Healing Your Physical Apparatus
  What can I say?  I chose to use the word "apparatus" in place of "body" because this is a web site dedicated to the education of the soul ... and to all things metaphysical. Metaphysical simply means that we are speaking of knowledge  and wisdom BEYOND the physical. This is education for your soul that is all about being. It is all about your spirit being housed in this physical "body"... or "vehicle" while banging around here on the earth plane ... the physical side of human beings.
   As we humans bang around our planet, there are certainly tid bits of information gleaned from various sources that can be relayed to others to make the stay here on earth one heck of a lot easier as well as more productive. (from the perspective of the soul, of course!) 
   That is what metaphysics is all about ... the education of those spirits who want to learn the little secrets that will  enhance and evolve their short stay here in the physical.
This is a web site to help GROW the human spirit and help us all acknowledge, accept and assimilate the understanding that is within us all. There is really no new knowledge as it all is ancient and infinite.
   We just need to remember ...  and know that all is well... 
Incorporating common sense information with the results of scientific studies and then, allowing my gut instinct to be the deciding factor in most every personal "cross road" decision has been my guidepost throughout this lifetime. I have rarely allowed any outside factor to be more of an influence over my decisions than my own "knowing" resources .

We all have the ability to look within to find the answers to our questions without formal education in the particular area of our curiosity.
It is our modern society that demands the diplomas and the certificates in order to pass on information to others. Much knowledge has been lost due to the rigid rules of our societies and  that which has been communicated over the centuries ... has been distorted usually to protect the existence of another community of thought.
The following information is meant to assist you on your journey toward healing ... first at the emotional level and then, because of the healing at the emotional level, your physical "apparatus", your body, will then, heal also.
This information has been available to any and all who has ever even been remotely curious about "why we get what we get" for a very long time ... but most of us have not taken the time nor given this concept the credence it most assuredly deserves. After all ... there are so many of us in this society who "feed" off of the misfortune of others ... including the illnesses and diseases of others. There are many who "maintain" illness and disease in others  because of their relying on it to justify their OWN existence. Please be aware of these vampires! (yet, another article) Learn to discern!
The following information is to be considered as friendly information relayed from one soul to another for the purpose of assisting those souls who read this web site in their quest for emotional and spiritual balance and well-being.
 "WE" does not assume any responsibility if you choose to use any of the following information on yourself. You have that constitutional right. "WE" does suggest, however, if you are under a doctor's care, that you check first with your medical doctor or therapist before replacing the suggestions of your physician with any or all of the following.  Again, "WE" does not dispense or prescribe medical advice from this web site ... and "WE" will NOT assume any responsibility for any reader's actions whether perceived as beneficial or adverse. "WE" does, of course, know that this information may resound in your very soul. If it does, the chances are that it is meant for you to pursue. Open your mind and proceed with joy.
Dis-ease is nothing more than our not being in harmony (or dis-chord) with ourselves.
There are a vast number of books on this subject in modern times, but Louse Hay, the lovely founder of Hayhouse Publications, deserves the majority of credit. Please visit Louise's website at 
for more in-depth information and to purchase her books for even more reference and education on this subject. (Convenient & economical pocket- book size guide!!!) 
Ailment :                        Possible Cause:                             Affirmation (or New Way of  Thought)
Abdominal Cramps         Fear. Stopping the process                    I trust the process of life. I am safe.

Abscess                                 Fermenting thoughts over hurts,        I allow my thoughts to be free. The 
                                                 slights & revenge.                                       past is over. I am at peace.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             
Accidents                             Inability to speak up for self.               I release the pattern in me that created
                                                 Rebellion against authority.                 this. I am at peace. I am worthwhile.
                                                 Belief in violence.

Aches                                    Longing for love & to be held.                I love & approve of myself. I am loving 
                                                                                                                            & loveable.

Acne                                      Not accepting or disliking self.             I am a Divine expression of life. I love &
                                                                                                                             accept myself where I am ... right now. 

Addictions                          Running from self.  Fear. Not                I now discover how wonderful I am. 
                                                 knowing how to love the self.                I choose to love & enjoy myself.  

Addison's Disease            Severe emotional malnutrition.         I lovingly take care of my body, my 
(Adrenal  Problems)      Anger at the self.                                       mind & my emotions.

 Adenoids                            Family friction, arguments. Child     This child is wanted, welcome & loved.
                                                 feeling unwelcome, in the way.  

Adrenal Problems            Defeatism. No longer caring for          I love & approve of myself. It is safe for    (Addison/Cushing)         the self. Anxiety.                                       me to care for myself. 

Aging Issues                        Social beliefs. Old thinking. Fear      I love & accept myself at every age.  
                                                  of being one's self. Rejection of          Each moment in life is perfection.
                                                  the NOW.

AIDS                                       Feeling defenseless & hopeless.          I am part of the Universal Design. I am
                                                  Nobody cares. A strong belief in        important & loved by LIFE itself. I am
                                                  not being good enough. Denial of      powerful & capable. I love & appreciate
                                                  self. Sexual guilt.                                      all of myself.

Alcoholism                          "What's the use?" Feeling of fut-        I live in the NOW. Each moment is new.  
                                                  ility, guilt , inadequecy. Self-              I choose to see my self-worth. I love &  
                                                  rejection.                                                      approve of myself.

Allergies                               WHO are you allergic to? Denying     The world is safe & friendly. I am safe. 
                                                  your own power.                                        I am at peace with life.

Alzheimer's                          Refusal to deal with the world as      There is always a new & better way for
                                                   it is. Hopelessness & helplessness.   me to experience life. I forgive & release
                                                   Anger.                                                            the past. I move into joy.

Amenorrhea                         Not wanting to be a woman.                 I rejoice in who I am. I am a beautiful
 (Female, Menstrual)       Dislike of the self.                                      expression of life, flowing perfectly at
                                                                                                                             all  times. 

Amnesia                                 Fear. Running away from life.             Intelligence, courage & self -worth are
                                                   Inability to stand up for self.               always present. It is safe to be alive.

A.L.S.                                       Unwillingness to accept self-              I know I am worthwhile. It is safe for         Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis                 worth.  Denial of success.                     me to succeed. Life loves me.   
(Lou Gehrig's Disease)           

Anemia                                   "Yes-but" attitude. Lack of joy.          It is safe for me to experience joy in 
                                                   Fear of life. Not feeling good                every area of my life. I love life.

