Owen is an international spiritual teacher who has presented his insights into the New Reality to hundreds of thousands of seekers. In 1963 at the age of just thirteen, he encountered his first spiritual awakening. The surprise of this mystical experience was such that his life became focused upon a continuous search for spiritual answers.
Almost forty years of study and research followed, along with the development  of his inner vision. By the year 2002, like many of the spiritual teachers who are coming forward to help with today's shift in consciousness, his realizations began to unfold rapidly.

            Today, as Editor and cofounder of Infinite Being Publishing LLC, he promotes a philosophy of spiritual empowerment through inner connection to the source of ultimate human potential.

            People say that his material on the Infinite Being web site is warm, helpful, insightful, enlightening, profound, and yet easy to understand.  Some people say that reading his material is like remembering something they had forgotten long ago. Some have even felt touched, even speechless but wanted to to write anyway and just say "Thank You".

             Owen writes a free newsletter at, where you can sign up to receive his regular articles and enjoy life to the fullest in today's New Reality.

Owen K. Waters is Founder of the Spiritual Dynamics Academy
Delaware, U.S.A.
The Sun is the closest thing to Infinite Being in our sight.

What better way to start your day, than to breathe in the power of this mighty orb as it awakens you and your surroundings to the energy of the new day? 

Here's how to achieve this, with one simple addition to the Infinite Being Meditation Technique:

On each in-breath, visualize white light, representing life energy from the Sun, coming into your body via your nostrils. See this white light as filling your entire body every time you inhale.

This fills your whole being with extra life energy because air is a carrier medium for etheric energy. Etheric energy is highly responsive to directed mental pressure, so, once the air is inside your lungs, the power of your visualization can be used to direct the life energy to fill your entire body. The energy will automatically follow your mental direction.

             INFINITE BEING
I've decided to dedicate a page on my website to the teachings of Owen Waters on several metaphysical topics as he has been a teacher of mine over the years and I think that you, too, will find his easy-reading style very enlightening.
                In Love & Light,                                              ~Holly~
   by Owen Waters

Spiritual aliveness is the result of making spirituality the day's number one priority. Achieving this is fairly simple - as simple as being aware of one or two secrets of the universe and then setting your intention for each day.

Life is an expression of your spiritual self. You are here to gain experience on a grand scale.  The small details of daily existence may not seem important, but they are all threads in the grand scheme of life that you, your inner self, planned before you were born.

It makes sense, therefore,  to begin each day by becoming charged with the best supply of life energy available. Then you can make the most of each day's experiences as they unfold. Life energy, or etheric energy, is the main energy transmitted by the Sun. The Sun also radiates physical energy, such as light and heat, but the amount of physical energy pales in comparison to the amount of
life-supporting, etheric energy which courses through our bodies. 

At dawn each day, the Sun brings a great change to your local environment. The swing from darkness to light at dawn causes a turbulence in the ethers as the life energy in the atmosphere reorganizes itself for a day of new activity. Sunrise is the time of nature's awakening. It is the best possible time to recharge yourself for each new day of activity.

By beginning your day with a connection to the Sun's energy, you are  actually aligning with the natural system of Creation. Infinite Being constantly feeds the universe with life energy in order to maintain all motion in the universe. Infinite Being sends the energy needed to maintain life through the  central sun of the universe. From there, it works its way through central suns of the galaxies and then through the suns of each solar system. Local suns radiate physical energy in addition to life energy.

In a world where people's main focus on life comes through their five physical senses, the Sun takes on a great significance.

Here is the Infinite Being Meditation technique, revised to include the life energy charging technique:

1. Focus your attention on the slow, even flow of breath as it passes in and out of your nostrils.

2. Visualize each in-breath as white light filling up your body. Then, at the top of each in-breath, mentally repeat once the affirmation "I am Infinite Being" .

3. On the out-breath , allow your attention to follow the flow of air from your nostrils. To induce an immediate calming effect, slow each out-breath and allow it to take up to twice as long as each in-breath.

4. Hold the breath out of your body, if possible for as long as the out-breath. In this quiet space, don't think, just be. Become quietly aware of thoughts  and impressions that may arise from your inner self. The end of each breath cycle thus becomes your personal communion space with your inner being.

