Susan Lynne is a gifted psychic with over 30 years experience. She is clairvoyant, clariaudient, clairsentient and clarcognizant. She uses a variety of tools including astrology, tarot, runes, numerology, spirit guides and dream interpretation while working  with clients from all walks of life and many countries.

In addition to personal consultations, she also conducts workshops, seminars and speaking engagements on Angels and the Law of Attraction.

As a young child, Susan Lynne often knew things before they happened and was able to feel and read people's minds. She also had friendly visits from spirit guides. At the age of three, Susan Lynne began having dreams predicting her father's death. It was years later that she discovered the accuracy of this prediciton and her mother finally revealed and explained her gifts.

Susan Lynne is a deeply spiritual person who believes that each of us is born with a blueprint to follow. She also believes that through free will, we can at any time, change it by 'sliding through a different door.' Her readings are extremely honest but nonjudgmental.. Her purpose it to help you see your destiny in clear light so that you may get closer or 'slide back' to it. 
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Angels are always with us. I help connect with your angels and spirit guides and show you how to understand and use energies that surround us for your Highest Good."
                             ~ Susan Lynne~
    From the Desk of Susan Lynne:

To give you a bit of a background ... I am a fourth generation (on both sides of my family) psychic/medium. Growing up I knew nothing else, fact be known, I thought that everyone had visitors, angels, and energy whirling around them. Every member of my family with the gift with the exception of myself & daughter Rosemary was in the physical healing profession. They were doctors, nurses, psychiatrist and therapist.

I was struck the other day by a comment made by the Dalai Lama. The Dalai Lama in speaking before a group said that, "If we took every child from the age of 5, and had them meditate on compassion for one hour each week, we could literally wipe out all violence in a single generation."

Imagine, just one hour a week, the other
167 we can do what we choose. I know what you are thinking; It is not that simple. Yes, in fact, it is! Victor Hugo had it right when he said, "There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come."

The idea is here, the time is now. What are you waiting for ... permission?

I know for sure that if every person reading this committed to just one single hour a week, and shared the journey with others who also committed to an hour, and so on and so on, the ripple would turn into a wave of COMPASSION.

In order to change the world we must first start with ourselves. So, let's take the time for some foundation building! Let's commit to being a part of what I call Self Conscious Movement. Take one hour, out of the 168 each week the Universe has so graciously given us, as dedicate it to, and meditate on, COMPASSION. Ah, imagine the possibilities!

As I completed walking the labyrinth this summer, Archangel Muriel had a message she wanted me to share. She wants each and every one of us to tend to our garden of possibilities. The energy and movement of this past summer was all about beginnings, growth and nurturing our inner sweetness.

Muriel wants you to know that this is a time for YES. This is the time to take a step back and revive what is dormant, raise your vibration, seek your hidden treasure. More that ever, get back to sweetness ... to truly a spiritual being living life. Muriel has given me an affirmation to share with you:

"The Universe always gives me an infinite supply of everything I need, with more than enough left over. I am grateful for each and every glorious possibility before me."

In closing, my gift to you is the joy and light of the abundance before each and every one of us. May you not only dream the dream, but live the dream in joy and love.
                          Angel Blessings, 
                             Susan Lynne

I have had the privilege of making the acquain-tance of Susan Lynne last fall when my daughter, Toni, and I ventured to the quaint town of Berkeley Spring, West Virginia for their annual *Psychic Fair. From that meeting  the invitation to the Bella Woods Experience was extended and accepted and Susan Lynne and her wonderfully supportive hubby, Nick, presented an extremely informative and enjoyable workshop on angels the day of the 2009 Bella Woods Experience 

Susan Lynne also had a booth at Bella Woods and due to the accuracy and nurturing style of her guidance, she has gained quite a following of fans from the Central part of the state of Pennsylvania! Everyone who has had a reading from Susan Lynne just loved her!!! She is a sweet, compassionate  and very feminine woman with pure service to others at the heart of her counseling. She is pure JOY.

It is my observation that anyone who would like a very accurate, yet gentle, reading ... Susan Lynne is one of the mediums to look up! Her phone readings are excellent, also, ...
so please do not hesitate to contact her.
                                                    ~ Holly ~                                   

 Please Visit Susan Lynne at the following:

          Pathway's 33rd Natural Living Expo

             October 4th, 2009   10am-7pm

University of Maryland
University College Inn & Conference Center
3501 University Boulevard
East Adelphi, Maryland

Read about this exciting event in:
Pathways Magazine

Look for Susan @ Table #12 in the Main Exhibition Room

Angel Workshop at 10:30 am
Plan to attend this workshop facilitated by Susan
at 10:30 am in Room 2101

            Festival of Light Psychic Fair
               Alternative Healing Expo

         November 7 & 8th 2009  10am-4pm

Ice House
313 Independence Street
Berkeley Spring, West Virginia 25411
(304) 258-2300
Susan Lynne is also traveling to Cocoa Beach, Florida November 12-15 and San Antonio, Texas (TBA) and in 2010 is making plans to attend an event in San Diego, California.

Please keep in touch with her web site to stay infromed with her whereabouts !
                        Susan Lynne & Hubby, Nick

A seasoned musician, composer and the producer of Susan Lynne's Meditation, Body, Mind and Spirit Affirmations CD's, Nick has musical interests ranging from the early Renaissance to the early 21st century and is experienced in most forms of popular music. He plays piano and bass trombone and performs extensively in the mid-Atlantic region on electric bass. His ProTools-based home studio in Maryland has become his primary location for composition and film score production. In 2009, he was the musical composer for Big Island, Big Mystery directed by Rob Simone. Currently, he is writing a Sci-Fi drama (Ghosts of the Asteroid Belt) that places the mermaid myths in a new context. Nick graduated from the University of Maryland with a double major in Music and Computer Science.

Susan is working along with Nick on her third CD entitled 2012 Moments which will also be a new workshop that she will present in December of 2009. You may order any of her CD through Susan's website:
Susan Lynne

                          Please contact her!
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