Introducing Ezra
Meet Ezra. Many on planet earth today are familiar 
with him. He is that voice within. He is the higher consciousness that we all communicate with from 
time-to-time. He is the voice of reason. Ezra is that 
tap on the shoulder, that kick in the pants, that 'ah-ha' moment that we are afforded every so often. 

He represents the YEARNING for more understanding ... and his teachings will provide many answers to why. He is a wonderful spirit a beautiful soul and a trustworthy friend to many.

The time has come for Ezra to share his accumulated wisdom. He will share this information with those of you who are seeking and attracting this information in parable, simile, metaphor and story form. If you are reading this ... you are part of these stories. They are about YOU and those you walk with in this lifetime. They are your very own. Reading these accounts will clarify your own path and hone your purpose for your life. You will see the proverbial "man in the mirror". 

As you witness these accounts and read the inspiration-al passages you will begin to shift your perspective ... and that, alone will bring the opportunity for forgiveness and an enhanced physical life experience. Forgiveness stimulates the healing process in the body, mind and spirit. You will be closer to your Creator once you can understand the forgiveness process as healing is part of your path and reconnecting with your source is what you seek. You do not need to physically die to make that reconnection. All that is necessary is that you become awake and aware of some very basic, yet Universal Laws. These laws are neutral and impersonal ... yet the Spirit within us ALL ... is personal and eternal.                                           
For every season, and now harvest time ... lest we forget: The world of our imagination is indeed the contact with our Source. Connect with that Source, that Inner Being ... and you will be appreciative of the harvest.

When the heart and mind is receptive ... reviewing the accounts of another  ... can resonate (vibrate) in our own souls, thus initiating  changes in our own lives. Look for the teacher in all that you encounter.

Good begets good ... do unto others ...why is it not accepted that our  physical manifestations ... are but a symbol of our inner landscape? The Universe is a MIRROR.  Smile ... and the world smiles with you ... frown and ... well, you know the rest.  

Do not confuse "your" will and God's will ... as they are ONE ... there-in lies the communication. 

It is quite counter-productive for the human species to insist upon like-thinking. It is the contrast of the thoughts that add-unto the evolution of the species. To annialate different thoughts is to impede and delay the expansion of  man. 

Before the rainbow, there needs to be some parts rain and some parts sunshine; DUALITY! Drink it up!
reap the harvest in the middle of the road!

Disclaimer: The following are some quotes from Ezra ... placing them at the beginning of the accounts retold by Ezra  holds this purpose:  YOU will either make the connection with him or not ... you will either feel a leap in your heart as you read the following quotes or you will feel a pit in your stomach. Both of these feelings are indications of communication from your own guidance system ... your own consciousness. This is your OWN guidance system in action. Do not betray yourself. You have been guided here, yes ... but this is a test for your readiness of your RECEPTION of this information. It is Ezra's intention to be a positive teacher ... and NOT to create Karmic ties of a negative sense.

                         Ezra wishes to separate the true seekers from the mildly curious ... and this is the TEST !

If reading these quotes makes you feel good and you find that your heart is resonating (vibrating) with this information  ...  your inner guidance is prompting you to proceed.

If, on the other hand, you feel that uncomfortable pit in your stomach ... please take heed and do not continue with these studies at the present time!

Ezra is a gentle teacher. His interest is NOT to RECRUIT, (the world needs another religion like a hole in the head!)  but to gently offer information to you so that you can enhance the quality of your life. His pure intentions would be thwarted if any of the information that he has decided to bring forth at this time evoked any emotion other than love and joy for the discovery of this guidance. 

So, please ... take this warning  ... because it is known that YOU are to take the responsibility of your own growth and evolution, not another. By paying attention to how an experience makes you FEEL ... you will understand the appropriateness of any decision that you make. PROCEED with CAUTION:

(even if you do not proceed, you have just been introduced to the awareness of your own guidance system ... there is a lesson around every corner)
Caution: This is a TEST !
Seeking the Wisdom of Ezra
For God so loved the world ... is the beginning of ALL ... it is an ALL-INCLUSIVE introduction to  every living being ... NO EXCLUSIONS.