5. Return to active intention by starting the breath cycle again at step 1.

Start your twenty-minute meditation and charging session each day, ten minutes before dawn. If dawn is say, at approximately 7:10 am, then, you would plan to start your day with meditation from 7:00 - 7:20 am. Reorganize your daily schedule around the most important natural event of the day. The deeper connection to nature is well worth the effort. At least once a week, check when sunrise occurs by referring to the news media, or to weather sites such as Then you can be in tune with the greatest cosmic forces of revitalization that occur each and every day.

Make meditation at dawn your number one  priority of the day. Then everything that follows will be more energized and more in tune with who you really are.

Energetically, the highlight of every day is dawn. It is truly a magical time.

This article was written by Owen Waters, author of 
"The Shift: The Revolution of Human Consciousness" 
Available in hardcover or via immediate download at:

      Owen Waters' 
           latest book:
  By  Owen Waters
On December 21st, 2012, a major galactic synchronization will occur. This date marks the end of a 26,000 year cycle of influence upon human experience, as well as the end of a 5,200 year cycle within that, and also the end of many more sub-cycles, all in synchronicity of each other.

While this 2012 event is likely to be a time of material difficulty, it will also be one of enormous spiritual opportunity. It will be a time when souls are brought together to realize their spiritual desires, to step into the light of inspiration like never before, and to become that which they have the potential to be.

Along with the opportunity will come the challenges. When the converging Mayan cycles end on December 21st, 2012, the world will likely be torn by emotional imbalances. In general, people don't do well at the change point of major cycles unless they are grounded and centered spiritually. Daily meditation will not be a luxury in 2012; it will be an emotional survival tool!

While your friends and colleagues are going through their emotional crises, you cn be the one in their midst with the balance and the poise to take emotional cross-currents and turbulence in your stride. They will look to you to see how an individual can be balanced enough to survive everything that people will be facing at that time.

All of the remaining loose ends of the old cycle will be competing for attention and completion in a crescendo of issues and challenges. People will be in overload and wondering why you can handle it all so well.

When we, as spiritually-centered people, are able to think positively and handle our emotions in a wise and detached manner, we can be a guiding light to others to do the same. As we grow spiritually through daily spiritual practices we can demonstrate to others that this is the way to stay centered right through the eye of the storm.

Daily spiritual practices increase your awareness of intuition. The great advantage of paying attention to your sense of intuition is that you become forewarned about events or crises that you do not need to experience. 
For example, once in a while, a friend or relative will ask me if I'm worried whether the next flight that I've booked will crash. I look at them, a little surprised, and say, "If it were going to crash, it wouldn't have felt like the right flight to book!" This is because, when making plans, I've made it a habit to check my intuitive sense as to which options will work out for the best.
Today some people have become concerned about coastal flooding due to rising ocean levels. This is a valid concern as it is something which will happen one day, sooner or later. The question is no longer if it will happen, but when. So, if you keep having an uneasy, intuitive feeling that it's time to plan on relocating, then you need to accept your inner knowing and act upon what feels right. Then, you'll be in the right place at the right time rather than in the wrong place at the wrong time. It's that simple. Intuition will guide you past life's unnecessary obstacles every time.

Intuitive inner knowing is something that emerges from the background of your consciousness. It may be accompanied by a sense of foreboding, which is a valid warning sign, but never by an overtly excited sense of drama or fear. Inner knowing is a subtle influence. If you ever should need to relocate, you will know inside which areas to go and explore as potential alternatives as they will resonate in harmony with your inner knowing.

The best thing about 2012 is the spiritual opportunity it presents. This changeover of major cosmic cycles offers a quantum leap environment for sudden spiritual growth.

If you want to progress in sudden strides along your path of spiritual development, then you'll want to spend the months before and after December 2012being free from the challenges of the mundane world and engaged, instead, in reaching deeper and deeper states of spiritual awareness. 

Choose peace and well being. Listen to the voice within. Arrange your life now so that you are in a peaceful environment where you can mkae spiritual growth your top priority each and every day.

