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OM-M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M ... is the sound of meditation ... relaxation, contemplation. It is an extremely powerful
                                              SOUND ...


Because meditation is empowering... Empowering to the individual who takes the time to meditate.

Although the ancient art of meditation has been on the radar screen of human beings studying religious and spiritual concepts for a very long time, it has been only in recent years that science has been actually conducting evidential research upon this topic. The findings are phenomenal! Better, yet ... YOU can apply the benefits of meditation to your own life ... open your mind ...
"What happens to a lot of people that wind up strung out on drugs is they just don't have something else to replace it with. You can't just say, "Just say no." You've got to give them something else in place of that."
                                            ~Missy Slay~
I am a product of the Boomer Generation. My generation was the beginning of an age  so differse in ideology that even to this day, the consciousness of my generation is still very difficult to track and chronicle. We are all over the charts when it comes to most every subject. We came in NUMBERS ... and we are an extremely important generation! 

We are the ones that we have been waiting for!

At this stage in the history of man, the Boomers are setting that stage in every facet of our global society for generations to come. In many areas, we are hitting the ball out of the proverbial ballpark ... and in other arenas, unfortunately, we are not even stepping up to the plate.

Oh, we talked a good game while we were in our "hippie" and rebellious stages ... but while professing change and reeling against the "establishment" of our parents' generation ... we seem to have forgotten what it was that we were to bring forth from those times of search and discovery in our youth.

What was it, then, that we did remember to bring forth to the generations to follow?

Oh ... yeah, now I remember ...
            It was ... it was ... the drugs!

We have become a drug dependent society due to the Boomer Generation bridging that dependency! And our society has just eased into accepting this dependency as "just how it is" ... especially when those drugs are initially touted as "miracle cures" or life enhancing.

Just in case you are one of the ones who has not awakened from the stupor of  the '60's  wasteland ... allow me to momentarily refresh those brain cells that continue to die before you:

We have become a drug dependent society ... using coffee and energy drinks to wake us up, Ritalin and Adderall to help us focus in school or work, alcohol to help us unwind, anxiety medication to calm our nerves and sleeping pills to help us overcome the effects of all the stimulants we take during the day.

        Thank you very much, Boomers! 

Why did the Boomers choose to forget one of the more beneficial apsects of the culture that we held dear to us in our formative years? Why did we sweep that information under the magic carpet?

Of course, I am referring to the practice of Meditation. We called it Transcendental Meditation or "TM"  in the '60's and we extracted it from the eastern cultures. Those practices advancing the human conscious-ness were imported via our very insightful, very inspirational and political activist rock stars of the 60's. 

The problem being was ... meditation claimed also to assist in achieving the 
zen-like Nirvana trance that the hippies and other drug user/abusers were always seeking. 

         Uh-Oh ... that sent up red-flags!

And BOY did most of our parents have conniptions while pulling their hair out ... if one even mentioned meditation! It was amusing to us how a practice such as closing our eyes and sitting still (which parents across the '60's landscape spent many years prior trying to get us to do!) would raise such a ruckus!

But, you see ...? In those times, absolutely everything that the Boomers had become identified with, the previous generation was at odds with ... if not entirely against. 

So ... even something as socially harmless as meditiaton was something to be feared, stamped out and erradicated. 

Beliefs from other cultures, especially Eastern Cultures, were just not readily accepted ... and, you really cannot blame them for thinking like that ... since we, as a nation, were involved with the Vietnam War during those same years.

Even still ... to this day, our modern and sophisticated societies are in search for wellness in body, mind and spirit ... and we are going to great lengths to find the answers to the questions ... not unlike the hippies.

But shame on us ... the answers, too, lie hidden in plain sight ... we do not need to turn to drugs to find that balance in body, mind and spirit ... all we need to do is 
resurrect that ol' hippie-like curiosity and revisit the days of our youth.
Our nation and other societies of the world understand that chemical stimulants, drugs and alcohol are clumsy, unhealthy and dangerous tools for finding the balance of body, mind and spirit. 

That does not mean that we practice what we understand ... I just said that we can, at least, get our heads around that information.