There is great compassion here for you, yours and your situation ... but you must acknowledge first, that I cannot help you against the free will of your very soul. Your life's improvement must begin with your decision ...

Rid yourself of the "entitlement" mentality. You must accept the responsibility of your own soul & not think you have a "buy" because of a being that walked this earth before you. Become awake and aware on your own behalf ... DIY.

Remember that, in the day, "NO FEAR"  was eloquently stated as; "FEAR NO EVIL" .  
Notice this message on bumper stickers, clothing and other pop culture gear. It means that if you are aware and listen to your inner guidance, your natural-born intution, that which is a part of each living being, each lifetime, you should fear nothing. (for you are never alone ... we all have communciation with our Source)

We are the creators of our own world in this time-space reality.
~Seth~Abraham~Ezra~ et al ...

                                                         WHY the Name EZRA?
In the Judeo-Christian Bible, The Book of EZRA was about a man that made the statement "The hand of the Lord my God was upon me." (Ezra 7:28)

EZRA exemplified the intentional journey of  the soul in that we, as spiritual beings inhabiting a physical body ... seek, apply and then teach that which we have discovered to others. It is the desire of most ... to pass along information to improve another's life. EZRA communicated with what he labeled as his God ... and the information that was  imparted within himself he taught to others in hopes that they would apply it and then improve the quality of their lives.

In the Christian Bible, EZRA sought the truth of the universal laws, applied them to his own life and then brought them forth as teachings in his time. He was a prepared student and was willing to risk his own life's journey and step out in this faith of knowing to face challenging and very difficult situations. EZRA was one of the great "SPEAKERS" of those ancient times ... but he was not the only one. It is time now, here on planet earth, to re-introduce and reinforce the teachings of those ancient times, through those ancient Speakers. (although the wisdom of those Speakers, is imparted through an individual name ... the name of the Speaker really represents the conscious and collective wisdom of many ... we have merely distilled this information as if it was being relayed by just one entity ...)

 As I noted, the name EZRA denotes an ancient name and is associated with many of the world religions, philosophies and theosophies. EZRA represents the personification of a teacher who portrays wisdom, knowledge, information and infinite intelligence to those of us who are seeking such. EZRA just happens to be the name of an ancestor of my own, also... and that is why this beautifully vibrating name has been integrated into these teachings. This is communication with the Divine Source at it's best for one individual ... and it is the intent of these teachings of EZRA to inspire others to connect with their own source  ... at their own soul's urgings.  
                                                                                      ~Reverend Holly Greene White ~
      The Emanation of Ezra
Down through the ages the EZRAs have been glorious story tellers, inventors, poets and pioneers on the stages of the consciousness of mankind. From Biblical record to present day, the name Ezra denotes wise teacher transcending culture and the generations of the world. The Emanation of Ezra is a collection of these thoughts and philosophies brought to light in this modern, new age era ... an emanation, if you will, of the laws that apply to the entire Universal thought bank. If you are drawn to these teachings, consider yourself in the process of advancing to the next phase of your spiritual development ... as this process is always changing and adapting  to rise up to meet your needs and serve you. You may find Ezra as a doorway to the balance in body~mind~spirit that you have been
seeking this entire lifetime.
Decide today ... to examine the contents of your conscious mind so that you may discover the overlooked treasures that it contains ... because these contents cause your physical experience.  
Beloved ... hoarding,  saving,  storing , collecting laying up treasures in excess is an outward manifestation of your inner landscape to do same. This thwarts the ebb and flow of life that is meant to flow to and from us all.
                                                             RELEASE ...
Let go, let God ... forgive and forget ... live and love.
Do some emotional housecleaning TODAY!
Ezra will be the speaker and story-teller for the series SABBATH REST  ... a novel approach to spirituality ... by webmaster Holly Greene White.