2012 is coming, and with it, the greatest energetic environment for spiritual advancement that you have seen in your entire life!
If you enjoyed this article, please share it with a friend. They will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

This article was written by Owen Waters, author of  
"The Shift: The Revolution in Human Consciousness"

Available in hardcover or via immediate download at:

The Infinite Being Newsletter brings you spiritual insights for the New Awareness each Sunday at your request from Infinite Being Publishing LLC, Delaware, USA
Spiritual Aliveness
The Challenges & Opportunities of 2012
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Owen Waters
Jump-Starting Your Sense of Inner Wisdom
Jump-Starting Your Sense of Inner Wisdom

                             OWEN WATERS
Development takes time, whether it's physical, mental or spiritual. Life is like taking a train ride to another place just for the experience, one where you just enjoy the passing scenery and never ask, "Are we there yet ? 

At some point,  you reach the destination and then move on to seeking out the next adventure. The point of the ride is to learn along the way, knowing all the while that journeys of learning are undertaken for the process more than the destination.

Developing contact with your soul or inner being takes time, along with a delicate touch. Your soul exists at a more subtle level of consciousness than your conscious mind. While your conscious mind exists in the noise and clatter of a physical existence, your soul by comparison, lives in a world of whispers. It is an enchanted land where magic happens and wonders unfold at the speed of thought.

Communications from your inner self arrive as the merest whispers of intuition. They are subtle feelings that help you lean towards the course of action which will work out the best. The  ore you encourage communication between your conscious mind and your inner being, the more examples you will experience of your own inner guidance being full of the wisdom and foresight which only a higher state of consciousness can produce.

You can prove to yourself  - right now -  that a store of great wisdom lies just beyond your daily conscious awareness. All it takes is the willingness to perform a valid, unbiased experiment, then you will jump-start your ability to consciously receive inner wisdom and you will prove to yourself that you really do have an inner resource of impressive wisdom.

The key to this quantum leap in your intuitive ability is to give yourself permission to let your inner being
 - which functions at a higher frequency of consciousness - to come through into your daily, conscious awareness. You already have a higher level of inner wisdom. If you're not used to it coming through into your daily awareness, it's just because you haven't opened the door yet by giving it permission. Now, you're going to let that inner wisdom come through by using the key act of giving it conscious permission.

Anyone can sit down in a quiet place and, provided they give themselves permission, allow their inner being or 'higher self' to produce writings that contain greater wisdom than any thoughts currently contained in their conscious minds. Try it and see. It involves the simple tool of role playing. 'Act as if ',  and you'll be pleasantly surprised at what you find.

First, do whatever works best for you to enter a relaxed, contemplative state of mind, or just close your eyes, relax and follow your breath in and out for a minute or two.

Now, see yourself as a seeker of answers, a seeker of wisdom, and your question is, "What do I need to do to find the most happiness in the year ahead?"

Then, for the next ten minutes, pretend that you have been given a window into an inner place of deep wisdom, because you will step outside of yourself and become the one who will provide the answers to that question. For the next ten minutes, you will adopt the role of a famous, yet mysterious,  Master of Enchanted Wisdom!

Now, move fully into the other role. ACT AS IF you are now the Master of Enchanted Wisdom. Think over the question, put on your 'wisdom hat', and start giving the advice which is expected of you by the seeker. Write it down as you think of it. This is important because in the role play, you are going to a deeper level of awareness and it is too easy to forget your own words once you resume regular awareness. Don't let your words fade away into your background memory like a dream upon awakening.  Write them down as fast as you can, never stopping to judge or critique. Just write.
Then, when the exercise is over and you have told the seeker all the advice that comes to mind, you'll come back to being in your normal state of consciousness and be in a position to review what you wrote. More importantly, save your writing  and review it three days later from a fresh perspective, when the details of the words have passed away from your immediate memory.

Evaluate your writing as if someone else had written it. Don't make excuses like, "Well, I might have guessed that", or downplay anything. Judge it fairly, without criticism or doubt, for what it is; The advice from someone different from your usual self, because that is exactly what it was. You were different from your usual self.