It is human nature to go the path of the least resistance while following the money trail. Many of us work in the fields that depend on the research, development, sales, execution and consumption of pharmaceuticals  ... some of us operate on the top rung, others of us ... underground ... on the seedy side.

Even if we are not involved, and that is rare (most of us consume a perscription now and then) ... we all know that there is mad money to be made in the pushing of drugs ... whether it is legal or not. It is a huge industry even in the most remote corners of our world.

With such acceptance of drugs in our society, there is quite a backlash and may be not such an obvious one.

The trouble with widespread acceptance of caffeine, Ritalin, Adderal and most chemical stimulants is that they throw your entire system  into a sort of "brainwave" state of alert. With this kind of crisis your brain stops producing your more intuitive and daydream evoking brainwaves.

These kinds of brainwaves are what give us all those all-important feelings of well-being!

At first, after eliminating those good-feeling kinds of brainwaves, you get a huge burst of energy ... but the downside is that soon that energy or "rush" dissolves into more of a generalized stress, anxiety and ...
dis-ease. (which is the opposite of being at ease in our physical bodies)

Most stimulants over-stimulate your system at first blush and then throw you out of the optimal thinking/ problem solving brainwave state right into a manic/anxiety brainwave state.

You have noticed, I am sure, that you may get tons of things done at first while you are on these stimulants
WHAT you think you are accom-plishing may not be of the wisest choices.

These choices often become motivated BY your anxiety and stress. You may find yourself making "mountains out of molehills"... then you spend the rest of your day battling these perceived issues. 

At this point you just may realize that you are certainly working harder, but NOT smarter!

These stimulants have suppressed your creative, intuitive source of wisdom in order to achieve the mild panic state that you consider as "energy".

Another notable downside of chemical stimulants is that they tend to stay in your system for many hours longer than you care them to be there. That is why there are many complaints of restlessness, irritablity, 
inability to unwind at the end of the day and insomnia at night.

They have also proven to be bad for your heart. They force the heart rate to accelerate beyond normal functioning levels which cause unnecessary stress, wear and tear on your body's main organ.
And last but certainly not least ... if you believe in the power of your thoughts to attract positive or negative experiences into your life ... then you understand how destruc-tive it can be to use stimulants that suppress the very brainwaves that offer you the sense of peace and well-being in the first place!

Our frantic "get ahead at all costs" society does not seem to realize that  getting tasks done more quickly by sacrificing one's own sense of well-being, may not be as effective as we once thought!

The only natural answer to a more alert, focused and energetic brainwave state without sacrificing your inspired tranquility brainwaves is:

        Please read below for more information.

SITTING with Cat Stevens   Click for Video
What IS the Mind Capable of Without Artificial Stimulation ?
" The greatest discovery of the 19th Century was not in the realm of the physical sciences, but the power of the subconscious mind to touched by faith.

Any individual can can tap into an eternal reservoir of power that can enable them to overcome any problem that may arise.

All weaknesses can be overcome, bodily healing, financial independence, spiritual awakening and prosperity beyond your wildest dreams.  

This is the superstructure of happiness."

           ~ William James ~ 1842-1910
  Father of American Psychology -Harvard
Please ... for your very own benefit, re-read the above quote. To the untrained mind, this statement by William James during the 1800's may seem a tad far-fetched. But as we now know,  modern science is finding his words to be true. We now have the technology to produce the evidence.

These findings are exactly what the great spiritual leaders have been professing since the beginning of mankind. Every original spiritual practice from the beginning of conscious man has included tapping into the power of the human mind. 

You ask ... if this is true, then why are most people not utilizing those practices in our present times, in our modern societies?

      Why doesn't EVERYONE MEDITATE ?

Because much information has fallen through the cracks since the ancient civilizations conducted these spiritual practices ... 

       For those who have ears, hear ...

It is a very rich tapestry that has been woven in the history of mankind when it it comes to spiritual and religious rituals. Thousands of accounts of both detrimental and beneficial practices have been included and deleted in our religious dogma over time due to the viewpoint of the people in political power ... at the time.