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Karma is merely an educational tool for the eternal evolving spirit within us all.
Jesus was a mystic ... there is powerful documentation to substantiate this ... this is the time for the understanding to show itself ... we are ready for this understanding ... as we are forever expanding in our knowing ... and coming out of the Dark Ages in a Spiritual Sense ... we are all one ... EACH of us (complete with our beliefs, although our beliefs are not complete) contribute to All That IS ... there is NOT one set of beliefs ... Viva la differance!
Why the age-old fascination with vampires? It is stimulating  ... because it ignites within, the knowing ... that remembering ... that we create our own reality and another CANNOT penetrate our reality unless invited, as the vampire must be. That invitation is through our thoughts. Like attracts like and unless we are in harmony with another's thought vibrations, there will be no intersection in the matrix of life. As it is said, "Be careful what you think." Happy Halloween.
Are you awake and aware of who you really are? You are a divine being, part of All That Is in this physical realm that we call planet earth ... experiencing on behalf of that which we call God. Your birthright is  just as holy as those you bow before. You need not sit at the feet of another.  Do not rely on another to guide you. Live your life as you are guided from within. That was the message of all of the great teachers; 
Each of you receive inner guidance ... being awake and aware and acknowledging that your inner guidance is the direct link to the Creator will be of benefit to you.
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When you really begin to understand that your outer life reflects your inner landscape ... then and only then will you "monitor" your precious thoughts. Trusting the guidance that comes from within is the single most advantageous advice to you. This is what all of the great teachers throughout your history have attempted to relay. Do you have ears to hear?
Let the creating begin!
The nature of the human is to demand evidence. This is backwards thinking. First ... think and ask then EXPECT the evidence in your own reality. If you are awake and aware, you will see the manifestation of it. If not ... try again. You will soon get the hang of it as you begin to align yourself with your soul's intention. The fun will be in looking for the signs that lead you to it ... much like your scavenger hunts.
Upon the question about the moving about on this planet ... coming and going, staying or leaving ... either person, place or thing ... the one doing the questioning is the one with the answer, also.

The entity must first decide by asking self; "Am I running AWAY or TOWARD?"
Utimately, if it is running AWAY from ...  that is determined ... it is more than likely the wrong decision.  If, on the other hand ... the entity is running TOWARD ... either person, place or thing, as in an opportunity ... then it would be a more appropriate choice.  Staying then until resolving a reason for running is what the soul desires. It is that "unfinished business-thingy" and most likely Karmic in nature. Waiting, resolving and then waiting once more while intending  is a good plan. Once the yearning to run has been attended to ... the next time you are "pulled" in any direction ... it should be a more appropriate decision to do so. 
Ah, yes ...that crazy little thing called ... death; Humans tend to understand death from the perspecitve of earthly life in this time-space reality. Death to most, appears to end that which is held precious; the physical focus of the conscious mind.  

There is not death ... but more 'life' ... merely focused in another dimension. Life is eternal.                              
When the human spirit chooses (yes ... as in birth into the physical, the time of death is also the choosing by the spirit of the individual) to take his focus OFF  the current physical life and place that focus ON the non-physical side of life ... yes, he will 'die' ... in human terms. You may want to think of it as a sort of switch with OFF/ON capabilties. ON ... one is focused in the physical with Source Energy running through us. OFF, it is chosen to become focused in the non-physical realm of life. To simplify it; you close our eyes and breathe the last breath on planet earth and open our eyes in the non-physical realm. 

One can see with this example ... that is by NO MEANS the death or end to the consciousness of the individual. Death is purely the discarding of the vehicle that the consciousness/spirit of the individual used while here on earth, or  what humans label as the BODY.

As onlookers, others will judge the details or occurrences of physical death with such adjectives as; untimely,  pre-mature, accidental, tragic, incomplete, etc. ... when it is the onlookers own emotions that come from their own perspective of another's physical death that allows them to arrive at the conclusion. 