Ankle(s)                                  Inflexibility & guilt. Ankles                 I deserve to rejoice in life.  I accept all
                                                    represent the ability to                         the pleasures that life has to offer.  
                                                    receive pleasure.  

Anorectal Bleeding             Anger & frustration.                               I trust the process of life. Only right &  
(Hematochezia)                                                                                           good action is taking place in my life.

Anorexia                                  Denying the self ... life. Extreme       It is safe to be me. I am wonderful just 
(Appetite Loss)                     fear, self-hatred & rejection.             as I am. I choose to live. I choose joy &

Anus  Issues                            Releasing point. Dumping                  I easily & comfortably release that     
see Hemorrhoids                  ground.                                                       which I no longer need in life.

~Abscess                                  Anger in relationship to                      It is safe to let go.  Only that which I
                                                     what you don't want to let go.            no longer need leaves my body.    

Bleeding   (see Anorectal Bleeding)

~Fistula                                 Incomplete releasing of trash.           It is with love that I totally release the                                                       Holding on to garbage of the past.   past. I am free. I am love.  

~Itching                                 Guilt over the past. Remorse.             I lovingly forgive myself. I am free. 
(Pruritis Ani) 

~Pain                                       Guilt. Desire for punishment.           The past is over. I choose to love &
                                                    Not feeling good enough.                     approve myself in the NOW.

Anxiety                                    Not trusting the flow & the                  I love & approve of myself. & I trust                                                              process of life.                                          the process of life . I am safe.

Apathy                                      Resistance to feeling.                            It is safe to feel. I open myself to life. 
                                                     Deadening of self. Fear.                        I am willing to experience life.

Appendicitis                          Fear. Fear of life. Blocking                 I am safe. I relax & let life flow                                                                          the flow of good.                                      joyously through me.


~ Excessive                             Fear. Needing protection.                  I am safe. It is safe to feel. My feelings
                                                     Judging the emotions.                         are normal & acceptable.

~Loss of                                   Fear. Protecting the self.                   I love & approve of myself. I am safe.
(see anorexia)                       Not trusting life.                                   Life is safe & joyous.

Arm(s)                                      Represents the capacity &                 I lovingly hold & embrace my  
                                                     ability to hold the                                 experiences with ease & with joy.   
                                                     experiences of life.   

Arteries                                     Carry the joy of life.                              I am filled with joy. It flows through                                                                                                                                     me with every beat of my heart.

Arteriosclerosis                     Resistance, tension. Hardened       I am completely open to life & joy. I
                                                      narrow-mindedness. Refusing        choose to see with love.    
                                                      to see good.

Arthritic Fingers                   A desire to punish. Blame.                I see with love & understanding. I                                                                    Feeling victimized.                              hold all my experiences up to the
                                                                                                                                 light of love.

Arthritis                                    Feeling unloved. Criticism &            I am love. I now choose to love & 
(Joints)                                     resentment.                                             approve of myself. I see others with

Asphyxiating Attacks          Fear. Not trusting the process        It is safe to grow up. The world is
 Breathing,                               of life. Getting stuck in                       safe. I am safe.
Hyperventilation                  childhood issues.                                 

Asthma                                       Smother love. Inability to                It is safe for me to take charge of my
                                                       breathe for one's self. Feel-              own life. I choose to be free.
                                                       ing stifled. Suppressed crying.  

~ in Babies                                 Fear of life.                                              This child is safe & loved.  This child
& Children                                  Not wanting to be here.                      is welcomed & cherished.

Athlete's Foot                           Frustration of not being                     I love & approve of myself. I give my-
                                                        accepted. Inability to move              self  permission to go ahead. Its safe
                                                        forward with ease.                                to move.                                                                                                   

Back                                            Represents the support of life.          I know that life always supports me.

Back Problems (see also Spinal Misalignments special section)

~Lower                                     Fear of Money. Lack of financial      I trust the process of life.  All I need
                                                      support.                                                       is always taken care of. I am safe.

~Middle                                    Guilt. Stuck in all that stuff                I release the past. I am free to move
                                                      back there. "Get off my back."            forward with love in my heart.

~Upper                                      Lack of emotional support.                I love & approve of myself. Life      
                                                       Feeling unloved. Holding                   supports & loves me.
                                                       back love. 

Bad Breath                                Anger & revenge thoughts.                  I release the past with love. I choose 
Halitosis                                    Experiences backing up.                      to voice only love. 

Balance, Loss of                       Scattered thinking.                                 I center myself in safety & accept the                                                         Not Centered.                                            perfection of my life. All is well.

Baldness                                    Fear. Tension. Trying to                       I am safe. I love & approve of myself. 
                                                       control everything. Not                         I trust life.    
                                                       trusting the process of life.  

Bedwetting (Enuresis)         Fear of parent, usually the father.    This child is seen with love,                                                                                                                                                       compassion & understanding. 
                                                                                                                                 All is Well.  

Belching                                     Fear. Gulping life too quickly.          There is time & space for everything                                                                                                                                     I need to do. I am at peace.

Bell's Palsy                                 Extreme control over anger.              It is safe for me to express my  
(Palsy, Paralysis)                    Unwillingness to express                     feelings. I forgive myself.

Birth                                              Represents the entering of this         This baby now begins a joyous &
                                                         segmentof the movie of life.                wonderful new life. All is Well.

~Defects                                      Karmic. You selected to come           Every experience is perfect for our
                                                         that way. We choose our                     growth process. I am at peace with
                                                         parents & our children.                       where I am.
                                                         Unfinished  business.

Bites                                               Fear. Open to every slight.                  I forgive myself & I love myself now
.                                                                                                                                 now & forever more.

~Animal                                       Anger turned inward. A need            I am free.
                                                          for punishment.

~Bug                                               Guilt over small things.                       I am free of all irritations. All is well.

Blackheads                                   Small outbursts of anger.                   I calm my thouhgts & I am serene.

Bladder Problems                      Anxiety. Holdong on to old ideas.   I comfortably & easily release the
 (Cystitis)                                       Fear of letting go.                                  old & welcome the new in my life.
                                                           Being pissed off.                                      I am safe.

Bleeding                                          Joy running out. Anger.                      I am the joy of Life expressing &
                                                            But where?                                               receiving in perfect rhythm.  

Bleeding Gums                            Lack of joy in the decision                  I trust the right action is always
                                                           made in life.                                              taking place in my life. 
                                                                                                                                   I am at peace.