Please keep in mind that absolutely all was determined from the perspective of the powers that be ... all information released to the general public was first censored by the ruling elite. If the information served the rulers, then it was made law of the land.  No freedom of speech and to hell with the individual ... long live the King, etc.

Add unto and delete ... add unto and delete ... add unto and delete ... and so it goes ... over thousands of years, over hundreds of generations of mankind ... 
That is why a spiritual practice (careful, I did not say "religious" practice) such as meditation is not widely practiced in the west, because it is not widely accepted as a ritual in our organized western religions. And, those religions had their roots in western politics.

As you are aware, the basis for our western religions originated in Europe ... and most of us, have sort of "morphed" into those similar beliefs, because .... well ... we were born into it!

We human beings are creatures of habit and it is in most of our nature to take the path of the least resistance. Let's face it, we have followed particular traditions just by DEFAULT! 

USUALLY, most of us do not consciously make the decision to ... let's say, be a member of a particular political party ... by our own thought processes ... we just sort of continue the tradition of our childhood. If our parents were affiliated with a particular political party ... we, too, become members ... the same, of course with our spiritual customs and beliefs. It's mostly by default ... not too much thinking attached to our reasoning in matters such as these ... let alone our actual decisions!
                      ASK & IT IS GIVEN ...

During this current lifetime, we humans have been afforded instant information. Mankind has asked and the Universe has answered. There is absolutely NO EXCUSE to continue on the path of artificial stimulation when science and spirituality have combined the information, the evidence, the knowing ...  that there has been a better way to expand, heal and understand ... all right under our noses!

As I have stated, this information about meditation is not new ... but, now ... there is scientific evidence to back up the claims of the spiritual teachers who have brought these practices down through the ages. 

NOW, we can be assured and safely explore the old methods of balancing body~mind~spirit ... 

Your brain is made up of billions of brain cells called neurons, which use electricity to communicate with each other. The combination of millions of neurons sending out signals all at once produces a large and measurable
amount of electrical activity in the brain. This activity can be detected using sensitive medical equipment ... such as an EEG.

With the discovery of brainwaves also came the discovery that electrical activity in the brain WILL CHANGE depending on what the person is doing. 

For instance ... the brainwaves of a sleeping person are vastly different than the brainwaves of a person fully awake.

Uh-Oh ... you can tell a lot about a person simply by observing their brainwave patterns. For example, anxious people tend to produce an over abundance of high Beta waves while creative people and those often diagnosed with ADD/ADHD tend to produce an abundance of Alpha/Theta brainwaves.
Researchers have found that not only are brainwaves representative of a mental state, but they can be stimulated to change a person's mental state! They can even be used in the treatment of a variety of mental ailments!

Certain brainwave patterns can be used to guide your brain into exotic or extraordinary experiences such as "lucid dreaming" or ultra-realistic visualization. 

There are many, many methods that are being taught to achieve the particular desired meditative state that is best for the individual because, there are just as many reasons that an individual wants to learn meditation.

Let me state several reasons that you may want to learn the art of meditation so you can then understand the possibilities.

Meditation can assist you in ...
Studying for exams / improving memory
Getting organized / preparing for each day
Replacing caffeine and energy drinks
Focus on mundane or detailed tasks
Achieving effortless accomplishments
Eliminate the negative symptoms of ADD/ADHD 
Becoming an even better pray-er ...
Improves Creativity
Reducing stress and anxiety / calming the mind
Improving your health
Sleeping deeper & more restful
Tapping into your genius 
Healing & releasing mental blocks
Replacing alcohol as a means to relax
Overcoming an addiction
Experiencing deeper & more insightful revelations
Becoming a better athlete

Meditation changes your brainwaves ... for the better. Meditation achieves more of what you expect in any medication related to anxiety, depression, etc. Meditation causes unbeliev-able results in the quality of your every day life.

      Talk about a life-enhancing practice!
I'm tellin' ya ... the benefits to choosing meditation over medication just goes on and on and on .... and, in fact, even if you are not presently on any medication for anxiety, depression, ADHD, etc. ... it would be to your ultimate benefit to begin meditation. 