It may be of comfort that the choice ... like ALL choices ... lies solely within the individual.
One only removes focus in this physical life when one has chosen to do so.  Also, it may be of comfort to you to understand that even if it appears that another has chosen for an individual other than himself ... to end the physical focus in another ... again, it is purely the judgement of an onlooker.  Rest assured, again, it was the choosing of the one who no longer has the focus in the physical.  
There are many, many reasons for choosing to 'exit' this current earthly physical experience. In fact, there are  just as many reasons as there are souls who do the choosing. Each spirit/soul has his own perspective that he has gathered from this physical experience or lifetime. Each soul upon entering this lifetime, understood that he can return to his non-physical life anytime he chooses. Most, if not all, have a plan or outline that they wish to experience before  going back to the non-physical. 

It is understood while in the non-physical, that the experiences that are learned in the physical are of great importance to the evolution and growth of  the individual spirit AND to the eternally evolving All That Is, or God ... so most souls intend or plan to utilize their time on earth to the utmost advantage.  But some exit early.

There are those, who,  for whatever reason, intend to merely "sample" life in the physical. It could be to fulfill a sacred contract with another. It could be because they have but one experience that they choose to 'master'. It could be that they have taken on more than they care to handle in just one lifetime ... and decide to 'exit' at a time that seems 'pre-mature' to other souls. Again, there are many, many reasons to  make the transition from the physical back into the non-physical. Some reasons are viewed as too early by others ... and some are viewed as fulfilled.

We knoweth not what another soul/spirit intends for this lifetime. All who make the transition, or die, KNOW at a soul level ... that they are going to make the transition as it is a welcomed and a joyous occasion for the soul making the choice to transition.

Most likely the soul making the transition  ... will consider his earthly relationships before his transition. 

Many physical deaths are considered  ... in the non-physical realm ... as some of the greatest teaching opportunities for THOSE LEFT BEHIND in the physical.  Death of a loved one can urge the souls still experiencing life in the physical ... into gaining the understanding of the spiritual nature of every human being. Until death is witnessed, there may not be the bubbling up of the questions.

All who are alive on planet earth at this time knew prior to their birth, here, in the physical, that this would be a time of great importance. So great a time that most wanted the experience right here, right now. 

This is the time for the great awakening. It is a new era, a new time, a new age ... of spiritual understanding. Those who came forth desiring the experience of this great awakening or shift of perspective from the physical to the non-physical ... will remain on planet earth to see it come to fruition.
Free Will is a Universal right. 
Those who have changed their original intention of understanding life on planet earth from the perspective of the spirit will choose to transition back to the non-physical realm before the shift. You are witnessing and will contiue to witness many souls who have decided to make the transition prior to this awakening.  Again, it is the individual soul's choice.
  Remember as you begin your day to take a moment to           'check in' with your intentions ... are you in alignment    ... or not? You create your own reality ... and your               inner landscape is reflected and manifested                             outwardly. Stay in alignment and your day will be all       that you wanted it to be ... Enjoy this process ... Enjoy      your day!
Like intent attracts like intent ... if you walk in light and love,  you will attract light and love. So, yes, to those of you who ask about finding love in the same vibration ... staying steady is the challenge, especially for those who are young in the development stages. 
Keep always in mind, that the teacher appears when the student is ready ... there are many 'teachers', some in human form and some come as experiences. These teachers include experiences in the relationship with all ... each soul/spirit creates his own reality ... only that individual knows what is needed at each stage of development. There could be areas of great contrast ... but ultimately, once clarified, the experiences will come into alignment with the individual soul's intention ...  as light attracts light ...
YOU are the co-creator of your physical life experience ... some souls really, really intended to sample ALL from the many choices of the smorgasbord of life ... you will witness much contrast in these lives.
While others, were more reserved in their choices and it will APPEAR as if these souls have a cushioned life ...
It is ALL GOOD ... and merely ONE of your many, many perspectives ... as the soul is eternal ... and will evolve with each experience ... each lifetime.
Look at this current life experience as the wondrous opportunity that it is ... and savor each and every experience ... each and every opportunity for the expansion.
Regarding questions concerning prophecy ... the asker must understand that the answers are always within the individual ... that the outcome  is not set in stone, so to speak. The individual is always the creator of his experience, his reality. IF the future of the individual has gathered momentum in his present belief system  ... there is more probability that certain events will occur. One must also understand that those beliefs foster intentional desires ... and will guide the individual TO the threshold of discovery and understanding. In other words, if an individual is aware of what he wants ... it launches the desire. That in turn, will cultivate the wanted outcome IF the individual allows the opportunities to align with the desire. 

