Karmic Relationships
Karma ... Who-Do Voo-Doo?
                                Karma implies reincarnation ...

What the heck IS Karma, anyway? Ever since the hippies bantered the word about in the sixties the main stream thinking in our Western Society was that of invalidation or "who-do-voo-doo". Most just chalked up the concept of Karma to a dazed and confused counter culture due to sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll being at the heart of the hippie mind set. 

Certainly the hippies did not have an insight to such spiritual concepts in Western society ... surely the make love not war crowd didn't get a glimpse of anything that the previous generation hadn't known already!  So ... Karma was ignored and not openly taught.

The dubious hippies made their mark in history, alright, but never got their due with the generation that was still immersed in the horrific memories of World War II. (or "WWII" as my Dad had the right to call it)  And rightfully so!

With the onset of the United States' involvement in Viet Nam during this time, the so-called Peace Movement was a source of political irritation. Because it was conceived in the minds of the perceived drug-infested ones of society, the movement merely added salt to the already gaping wounds of the politically in-charge generation at that time. So, why would anyone who made any sense of things at all give stage to the concepts of the long-haired draft dodgers? (as they were referred to in the day)

Hey! But wait just a minute! That was MY generation that had to listen to all of the negative comments and endure all of the disrespect and invalidation from the Greatest Generation! At that time, there was a HUGE divide beteen the ideology of each generation. Therefore, the Boomers lived by the philosophy to "not trust anyone over thirty." THAT in itself was certainly a reflection of the Boomers wanting to make changes and take charge of their own future while invalidating what our parent's generation had accomplished. It was not until later that there was a compromise. 
                         What a FINE how-do-ya-do ?!!!

This caused a stalemate of sorts between the Greatest Generation and the Boomers ... little did we know that all of this perceived  (positive or negative) interaction, this give and take between the two generations, was by Divine Design and would set the stage for a very powerful shift in consciousness for the new millennium.

Presently, my generation, the BOOMERS, give our aging if not deceased, parents our love, sincere forgiveness, understanding, devotion and appreciation for the background that they provided for all of the new discoveries and accomplishments that we have made both personally and globally in our lifetime ! 

Due to the wars that our parents fought, the mistakes that they made, the laws that they passed and the social and family matters that succeeded and failed, the Boomers are who they are because of or in spite of our parents ... it goes without saying that this is how it has been all throughout time. The previous generation always sets the stage for the evolution of the next. Each generation builds upon the previous one.

This is the direct result of the Law of Karma and resulting in Karmic relationships. We choose our parents, most times our siblings (or not) our earthly bodies to house our spirit and most of  the details of our birth, such as date, name and time while in the spirit world ... or Heaven as it is known. 

Our choosing all of these details results in more opportunities that will assist in our spiritual evolution. Karma helps us with that growth. Each time that we are given an opportunity to settle (or not) a Karmic situation ... it puts more notches on our gunbelt, so to speak.  It always aligns us with that spiral of growth that all of us are seeking.

Again, we are all growth-seeking beings or we would NOT be in the physical. We would NOT have chosen to reincarnate upon the earth plane and we would NOT have chosen to burden ourselves (our spirits) with the daunting task of learning how to manipulate energy in this dense, dense material world in the vehicles that we call bodies.

We are all  absolutely amazing in that we have come to earth because we knew (and still do at a soul level) the benefits of not only adding to the growth & evolution of our individual spirits ... but we also knew that just by our coming to earth  housed in physical bodies & living life's experiences, we would also contribute to the growth & evolution to  All That Is ... Our God. We are important beings out here on the cutting edge. 
Each one of us knew that each lifetime upon the earth was also contributing the greatest value to the greater good.  Each lifetime was an opportunity to be both student & teacher ... & we also knew that we could not possibly get it WRONG or ever get it DONE. We knew that life is eternal & forever seeking growth.
So, again, what the heck is ...Karma? 
Karma is one of the Universal (some call it God's Laws) Laws. Most spiritual teachers say that it is simply "cause and effect". We are not to perceive the  meaning of the label Karma as bad or good ... but view it as "it is what it is"... meaning, it is a spiritual law that is for our spirit's evolution, expansion or growth and not to be perceived as good or bad in and of itself.  Karma comes into play whether we believe in it or not. Karma is in effect by our intention or by default.

