A Primer on 
    The Concept of Reincarnation

I have labeled it a "concept" so we can explore together the thought that is behind such a belief before it becomes just that: A belief.

First and foremost I am going to state that it would serve mankind very much if we were all to accept or at least entertain the possibility of reincarnation. But I am not here to ask that  you abandon your current beliefs. I am asking that you open your mind and add unto your present beliefs to awaken your own soul's knowing. Your soul knows all of the Universal Truths.

WHY is Reincarnation an important factor? Well, just think  again about the questions that you have running around in your head...those philosophical ones ... like "Why are we here?"  Reincarnation is the beginning of the understanding ...the stepping off point in spiritual awareness. The teachings of Reincarnation were deliberately left out of our present-day mix of religious beliefs due to the control of the masses.


When you begin to accept the concept of reincarnation you then, further understand the explanations of most of the teachings of Christianity ...the true teachings of Jesus. 
Reincarnation is a fact. Every human being on earth has lived before ... and most of us many, many times!
Reincarnation is also a key factor in understanding how we are to conduct ourselves here on Planet Earth. With this comprehension you can come to the realization that the earth plane is a physical classroom for the soul ... and that each individual spirit is eternal ... and every soul transcends all lifetimes and all deaths. Recycling at its very best, for sure!

Life is eternal. YOU are eternal. "Birth" is the choice to come back to the physical classroom to evolve or expand the spirit which is truly us. When we live in the physical, we are becoming. We are learning how to become one with our Source ... it is our birthright.
And death from the physical is not an end... but merely a respite for the reflection of the soul's physical lifetime that just concluded.

Once we transition to the spirit realm after each lifetime most rest, rejuvenate, relax and study. Then we begin to plan our next lifetime on planet earth in the physical ... IF we choose to do so. Some of us will choose not come back to earth, but choose to go to another dimension to expand our consciousness.

Just like the many differences with the people here on earth, the spirit world is full of many spirits or souls, who factor in different scenarios for their evolvement ... so, I cannot "blanket coverage" the details of every soul's experience on the other side, but I have been shown many examples of  what it's like through the sum total of the conscious events which composed my lifetimes as well as those of my clients. 
Traditional religion got it right when it was taught that Jesus came to save the world ... He most certainly did! (along with some of the other great spiritual teachers throughout History) But not in the context that the traditional teachings would have you believe. Jesus is not the ONLY son of God...and Jesus did not come to the physical, wanting to start, yet, another religion or 'church'!

Jesus wanted to save his brothers and sisters, all of equal value in the eyes of God, from ourselves. He was not promoting Himself nor more religious dogma. He did not want to gain notoriety nor be the object of adoration and worship! He wanted to have his pure, unadulterated TEACHINGS to be the center of such adoration and praise, not the messenger.

Jesus wanted the souls of the earth plane, living in the vehicles of the human body to know and comprehend ... that there are certain Universal Laws that, if applied by deliberate intention , could enhance and assist the growth of the collective soul or collective consciousness while helping each individual soul to expand and lessen their cycle of times to reincarnate in the earth's classroom. (in other words, Jesus wanted to see mankind graduate sooner than if left to his own devices of learning from the school of hard knocks!) 

Jesus knew that if these Universal Laws were assimilated and then executed, life on planet earth would become that which it was meant to be: A classroom environment where well-being abounds ... where most souls knew the value of our human existence, and not go from catastrophe to catastrophe in their lives in order to learn their desired lessons.

Jesus, indeed, wanted to teach us to fish and He did not want to promote the idea that HE came to save us!  He wanted us all to SAVE OURSELVES! But He also knew that we first, had to have a refresher course so we would be equipped with the knowledge to go about doing that very thing. Jesus was a teacher ... a teacher to all incarnated souls, not just a select few, calling themselves His followers ... THEN or NOW.

Jesus' teachings contain the answer to our 'salvation' ... NOT the man, Jesus! (humans do not need saved ... but their physical lives would be not as dramatic if they understood who they REALLY are!)

But the trick is (oh, there is always a "trick" because we are responsible for our own soul's expansion ... no outside source, Jesus included, is!!!) we must deliberately internalize these teachings ... and not just merely  absorb them haphazardly through unconscious osmosis!

Choose to live this lifetime Awake, Asleep ... Awake, Asleep???

ALL of the world's true Spiritual teachers taught similar concepts ... it is the original fight for souls (membership, thus wealth and power) among the different RELIGIONS & GOVERNMENTS which were one of the same ... that have perverted and edited the truths down through the centuries. 

Please remember ... today's Western religions got their roots in being in bed with the fear-based government of the days of the Roman Empire. Our current religious foundations were born of the need for power, control and greed by the ruling elite of those times demanding their kingdom believe in what the rulers mandated!


