Healing Your Physical Apparatus
The following quote is an extremely helpful pearl of wisdom from a very unusual source ... for those of you unfamiliar, Abraham is a collection of amazing teachers who are concerned with our present times here on earth. They have come forth from the non-physical world to assist those of us who have decided to come forth into the physical world at this time. They speak through a woman by the name of Esther Hicks.

Whether you validate the source or not ... the following  quote would serve you well when taken into your belief system especially when you are looking for answers to a physical condition.
Visualization along with suggestion can be key when attempting to find a balance in the physical body. ( EASE vs. DIS-EASE)

The body accepts what the mind believes ... and all who practice or who have been witness to hypnotherapy know that that is why hypnotherapy is an extremely valuable tool when it comes to changing  beliefs.  Your subconscious grabs on to the unfiltered information that is obtained from the mind, taking it as the truth. 

So when you imagine anything you have the power to pave the path to whatever future you want ... whether ease and balance  or 
dis-ease and imbalance in your physical body. Be conscious in what you are thinking so you will assist in manifesting only that which you want in your life ... most importantly;  GOOD HEALTH !
Abraham-Hicks Publications
"We're going to give you a very powerful statement: Everything that you will some day live, in terms of life experience ... and by some day, we mean as soon as right now, tomorrow, the next day, or some day ... anything that you will some day live, you have first imagined. Because nothing will manifest in your experience without the imagination process happening first."
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Problem                 Probable Cause      Affirmation (New Thought Pattern) 

Paget's Disease          Feeling that there is no             I know I am supported by Life in grand  
                                 longer any foundation to            & glorious ways. Life loves me & cares
                                          build on. "Nobody cares."          for me.

Pain                                Guilt. Guilt always seeks           I lovingly release the past. They are free &
                                          punishment.                                   I am free. All is well in my heart, now.

Palsy                              Paralyzing  thoughts.                   I am a free thinker & I have wonderful 
See: Bell's,                   Getting stuck.                                  experiences with ease & joy.
Parkinson's Disease

Pancreas                      Represents the sweetness          My life is sweet.
                                         of life.

Pancreatitis               Rejection. Anger & frustra-        I love & approve of myself & I only create
                                         tion because life seems to          sweetness & joy in my life.
                                         have lost its sweetness.

Paralysis                     Fear. Terror. Escaping a              I am alone with all of life. I am totally
See: Palsy                    situation or person.                      adequate for all situations.

Parasites                     Giving power to others,              I lovingly take back my power & eliminate
                                        letting them take over.              all interference. 

See: Numbness

Parkinson's                Fear & intense desire to         I relax knowing that I am safe. Life is for  me
Disease                         control everything &               & I trust the process of life.

Peptic Ulcer              Fear. A belief that you are         I love & approve of myself. I am at peace
See:Heartburn,        not good enough. Anxious         with myself. I am wonderful.
Stomach Prob-         to please.

See: Pyorrhea

Petit Mal
See: Epilepsy

Pfeiffer's Disease
See: Mononucleosis

Phlebitis                      Anger & frustration. Blaming    Joy now flows freely within me, & I am at
                                         others for the limitation &         peace with life.
                                         lack of joy in life.

See: Hemorrhoids

Pimples                         Small outbursts of anger.           I calm my thoughts & I am serene.
See: Blackheads,

Pink Eye                       Anger & frustration. Not             I release the need to be right. I am at
See: Conjunc-             wanting to see.                                peace. I love & approve of myself.

Pituitary Gland        Represents the control                My mind & body are in perfect balance.  I
                                         center.                                                I control my thoughts.

Plantar Wart             Anger at the very basis               I move forward with confidence & ease. I
                                         of your understanding.              trust & flow with the process of life. 
                                         Spreading frustration
                                         about the future.

Pneumonia                 Desperate. Tired of life.            I freely take in Divine ideas that are filled
See: Lung                     Emotional wounds that            with the breath & the intelligence of Life.
Problems                      are not allowed to heal.           This is a new moment.

Poison Ivy                   Feeling defenseless &                 I am powerful, safe & secure. All is well.
                                         open to attack.