Three days from now, you'll see those words in a new light and, provided you role-played the part as needed, you will be surprised at the amount of wisdom that came through.

Better yet, put those words away for a year, make yourself a diary entry to review them then, and you'll be able to see, in retrospect, how good the advice was for finding happiness throughout the year.                                              
                                                                  ~ OWEN ~
The Challenges and Opportunities of 2012
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The Adventure of Being Human
            The Adventure of Being Human
                      By Owen Waters

Thousands of years ago, humanity made a decision; a decision to live with a sense of inner separation.

At that time, spirits had become tired of incarnating as full-aware spirits-in-physicality. They wanted more challenge in the game of life. They wanted to turn life into a mystery; a true, stand -alone human experience, not just an extension of spirit into matter.

Bear in mind that, in the natural state of spiritual living, as free spirits in the mental realms,there are very few limitations. People can manifest anything they need, relocate instantly in space, shift to a different position in time, all at the speed of thought. In the mental realms, people can visit friends travel with them, exploring the universe, all through the power of thought. That's why they're called the mental realms.

To be more specific, the mental realms exist in fifth density consciousness and are the domain of your soul or inner being. Between third-density physicality and fifth density realm of your inner being lies the fourth-density or astral realm, populated by people in the early to main stages of the afterlife. In the late stages of the afterlife, people move into the fifth-density to consider their options for further experience.

Physical incarnation is always voluntary. Nothing compels your soul to incarnate into another physical life. It is always a decision at the personal and soul group level whether to come back into physical life on Earth.

Thousands of years ago, physical experience was a fully-conscious extension of spirit into matter. People knew who they were as spirits, connected to their inner selves and to the universe as a whole.

"What if," they said, "we came into physical existence and didn't know who we were? We would spend our whole lives searching for the answer to the puzzle. Imagine what a challenge it would be!"
Mankind then made the joint decision to immerse itself further into a denser, more focused reality. Their focus was directed upon the physical senses, along with detachment from the superconscious and subconscious levels of thinking. By maintaining a tight focus upon the "outer" world of the senses, humans could even believe that they are fixed into one location in space and locked into a time continuum.

Imagine, physical life would become so intense, so real, so convincing. Now, most people love exciting rides, like the ones at amusement parks. And, if the ride is scary, so much the better. Roller coaster rides are scary. The old Ghost Train rides at U.K. fairgrounds were scary. Disney's Haunted Mansions at their theme parks in California, Florida, Paris and Tokyo are all very scary. So scary that,when the rides end, people say,

"That was great! Want to go round again?"

Life can be scary, too. A life spent without a constant conscious connection to your true inner nature is always a challenge.

Today, the amusement park ride of inner separation is coming to an end. The Shift to the New Reality is happening today. We are becoming  more and more aware of our inner nature. Those who grasp the idea of the New Reality will actively develop that inner connection, and not just wait for it to surprise them as it slowly unfolds.

And remember, this ride through intense physicality was a choice. We may not remember as far back as when the choice was made, but, at a soul level, we've been willingly hopping on and off the theme park ride of physical life on Earth ever since. 

We incarnate for the experience of physical life, and to help transform this reality towards its ultimate state, one which, today, is looming very near. 

These are the days of transformation, the time of The Shift. The scary ride is coming to an end. As a culture, we are about to find ourselves and reconnect within.
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Believing is Seeing
            Believing is Seeing
                Owen Waters

Today's massive, ongoing Shift in consciousness is a shift from intellectual awareness to holistic awareness.

Intellectual awareness is a function of the solar plexus charka, where mental ability is developed in a linear direction. Examples of linear thought include performing of arithmetic and the operating of machinery. In this mode of consciousness, people have learned to develop a rigid discipline of "seeing is believing" in order to discover what works and what doesn't.

With holistic awareness, the heart chakra is developed allowing issues of separation to be resolved and integrated. Holistic awareness means that mind, body & spirit are seen as closely related facets of the human being. This heart-centered awareness is a viewpoint of integration or wholeness which heals the fears and discords that come with solar plexus consciousness.