Blisters                                            Resistance. Lack of emo-                    I gently flow with life & each new
                                                            tional protection.                                  experience. All is well.  

Blood                                                Represents JOY in the                          I am the joy of Life expressing &
                                                            body, flowing freely.                              receiving.

Blood Pressure

~High (Hypertension)            Long standing emotional                     I joyously release the past. 
                                                           problem unresolved.                             I am at peace.

~Low                                               Lack of love as a child.                         I now choose to live in the
                                                           Defeatism. "What's the                         joyous NOW. My life is joy.
                                                           use? It won't work anyway."

Blood Problems                           Lack of joy. Lack of circulation        Joyous new ideas are circulating 
See Leukemia                              of ideas.                                                       freely within me.

~Anemic/see anemia

Clotting                                      Closing down the flow of joy.             I awaken new life within me. I flow.

Body Odor                                      Fear. Dislike of self. Fear of               I love & approve of myself.  I am
                                                            others.                                                        safe.   

Boils (Furuncle)                          Anger. Boiling over. Seething.          I express love & joy.  I am safe.
 See: Carbuncle

Bone(s)                                            Represent the structure of the         I am well sstructured & balanced.
See: Skeleton                                 Universe.

Bone Marrow                                  Represents deepest beliefs                Divine Spirit is the structure of my
                                                             about the self. How you support     life. I am safe & loved & totally
                                                             & care for yourself.                               supported.

Bone Problems                              

Breaks/Fractures                     Rebelling against authority.           In my world, I am my own 
                                                                                                                                   authority; for I am the only one who
                                                                                                                                   thinks in my mind.
~Deformity                                      Mental pressures & tightness.        I breathe in life fully. I relax
See: Osteomyelitis                        Muscles can't stretch. Loss of        & trust the flow & process of life.
         Osteoporosis                          mental mobility.

Bowels                                               Represent the release of waste.       Letting go is easy.    

~Problems                                      Fear of letting go of the old &           I freely & easily release the old  &
                                                             no longer needed.                                  joyously welcome the new.

Brain                                                 Represents the computer, the          I am the loving operator of my                                                                         switchboard.                                            mind.

~Tumor                                           Incorrect computerized beliefs.     It is easy for me to re-program the 
                                                             Stubborn. Refusing to change          computer of my mind. All of life is
                                                             old patterns.                                            change & my mind is ever new.

Breast(s)                                         Represents mothering & nur-          I take in & give out nourishment
                                                            turing & nourishment.                       in perfect balance.

Breast Problems                           A refusal to nourish the self.           I am important. I count. I now care
                                                             Putting everyone else first.              for & nourish myself with love & 
                                                                                                                                  joy. I allow others the freedom to be                                                                                                                                     who they are. We are all safe & free.
~Cysts, Lumps                             Over mothering. Overly pro-          
Soreness (Mastitis)                    protective. Overbearing attitudes.

Breath                                              Represents the ability to take           I love life. It is safe to live.    
                                                            in life.

Breathing Problems                  Fear or refusal to take in life              It is my birthright to live life fully
See: Asphyxiating                      fully. Not feeling the right to               & freely. I am worth loving. I now
         Attacks                                  take up space or even exist.                 choose to live fully.

Bright's Disease                          Feeling like a kid who can't do           I love & approve of myself.  I care      See: Nephritis                             it right & is not good enough.              for me. I am totally adequate at all 
                                                           A failure. Loss.                                          times. 

Bronchitis                                    Inflamed family environment.            I declare peace & harmony within 
See: Respiratory                        Arguments & yelling. Sometimes        me and around me. All is well.
         Ailments                              silence.

Bruises (Ecchymoses)             The little bumps in life.                         I love & cherish myself. I am kind &
                                                           Self Punsihment.                                     gentle with me. All is well.

Bulimia                                         Hopeless terror. A frantic                  I am loved & nourished & supported
                                                          stuffing & purging of self                   by LIfe itself. It is safe for me to be
                                                          hatred.                                                       ALIVE!

Bunions                                         Lack of joy in meeting the                  I joyously run forward to greet life's
                                                          experiences in life.                                wonderful experiences.

Burns                                              Anger. Burning up. Incensed.           I create only peace & harmony 
                                                                                                                                 within myself. & in my environment.
                                                                                                                                 I deserve to feel good.

Bursitis                                         Repressed anger.                                     Love relaxes & releases all unlike 
                                                         Wanting to hit someone.                      itself.

Buttocks                                        Represent power. Loose                      I use my power wisely. I am strong.
                                                           buttocks, loss of power.                      I am safe. All is well.

  Spiritual Studies & Resource Site
Callouses                                    Hardened concepts & ideas.              It is safe to see & experience new 
                                                                                                                               ideas & new ways. I am open &
                                                                                                                               receptive to good.

Cancer                                       Deep hurt. Longstanding                    I lovingly forgive & release all of the
                                                      resentment. Deep secret                     past. I choose to fill my world with
                                                      or grief eating away at self.               joy. I love & approve of myself.
                                                      Carrying hatreds. "What's
                                                      the use?"

Candida (Candidiasis)       Feeling very scattered. Lots             I give myself to be all that I can be &
See: Thrush, Yeast                of frustration & anger. De-               I deserve the very best in life. I love & 
          Infection                        manding & untrusting in                  appreciate myself & others.  
                                                      relationshhips. Great takers!        

Canker Sores                           Festering words held back by         I create only joyful experiences in my
                                                      the lips. Blame.                                     loving world. 

Car Sickness                            Fear. Bondage. Feeling of                 I move with ease through time & space.
See: Motion Sickness           being trapped.                                      Only  love surrounds me.  

Carbuncle                                Poisonous anger about                      I release the past & allow time to heal
See: Boils                                  personal injustices.                            every area of my life.

Carpal-Tunnel                       Anger & frustration at life's             I now choose to creat a life that is joy-
Syndrome                                 seeming injustices.                              ous & abundant. I am at ease.
See: Wrist

Cataracts                                  Inability to see ahead with joy.      Life is eternal & filled with joy. I look 
                                                      Dark future.                                            forward to every moment.

Cellulite                                    Stored anger & self                               I forgive others. I forgive myself. I am
                                                      punishment.                                           free to love & enjoy life.