Poison Oak                
See: Poison Ivy

Polio                              Paralyzing jealousy.                  There is enough for everyone.  I create my                                                 I desire to stop someone.        good & my freedom with loving thoughts. 

Post-Nasal Drip        Inner crying. Childish             I acknowledge & accept that I am the               
                                         tears. Victim.                              creative power in my world. I now choose to
                                                                                                   enjoy my life. 

Premenstrual               Allowing confusion to       I now take charge of my mind & my life.
Syndrome                    reign. Giving power to         I am a  powerful, dynamic woman! Every
PMS                               outside influences.                part of my body functions perfectly. I love me 
                                         Rejection of the feminine 

Prostate                       Represents the masculine     I accept & rejoice in my masculinity.

Prostate Problems   Mental fears weaken the        I love & approve of myself. I accept my 
                                         masculinity. Giving up.          own power. I am forever young in spirit.
                                         Sexual pressure & guilt.
                                         Belief in aging.

See: Itching

Pruritis Ani
See: Anus

Psoriasis                    Fear of being hurt. Dead-        I am alive to the joys of living. I deserve
See: Skin                    ening the senses of self.            & accept the very best in life. I love & 
Problems                   Refusing to accept respon-     approve of myself.
                                       sibilty for our own feel-

Psychiatric Illness  
See: Insanity

Pubic Bone                 Represents genital protection.    My sexuality is safe.

See: Urinary Tract Infections

Pyorrhea                    Anger at the inability to        I approve of myself & my decisions are
(Periodontitis)       make decisions. Wishy-         always perfect for me.
                                       washy people. 


Quinsy                     A strong belief that you         It is my birthright to have my needs met.  I now
(Peritonsillar       cannot speak up for your-    ask for what I want with love & with ease.
Abscess)                  self & ask for your needs.


Rabies                       Anger. A belief that viol-        I am surrounded & indwelled with peace.   
                                     ence is the answer.   

Rash                          Irritation over delays.            I love & approve of myself. I am at peace with
See: Hives                Babyish way to get                   the process of life.

See: Anus

Respiratory            Fear of taking in life                I am safe. I love my life.
Ailments                  fully.
See: Bronchitis,
Colds, Coughs,

Rheumatism           Feeling victimized. Lack      I create my own experiences. As I love &             
                                      of love. Chronic bitter-         approve of myself & others, my experiences
                                      ness. Resentment.                   get better & better.

Rheumatoid           Deep criticism of authority.   I am my own authority. I love & approve of 
Arthritis                   Feeling very put upon.             myself. Life is good.

Rickets                      Emotional malnutrition.       I am secure & am nourished by the love of the
                                     Lack of love & security.           Universe itself.

 Right Side               Giving out, letting go,              I balance my masculine energy easily & 
of the Body               masculine energy, men,         effortlessly.
                                      the father.

Ringworm                Allowing others to get             I love & approve of myself.No person, place or
                                     under your skin. Not                thing has any power over me. I am free.
                                     feeling good enough or
                                     clean enough.

Root Canal               Can't bite into anything       I create firm foundations for myself & for my
See: Teeth                anymore. Root beliefs be-    life. I choose my beliefs to support me                                                          ing destroyed.                           joyously.

Round Shoulders   Carrying the burdens of       I stand tall & free. I love & approve of me. My 
See: Shoulders         life. Helpless & hopeless.    life gets better every day.
Spinal Curvature


Sagging Lines          Sagging lines on the face      I express the joy of living & allow myself to
                                      come from sagging                  to enjoy every moment of every day totally.
                                      thoughts in the mind.            I become young again.
                                      Resentment of life. 

Scabies                      Infected thinking.Allow-      I am the living, loving, joyous expression of
                                      ing others to get under          life. I am my own person.
                                      your skin.

Sciatica                      Being hypocritical. Fear       I move into my greater good. My good is
                                      of money & of the future.      everywhere & I am secure & safe. 

Scleroderma            Protecting the self from        I move into my greater good. My good is 
                                      life. Not trusting yourself     everywhere & I am secure & safe.
                                      to be there & to take care
                                      of  yourself.

See: Round Shoulders
         Spinal Curvature

Scratches                  Feeling life tears at you,       I am grateful for life's generosity to me.
                                      That life is a rip off. That     I am blessed.
                                      you are being ripped off.

