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Are YOU ready to become EMPOWERED?
Are YOU ready to take back YOUR LIFE?
Are YOU ready to be relieved of YOUR PAIN?

If you answered 'YES' to any of these questions then YOU are invited to attend a course in 2012 that will assist YOU on YOUR path toward healing and health. 


                                 Twelve Months/Twelve Classes
                                  to TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE

          YOUR Backstage Pass

Ordained Interfaith Minister, Natural Healer, Intuitive Artist,
International Spiritual Teacher and Counselor, Hypnotherapist, Past Life Regressionist, Creator and Web Master of the
                         SOULS-R-WE Website
            The Reverend Holly Greene White, CHt.

Will be honored to take you on the Magical Mystery Tour so that you can learn how to gain relief from your dis-ease, enhance your life and even, possibly, alleviate your symptoms all together!

This information is not new. This information is not a secret. This information has been handed down for many years, some even from ancient times. This information is tried and true ... tested and proven ... researched and quantified.

            AND IT CAN BE YOURS ...

You have nothing to lose and only an enriched life to gain!


         OH! And Did I mention?
             ... It's all FREE !

     Sound Too Good to be True?
                      (Well, there is a catch ... )

In order for you to benefit from this course that is being offered to you free of charge, you MUST be willing to attend each and every class with an open heart, an open mind and religiously COMMIT to the time each and every month as well as complete your 'homework' assignments.

Trust is also a must in this course.

Each and every class will be of the most import and will build upon the information received by the previous class. If you fulfill your end of this agreement, it will be guaranteed that by the end of the year... your condition as well as your life will see improvement !

December 2012 ... will be your 'graduation'!

There are no  conventional tests accompanying this course ... it is NOT 'pass/fail' but purely graded upon what YOU want to collect by putting forth your best effort to gain as much information possible for YOU! YOU call the shots ... YOU grade your 'tests'. YOU IMPROVE YOUR LIFE with this information!

All materials necessary for this course will also be provided and FREE to you ...  no shopping necessary, just attend.

This is an opportunity of a Lifetime!

You are also invited, over the next couple months, to visit the Souls-r-We website and get an overview of the philosophy that will fuel this (above) course; The Magical, Mystery Tour.

I can assure you that I am not soliciting future business, a public office, a position or title in industry or commerce nor am I recruiting membership or affiliation with any particular group or religion.

I AM, however, continuing to fulfill the personal commitment that I made, many years ago; to work toward sharing the information that has come my way over the past half century to assist in improving and enhancing the lives of others.

My BELIEF is ... that when we unselfishly give to others without motive or agenda ... it comes back to us and our very own lives are enhanced because of it! (so, maybe my motive IS selfish!)

There is much love and light, here, for your asking ...
Hope to SEE YOU IN JANUARY 2012!

Rev. Holly Greene White

Dr. Deepak Chopra
Louise Hay
Dr. Brian Weiss
Gregg Braden
Dr. Gary Schwartz
Spiritual Master Teachers
Albert Einstein
The Tibetan Monks       
Ezra Cornell
Dr. Masuru Emoto
Dr. Wayne Dyer
Esther & Jerry Hicks "Abraham"
Eckhart Tolle
John Holland
Joseph Campbell
Candace Pert Ph.D.
Steven Halpern
Marianne Williamson
Dr. Bruce Lipton
Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith
Michael Newton Ph.D.
Dr. Nick Martin
Rev. Dr. Linda Martin
Rev. Patricia Price
                                              THOUGHT EXCHANGE:
Please check out the TEAM MEMBERS that surround this announcement.
This course, to be presented to you ...  in the year 2012 ... is a culmination of the thoughts of these teachers distilled into a 12 part course.
                             What Can You Expect from this Course?
Neale Donald Walsch
Gerry & Barbara Hand Clow
Tau Malachi Eben Ha-Elijah
Joan Z. Borysenko Ph.D.
Christiane Northup, M.D.
Cheryl Richardson
Robert Schwartz
William Stillman
Rev. Carol Obley
John Edward
James Van Praagh
Dr. Elaine Pagels
Ram Das
Sankara Saranam
Toni Robbins
The Dalai Lama
                                  What You Can Expect from this Course

We have made amazing strides in the Mind-Body Sciences to understand that for each and every 'sign or symptom' within our physical  body there is a thought pattern that precedes and maintains it. When we harbor a belief ... and consistently think about it, it becomes a thought pattern and creates our experiences in life. Yes, we DO create our own reality ... and the vehicle is our thoughts.