                                    KARMA HAPPENS !   :) 

Because of Karma, there is a consequence (a result) with every thing that we think, say or do ... sometimes, the result is considered appropriate and other times not so appropriate, but the word Karma, itself  is not perceived as good or bad ... referring only to the results. Karma is the result of the choices that we make ... again, neither good nor bad.

In the documentation of Jesus' teachings in the Bible the word Karma was all but stated in His words that "As you sow so shall you reap". He clearly is referring to what many cultures call Karma. The Law of Karma is also at the heart of the 'Golden Rule', that "In everything, do to others as you would have them do to you." (Matthew: 7 )

Jesus wanted to teach us about the Law of Karma (Cause and Effect) because He knew that the Law of Karma was so very binding in the eyes of God or "All That Is". Jesus also knew that because  of our agreement prior to coming back to earth (while in the spirit realm) we most likely FORGOT about this crazy little law called Karma. It is time to remember.

Being the Beloved Brother in Spirit as He was, Jesus was compelled to come to the earth plane to remind us humans and give us a sort of "heads up" on this law. Jesus appealed to all of us to understand that our thoughts, words and deeds all offered consequences to us as individuals as well as to the entire human race, no matter what the laws of man at the time happened to be.  Jesus wanted us to understand the Law of Karma at the level of our heart, mind and soul.

Since all is energy, we can then, say that Karma is nothing more than "energy that needs balanced".  It is what it is and has been collected over many lifetimes. "What comes around goes around."  "Like begets like."  No one, absolutely no one can escape the Law of Karma !

All that we think, say and do is "recorded" or embedded on our soul's path of  spiritual evolution. Karma is not an angry law or designed to punish. 

Again, it is what it is ... It  all will be added to the evolution of our spirit ... and every bit of it will affect our current and future lives,
whether you believe in reincarnation or not. It just makes it easier if you DO, at least understand the concept, so you are not wandering haplessly and aimlessly while you are in this physical body. 

Since Karma is cause and effect ... wouldn't it be to each of our advantage to begin to settle our Karma during this lifetime? Even if you are not a believer that our spirit re-cycles and that we have lived on earth before and will again if we choose ... wouldn't it be to our benefit to live this (current) life as if  we did have some control over what "happens" to us? "Do unto others ..." We do create our own reality!

Oh, sure ... the majority of us have Karma to "settle" when we first walk upon this earth or there would be not much NEED to return to this physical realm.  BUT ... if we are cognizant (awake & aware) of this law, maybe just maybe, we can spend the rest of our lives with the purposeful intent of settling our Karma while here in this lifetime ... as well as not creating even more Karma to settle nowin 'Heaven' or in future incarnations here upon the earth plane. Let's revisit our hippie days ... and extract the mantras of love and peace once again as we explore the concept of Karma and its role in each of our lives. Do we want to settle the Karma from our past lives or do we want to continue with the old established patterns that have proven not to serve us?  

And then if we knew that we had the choice, would we choose to make even more Karma ? Well, now you know ... we DO have the choice ... and it's all yours! What's it gonna be?  

                                                            Article @1977
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Karmic Relationships

People come into your life ... for a reason, a season or a lifetime ... all are not with you for the same reasons.
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In Mathew, while delivering the Sermon of the mount Jesus tells us of the Karmic Law (without calling it "Karma") by stating , "With the judgement that you make you will be judged and the measure that you give will be the measure that you get."

Jesus then goes right to what we call the Golden Rule and says, "In everything do to others as you would have them do unto you; for this is the law of the prophets." His entire sermon pertains to teaching the crowd the consequences (or effect) that every thought, feeling, word and action has on self and each other

Jesus spoke to that crowd in a time that only the basics could be understood as it was a time for basic survival in this physical world. So the basic Universal Laws (God's Laws) were relayed by Jesus in a basic manner and basic language to the people of that time because, although their souls yearned for spiritual understanding, they could only assimilate BASIC concepts ...