Cerebral Palsy                        A need to unite the family in           I contribute to a united, loving and
See: Palsy                                 an action of love.                                  peaceful family life. All is well.

Cerebrovascular  Accident
See: Stroke

Childhood Diseases              Belief in calendars & social               This child is Divinely protected &
                                                      concepts & false laws. Child-             surrounded by love. We claim mental
                                                       ish behavior in the adults                  immunity.
                                                       around them.

Chills                                           Mental contraction, pulling              I am safe & secure at all times. Love
                                                       away & in. Desire to retreat.              surrounds me & protects me. 
                                                       "Leave me alone."                                  All is well.  

See Gall stones

Cholesterol                               Clogging the channels of joy.           I choose to love life. My channels of   
(Ather osclerosis)                  Fear of accepting joy.                         joy are wide open. It is safe to receive. 

Chronic Diseases                     A refusal to change. Fear                 I am willing to change & to grow. I 
                                                        of the future. Not feeling                  now create a safe new future.

Circulation                                Represents the ability to                  I am free to circulate love & joy in
                                                        feel & express the emotions            every part of my world. I love life.
                                                        in positive ways. 

Cold Sores (Fever                   Festering angy words & fear           I only create peaceful experiences  
Blisters)                                     of expressing them.                           because I love myself. All is well.
See: Herpese Simplex

Colds (Upper Respir-           Too  much going on all at once.    I allow my mind to relax & be at peace.
atory Illness)                           Mental confusion, disorder.          Clarity & harmony are within me and
See: Repsiratory                     Small hurts, "I get three colds      around me.  All is well.  
Ailments                                    every winter", type of belief.       

Colic                                            Mental irritation, impatience,        This child resonds only to love & to                                                               annoyance in the surroundings.     loving thoughts. All is peaceful.     


 Colitis                                        Insecurtiy. Represents the ease       I am part of the perfect rhythm & flow
See: Colon, Intestines          of letting go of that which is over.   of life. All is in Divine right order.
Mucus Colon Spastic 

Colon                                           Holding on to the past. Fear of        I easily release that which I no longer
                                                       letting go.                                                   need. The past is over & I am free. 

Coma                                           Fear. Escaping something or             We surround you with safety & Love. 
                                                       someone.                                                    We create a space for you to heal. 
                                                                                                                               You ar loved.

Comedones                               Small outbursts of anger.                    I calm my thoughts & I am serene.

See: Bronchitis, 
Colds & Influenza

Conjuncitivitis                      Anger & frustration at what you        I see with eyes of love. There is a  
See: Pink Eye                          are looking at in life.                              harmonious solution & I accept it now 

Constipation                         Refusing to release old ideas.             As I release the past, the new & fresh 
                                                    Stuck in the past.  Sometimes            and vital enter. I allow life to flow  
                                                    stinginess.                                                   through me.

Corns                                        Hardened areas of thought-                I move forward free from the past. I
                                                    stubborn holding on to the                  am safe, I am free.  
                                                    pain of the past.  

Coronary Thrombosis       Feeling alone & scared.                        I am one with all of life.  The Universe  
See: Heart Attack                "I'm not good enough. I                       totally supports me. All is well.  
                                                     don't do enough. I'll never 
                                                     make it."

Coughs                                     A desire to bark at the world.           I am noticed & appreciated in the most
See: Respiratory                  "See me! Listen to me!"                       positive ways. I am loved.   

Cramps                                    Tension. Fear. Gripping .....              I relax & allow my mind to be peaceful.
                                                     holding on. 

See: Bronchitis

Crying                                        Tears are the river of life,                I am peaceful with all of my emotions. 
                                                      shed in joy as well as in                   I love & approve of myself.
                                                      sadness & fear.

Cushing's Disease                  Mental imbalance. Over-               I lovingly balance my mind  & my body.
SeeAdrenal Problems       production of crushing                   I now choose thoughts that make me
                                                      ideas. A feeling of being                  feel good!

Cuts                                             Punishment for not                         I create a life filled with rewards.
 See: Injuries, Wounds        following your own rules.  

Cyst(s)                                        Running the old painful                The movies of my mind are beautiful
                                                       movie. Nursing hurts. A                 because I choose to make them so. 
                                                       A false growth.                                   I love me.

Cystic Fibrosis                         A thick belief that life won't         Life loves me, & I love life.  I now choose
                                                        work for you. "Poor me."               to take in life fully & freely.

See: Bladder Problems

Deafness                                Rejection, stubbornness,                   I listen to the Divine & rejoice at all
                                                  isolation. What don't you                 that I am able to hearI am one with all.
                                                  want to hear?  "Don't bother

Death                                      Represents leaving the movie          I joyfully move on to new levels of                                                                  of life.                                                         experience. All is well.

Dementia                              A refusal to deal with the world      I am in my perfect place & I am safe at
See: Alzheimer's                aas it is. Hopelessness & anger.       all  times.  
Disease, Senility

Depression                           Anger you feel you do not have         I now go beyond other people's fears &
                                                   a right to have. Hopelessness.          limitations. I create my life.

Diabetes                                 Longing for what might have            This moment is filled with joy. I now 
(Hyperglycemia                  been. A great need for control.         choose to experience the sweetness of
Mellitus)                                Deep sorrow. No sweetness left.       today.

Diarrhea                                 Fear.  Rejection. Running off.           My intake, assimilation & elimination
                                                                                                                           are in perfect order.I am at peace with 

Dizziness (Vertigo)            Flighty, scattered thinking.               I am deeply centered & peaceful in life.
                                                    A refusal to look.                                    It is safe for me to be alive & joyous.   

Dry Eye                                    Angry eyes.  Refusing to see               I willingly forgive. I breathe life into
                                                    with love. Would rather die              my vision & see with compassion and
                                                    than forgive. Being spiteful.              understanding.     

Dysentery                                Fear & intense anger.                            I create peacefulness in my mind & my
                                                                                                                            body reflects this.

~Amoebic                               Believing they are out to                      I am the power & authority in my
                                                     get you.                                                        world. I am at peace.

~Bacillary                              Oppression & hopelessness.              I am filled with life & energy & the joy
                                                                                                                            of living.

Dysmenorrhea                       Anger at self. Hatred of the               I love my body. I lvoe myself. I love all
See: Female Problems        body or of women.                                 my cycles. All is well.   
Menstrual Problems


Ear(s)                                        Represents the capacity to                I hear with love.  