Therefore ... just by tweaking our thoughts, those thinking patterns, we can change our experiences in our life. We can heal any and all areas of our lives.

That reminds me ... although the medical community will not  take too kindly to your participation in this amazing journey I, personally, do not dispense medical advice or prescribe the use of  any technique or form of treatment for physical or medical problems without your first seeking the advice of  a physician either directly or indirectly. My intention is to offer information of a general nature to help you in your quest for emotional and spiritual well-being. In the event that you solely use the information that I will be offering you or replace what you have been advised by your physician, it is your constitutional right and I will assume no responsibility for your actions.

Both the good events in our lives and the dis-eases (opposite of ease in our bodies) are the results of holding on to  beliefs that no longer 'serve' us. When we become balanced in all areas of our lives in body, mind and spirit ... the dis-ease, whether in body mind or spirit, can no longer be a part of our life.

During the next year, once a month, we will discover the many tools that are now available to the general public that will aid in the relief of the individual physical symptoms of your diagnosed dis-ease.

Each month you will be given a concept, building upon the previous month's lesson, to personally assimilate and then practice daily until the next class. This will be your assignment.

So, yes, there will be 'homework' but there are no tests and the homework is PURELY for YOU to work with and experience first-hand the information that will be given to you in class.

You will begin to understand the methods to permanently eliminate a condition by first dissolving the mental cause. These tools/methods can be used in every area of your life. For example ... if you are having trouble quitting smoking or losing weight or managing money or keeping relationships ... you will find that after this course ... all areas of your life will be more rewarding.


and by the end of this course ... you will accept ONLY those beliefs that serve and support YOU!

I am really looking forward to witnessing the before and after YOU ... I am committed to this course because I have been charged with giving this information to as many people who are attracted to this information during this lifetime. I am fulfilling my life purpose by assisting you ... in yours.

Love and Light,
Rev. Holly Greene White

                                                                           Course Requirements

* No previous study requirements ... you will 'absorb' exactly what you need  at a soul level

* You must have access to a CD player for daily use the entire year

* All of your 'supplies' will be provided (paper, textbooks, notebooks, pens, CD's etc.)

* Regular Attendance

* Attentive, Pleasant and Receptive Attitude toward the subject material

After each class, it is my intention (please allow me time constraints) to post that which we have discussed  in that class.

You may check back HERE to refresh your memory of  a class or check on an assignment, also, if you were absent from class.

CD's are handed out in each class for the next class, so it is your responsibility to pick those up or get a copy from another student. (You have my permission to copy them)

There will be continuous feed, HERE, on this page about your classes to date.                ~Rev. Holly~
Class ONE was held at the King's Restaurant on 6th Avenue in Altoona, Pennsylvania on Wednesday February 29, 2012 from 6:00-8:00pm.

This class was an introduction to some concepts and of course, a 'meet and greet' for class members and instructor. Informality was stressed and all assimilation of the subject material, either during class or assignments in-between classes, was to be taken in without stress.

Stress free and ease-y ... is the mantra for this year long course in health and wellness.

Notebooks were handed out ... to be used throughout this course and expanded with each class. Class ONE CD's were also distributed. CD ONE includes a recorded introduction from the instructor of what to expect from this course fashioned from an Abraham-Hicks recording format. The second track is that of a wellness meditation sampler also from the Abraham-Hicks format.

Both Tracks are to be faithfully listened to (preferably with headphones) each and every day to establish a pattern of subconscious informa-tion acceptance.

This will be the format for ALL CD's distributed in each class. It will NOT be necesary to listen to the previous CD's in addition to the current CD's. Only the current month's (Class) CD's will be part of the assignment. You may CHOOSE to listen to all of the CD's and build from that collection each month, but it is NOT a course requirement.