                                                                          All Part of God's Plan !

It was only fair that the spirits inhabiting the physical earth plane were exposed to the Universal Laws because these spirits, in physical vehicles called bodies, had to understand why they were "getting" (all of the suffering and hardships) what they were getting! Jesus' heart ached to witness such a crisis on earth just because the souls, here, had FORGOTTEN the Universal Laws. So He made it His mission to teach these laws to the souls of earth to help them remember the true selves and their Source.

Jesus, like all of the other spiritual teachers, incarnated to bring his Father's, (OUR Father's), Laws back to the people. If we understood the Universal Laws then, human suffering could be minimized while inhabiting the earthly classroom. We are here to learn through our earthly experiences. We are not here to earn our way back to the non-physical ... we will get there at the 'end' of each physical life whether we are deemed good or bad by man. It is merely human nature to WANT to EXPERIENCE while in the physical. This is the basis for the evolution of the human species.

God (or SOURCE ENERGY) did not and does not intend that man suffer unnecessarily. Source has given man free will and will not interfere with man's choices. However, over time ... the Universal Laws (which include Free Will) had been forgotten. All of the laws that were understood to be truths in the spirit realm (some call this Heaven) had not been brought forth into this physical existence that we call earth. We have forgotten.  

Jesus saw the need to come forth into the physical from the spirit realm to bring with Him the teachings and truths of the universe. Jesus was one of God's messengers ... our Savior in the sense, that his teachings of God's Laws, the Universal Laws, would enlighten us and therefore, SAVE US from the suffering that  was witnessed on earth at that time ... as well as future times. The knowledge of the TOOLS used to assist in creating healthy and happy lives were and still are necessary.

Each time Jesus relayed information to the masses, He had to customize the sermon to the crowd, much like the politicians of modern times do for every different town on their campaign stump. Well, Jesus was no different ... He had to speak in parables, in stories, in symbols, in a narrative that each community at the time could comprehend based on their BELIEF systems as well as their language.

Let me explain, briefly, what a BELIEF actually is ... it is ANY THOUGHT that is thought over and over in one's mind until that particular thought becomes embedded in the individual's perspective of what is TRUTH for him. (not the masses, but for the individual) Communities, like families, tend to believe similarly. That is really no surprise, is it? Like minded people (souls) tend to travel together ... it is evident in every area of our lives. It's fun to observe this and make note of it at every opportunity.

Belief does not necessarily pertain purely to faith or religious ideology. A belief is what is truth in our individual reality ... for example: (this is a wild example! ... :)) 

If one would begin the thought that bananas could cause his not seeing yellow school buses on the highways ... and he kept thinking it over and over again and conditioning his mind (self or guided hypnosis) to think that if he ate bananas he would not see or acknowledge yellow school buses on the highways, he would eventually quit eating bananas  because his BELIEF would not permit him to do so. That belief would harbor fear that the individual would not see a yellow school bus on the highway and possibly cause injury or death to innocent school children. The BELIEF that eating bananas would cause this ... would, then, govern the individual's actions in this area and limit or even eliminate his experience of eating bananas ! 

Most times, one's beliefs restrict an individual from advancing or evolving in a particular lifetime as quickly as intended. This is the reason most of us choose to reincarnate again and again ... because with each incarnation,  some of what we intended to gain in spiritual understanding is not achieved or we just fall short so we choose to repeat ...  just to keep up with the spiritual commitments with ourselves and others. But keeping an open mind to add unto (not abandon) our current beliefs can benefit us greatly in every lifetime.

                           So ... like with all things, to begin with,  Beliefs are Thoughts !!! 

When Jesus was alone with His Disciples (His followers, students, pupils) He could speak more freely as the understanding was there among them. All of the Universal Laws were a given ... all of the beliefs were in place and there was no need for rehashing what the laws were or what they meant. Jesus and His Disciples were, for the most part, on the same page with thoughts and beliefs.