Earache (Otitis                       Anger. Not wanting to hear.            Harmony surrounds me. I listen with 
External/EarCanal               Too much turmoil. Parents            love to the pleasant & the good . I am a
Media/  Inner Ear)                arguing.                                                  center for love.  

See: Bruises

Exzema                                      Breath-taking antagonism.              Harmony & peace, love & joy surround 
                                                      Mental eruptions.                                & indwell me. I am safe & secure.

Edema                                       What or who won't you let go of?    I willingly release the past. It is safe See: Holdng Fluids                                                                                      for me to let go.  I am free now. 

Elbow                                         Represents changing directions       I easily flow with new experiences,      See: Joints                               & accepting new experiences.           new directions & new changes. 

Emphysema                            Fear of taking in life. Not                     It is my birthright to live fully &
                                                     worthy of living.                                        freely. I love life. I love me.

Endometriosis                      Insecurity, disappointment &            I am both powerful & desirable. It's
                                                     frustration. Replacing self-love         wonderful to be a woman. I love
                                                     with sugar. Blamers.                               myself & I am fulfilled.

See: Bedwetting

Epilepsy                                  Sense of persecution. Rejection          I choose to see life as eternal &  joyous
                                                    of life. A feeling  of great struggle.     I am eternal &joyous & at peace.

Epstein-Barr Virus             Pushing beyond one's limits. Fear       I relax & recognize my self-worth. I
                                                    of not being good enough. Drain-         I am good enough. Life is easy and
                                                    ing all inner support. Stress virus.      joyful.

See: Eye Problems             

Eye(s)                                       Represents the capacity to see             I see with love & joy.
                                                    clearly-past, present & future.             

Eye Problems                         Not liking what you see in your           I now create a life I love to look at.
See: Sty                                     own life.

~Astigmatism                       "I" trouble. Fear of really see-             I am now willing to see my own 
                                                     ing the self.                                                  beauty & magnificence.

~Cataracts                             Inability to see ahead with joy.           Life is eternal & filled with joy.
                                                     Dark future.

~Children                               Not wanting to see what is going         Harmony & joy & beauty & safety
                                                     on in the family.                                         now surround this child.

~Crossed                                  Not wanting to see what's out             It is safe for me to see. I am at peace.
See:Keratitis                           there. Crossed purposes.

~Farsighted                            Fear of the present.                                I am safe in the here & now. I see that
(Hyperopia)                                                                                                      clearly.

~Glaucoma                             Stony unforgiveness. Pressure            I see with love & tenderness.
                                                      from longstanding hurts. Over-
                                                      whelmed by it all.

~Nearsighted                         Fear of the future.                                   I accept Divine Guidance & am  
                                                                                                                               always safe.

~Wall Eyed                             Fear of looking at the present,          I love & approve of myself right now.(Exotropia)                             right here. 


Face                                            Represents what we show the           It is safe to be me. I express who I am.

Fainting (Vasovagal           Fear. Can't cope. Blacking out.         I have the power & strength & know-
Attack)                                                                                                               ledge to handle everything in my life.

Fat                                             Oversensitivity. Often represents      I am protected by Divine Love. I am 
 See: Overweight                  fear & shows a need for protec-          always  safe & secure. I am willing to
                                                    tion. Fear may be a cover for hid-     grow up & take responsibility for my 
                                                    den anger & resistence to forgive.     life. I forgive others & now create my
                                                                                                                              own life the way I want it. I am safe.~
Arms                                     Anger at being denied love.                 It is safe for me to create all the love  
                                                                                                                              I want.  

~ Belly                                      Anger at being denied nour-               I nourish myself with spiritual food 
                                                     ishment.                                                      & I  am satisfied & free.

~ Hips                                      Lumps of stubborn anger at               I am willing to forgive the past. It is 
                                                    the parents.                                               safe for me to go beyond my parents'

~ Thighs                                 Packed childhood anger.                     I see my father as aloveless child & I 
                                                    Often rage at the father.                        forgive easily. We are both free.

Fatigue                                   Resistance, boredom. Lack                 I am enthusiastic about life & filled
                                                   of love for what one does.                    with energy & excitement.

Feet                                         Represent our understanding            My understanding is clear, & I am 
                                                  -- of ourselves, of life & others.           willing to change wiht times. I am 

Female Problems              Denial of the self. Rejecting                 I rejoice in my femaleness. I love being
See: Amenorrhea              femininity. Rejection of the                 I love my body.
Dysmenorrhea,                  feminine principle.                            
Fibroid Tumors,
Mensrtal Problems

Fever                                      Anger. Burning up.                                  I am the cool, calm expression of 
                                                                                                                           peace & love.

Fever Blisters
See: Cold Sores, Herpes Simplex

Fibroid Tumors              Nursing a hurt from a partner.           I release the pattern in me that 
& Cysts                                A blow to the feminine ego.                  attracted this experience. I create only 
(See: Female                                                                                               good in my life.

Fingers                               Represent the details of life.               I am peaceful with the details of life.      

~ Thumb                           Represents intellect & worry.              My mind is at peace.

~Index Finger                Represents ego & fear.                            I am secure.

~ Middle Finger             Represents anger & sexuality.            I am comfortable with my sexuality.

Ring Finger                  Represents unions & grief.                  I am peacefully loving.

~ Little Finger                Represents  the family &                     I am myself with the family of Life.

Fistula                               Fear. A blockage in the                         I am safe. I trust fully in the process of
                                              letting go process.                                  of life. Life is for me.

See; Gass Pains

See: Influenza

Food Poisoning            Allowing others to take control.       I have the strength, power & skill to  
                                            Feeling defenseless.                               digest whatever comes my way.  

Foot Problems              Fear of the future & not stepping     I move forward in life with joy & with
                                            forward in life.                                          ease. 

See: Bone Problems 

Frigidity                         Fear. Denial of pleasure. A belief       It is safe for me to enjoy my own body. I
                                           that sex is bad. Insensitive part-       rejoice in being a woman.  
                                           ners. Fear of father.

Fungus                           Stagnating beliefs. Refusing to           I live in the present moment, joyous &
                                          release the past. Letting the                free.  
                                          past rule today.

See: Boils




Gallstones                  Bitterness. Hard thoughts.                   There is joyous release of the past.
(Chilelithiasis)        Condemning. Pride.                                  Life is sweet & so am I.