Seasickness              Fear. Fear of death. Lack     I am totally safe in the Universe. I am at peace
See: Motion              of control.                                   everywhere. I trust life.

Seizures                     Running away from the         I am at home in the Universe. I am safe &
                                      family, from the self or           secure & understood.
                                      from life.

Senility                       Returning to the so-called    Divine protection. Safety. Peace. The 
See. Alzheimer's    safety of childhood.                 Intelligence of the Universe operates at
          Disease            Demanding care & atten-      at every level of life.
                                     tion. A form of control of
                                     those around you. Escapism. 

Shin(s)                      Breaking down ideals.            I live up to my highest standards with joy
                                     Shins represent the stan-      and with love.
                                     dards of life.

Shingles                   Waiting for the other             I am relaxed & peaceful because I trust the
(Varicella)              shoe to drop. Fear &               process of life. All is well in my world.
                                     tension. Too sensitive.

Shoulders               Represent our ability to        I choose to allow all my experiences to be 
See: Joints,             to carry our experiences       joyous & loving.
Round                      in life joyously. We make       
Shoulders               life a burden by our attitiude.

Sickle Cell            A belief that one is not           This child lives & breathes the joy of life & is
Anemia                 good enough that de-              nourished by love. God works miracles every 
                                 destroys the very joy of           day.

Sinus                     Irritation to one person,        I declare peace & harmony indwell me & 
Problems             someone close.                           surround me at all times. All is well.

Skeleton               Crumbling of structure.        I am strong & sound. I am well structured.
See: Bones           Bones represent the struc-
                                 ture of your life.

Skin                        Protects our individuality.   I feel safe to be me.
                                  A sense organ.

Skin Problems    Anxiety, fear. Old, buried      I lovingly protect myself with thoughts of joy &
See: Hives,            guck. I am being threat-         peace. The past is forgiven & forgotten. I am       Psoriasis,              ened.                                               free in this moment.

Slipped Disc        Feeling totally unsupport-    Life supports all of my thoughts; therefore, I 
                                  ed  by life.                                      love & approve of myself & all is well.


Snoring                 Stubborn refusal to let go     I release all that is unlike love & joy in my mind.
                                 of  old patterns.                        I move from the past into the new & fresh & vital.

Solar Plexus       Gut reactions. Center of         I trust my inner voice. I am strong, wise &      
                                 our intuitive power.                 powerful.

Sore Throat         Holding in angry words.        I release all restrictions  & am free to be me.
See:  Quinsy,       Feeling unable to express     
Tonsillitis            the self.   

Sores                      Unexpressed anger that        I express my emotions in joyous, positive ways. 
                                  settles in.

Spasms                 Tightening our thoughts       I release, I relax and I let go. I am safe in life.
                                 through fear.  

Spastic                  Fear of letting go.                    It is safe for me to live. Life will always provide     Colitis                    Insecurity.                                 for me. All is well.

Spinal Curva-     The inability to flow             I release all fears. I now trust the process of life.  I
ture                          w/ the support of life.         know that life is for me. I stand straight & tall 
(Scoliosis              Fear & trying to hold           with love.   
Kyphosis)             on to old ideas. Not 
See: Round          trusting life. Lack of 
Shoulders,           integrity. No courage of
Spinal Mis-          convictions. 

Spinal Men-        Inflamed thinking & rage      I release all blame & accept the peacefulness & 
ingitis                    at life.                                             joy of life.

Spine                     Flexible support of life.           I am supported by life.
See: Spinal 

Spleen                  Obsessions. Being obsessed         I love & approve of myself. I trust the 
                                about things.                                     process of life to be there for me. I am safe.                                                                                                        All is well.

Sprains                Anger & resistance. Not            I trust the process of life to take me only to my
                                wanting to move in a cer-        highest good. I am at peace.
                                tain direction in life.

Sterility               Fear & resistance to the           I trust in the process of life. I am always at the 
                                process of life, OR not               right place, doing the right things, at the right
                                needing to go through the       time. I love & approve of myself.
                                parenting experience.