In Jesus' inner circle, it was noted that the job at hand was to arm the people of the day with information to add unto their current belief system so that with those beliefs, they could be delivered from unnecessary anguish, suffering & oppression.

Since most people in the time of Jesus, accepted reincarnation as a given, a belief, a truth ... it would benefit and serve them greatly to also take into their belief system the Law of Karma. That way, people would understand their lot in life more clearly and not perpetuate the suffering due to ignorance of this law. Karma happens whether by intent or default.

It is not different today in that respect. The Law of Karma still exists whether we have forgotten it or just choose to not acknowledge it. 

What IS different during these times of instant communication is that we have immediate access to information. There is absolutely no excuse to remain ignorant on a particular topic if we are guided to it. Spiritually speaking, if we are shown the truths but refuse to take them into our hearts as truths due to our free will, we are still responsible for our thought, word and actions and cannot claim being a victim under any circumstance. We cannot blame God ... only ourselves once we have been exposed to the Universal Laws. We are no longer ignorant. We are responsible for manifesting what we want in our lives and Karma and how we respond to our Karmic contracts has absolutely most everything to do with what happens to us on earth.

Our intention of coming forth into the physical (birth) at this time is so that we can fully understand and remember the Universal Laws. When we understand the Law of Karma, for example, we can observe our lives without judgement for self or others, and then execute forgiveness which promotes healing. Healing is something that each one of us needs. If we do not heal,we will create even more unbalanced energy or  Karma, within our physical and emotional selves. 

Karmic Relationships are most proprietary. Every human relationship affects us in the here and now because relationships are, basically, the exchange of energy. Relationships are also brought forth from past lives ... as we have sacred contracts with other souls that we reincarnate with each lifetime. Those souls have huge roles to play in our lives and we in theirs to give each the opportunities to balance energies from our past lifetimes.

Although Karma IS part of the whole scheme of things ... we ARE the creators of our reality, as I have said either by deliberate intent or by default. That means, that we CAN deliberately create from our here and NOW. If we believe/understand that we can change our reality by changing our CURRENT thoughts ... by living each moment in the NOW ... it will pave our way to a more improved way of life. Each of us has the ability to shift our perspective (our thoughts) in every moment to TRAIN ourselves into thinking only positive thoughts that benefit and uplife our situation in life ... no matter  how bleak it seems at the time. When you shift your thoughts from 'what is' ... and turn them toward what you really desire (an improved experience) in time, you must EXPIERIENCE the improved perspective ... it is law.

                                 Much like the earthly law of gravity, Karma supports us.  

Understanding this fact can be a major breakthrough for many of us. With each life, yes, we have free will, and ... with each life, we have the residue of old Karmic stuff ... that unbalanced energy, which includes relationships with others as well as places, things and events. 

 If you can understand that Karma provides the initial point of attraction from which we conduct our lives, you can, then ... be more deliberate in your thoughts to shift that point of attraction and make the Law of Karma work for you ... BY thinking first in only positive terms of how you 'see' your current life and appreciating all of your current life's blessings. Release all resistance to the seemingly negative areas of your life and concentrate ONLY on the areas that you are appreciative of and want to see more of appear in your life. With the help of the Law of Attraction, eventually ... (and remember you cannot jump from feeling horrendous to feeling amazing overnight) ... you will FEEL the improvement. Life is all about FEELING your way to an improved situation, about realizing that you are in your natural state when you feel happy most, if not all of the time ... and then, doing what you need to do to feel happy. (I suggest Hypnotherapy first and then learning to meditate)

                                                                'Happy' is your birthright!

I will tell you, though, from personal experience, even when you know and understand Karma and Karmic Relationships, it is most difficult to consciously relate it to your own personal Karma as you encounter some of the more challenging events or relationships in your lifetime. Rest assured that it all happens for a reason and that reason is for the growth of your consciousness. Each and every one of us has come to this physical plane by choice ... and that choice is due to the nature of our spirit; 

                                                            We are growth-seeking beings!

                                                       Love & Light, Rev. Holly Greene White

                                                                           Article  @1977