The Law of Attraction
And you would be correct.

But why would Jesus tell us something like that during His walk on earth?  Why would this type of thinking even come into play during the times of much dischord and much discontent? Those were times with enormous turmoil and strife.

Why, then, would Jesus instruct His students to "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you?"

Because He understood one of God's Laws ... which is a Universal Law.

Jesus understood how the Universe works ... and He was not just teaching these laws to gain recogition as a nice guy or to establish, yet, another religion. (He was, basically, "outside" any of the traditonal religions of the time ... He was on the fringe. He was a rebel. He was a teacher of spritual concepts and Laws ... which were actually, UNIVERSAL LAWS. HE DID NOT PROMOTE THE DOGMA of the CHURCH!!!)

                     JESUS WAS A MYSTIC!

AND ....... (hold on to your hats, here...) :

What Jesus was promoting was that WE are ALL SONS and DAUGHTERS of GOD!

And all that HE did ... WE could do also ... if (and this is the only hard part of it all ...) we would open our minds and hearts to actually HEAR what HE had to tell us!

"For those who have eyes, see ... for those who have ears, hear."

And what Jesus wanted us to see and hear was
the understanding of the Universal Laws because He so wisely knew (due to His awareness of the Life Source, that which we call GOD) that if we were first, exposed to, and then understood and then practiced these Universal Laws ... we could, then, USE THEM to our benefit while on the physical earth plane ...

There is a way out, a solution, to every situation that we find ourselves ... IF WE,  first WANT a solution (whole 'nother story) and then, if we USE UNIVERSAL WISDOM ... the Universal Laws ... to gain a higher understanding of our situation that will eventually lead us to our more desired situation.

             WHAT, WHAT?  WHY, WHY?????

In His wisdom, Jesus knew that if we would "do unto others ..." that WE, in turn, would, then, HAVE to personally PROSPER in BODY, MIND and SPIRIT.

WHY? Because it is LAW. It is a Universal Law, that when applied ... either applied by a conscious effort on the part of the individual OR by default, so to speak ... it will come to pass.

The Universe is like a MIRROR ... that which we put out, comes back to us ... the Universe REFLECTS our thoughts, words and deeds back to us. I will repeat this:

        THE UNIVERSE IS A                MIRROR and REFLECTS            BACK UPON US EVERY                THOUGHT, WORD
                and DEED!

In order to start consciously "rolling the ball", one needs to smile at this cosmic mirror and the mirror will reflect that smile back unto you.

In other words, you cannot WAIT for the Universe to smile at you first. It won't happen.

YOU must start your own ball rollin' by smiling at the Universe FIRST ... and Jesus was familiar with this law from the get-go. Jesus (and many, many other spiritual teachers!) came to earth to help His fellow brothers understand these universal principles in order that we may understand why we get what we get and arm us with the tools to change anything that we were not in harmony or alignment with.

Jesus, like so many others, did NOT come to the earth plane to establish another religion. Nor did Jesus want to set Himself up as an icon of sorts, that we mere mortals found it impossible to follow in His footsteps. Jesus is our brother, from the very same Source as us. The difference is, that He came forth into the physical realm with the deliberate intention (His Mission) of teaching the Universal Laws to His brothers and sisters who were in the physical so that we might have a more abundant (in body, mind and spirit) life while here on earth.

Jesus came to the earth plane to help us live these physical lives while first,understanding the rules of engagement.

                          This was His Mission.

Jesus could no longer be a mere on-looker when it came to man-kind. He could not just stand back and allow mankind to suffer as they did (and still do) without re-introducing the impersonal Laws that brought about man's getting what he gets while in the physical.

Jesus was (and still is) a very active Master Teacher who knows that most of mankind has forgotten and abandoned the very basic laws that they intended to come here to personally perfect. He is, again, through various avenues, imparting these laws to those on earth who have the eyes to see and the ears to hear.

The LAW OF ATTRACTION is one of those laws.