There is a paradox with moving from the linear intellect to heart-centered consciousness. While the intellectual phase of consciousness may say that "Seeing is believing" , the holistic phase requires quite the reverse. In holistic consciousness, opposites are often both true as they are seen as opposite sides of the same coin or as polar opposites of the same issue.

Awareness that is limited to the intellect is subject to issues of separation; of us versus them, of struggling for resources that are perceived as scarce instead of solving the problem  of their scarcity. Holistic awareness includes the idea that consciousness creates realities, that something must be created in consciousness - "believed" - before they can become a reality.

So, in holistic consciousness, "Believing is seeing" becomes a statement of truth, even though it is the opposite of "Seeing is believing".
Instead, it adds the understanding that reality is created by consciousness. We are not merely observers of what is. We create what is.

Traditionally, people have entered a realm of holistic, heart-centered awareness when they pass on from this life. In the afterlife, their task is to heal the fears and hates of their physical lives and transform them into love and forgiveness, this integrating themselves with others, rather than feeling separate from them.       
Today, sue to The Shift, more and more people are embracing holistic, heart-centered consciousness while still alive in physical bodies, As the heart is also the gateway to spiritual consciousness, this global movement is producing a revolution in spiritual unfoldment.

Spiritual consciousness is flowering in the global consciousness of humanity as The Shift progresses. Today's pioneers in consciousness are people just like yourself. They are exploring the new territory of unconditional love and experiencing a reunion with their own inner, spiritual connections.

The higher aspect of heart-centered consciousness is fully connected to your inner being, or soul. Your inner being is fully connected to the consciousness of the universe and to that which created the universe. Infinite Being is within each of us. We are Infinite Being.

The daily focus that we apply to our five senses and their connection to the outside world is just like performing a part in a play. We act out the part of being us, along the general theme of the type of events that we planned for this life. We ride along through the journey of this life, gaining the experiences that we planned to gain.

When you open up to your heart, and through that, reconnect to your own spiritual source, then you ahve become a part of the very future of humanity.

The Shift is heading towards a world where uncondiitonal love and acceptance is normal, where strife is relegated to the distant past, where thetrue potential of human beings can express itself in teh daily joy of being all taht you are.

This article was written by Owen Waters, author of 
"The Shift: A Revolution in Human Consciousness"

Available in hard cover or via immediate download at:

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The Secret of Personal Magnetism
The Secret of Personal Magnetism
by Owne Walter

When people open their hearts to unselfish, unconditional love, a whole new world of possibilities opens. Rather than spending effort avoiding selfishness of others, they spend time making sure that the way they choose to serve society is done in the best way possible. When people can trust others to treat each other with love and respect rather than as competitors, then everyone gains.

As heart-centered awareness grows and blooms within society, peoples' primary focus will shift away to self and towards service to others. When it does, the world will transform out of all recognition.

But you don't have to wait for all of society to catch up. In both your personal and professional dealings with people, you have a reputation, and it is fed by word-of-mouth recommendation. Build your reputation as someone who tends to give more than is expected of them, and you will find yourself becoming increasingly popular in both your business and personal lives. People respond to heartfelt action and, as they say, what goes around comes around.

Action and reaction aare opposite and equal types of thought and action. Your heartfelt action, by automatic reaction, will create a heartfelt reality among you and the people who are attracted to yourenergy. When you operate mainly out of a heart-centered frequency, you will notice that people are attracted to you in all aspects of your life. Friends. lovers, proffessional associates; everyone will be attracted to you magnetic personality.
Personal magnetism has been one of the greatest mysteries of life simply because, in the past, so few people have operated from that heart-centered frequency of awareness on a routine basis. However, it's really no secret. It's just one of those common-sense facts of life.

The secret of  personal magnetism is that the more you unconditionally love people, the more they love you.

You don't have to make a big deal out of it. You don't have to stand there like some transmitter beacon, radiating huge amounts of heart energy. Top stage performers do, but you don't. You can be very quiet about it and everyone will be quietly drawn to you. Everyone of a similar nature, that is. Everyone who appreciates kindness and a truly warm and genuine smile.

In other words, you'll attract the very best of friends.