Stiff Neck            Unbending bullheadedness.   It is safe to see other viewpoints.
See: Neck 

Stiffness               Rigid, stiff thinking.                  I am safe enough to be flexible in my mind.

Stomach              Holds nourishment.                  I digest life with ease. 
                                Digests ideas.   

Stomach              Dread. Fear of the new.           Life agrees with me. I assimilate the new 
Problems             Inability to assimilate            every moment of every day. All is well.
See: Gastritis     the new.
Peptic Ulcer,

Stroke                   Giving up. Resistance.           Life is change, & I adapt easily to the new. I
(Cerebro-           "Rather die than change."    accept life- past, present and future.
vascular               Rejection of life.

Stuttering           Insecurity. Lack of self          I am free to speak up for myself. I am now secure 
                                expression. Not being             in my own expression. I communicate only with
                                allowed to cry.                           love.

Sty                       Looking through life with      I choose to see everyone & everything with joy
See: Eye             angry eyes. Angry at some-    and love.
Problems          one.

Suicide              See life only in black &            I live in the totality of possibilities. There is 
                              white. Refusal to see                always another way. I am safe.
                              another way out.

Swelling             Being stuck in thinking.        My thoughts flow freely & easily. I move through
See: Edema,     Clogged, painful ideas.          ideas with ease.

Syphilis             Giving away your power         I decide to be me. I approve of myself as I am.
See: Vene-         & effectiveness.
real Disease

Tapeworm         Strong belief in being a        Others only reflect the good feelings I have about
                               victim & unclean. Help-       myself. I love & approve of all that I am.
                               less to the seeming 
                               attitudes of others.

Teeth                  Represent decisions.

-Problems         Longstanding indecisive-    I make my decisions based on the principles of 
See: Root           ness. Inability to break         truth & rest securely knowing that only right           Canal                  down ideas for analysis         action is taking place in my life.
                              and decisions.

Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ)
See: Jaw Problems

Testicles             Masculine principle.            It is safe to be a man.

Tetanus               A need to release angry,      I allow the love from my own heart to wash 
See: Lockjaw      festering thoughts.               through me & cleanse & heal every part of my                                                                                                 body & my emotions.

Throat                  Avenue of expression.          I open my heart & sing the joys of love.
                                Channel of Creativity.           

- Problems          The inability to speak          It's okay to make noise. I express myself freely
See: Sore              up for one's self.  Swall-      & joyously. I speak up for myself with ease. I
Throat                  ed anger. Stifled creat-       express my creativity. I am willing to change.
                                 ivity. Refusal to change.

Thrush                 Anger over making the         I lovingly accept my decisions, knowing I am free See: Candida     wrong decisions.                    to change. I am safe.                     
Mouth, Yeast

Thymus              Master Gland of the               My loving thoughts keep my immune system      
                               immune system. Feeling     strong. I am safe inside & out. I hear myself 
                               attacked by life. They          with love.
                               are out to get me.

Thyroid              Humiliation. "I never           I move beyond old limitations & now allow
See: Goiter        get to do what I want             myself to express myself freely & creatively.
Hyper- &            want to do. When is it
Hypo-                  going to be my turn?"  

Tics,                    Fear. A feeling of being         I am approved of by all of Life. All is well.
Twitches           watched by others.                 I am safe.

Tinnitus            Refusal to listen. Not             I trust my Higher Self. I listen with love to my
                              hearing the inner voice.       inner voice. I release all that is unlike the action of                                                                                       love.

Toes                    Represent the minor              All details take careof themselves.
                              details of the future.

Tongue              Represents the ability to       I rejoice in all of my life's bountiful givingness.
                              to taste the pleasures of
                              life with joy.

Tonsillitis         Fear. Repressed emo-            My good now flows freely. Divine ideas express 
                              tions. Stifled creativity.        through me. I am at peace.

Tuberculosis   Wasting away from self-       As I love & approve of myself, I create a joyful,
                               ishness. Possessive.                peaceful world to live in.
                              Cruel thoughts. Revenge.

Tumors              Nursing old hurts &               I lovingly release the past & turn my attention to
                               shocks. Building                     this new day. All is well.  