NO ONE RELIGION is ABSOLUTE TRUTH ... we are ALL a part of God ... we are ALL in this classroom together! The difference is merely that we have signed up for different classes of study at different times ... AND time after time.

Would it not be prudent, to discard the old and oft times, dangerous barriers that persist between one religion and another? Would that not help to eradicate the continual cycle of Karmic imbalance that we create lifetime after lifetime? Learn the Universal Laws!

Jesus knew that every soul begins with a specific mission in mind (for each lifetime) during the planning stages while in the spirit realm ... and although there are infinite ways of achieving that mission ... the original intention of every individual spirit who decides to reincarnate on the earth is to expand or evolve their individual soul, (or consciousness or spirit or the God Self or Inner Being ...or whatever you want to call it) (... and I will interchange those labels often, so it is understood that it is all the same) while raising the collective consciousness, also. Learn the Universal Laws.

   We are all growth seeking beings!

You would not be taking the time to read these words if you did not already feel that urging to learn and expand your very own soul. We are continually propelled forward in our quest for spiritual knowledge and we evolve spiritually whether it be by our deliberate intention or by default. Wouldn't it be to our benefit to be AWAKE while we are learning?

The reason that we chose the earth classroom while in spirit, over the other possibilities, is to experience DUALITY . 

Duality is the state of opposites or contrasts such as:                
               male/female, good/evil, hot/cold,   
               love/hate, up/down, war/peace etc...

Universally speaking, earth is the only place that offers duality. We chose to originally incarnate (then to) re-incarnate here to experience all that duality has to offer for our soul's growth and evolution because it is not offered anywhere else in the Universe. You have heard earth being called "the insane asylum of the Universe"... well, that just may very well be true ! (but only in the sense that it presents such contrast ... & contrast is what propels us forward in our spiritual growth. In order to know what we DO want ... we need to ascertain what we do NOT want first. The material world is a perfect stage in which to study as there are many challenges. Contrast abounds here!

To quote the amazing spiritual teacher, SETH :

     "Your souls are not slumming!" 

when speaking to a group explaining why their souls chose to come to earth.

One would scratch his head and wonder at the decision to come to earth subsequent times when we knew from the first incarnation that it truly was a rough place to inhabit in an emotional sense! But, while in spirit, those of us who are here now on earth yearned for that unique, exhilarating & contrasting experience that only earth can deliver! We came to earth for the RIDE on the STREAM of LIFE and experience the joy that is our birthright!

Yeah, call us crazy, but every one of us who were or are on earth ... *CHOSE this one-of-a-kind experience... all inclusive no exceptions. This is leading-edge thought!

I would like those of you who are still not buying any of this to, just for fun ... go back and read one of the Christian Bibles from this perspective: Open up the Christian Bible anywhere. It could be a favorite verse or book or chapter of yours ... or you could go to Psalms and read one of the lovely poems there ... but what I would like you to do is just read from the Bible and as you do so, think from the perspective of knowing that reincarnation is an absolute truth. 

Does that  make you abandon your current beliefs as you read the passages or does it merely add unto the foundation of your beliefs and give you a deeper, more empowering understanding of this age-old text as a tool for life and not a mandate threatening punishment? 

Re-think your belief system ... again, learn the Universal Laws ... 

If you now view the Christian Bible as a gentle and loving persuasion to guide you to the most fulfilling and wonderful life that can be had on earth ... that is your very soul crying out with excitement for the possibility of the  conscious expansion of your spirit. You are on your way to discovering the answers to your many questions that you have accumulated over this lifetime. But YOU, from WITHIN your very soul ... not from any of the traditional dogma on the outside ... will be the one in the pilot's seat. YOU and YOU alone will experience overwhelming joy to be able to lift the rocks in the stream of life one by one and uncover the answers to the questions that have gone unanswered for you all of these years ... all of these lifetimes.     
                                                     ~Holly~    @1983                  
No disrespect meant ... I have a huge respect for traditional religion as it gives us a basis for our belief system, but by all means NOT the end. To stay within the confines of traditional religion is to stagnate and retard ... if not abort altogether our individual spiritual growth. 

As I stated ... I have the utmost respect for traditional religion. Both sides of my family had Protestant ministers in their midst. My paternal grandmother taught Sunday School and played the piano for her church. My Aunt was a Church Secretary, my Dad the Treasurer of our church and every adult family member on both sides attended church regularly. Of course, all of us kids were prodded to church every Sunday and taught by, yet, another aunt without fail. That was the way it was ... and my story was no different than my friends' story in the 50's and 60's in our small town. The only difference was that some of my friends were Catholic and others were Protestant.  But we all were raised with the basic understanding of the teachings in the Bible and the beliefs that there is a God ...and also life after death. A good foundation for sure. But ... none of us  actually spoke of the possibility of reincarnation.