Gangrene                   Mental morbidity. Drowning                I now choose harmonious thoughts & let
                                       of joy with poisonous thoughts.          the joy freely flow through me.

Gas Pains                  Gripping . Fear. Undigested ideas.   I relax & let life flow through me with ease.

Gastritis                    Prolonged uncertainty. A feeling       I love & approve of myself. I am safe.
See: Stomach           of doom.                                                        

Genitals                     Represent the masculine and             It is safe to be who I am.
                                      feminine principles.

Problems              Worry about not being good               I rejoice in my own expression of life. I am
                                       enough.                                                       perfect just as I am. I love & approve of 

Gland(s)                    Represent holding stations.              I am the creative power in my world. 
                                       Self starting activity.  

Glandular Fever     
See: Mononucleosis

Glandular                 Poor get up-and- go ideas.                I have all the Divine ideas & activity I need.
Problems                   Holding yourself back.                       I move forward right now.  

Globus Hystericus
See: Lump in Throat

Goiter                        Hatred for being inflicted                I am power & authority in my life.  I am free 
                                     upon. Victim. Feeling                        to be me.   
                                     thwarted in life. Unfulfilled. 

Gonorrhea               A need for punishment for             I love my body. I love my sexuality. I love me.
See: Venereal          being a bad person.

Gout                           The need to dominate.                    I am safe & secure. I am at peace with myself 
                                      Impatience, anger.                          and with others.

Gray Hair                 Stress. A belief in pressure           I am at peace & comfortable in every area of
                                      & strain.                                               my life. I am strong & capable.

Growths                    Nursing those old hurts.               I easily forgive. I love myself & will reward 
                                     Building resentments.                   myself with thoughts of praise.

Gum Problems      Inability to back up decisions.   I am a decisive person. I follow through &   
                                    Wishy-washy about life.                support myself with love.                             


Check Back ............. under construction
Halitosis               Rotten Attitudes, vile gossip       I speak with gentleness & love. I exhale only the
See: Bad                foul thinking.                                     good.

Hands                     Hold & handle. Clutch & grip.    I choose to handle all my experiences with love 
                                  Grasping & letting go. Caress-    & with joy & with ease. 
                                  ing. Pinching. All ways of
                                  dealing with experiences.

Hay Fever              Emotional congestion. Fear        I am one with ALL OF LIFE. I am safe at all  
See: Allergies       of the calendar. A belief in           times.  
                                   persecution. Guilt.  

Headaches             Invalidating the self. Self-           I love & approve of myself. I see myself & what
See: Migraine        criticism. Fear.                                 I do with eyes of love. I am safe.

Heart                       Represents the center of love      My heart beats to the rhythm of love.
See: Blood              & security.                                           

Attack                 Squeezing all the joy out of          I bring joy back to the center of my heart. I 
(M.I./                       the heart in favor of money          express love to all.
Myocardial            or position, etc.
See:  Coronary Thrombosis

~Problems             Longstanding emotional               Joy. Joy. Joy. I lovingly allow joy to flow 
                                    problems. Lack of joy.                     through my mind & body experience.
                                    Hardening of the heart.
                                    Belief in strain & stress.

Heartburn              Fear. Fear. Fear. Clutching           I breathe freely & fully. I am safe. I trust the
See:  Peptic            fear.                                                         process of life.
Ulcer, Ulcers
& Stomach

See: Anorectal Bleeding

Hemorrhoids         Fear of deadlines. Anger of         I release all that is unlike love. There is time &
See: Anus                 the past. Afraid to let go.

Hepatitis                 Resistance to change. Fear,        My mind is cleansed & free. I leave the past & 
See: Liver                anger, hatred. Liver is the           move into the new. All is well.
Problems                 seat of anger & rage.

Hernia                      Ruptured relationships.             My mind is gentle & harmonious. I love & app-
                                     Strain, burdens, incorrect         rove of myself. I am free to be me.
                                     creative expressions.

Herpes                      Mass belief in sexual                    My concept of God supports me. I am normal &
(Herpes                    guilt & the need for punish-      natural. I rejoice in my own sexuality & in my
Genitalis)                ment. Public shame. Belief        own body. I am wonderful.
See Vinereal           in a punishing God. Rejec-
Disease                     tion of the genitals.

Herpes Simplex     Burning to bitch. Bitter             I think & speak only words of love. I am at peace(Herpes                     words left unspoken.                  with life.  
Labialis)  See:
Cold Sores    

Hip(s)                       Carries the body in per-             Hip Hip Hooray! There is joy in everyday! I am
                                     fect balance. Major thrust        balanced & free.
                                     in moving forward.

Hip Problems         Fear of going forward in            I am in perfect balance. I move forward in life 
                                     major decisions. Nothing          with ease & with joy at every age.
                                     to move forward to.

Hirsutism                 Anger that is covered over.      I am a loving parent to myself. I am covered
                                      The blanket used is usually     with love & approval. It is safe for me to show 
                                       fear. A desire to blame.             who I am.
                                      There is often an unwilling-
                                      ness to nurture self.

Hives (Urticaria)   Small, hidden fears.                    I bring peace to every corner of my life.
See: Rash                   Mountains out of molehills.  

Hodgkin's Disease   Blame & tremendous fear        I am perfectly happy to be me. I am good 
                                        of not being good enough.       enough just as I am. I love & approve of  myself.
                                        A frantic race to prove one's  I am joy expressing & receiving.
                                        self until the blood has no
                                        substance left to support 
                                        itself. The joy of life is forgotten
                                        in the race for acceptance.

Holding Fluids         What are you afraid of losing?      I willingly release with joy.
See: Edema, Swelling

Huntington's         Resentment at not being able     I release all control to the Universe.  I am at    
Disease                     to change others. Hopeless-        peace with myself & with life.

Hyperactivity         Fear. Feeling pressured &           I am safe. All pressure dissolves. I AM good 
                                      frantic.                                                enough.

See: Diabetes

See: Eye Problems

See: Blood Pressure

Hyperthyroidism      Rage at being left out.              I am the center of life & I approve of myself &
                                                                                                     all that I see.

Hyperventilation      Fear. Resisting change.           I am safe anywhere in the Universe . I love 
See: Asphyxiating     Not trusting the process.       myself & trust the process of life.

Hypoglycemia             Overwhelmed by the               I now choose to make my life light & easy &
                                           burdens of life.                          & joyful.
                                           "What's the use?"