 Ulcers               Fear. A strong belief             I love & approve of myself. I am at peace.  I am
See: Heart-      that you are not good          calm. All is well.
burn, Peptic    enough. What is eating      
Ulcer,                 away at you?
Stomach Problems

Uretritis            Angry Emotion. Being          I only create joyful eperiences in my life.
                              pisses off. Blame.

Urinary Infec-   Pissed off.Usually at            I release the pattern in my consciousness that 
tions (Cystitis,  the opposite sex or a            created this condition. I am willing to change.
Pyelo-                   a lover. Blaming others.     I love & approve of myself.

See: Hives

Uterus                   Represents the home of      I am at home in my body.


Vaginitis              Anger at a mate. Sexual     Others mirror the love and approval I have for 
See: Female        guilt. Punishing the self.   myself. I rejoice in my sexuality.

See Shingles

Varicose Veins   Standing in a situation      I stand in truth & live & move in joy. I love life
                                  you hate. Discourage-         & circulate freely.
                                  ment. Feeling overworked
                                  & overburdened.

Vasovagal Attack
See: Fainting

Venereal              Sexual Guilt. Need for           I lovingly & joyously accept my sexuality & its
Disease                 punishment. Belief that       expression. I accept only thoughts that support
See: AIDS,           the genitals are sinful or      me & make me feel good.
Gonorrhea,         dirty. Abusing another.        
Herpes, Syphilis

See: Dizziness

Viral Infec-         Lack of joy flowing                  I lovingly allow joy to flow freely in my life. 
tions                       through life. Bitterness.       I love me.
See: Infection

Vitiligo                 Feeling completely out-        I am at the center of Life & I am totally  
                                 side of things. Not                   connected in Love.  
                                 belonging. Not one of 
                                 the group.

Vomiting             Violent rejection of ideas.      I digest life safely & joyously. Only good comes
                                 Fear of the new.                         to me & through me.  

Vulva                     Represents vulnerability.       It is safe to be vulnerable.


Warts                     Little expressions of hate.     I am love & the beauty of life in full expression.
                                  Belief in ugliness.

Weakness             A need for mental rest.           I give my mind a joyous vacation.

Whiteheads        Hiding ugliness.                         I accept accept myself as beautiful & loved.
See: Pimples

Wisdom               Not giving yourself mental     I open my consciousness to the expansion of 
Tooth,                   space to create a firm               life. There is plenty of space for me to grow &  
                                 foundation.                                   to change.

Wounds                 Anger & guilt at the self.          I forgive myself & I choose to love myeself.
See: Cuts, Injuries

Wrists                     Represent movement              I handle all my experiences with wisdom,
                                   and ease.                                      with love and with ease.


Yeast                       Denying your own needs.      I now choose to support myself in loving,
Infections                                                                      joyous ways.             



Abraham-Hicks Publications Quote opn Healing:
Abraham, if there is no source of illness, why are there so many sick people? 

It is because they have found lots of excuses to hold themselves in vibrational discord with wellness. They are not letting it in. And when they don't let it in, the absence of it looks like sickness.
And when enough of them do it you say," Oh, there must be a source of sickness. In fact, let's give it a label. Let's call it cancer. Let's call it AIDS. Let's call it all kinds of terrible things, and let's imply that it jumps into people's experience."

And we say it never jumps into anybody's experience. It's just that people learn through trial and error, and ... through banging around with each other ... and then develop patterns of thought that don't let  the wellness in.
                                                   ~ Abraham ~

      Excerpted from a workshop in Buffalo, NY on Wednesday, September 27th, 2000

                                                                                           Our Love,
                                                                                      Jerry & Esther
                                           Please visit:

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Don't get lost in the diagnosis, the medicine or the statistics about what somebody else did about the prognosis...
If you do not feel good it is because you are not thinking in a way that allows the Energy to flow.  

(example: You could just get really, really mad at someone you love and make every muscle in your body stiff. And then you would ask, "Why does my body feel this way?"  And we would say, because you have had a Vibrational tug of war going on!)

Stop looking for anything other than your mental and emotional state of being as answers ... to why you feel how you feel in your body!

It is ALL Vibrational ... NO EXCEPTION!

And when you get that ............................. then it does not matter WHAT diagnosis has been given to you ... it DOES NOT MATTER ... it's temporary.