                           (continued next column)
When we worship God exclusively in what we deem as religious ceremonies, once or twice a week, we are actually distorting the original teachings of our God, imparted to mankind.

We are meant to  JOYFULLY LIVE every second in the world that God created for us. THAT is how we worship GOD. When we are in that joyful, loving, appreciative state ... that is when we are in harmony with our God ... and THAT is when we are worshipping Him ... and even more ... that is when we get more of that joy, that well-being that is our birth right reflected back upon us!!!

It is difficult, for many, though, to feel the joy and the satisfaction of this lifetime because it appears that they are not getting a lifetime worth of joy. There is much suffering on this earth today.

Would it not be to your benefit to learn the ancient secrets and then apply them to your own modern lifetime?

God is the creator of our Universe and with that, He is also the creator of the Universal Laws. He knows that although these laws are impersonal laws, He created these laws out of love for His children, who are ALL a part of Him/Her.

God also understands that it was in the nature of humans to personify that which we call God. God's universal laws have been ignored and replaced by worship of that which we call God.

I am not saying that God does not exist ... far from it ... I will repeat and shout it on high, "Our God is an awesome God ..."
but He is not what you think ... He is not a being that has human qualities, like an ego that needs stroked through the worship of Him. He is in no need whatsoever, to be worshipped by humans or any other being. God is not a respecter of man, but of the spirit that dwells within each of us.

God is just that, an awesome God who is devoid of ego, which is a very big part of the human psyche.

God does not want us to idolize Him or any other being past or present in the way that our current religions have demanded.

God knows that when the individual spirit is empowered with the understanding of the Universal Principles, then, that individual will expand his own consciousness which will ultimately add unto the consciousness of All THAT IS ... or God. We have a very symbionic relationship with God. He wants us to experience all facets of life because when we expand our own awareness ... so does All That Is ... or God ...

The beginning of that expanded aware-ness for the Human Species is the understanding of one the Universal Principles which is called many things, but "WE" are calling it the Law of Attraction ... some call it "Karma", some call it the Law of Cause and Effect".

This is an extremely important Law of the Universe ... "That which is like unto itself is drawn."

Again, the Universe is a MIRROR ... (I am repeating quite often on this website, as I am a Hypnotherapist, and know the value of the repetition of valuable suggestions !) and it would behoove us to visualize that mirror-thingy in our minds so that we can apply that as we go about our daily lives.

Before we think, speak or act, we need to pause for just a moment and quickly ask ourselves if WE would want whatever in our own lives ... because ...

           It is ALL DONE UNTO SELF!!!

We are the creator of our own reality, good and bad ... health and dis-ease,  ALL OF IT!!! Everything that we think, say or do repeatedly ... will ultimately be a part of our very own lives ... even when we THINK it to be "aimed" at another.

We create by thinking and then acting upon what we are thinking either consciously or by default.

WE GET WHAT WE GET because we have gained the momentum of our thoughts through repeatedly adding like thoughts to the original thought ... and eventually the physical manifestation occurs.

At that point, we wonder ... "Why did we get what we get?" And, if it is not to our liking, we begin the "BLAME GAME". We blame situations  and others for what has materialized in our own lives when we need to take personal responsibility!
(Ha, been there, done that ... even with the understanding of the laws!)

There are NO VICTIMS. We get what we get ... each and every time because we have first entertained it as a thought. And when we continue with that very same thought and accompany that thought with emotion ... and then, allow more and more and more similar thoughts to add to the momentum of that original thought ... well, then,  manifestation is not far away.

This is why our religions rarely serve us. Our religions come from a fear-based perspective ... which serves religion and religion only. It keeps us coming back. It justifies the church's existence if fear is taught and instead of the universal laws.

Although there are many religions that skirt around the universal laws, there are few that teach them in their entirety.

We are not taught in our religions that God is an impersonal "Being" who has created the Universe and the Laws of the Universe ... and that those laws are also impersonal. Those laws are laws in place, much like the earthly laws of gravity and time and space as we know them here, on earth. (but specifically 'earth laws', not Universal Laws!)

