but many. This web site will assist you in this multi-dimensional process. Please use it as a tool to evolve your own consciousness and utilize the many resources that are presented to you on this web site. If you do, I guarantee that one or more processes will help you achieve the very fulfillment in which you are searching. 
Continued in the next column 
We all can blossom like the lotus .......
What Would He Tell Us ?
....the church is within yourself and not in any pope nor preacher, nor in any building but in self !  For thy body is indeed the temple of the living God, and the Christ becomes a personal companion in mind and in body;  dependent upon the personality and individuality of the entity as it makes practical application of the tenents and truths that are expressed.                            
                                                                   EDGAR CAYCE      Reading 5125-1
"Nonphysical* is not asking you to ascribe to some specific label
or stand in specific corners or in specific synagogues or churches with specific words. You are beings who are blessed and who are deserving of Well-Being, and you will find your Well-Being in many different ways --- and the labels simply do not matter."

             Excerpted  from the workshop in Dallas, Texas on Saturday, March 13th, 1999

                                                                                         Our Love,
                                                                              Jerry & Esther Hicks

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"Nonphysical" is just another name for God, Infinite Being, All-That-Is, Jehova, Spirit ... in other words, the God of YOUR understanding. That's the point of  reference to Nonphysical in this sense.
Minister Discovers Jesus' Teachings in Abraham

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