Hypothyroidism         Giving up. Feeling  hope-      I create a new life with new rules that totally
 See: Thyroid                lessly stifled.                              support me.


Ileitis                               Fear. Worry. Not feeling        I love & approve of myself. I am doing the best
(Crohn's Disease,        enough.                                         I can. I am wonderful. I am at peace.
Regional Enteritis) 

Impotence                     Sexual pressure, tension,     I now allow the full power of my sexual
                                            guilt. Social beliefs. Spite     principle to operate with ease & with joy.
                                            against a previous mate.
                                            Fear of mother. 

Incontinence                Emotional overflow. Years    I am willing to feel. It is safe for me to express
                                            of controlling emotions.        my emotions. I love myself.

Incurable                      Cannot be cured by outer       Miracles happen everyday. I go within to 
                                           means at this point. We         dissolve the pattern that created this, & I now
                                           must go within to effect          accept a Divine healing. And so it is!
                                           the cure. It came from
                                           no where & will go ack to
                                           no where.

Indigestion                  Gut-level fear, dread,              I digest & assimilate all new experiences peace-                                             anxiety. Griping &                    fully & joyously.

Infection                       Irritation, anger,                     I choose to be peaceful & harmonious.
See: Viral                      annoyance.

Inflamation                 Fear. Seeing red.                     My thinking is peaceful, calm & centered.
See: "Itis"                     Inflamed thinking.

Influenza                      Response to mass                  I am beyond group beliefs or the calendar. I am
See: Respiratory        negativity & beliefs.              free from all congestion & influence.
Ailments                        Fear. Belief in statistics.   

Ingrown Toenail        Worry & guilt about            It is my Divine right to take my own direction in
                                           your right to move              life. I am safe. I am free.

Injuries                           Anger at the self.                 I now release anger in positive ways. I love & 
 See: Cuts,                      Feeling guilty.                       appreciate myself.

Insanity                        Fleeing from the family.     This mind knows its true identity & is a creative
(Psychiatric                Escapism, withdrawal.        point of Divine Self Expression.
Illness)                         Violent separation from

Insomnia                      Fear. Not trusting the          I lovingly release the day & slip into peaceful
                                          the process of life.                 sleep, knowing tomorrow will take care of itself.

Intestines                    Assimilation. Absorption.   I easily assimilate & absorb all that I need to
                                         Elimination with ease.          know & release the past with joy.

Itching                         Desires that go against          I am at peace just where I am. I accept my good,
(Pruritis)                    the grain. Unsatisfied.           knowing all my needs & desires will be fulfilled.

"Itis"                             Anger & frustration about    I am willing to change all patterns of criticism.
See: Inflamation      conditions you are look-      I love & approve of myself.
                                         ing at in your life.

Jaundice                      Internal & external pre-       I feel tolerance & compassion & love for all 
 See: Liver                    judice.                                           people, myself included.
 Problems                     Unbalanced reason. 

Jaw Problems              Anger. Resentment.               I am willing to change the patterns in me that
(Temporoman-          Desire for revenge.                 created  this condition. I love & approve of 
dibular Joint                                                                      myself. I am safe.
TMJ Syndrome)

Joints                           Represent changes in           I easily flow with change. My life is Divinely
See: Arthritis            direction in life & the           guided & I am always going in the best direction.
Elbow, Knee               ease of these movements.    

Keratitis                     Extreme anger. A desire      I allow the love from my own heart to heal all that 
See: Eye Prob-          to hit those or what you      I see. I choose peace. All is well in my world.
lems                              see.

Kidney Problems     Criticism, disappoint-        Divine right action is always taking place in my 
                                        ment, failure. Shame.         life. Only good comes from each experience. It is
                                        Reacting like a little            safe to grow up.

Kidney Stones           Lumps of undissolved         I dissolve all past problems with ease.

Knee                              Represents pride & ego.      I am flexible & flowing.
See: Joints

Knee Problems          Stubborn ego & pride.         Forgiveness. Understanding. Compassion. I bend &                                          Inability to bend. Fear.      flow with ease & all is well.
                                         Inflexibility. Won't 
                                         give in.


Laryngitis                  So mad you can't speak.      I am free to ask for what I want. It is safe to 
                                       Fear of speaking up.             express myself. I am at peace.
                                       Resentment of authority.

Left Side of               Represents receptivity,       My feminine energy is beautifully balanced.   
Body                            taking in, feminine                     
                                       energy, women, the 

Leg(s)                        Carry us forward in life.        Life is for me!

Leg Problems          Fear of the future.  Not         I move forward with confidence & joy , knowing
Lower                       wanting to move.                    that all is well in my future.  

Leprosy                     Inability to handle                I rise above all limitations. I am Divinely guided 
                                      life at all. A long held          & inspired. Love heals all life.                                            
                                      belief in not being good
                                      enough or clean enough.

Leukemia                Brutally killing inspira-       I move beyond past limitations into the freedom of
See: Blood               tion. "What's the use?"         the now. It is safe to be me.

Leukorrhea             A belief that women are       I create all my experiences. I am the power.  I 
See: Female             powerless over the oppo-    rejoice in my femaleness. I am free.

Liver                          Seat of anger & primitive      Love & peace & joy are what I know.

Liver Problems      Chronic complaining.           I choose to live throught he open space in my heart.
See: Hepatitis,       Justifying fault-finding        I look for love & find it everywhere.
Jaundice                  to deceive yourself.     
                                      Feeling bad.

Lockjaw                     Anger. A desire to control.   I trust the process of life. I easily ask for what I 
See: Tetanus           A refusal to express feel-       want. Life supports me.  

Lou Gehrig's Disease
See: Amyotrophic
Lateral Sclerosis

Lump in Throat       Fear. Not trusting the        I am safe. I trust that life is here for me. I express
(Globus                        process of life.                       myself freely & joyously.

Lung                             The ability to take in         I take in life in perfect balance.

-Problems                   Depression. Grief. Fear    I have the capacity to take in the fullness of life. I
See: Pneumonia       of taking in life. Not          lovingly live life to the fullest.  
                                        feeling worthy of liv-        
                                        ing life fully. 

Lupus                          A giving up. Better to        I speak up for myself  freely & easily. I claim my own 
(Erythematosus)    die than stand up for        power. I lvoe & approve of myself. I am free & safe.
                                       one's self. Anger & pun-


Malaria                    Out of balance with            I am united & balanced with all of life. I am safe.
                                    nature & with life.  

