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Q. How MUCH homework will there be?

A. Each time we meet for class, I will be handing out a CD for you to listen to each and every day until the next class.

THAT will be your main assignment; to listen to that CD.

Other assignments may include your keeping a journal, writing or merely thinking about a past experience, also.
Q. What if I cannot make every class due to health issues or a relapse in my condition?

A.  Ideally, you will benefit most from the interactive live classes offered once a month. The lecture and question and answer period prior to each CD is valuable information. However, due to the nature of your diagnosis and the length of this course, it is understandable if you cannot make a class or two due to health concerns. Keep in mind this is informal and geared to be STRESS-LESS.

This interactive web site will fill in the gaps. I must caution you, though ... to intend not to fall into the pattern of fully relying on this website because the face-to-face classes and interaction with fellow students is also of great importance AND FUN!!!
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Q. May I ask others to attend this course?

A. Yes ... any and all are welcome! Please give me a heads-up on additional provided course material before the next class. (you may guide them to this site in the interim of their receiving course textbooks and CD's.)