The instructor called attention to some of the many authors, scientists, researchers, philosophers, teachers, doctors and metaphysical ministers that have 'contributed' to this course of health and wellness. It was suggested to continue to read and study other resources. There are countless resources ... and EACH of his/her works is worth studying. (Please see above collection)

The class members were asked to sign and date the release form for this class to ensure that the class members' physicians knew that they were choosing to participate in this alternative study in health and wellness.

The class format was also discussed and documentation of same was included in the textbook/notebook.

The instructor read from some notes to elaborate about how this course, The Magical Mystery Tour ... Your Back Stage Pass,  will change lives ... because this course shifts the perspective OF life  for the individual. The phrase;


will be heard from time and time again during classes and while listening to the assignment CD's in-between classes. THIS realization is the underlying theme that will be the catalyst  in changing lives and shifting the perspective of the individual to that of deliberate creation and empowerment.

This course is systematically offered in a vibration that is conducive to the reception and acceptance of the subconscious mind. The individual mind will gravitate toward and accept the 'sounds true' points for him/her ... and reject that which is uncomfortable to receive at the present time. It is a fail-safe method for the individual. All subject matter will be filtered through each class member's individual belief system.

Some of the pages to this class entry of the note book included: a Conscious/Sub-Conscious Mind chart, lyrics to Barry Manilow's "I Write the Songs" (interfacing with the theme), and a page that quotes Albert Einstein and his take on matter and energy. This particular page ALSO includes a 'background' to provide evidence to the student that he, indeed emits his own energy field. (An evidentiary experiment was conducted and all students witnessed his/her own energy.)

A page on "Affirmations" was also discussed. The suggested use was to select an affirmation to be used about ten times in a particular day and then daily use in-between classes. It was the decision of each student if he/she wanted to rotate the affirmations or claim one for the entire month. The inner rhythm of the student will take precedent and it was concluded that the words 'Mantra' and 'Affirmation' can be used interchangeably.

The page of the Emotional Guidance System, presented in the form of Abraham-Hicks was only briefly discussed, but will be referred to throughout the course. Please be familiar with this page.

The actual script for the Class ONE CD was printed and included in the textbook/notebook for the class members to follow OR to just read in-between listening to the CD. The importance of regularly listening to the CD as an assignment was continually stressed. (Headphones, preferably, for optimum benefit)





We DID NOT GET TO ... the instructions for the written assignment to be gathered throughout the month and to be completed just prior to Class TWO.

At the very back of the first portion of notebook, there is a page entitled "WHO DO I THINK I AM?" MY STORY.

THAT page is to document the 'story' of the individual student up to and including the diagnosis of the student's dis-ease. (NOTE: the students of this particular class have received the diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. This class is an exception and often times throughout the duration of this course, information will be customized according to the offerings of the participants about this particular dis-ease and symptoms.)

This assignment is to stimulate the memories of the student prior to their diagnosis.

This assignment will have 'sketchy' instructions. It is, basically, to briefly document about how you FELT ... how you PERCEIVED your life and how you COPED with those feelings prior to your diagnosis. Document as the memories surface ... grammar, complete sentences, etc. are not an issue here ... merely your THOUGHTS while remembering specific times in your life.

Documentation may include memories of toddler, grade school, middle school, high school age and then young adult segments of your life. It may also include the description of relationships, events, trips ... anything that, as you focus upon a particular time in your life, becomes an urgency or pertinent to your documenting the occurrence. Allow the flow of thoughts ... do not judge what you write. If a thought surfaces, jot it down. Trust yourself to document what will be useful to this process. Do not question the significance just yet. Some of these memories may be humorous to you in hind-sight. It will be clearer to you after the second class.

Although, this is for YOUR reference ... you MAY want to share this assignment with the class ... either at the next gathering OR in future classes. It will be up to you.

Establishing how YOU 'felt' prior to your diagnosis will give you a point of reference in your story timeline. It will be a 'jumping off' place for you in this course.