There's nothing more attractive than a warm smile from a person who quietly radiates a sense of unconditional love for themselves and all others.

This was an excerpt from "Love, Light, Laughter: The New Spirituality" by Owen Waters which is available exclusively from

Courtesy of:
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The Enormous Scale of Creation
               Owen Waters
In the Middle Ages, most people worked the land. They were peasants who rarely ventured far away from their place of birth, so their concept of the world was quite small. Likewise, their concept of God the Creator was small in scale.  To them, God was an all powerful, wise elderly, human-like figure who lived somewhere above them and would, one day judge them in person.

People, at that time, didn't realize the massive size of the planet upon which they stood. To them, most of their universe could be seen from the top of the nearest hill.  Today, with cosmology and the Hubble telescope  to help us,  our view of the size of the universe has been stretched farther and farther.

What we have learned since the Middle Ages, includes these realizations:

1.  The Earth is not the center of the universe. Apparently when this was discovered,  it came as quite a shock!

2. The Earth is round. This was excellent news at the time: No more worrying that you might take to sea and sail off the edge of the world!

3. The Earth travels around the sun. This means, that while modern-day life on Earth may seem to be expensive at times, it does come with the added bonus, once a year, of a free trip around the Sun.

4.  The Sun is over a million times bigger than the Earth.

5.  There are 200 billion other  suns in our galaxy.

6.  There are well over 100 billion galaxies in the universe.

7.  As big as the universe is, in order for God to be everywhere, God has to be bigger still.

When you view God as Infinite Being, the All That Is or the Absolute, you have a sense of scale that encompasses all of Creation, no matter how far the universe stretches. The infinity of  Infinite Being encompasses all space. The 'Being"part of Infinite Being created all space within it's consciousness.

In fact, in a universe full of infinite possibilities, how do we know that this isn't just one of many universes? The possibility that there may be infinite universes in all of  Creation boggles the mind further still. If there are infinite universes, then ours is just one small one compared to the extent of Infinite Being, the Creator of all that exists.

The question is, where does the individual fit into this enormous scale of Creation?

As individuals, we each appear as a manifested part of Creation's infinite array of possibilities. However, that's just the external appearance.

The deeper into the consciousness you travel, the more you become aware that the All is One. That the infinite possibilities are all expressions of the One. Beneath all expression is just the One, and the One is Infinite Being.

In the 'All is One' ultimate reality, you are not just a part of Infinite Being, you are a viewpoint of the One.  Nothing can be truly separate from the One. It can only be another facet or viewpoint of the One. 

This means that you are the One. You are Infinite Being.

Now, it may not be appropriate , in this external world of separate people to announce, "I, personally,  am Infinite Being." But, as you travel within, to that sacred space of your inner being, the truth dawns. You do realize, that, deep down, that is what you are. You are Infinite Being, and so is everyone else, at the level of their deepest spiritual essence.

Because people are an expression of Infinite Being, the potential within each and every one of us is infinite.

There are no limits to what you will become in your journey back to your  original spiritual home. And, there need be no limits in the life that you are now leading.

Society will benefit enormously when such  realizations become commonplace. Today, however, the chances are that, throughout all of your life, you have been pressured to be modest. Society has been terrified of the idea that a person might think themselves important. "Don't even think about rising above your station," they cry.

Admittedly, inflated egos can be a tiresome bore, but it really is time to question any social conditioning which places limits upon human potential. A society that encourages all of its members to develop their full potential would be more supportive, creative and productive. Everyone would benefit.

The sooner more people think in terms of unlimited human potential, the sooner they will saturate the global mind atmosphere of the planet with the New Reality idea.

Just think of yourself this way: 

Please feel free to forward to a friend ...

Owen Waters is  also the author of  "Love, Light, Laughter: A New Spirituality," which is available both as a paperbacfk and a downloadable e-book, at:


The Enormous Scale of Creation
Born Again, and Again, and Again ...
Continued Page Two
                               by OWEN WATERS

The tragic loss of Steve Jobs reminds us that more than 5000,000 deaths will occur from cancer in the United States in 2011.