When I had my NDE, it was discussed merely from the perspective of how "lucky" I was to have been revived. I could not offer to even my closest and dearest friends the real story; The real reason that I felt appreciative or lucky ...that "coming back" from the other side with wisdom that I had not had prior was an exhilaration that I had never imagined ... and I could share it with no one.  But it totally shaped my perspective about every phase, every moment, every experience in my life from that day forward. Life was awesome and to be treasured! Truly a "gift" ... but the awakening is to be treasured even more! Born again, some call it.

In the 60's reincarnation was just not accepted and anyone who breathed that word was regarded as a tad unusual to say the least. I did not want to put myself "out there" and risk how my family, friends and community viewed me, so I just remained silent about the true details of it all. Now, I am fearless.

 Going about life in the traditional sense just made much MORE sense to me than allowing my life to be dissected from the perspective of critics who may have never had the opportunity for a similar experience. So, I chalked the NDE up as just that, an experience, and shelved pursuing the whys and wherefores until later .

It was at the time that I began to lose people that I loved in my life to the thing that we call death ... that I resurrected and pursued the meaning of my being shown the NDE to begin with ...

Like so many, it takes tragic situations, death, illness and other catastrophic events and changes in our lives to awaken us. In other words, most of us NEED "hit up the side of the head with a hammer", like the old saying goes.

DEATH of a loved one does that to us.......we are never the same once we experience the death of someone close to us. Death is the great leveler. Each one of us, experiences the very same feeling when we lose someone to death. We may go about displaying those feelings differently.......but, ultimately, the inner grieving is the same world-wide.

The times when we lose family members and friends are, yet, another opportunity for our soul's growth. Our grieving process includes those deep, evocative, gut-wrenching questions ...the biggest one being 

Even as adults most of us are not prepared to deal with the death of someone we love ... nor are we ever given emotional tools with which to cope ... and that is where traditional religion drops the ball. 

Traditional religion just does not give us the true coping skills that our Brother Jesus meant us to have while here in the physical. For many areas of our lives He gave us Tools for Life, yet the true meaning of those TOOLS, have fallen through the cracks down through the ages.

Jesus incarnated here on the earth plane so He could give us the key to our salvation here in the physical as well as our understanding of our path back to our true home in the spirit world.

Reincarnation was one of the truths that Jesus and His followers recognized. At the time of Jesus, the belief of reincarnation was a "given"....... He knew that most people of His time and before, knew reincarnation to be an engrained fact of their belief system.        

Jesus used reincarnation as a sort of springboard for everything else that He taught. Reincarnation, I will say again.......was the basis for the teachings from which Jesus gave mankind to cope with this physical classroom of life. 

Jesus knew that humans were unnecessarily faltering and suffering with the collective souls' path here on the earth plane.  His own path, His reason for incarnating, was to help give us the TOOLS to move toward the very reason for our souls coming to earth in the first place: To evolve and expand our consciousness without needless suffering. 

He knew that our beliefs were a precursor to the actual manifestation OF our lives here on earth. At that time (not unlike today) the beliefs that mankind held, in general, were not serving the human population. Jesus charged himself with the insurmountable task of teaching  Universal Laws to the  human masses even before His birth here in the physical. He came to earth on the specific mission to teach mankind WHY WE GET WHAT WE GET in our earthly experiences. 
Jesus came here because the people on earth (remember..... the people were spirits housed in the bodies of man, then, too!)  at that time were asking more & more for the answers to their dilemmas.  The people on earth created such an inner asking that a savior HAD to appear. 

When critical mass asks ... critical mass gets answers. 

Jesus was that great teacher, that savior, that was summoned by the minds & hearts of many souls  during the time of Christ. Humankind asked and it was givin.

                      (continued ... next column)
I am a Past Life Regression Therapist. I have been on both sides of the therapy; as the facilitator and the client. And each and every time that I am witness to a Past Life Regression Session ... I am in total amazement and moved so much as to the wonderment of it all! 

Becoming a regression therapist and being privy to the process of such a healing modality was a lifelong dream of mine ... ever since I was "shown" that there is life after death and that we truly do live many lives on this earth plane. 

In my mid-teens, I was stung by a bee and went into anaphylactic shock and almost died. I had a Near Death Experience (NDE) that changed the way I viewed life. That NDE handed me the keys to the knowing that there is much, much more to the story of our lives here on earth than traditional spiritual teachings and religions impart.
As always, it is with loving intention that I bring forth these Universal Laws and ancient teachings so that anyone who has the eyes to see and anyone who has the ears to hear ... will do so at this time.

And for all others ... it is my loving intention to request that they tuck these words into their memory bank to retrieve at a more appropriate time in their path of spiritual growth and understanding.                                                                                                                                         ~Holly~
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