The Reverend Doctor Linda Martin
A Personal Note from Linda:
"I am an instrument of Spirit." The work I do is Divinely guided. My intention is to assist you on your own spiritual path to self enlightenment. We all have the potential to come into the awareness of who we are as Divine Spiritual beings having this physical life here on earth. We all need to accept the
responsibility by responding to our abilities and merge with the truth in what we are seeking. We can then live the harmonious life we came here to experience. With Divine guidance you can experience the totality of possibilities that lie before you. You are the creator of each and every moment of your life."
As Linda connects with your energy and the energy of your guides and angels, you can be assured you will receive exactly what you need at this moment in time.
You will learn tools you can take with you to continue to align yourself with energies             available to you that will                 assist you in whatever                  form of healing you 
Linda is a Doctor of Metaphysics and an Ordained Minister. She is certified as a Reiki Master Teacher, Spiritual Healer, Color & Sound Practitioner,  Registered Spiritual Counselor and Spiritual Medium. She received her degrees from Delphi University, the Patricia Hayes School of Inner Sense Development and the Arthur
Ford Academy in McCaysvill,
Georgia. She is recognized
and registered with the Inter-
national Registery of Spiritual Healers.

Linda has offices in Southwestern Pennsylvania where she offers phone consultations and a variety of classes and workshops in spirit-ual development and healing to provide insight, guidance and tools you can use in your daily life.

Linda offers a unique combination of Channeled Readings with Vibrational Energy Healing, allowing you as the client, to be an active participant in the process. During a session with Linda you may experience one or more of the healing modalities that she offers, depending on what she is guided to do by Spirit.
Linda believes that healing starts within each of us, it is not something to receive out-side of ourselves, yet we can receive assistance. If we can believe we can be healed then it is possible. There is no need to live with worry, fear, disease or unease in any way. When we experience ailments, or emotional imbalance it simply means we are out of alignment. As we work with the body, mind and spirit, we can come to an awareness that will bring us back into alignment with  the universal energy flow. This brings to us the balance and
harmony we need in order to
receive the healing we need most.
Linda is an absolutely lovely spirit both inside and out.
I have had the opportunity to attend several of her heal-ing classes and she is a delight in her style and delivery. She is also extremely knowledgeable. Each of her students receives personal and gentle guidance toward individual enlightenment and empowerment. She truly is an instrument of Spirit and I recommend her sweet and very feminine approach to the enhancement of your studies as a seeker.
                                                                                           ~ Holly ~
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