It's hard to ignore an epidemic like this. Almost everyone is affected in some way or another - whether its a family member, a friend, a co-worker or maybe even you. Cancer can wreak havoc on families as well as those facing such a challenge.

While traditional medicine finds more ways to treat the effects cancer, an actual cure still seems so very far away.

What's not evident to the general public is that there is a small group of doctors, professionals, nutritionists, and activists working behind the scenes on protocols that they say can prevent or even treat certain cancers effectively. 

Some of them even practice in fear of losing their licenses and careers, but they push on because what they see in their practices is success.

Recently, health author, Kevin Gianni decided to do something to bring these experts to the forefront. His own family has been affected by cancer twice- his father died and his mother went through chemotherapy and an operation for breast cancer.

Starting October 25th, 2011, he's asked 9 of the top natural cancer doctors and researchers to share what they're doing in their clinics throughout the world.

This special, FREE on-line event is called the "Healing Cancer World Summit" an you can read more about it, watch the video and register here (again, it's FREE) ...


This group of experts includes  doctors, nutritionists, advocates and survivors - all in the same online forum - that will share their science, research and stories and give the options that are available that you may know.

Some of the 9 experts include Dr. Nicolaus Gonzalez, Dr. Francisco Contreras, Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy, Dr. Thomas Lodi, Charlotte Gerson, Mike Adams, Burton Goldberg and more! Combined this group has had decades of experience working with cancer patients in their clinics.

                                              During the program, you will ...

         *    Find out what therapies these doctors and experts are using that they                        say can prevent and even treat cancers naturally.
         *     Learn about herbs and supplements that are scientifically known to                          prevent cancer.

          *    Learn about scientific and documented proof that natural cancer                                treatments work .

           *   Learn how to detoxify and cleanse the body naturally ... and safely.

                                                      AND MUCH MORE ...

Again, to listen to this online event is completely FREE. 
You can read more or sign up here:

This event begins opn Tuesday 25th, so be sure to sign up now. Also, this event is free but if you'd like to have the recordings of this event in your own library there is a special option for you to purchase the downloads once you have sign up.

If you or a loved one have been affected by cancer, you have to see this video:


                                                    Sincerely, Owen Waters        
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From the Desk of the Souls-r-We webmaster, Rev. Holly Greene White

                                                             Emotionally Close

Having witnessed my mother, the THIRD GENERATION of women whose family was riddled with cancer, suffer then die of cancer ... I know first-hand about the aftermath of cancer. Like all dis-eases, cancer leaves a long trail of a multitude of emotions. Cancer, heart dis-ease and diabetes are also dis-eases that the Western world faces and each deeply touches the lives of all circles of family, friends and community. So, feel free to insert whatever dis-ease is most familiar to you.

                                                            Predatory Traits

Since picking up and moving forward after watching the affects of such a devastating dis-ease (I refer to DIS-EASE ... because if our bodies are not balanced, or AT-EASE, they are in a state of DIS-EASE.) I have made it one of my intentions to be awake and aware of many natural PREVENTATIVES as well as treatments when it comes to cancer. 

Cancer has become, as most realize ... a BILLION DOLLAR BUSINESS! If you follow the dollar sign ... you will soon understand that most cancer-related studies are connected to the MAINTENANCE of the dis-ease and not a connected effort to find a cure. 

During the earlier days of my lifetime, individuals who participated in similar activities would have been dubbed 'ambulance chasers'... or predators.

I am not implying that all who take part in the Cancer Industry are in it for the money ... no. HOWEVER, those who are at the top of this industry ... may have started out with noble intention ... BUT, as time went on ... soon discovered what a financially LUCRATIVE business it was! The 'momentum' of the maintenance of this industry has become mind-boggling!!!

NO ONE in his right mind, having become anchored in this industry ... would EVER really want to find a cure! (excluding the VOLUNTEERS who run on pure emotional involvement which actually does help them to resolve their own issues that revolve around the dis-ease, but not in the contribution to finding a cure for the dis-ease like they think they are doing.) 

                                                          Justifying Existence

When 'secrets' or ways of trimming expenses in most industries are discovered, rarely is that passed along to the 'consumer' ... only the so-called cost of doing business is always passed along. SAME in the CANCER INDUSTRY!