See: Breast Problems

Mastoiditis             Anger & frustration.          Divine peace & harmony surround & indwell me. I am
                                    A desire not to hear           an oasis of peace & lvoe & joy. All is well in my world.
                                    what is going on. Usually
                                    in children. Fear infecting 
                                    the understanding.

See: Diabetes

Menopause            Fear of no longer being      I am balanced & peaceful in all changes of cycles & I  
Problems                wanted. Fear of aging.       bless my body with love.
                                    Sel-rejection. Not feeling
                                    good enough.

Menstrual             Rejection of one's fem-      I accept my full power as a woman & accept all my  
Problems               ininity. Guilt, fear.             bodily processes as normal & natural. I love &  
See:                          Belief that genitals are     approve of myself.  
Amenorrhea         sinful or dirty.  
Female Problems

Migraine Head-   Dislike of being driven.    I relax into the flow of life & let life provide all that I   
aches                        Resisting the flow of         need easily & comfortably. Life is for me.
See: Headaches   life. Sexual fears. (can
                                   usually be relieved by

(To be continued.........Under construction..........good place to take a break, I have a migraine)   ha, ha,ha, ha!!!     :)    Just teasin' !!!!
Miscarriage        FEAR. Fear of the future.   Divine right action is always taking place in my life.
(Abortion,           "Not now-later." Inap-       I love & approve of myself. All is well. 
Spontaneous)    propriate timing.                  

Mono                      Anger at not receiving      I love & appreciate & take care of myself. I am enough. 
Mononucleosis   love & appreciation. No   
(Pfeiffer's              longer caring for self.
Glandular fever)

Motion Sickness  Fear. Fear of not being   I am always in control of my thoughts. I am safe. I love  
See: Car or Sea     in control.                           & approve of myself.

Mouth                  Represents taking in          I nourish myself with love.
                                of new ideas & 

-Problems           Set opinions. Closed         I welcome new ideas & new concepts & prepare them for
                                mind. Incpapcity to          digestion & assimilation.
                                take in new ideas.

Mucous Colon    Layered deposits of         I release & dissolve the past. I am a clear thinker. I live
See: Colitis,         old, confused thoughts  in the now in peace & joy.
Colon,                    clogging the channel       
Intestines,           of elimination. Wallowing
Spastic Colitis    in the gummed mire of the past.

Multiple              Mental Hardiness,            By choosing love, joyous thoughts, I create a loving &
Sclerosis             hard-heartedness,            joyous world. I am safe & free. 
                                iron-will, inflexibility.

Muscles               Resistance to new              I experience life as a joyous dance.
                               experiences. Muscles
                               represent our ability 
                               to move in life.

Muscular            "It's not worth grow-        I go beyond my parents' limitations. I am free to be the 
Dystrophy          ing up."                                   best me I can be.

See: Epstein-Barr Virus

Myocardial Infarction
See: Heart Attack

Myopia                  Fear of the future. Not     I trust the process of life. I am safe.
See: Eye                 trusting what is ahead.   
Nail(s)                  Represent Protection       I reach out safely.

Nail Biting           Frustration. Eating          It is safe for me to grow up. I now handle my life with joy
                                 away at the self.                 & ease.
                                 Spite of a parent.

Narcolepsy          Can't cope. Extreme         I rely on Divine Wisdom & guidance to protect me at all 
                                  fear. Wanting to get        times. I am safe.
                                  away from it all. Not 
                                  wanting to be here.

Nausea                  Fear. Rejecting an             I am safe.  I trust the process of life to bring only good
                                 idea or experience.           to me.  

See: Myopia or
Eye Problems  

Neck                         Represents flexibility.   I am peaceful with life.
(Cervical Spine)

Neck Problems   Refusing to see other       It is with flexibility & ease that I see all sides of an issue.
                                  sides of a question.          There are endless ways of doing things & seeing things. 
                                  Stubbornness.                    I am safe.

Nephritis              Overreaction to dis-         Only right action is taking place in my life. I release the 
See: Bright's        appointment & failure.   old & welcome the new. All is well.

Nerves                  Represent communica-     I communicate with ease & with joy.
                                tion. Receptive reporters.

Nervous              Self-centeredness.                I open my heart & create only loving communication. 
Breakdown        Jamming the channels       I am safe. I am well. 
                               of communication.

Nervousness     Fear, anxiety, struggle        I am on an endless journey through eternity & there is
                               rushing. Not trusting           plenty of time. I communicate withmy heart. All is well.
                               the process of life.

Neuralgia           Punishment for guilt.         I forgive myself. I love & approve of myself.  
                                Anguish over com                I communicate with love.

Nodules              Resentment & frustra-        I release the pattern of delay within me, & I allow 
                               tion & hurt  ego over            success to be mine.

Nose                   Represents self- recognition.       I recognize my own intuitive ability.

-Bleeds              A need for recognition. Feel-      I love & approve of myself.  I recognize my own true                              unrecognized & unnoticed.         worth. I am wonderful.
                             Crying for love.                           

-Runny              Asking for help. Inner crying.    I love & comfort myself in ways that are pleasing
                                                                                              to me.

-Stuffy               Not recognizing the self-worth.   I love & appreciate myself.

Numbness        Withholding love & consid-          I share my feelings & my love. I respond to 
(Paresthesia)  eration. Going dead mentally.    love in everyone.



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Osteomyelitis   Anger & frustration at the         I am peaceful with & trust the process of
See: Bone            very structure of life. Feel-       life. I am safe & secure.
Problems            ing unsupported.  

Osteoporosis     Feeling there is no support       I stand up for myself & life supports me in
See: Bone            left in life.                                          unexpected, loving ways.

Ovaries                Represents points of                     I am balanced in my creative flow. 
                                creation. Creativity.   

Overweight        Fear, need for protection.          I am at peace with my own feelings. I am
See: Fat               Running away from feelings.    safe where I am. I create my own security. 
                               Insecurity, self-rejection.           I love & approve of myself.  
                               Seeking fulfillment.  

Please see page two of Healing Your Physical Apparatus    ( under construction 2-09)
Louise Hay
Our own thought patterns effect the health of our body. Every physical illness that we have stems from an underlying negative emotional thought pattern. If we can understand the illness, we then, can evaluate the cause and ultimately rid the body of the dis-ease. 

Abraham on Healing