You may use front and back of the paper provided or add sheets of paper to this assignment. (remember ... this is for YOU only UNLESS you CHOOSE to share some facts to the other students)

Again ... it was my pleasure to meet each of you! You are individual delights to me on this guided Magical Mystery Tour ... and I am thrilled to present to you, your complimentary Back Stage Pass!        ~Holly~
CLASS ONE:    The Magical Mystery Tour
Click -On Class to view the details of the assignment.
                  (Posted AFTER the Class Meets)

    Due to the duration of this course ... dates are subject to change
    Please check with the coordinator prior to these dates

Class One                     February 29, 2012

Class Two                   March 26, 2012 ( note change)

Class Three                 April 30, 2012

Class Four                   May 21, 2012

Class Five                    June 18, 2012

Class Six                      July 18, 2012

Class Seven                 August 20, 2012

Class Eight                 September 21, 2012

Class Nine                  October 21, 2012

Class Ten                    November 18, 2012

Class Eleven              Graduation TBA
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ASSIGN               MENTS
ASSIGN                      MENTS
CLASS TWO:    The Magical Mystery Tour
Class Two was held on Monday March 26th at the King's Restaurant on 6th Avenue in Altoona, Pennsylvania. 6:00 until 8:00 pm was the scheduled class time but it was a joyous occasion to have it spill into the next hour since there was much enthusiasm inspired by the subject matter. The students shared some of their experiences also, which assists in each of our growth toward the overall understanding of the presented material.

Class Two concentrated upon the understanding that we are MORE than our flesh, bone, blood body that we can see, hear or feel with one of our physical senses.

From this realization we can each move forward  to the mechanics of healing our own physical bodies as each of us is capable of doing so without an outside-of-ourselves intervention. THIS is the ultimate goal of this course; to arm the students with the TOOLS that are necessary to accomplish this very mission.

Once a (human) being understands that he is spirit merely inhabiting a physical body and THINKS as himself from the perspective of that spirit, instead of from the perspective of the physical ... he will, then, SHIFT his attention upon the true meaning and purpose of life, here, on planet earth.

Ultimately, he will THEN realize that he CAN, indeed ... create his life the way he sees fit and not settle for what he thinks is his 'lot in life' ... including the acceptance and then manifestation of DIS-ease in the body.

I would like to also add, that it was an honor to bring into to our already amazing group ... two more Seekers to the class. Look at how our lives have become enhanced?

"Whenever two or more of us is gathered in His name, there is LOVE."

When we make it a conscious effort to surround ourselves in love and BE that love ... the Universe/God responds likewise ... it is a Universal Law ... and cannot be broken neither by ignorance nor intent. We get what we give ...
Stepping off from the previous assignment, "Who Do You Think You are?" ... we are expounding upon this by listening FAITHFULLY each and every day to the CLASS TWO CD that was distributed.

The CLASS TWO CD served as a constant reminder of the concepts that were introduced in Class Two; We are MORE than that which we see, hear feel and touch ... we are MORE than our bodies!

On the CLASS TWO CD there is also a little excerpt from a Dr. Deepak Chopra meditation workshop to ease you into meditation and attempt to eliminate the confusion and worry about the actual implementation of Meditation as a tool to your spiritual development. (spiritual, in the sense that we are approaching your healing from the spiritual perspective ... not to be confused with RELIGIOUS development ... remember, this course is devised NOT to ask you to have faith in anything other than what serves YOU ... this course is NOT to recruit or persuade your religious indoctrination ... although, once you fully grasp the concepts taught in this course and have them become evident in your life, you will accept only that which works for you and will reject any doctrines of any kind that no longer do just that!)

Your assignment also includes your THINKING ONLY POSITIVE THOUGHTS EACH AND EVERY DAY UNTIL THE NEXT CLASS ... CLASS THREE to be held on Monday April 30th at 6:00.

Again, and unwavering ... my intention is to pass along the information that I have been charged with to do so ... in a loving and gentle fashion so that each of you can heal and then teach others the very same. Shine your light ... and the Universe will respond accordingly.  ~Holly

Class TWO Assignment