Would anyone have the audacity to blame gravity, say, for an incident that turned out negatively in their life? They might sayfor instance, I fell out of the tree because of gravity ... but would anyone ever go forward as to actually blame gravity and not take the personal responsibility for falling our of the tree in the first place?

God's Laws are also like this ... they are what they are ... pure and simple and impersonal.

They are what they are and we are not judged ultimately by God or anyone ... we do it all unto self ... even down to the very last life review (our religions call it 'judgement') of each life time.

We are taught that we should "fear God" ... and that is what is instilled in us from day one in almost all of the traditional religions, when in fact, our universe was created out of love and well-being to give us a very nurturing class room of spiritual study. (afterall, we are all spirits!!)

It was also created with a very wise and all encompassing set of rules for us to follow. That which we call God is infinite in His wisdom ... and He knew that with these rules, or universal principles, we, as spirits, could go about our spiritual experiencing (some call it learning our lessons) anywhere in the Universe and the same rules would apply.

Yes, the (many) Bibles have attempted to teach us of these rules ... but most times, the interpretation of these great books have been distorted because of the perspective of those who are doing the interpreting. Those who are doing the interpreting are those who must perpetuate the fear-based (again, versus love-based) perspective so that their own existence as well as the church's existence is justified and that both continue to flourish.

Of course, there are many religious leaders who do not understand the existence of the Universal Laws ... they are teaching from the fear-based approach in innocence.  "They know not what they do", to quote a very appropriate phrase ... And that is OK, because there are still many souls who are not yet ready to hear of the love-based beliefs which do not perpetuate a particular religion nor advocate membership to an exclusive "club" of beliefs.

       We are many, but we are one.

I do know this ...

if YOU have been attracted to visit this web site and to read these words, you are one of the souls who ARE ready to learn about the Universal Laws ... as your spirit guided you here ... you are implementing one of the most wonderful universal principles ... the Law of Attraction ...

Come back and visit often ...
                                                               ~ Holly ~

Our spiritual growth begins as just a lttle spark ... and expands into a raging fire. It is not easy to remain silent and keep the fire contained. It must be shared. It must be passed on to others.
                                                                                   ~ Holly ~
       "That which is like unto itself is drawn."

      That, is what the Law of Attraction states.
For those of my readers who have been recently attracted to this web site, let me go into even more of a detailed explanation of what the Law of Attraction really teaches.

This web site "WE" teaches spiritual concepts ... but keep in mind that "WE" is nondenominational and not affiliated with any particular religion. "WE" draws from all of the great religions as well as some of the lesser ones. These religions are NOT the ONLY SOURCE of the wisdom that is passed on, here, on this web site. Information is gathered from many more sources than the traditional thoughts that have become main stream. This web site has access to Inifnite Intelligence ... and you can access All That IS, too!

The concepts relayed on this web site are not to recruit anyone to any particular faith. Nor is this thought stimulation wanting to create a new religion ... quite the contrary. There are more than enough religions in this world.

It is the belief of "WE" that spirituality, not religious dogma, is the way of the future. Religions are divisive ... while spiritual concepts unite.

                We are many ... but we are one.

There are still many people who unnecessarily die upon our planet even during these modern times due to religious beliefs ... so, "WE" most definitely is NOT advocating or promoting any particular religion!

"WE" is giving YOU, the individual, the tools to EMPOWER yourself! With the wisdom taught on this web site, YOU will be able to decide and obtain what is the very best in your life situation ...
and, most importantly, YOU will be able to CHANGE anything about your current situation that is not pleasing you.

The teachings on this website are to stimulate your very OWN thoughts so YOU can be the CREATOR
of your OWN REALITY!!!

Most of us remember the words, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

It is actually a paraphrase for, " Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them." (Mathew 7:12)

These concepts are not mere words ... spoken by one of the great spiritual teachers of the history of the world ... this is a concept to live by.

        Sure, you say ... it is the "Golden Rule". 
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