I am an advocate for meditation being taught early in each of our lives and dovetailed into the public school system curriculum. It is THAT beneficial. 

Meditation not only cures a vast majority of ailments, but it also prevents many maladies ... because for each and every manifestation of a dis-ease (the opposite of our physical bodies being At-EASE) there is an underlying emotional cause ... which usually  begins as a stress- related situation. Meditation eradicates stress.
This web site, Souls-R-We, is dedicated to passing helpful information along to others. And this information about meditation can be utilized without being attached to any particular spiritual practice. It simply works! You do not need to believe! (ha, although, once you begin to notice all of the benefits that meditation brings to your life, you just may begin to ask more questions about how life works!)

Namaste', My Friends!
All Great Athlete's KNOW ... the benefits of Meditation ...
   Point of Light Magazine
            Autumn 2006

    Another Little Benefit to                            Meditation ...
This is a spiritual study & resource site. 

The MISSION of this site is to assist YOU in your spiritual development. When Meditation is discussed, it would certainly be negligent to bring you the physical reasons for Meditation and not include the extreme benefits that Meditation brings to your spiritual side of life ... in fact, utilizing the discovery of Meditation for the ancients was a sacred part of               worship and to be reserved for only the few initiates of certain religious sects.

 In other words, the common man was not privy to the art of meditation ... and those taught to                      meditate were few and far between ... so ... now, that the world is more connected and communicates 
in an historically unprecedented manner ... it would be to all of our benefits to at least, give the art of       meditation its rightful place in our daily lives.                       
~ Rev. Holly Greene White ~
         Just TRY it ... You'll LIKE it:
There are oh-so many studies about meditation and the effect it has on the mind that then, translates to the affect that it has on the physical body. I encourage you to research and then conduct your own 'study' once you establish a meditation practice ... by actually documenting your intentions along with your results. 

Meditation is such a simple exercise ... and it is free! All that is required of you is to set aside about 15-20 minutes two times a day to still your mind. (I know, I know ... THAT time-thingy can be a challenge!) It is well worth it!                ~Holly
                Take YOUR Prayers to a NEW HEIGHT

Once you learn the 'art' of meditation, you can incorporate that practice of visualization into your prayers ... that communication WITH your Higher Self, the part of YOU that humans label as God.

I recommend that you incorporate the powerful practice of your inner vision to enhance your prayers. In other words; Give your prayers more punch.

One little suggestion prior to prayer: DO NOT PRAY OUT of DESPERATION! The more that you focus upon the desperate part ... the more you will RECEIVE that desperate part!!! Establish a daily routine of communicating with your Higher Being and learn to ALIGN yourself with that part of you that most call God. ASK to remain in the state of love and appreciation for ALL of your life's experiences.

When you meditate/pray ... you will get greater results IF you VISUALIZE the outcome of your prayer request. SEE the results that you prefer taking place before your eyes.

SEE the details of your requested outcome, your goal, AS IF ... YOU WERE ALREADY THERE!

Prepare yourself by ASKING to remain in the state of LOVE and APPRECIATION. 

If you are asking for healing of you or loved one ... SEE yourself or that loved one HEALED and WHOLE.

If you are requesting material things for yourself or others like food, clothing, shelter ... SEE those material items, materialize FIRST, in your mind's eye.

If you are praying for global peace or prosperity ... FOCUS UPON SEEING those on your own movie screen, your mind ... FIRST.

And THAT, my friends, is HOW the ancient spiritual teachers made what we modern time humans call 'miracles' ... happen. 

KNOW that your Higher Being is the FIRST to get the 'memo' ... the FIRST to get your prayer request ... and immediately, it is so with that portion of you that is God.

Translating that prayer request TO the physical side is not as difficult as it first appears. Yes, it takes practice and patience to learn but the Law of FREE WILL activates YOUR INTENTIONS and prayers if aligned with your Higher Self from the get-go.

Meditation holds the key ... it is YOUR COMMUNICATION WITH your Higher Being/God.

~Rev.Holly Greene White

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