When new, natural or alternative ways of either prevention, treatment or possible cures of cancer surface ... the helium is quickly left out of the balloon! How would that industry, the Dis-ease Industry, justify its existence, let alone the dollars that they rake in if they deemed themselves UNNECESSARY?

Having been an avid horse breeder and exhibitor, the question that comes to mind is; "Would we be driving automobiles for our mode of transportation if the horse industry was as politically and financially powerful to thwart the gas-powered engine then as the DIS-EASE Industry is today?" or would we still be riding horses?

WHY DO WE ALLOW this industry to dictate our healthcare by keeping very valuable information away from us to preserve an industry

Can you imagine ... an INDUSTRY, such as the billion dollar fear-based cancer industry just quietly sitting back and watching their BUSINESS evaporate due to the infusion of NEW and IMPROVED methods for the treatment and/or cure for the very 'product' that they are selling to the public? 

                                                                 Not in your life! 

(If you are STLL not convinced that the Cancer Industry is a BUSINESS, please click here and view this film: )
After viewing this film, you will be a little more selective about who and what you donate your time and money.)

Again, this industry is generated by FEAR ... which, actually PERPETUATES that which it was originally fearful of. Some involved in the industry are uninformed and operate purely on default. Forgive them for they know not what they do. Ah, but others know precisely the rules of the game like any other big buisness. The only difference is ... money is to be made IF the very goal under the guise in which they do business (finding that cure!) is never achieved! The Industry is GEARED to fail!

Allow me to digress a tad and give you a quick lesson in metaphysics and the Universal Law of Attraction. This law (law, meaning, like the earthly 'laws' of gravity and time and space) The Law of Attraction, states that, that which is like unto itself is drawn ... in other words, fear begets fear ... anything that you give your attention or focus TO ... gives you more of the same. 
Each time you FIGHT against anything you get MORE of what you are fighting against, not more of what you WANT as the outcome ... for example; In her infinite wisdom, Mother Theresa said, "I will not accept an invitation to a war protest; I will, however, attend a peace rally." Master Teacher Jesus said, "Resist ye not evil." ... because HE also knew that it would only dig the problematic hole deeper if the attention is focused on the problem. Instead, we must turn our attention to the solution and not dwell one moment on the problem itself.

                                                  New and Improved Version

So, folks, in many labs and practices across the earth, researchers, scientists, practitioners, and doctors have discovered new and improved pathways to the prevention, treatment and cure for virtually everything man can get himself into in this physical life, including cancer. (Please see above article by Owen Waters)

It is human nature not to believe the seemingly unbelievable. It is trained human behavior to want to profit by anothers' misfortune. (there is evidence for that in your each and every day!) But for your own sake ... become an informed consumer!

                                                      Shift Your Perspective

Are YOU supporting the ambulance chasers of these modern times? Shift your perspective and focus upon the amazing discoveries that are neither supporting nor maintaining the MEGA MEDICAL INDUSTRIES! (again, see above article)

Do yourself a favor. Do your loved ones a favor. Become an informed consumer of the products that the Cancer Industry, in particular, is presenting to you before you are put in a situation that you think that you have no choice. Know your options in natural and alternative health care. Don't wait for the panic to set-in if the words, "You have cancer and I predict you have 6 months to live", are spoken by your well-meaning doctor. Forgive them for they know not what they say ... and instead of allowing the prognosis of another dictate YOUR FUTURE ... take control yourself and become knowledgeable about your options in natural and alternative care!

Most of the practicing doctors of oncology are NOT up-to-snuff on the new and improved natural and alternative possibilities to the prevention, treatment and cure for cancer. Most of the practicing doctors of oncology are trained PURELY in TRADITIONAL medicine ... and the traditional route in anything, dear readers, is merely a jumping off point and ONLY A TIP OF THE TRUE ICEBERG!!!

Open your eyes, ears and mind ... and HERE WE GO!!!

                                                                                                   Love & Light,

P.S. I have led you to the water ... now it is up to YOU to take the drink!  ;)

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