The statement by our Master Teacher and Brother, Jesus ..."Ask and it is given." was actually given as directions to manifesting desires. The trouble humans have with this directive is ... they ASK, as in prayer ... THEN they try to manipulate the outcome!!!
When Jesus made the statement ... he wanted to instruct ... and that instruction goes something like this:
                 Ask/Pray ... then get out of the way!
Jesus understood that the physical life for each individual was a classroom to experience and learn that which the individual incarnated to learn, assimilate and then apply to his own individual spiritual growth. Jesus knew that only the individual soul KNOWS the most appropriate choices for that soul. 

So ...yes, another may be able to guide or 'see' what the future may hold for that individual, reading the current energetic path that the individual is upon, but, ultimately ... the individual can determine his own future by stilling the mind (meditation) prior to any decision and then making the decision that is shown to him from his own soul's guidance system.

Will the soul have a wonderful experience? Yes!
If ... that soul asks FOR the wonderful experience that will present him with the best opportunity for his soul's growth either by the desire coming forth from within OR verbally, as in prayer ... and then merely relaxing and releasing (letting go, letting God) the rigid expectations ... with the knowing that all will turn out to be in the best interest and development of the individual soul.
Ezra is a firm believer in the "Do It Yourself" philosophy ... in all things body~mind~spirit. 

In other words, when you delegate another to mediate or interpret or execute for you ... you are depriving your own soul's expansion. 
In the early stages of a souls' growth, yes ... it may be necessary to take into your heart a spiritual teacher who can coach you to trust and understand how to follow your own life's purpose. Eventually, the student must strike out on his own to discover the true meaning of his reason for coming forth this lifetime.

If each soul would know that he is carrying within himself  his own counselor, his own life coach ... who is always available ... then, he would understand that he and he alone, is the master of his life's experience. The growth of the soul is accelerated with the acknowledgement of the spirit within ... which is a portion and contributes to the bigger picture ... that which most call God. This guidance is eternal, infallible and forever seeking the evolution of the individual soul. And THAT bit of information, my friends, is for the DIY.
I AM THANKFUL ... as the global evidence that I receive daily suggests ... the tipping point is not out of reach ... Humanity is walking toward understanding the ALL IN-CLUSIVE nature of Spirit ... and choosing to disassociate from all things EX-CLUSIVE . 

                          ALL of YOU SAPS OUT THERE !!!      ;)
 This web site is dedicated to the Spirits of the Cosmos
Note  from the Web Master:
In answer to the many, many questions regarding  the manfestation of abundance and health NOW ...
I am going to refer you to a very important  book and CD that has just been released ... it is by Esther & Jerry Hicks . It is called "Getting in the Vortex" and it part of the Abraham teachings. It is most important because it combines meditation that is an active way to manifest. Meditation is the key ... to all ...
Please entertain the symbolic meaning of Christmas; The Christ Mass is not about the celebration  of the physical birth of the great teacher Jesus the Christ ... but rather, the conscious birth of the Christ in YOU! The 'gift' is your remembering who you really are ... then ALLOWING the Christ to be born in YOU!
Your belief system is your foundation for living each and every lifetime. That foundation should be forever changing, expanding, malleable and flexible ... in order to SERVE YOUR current needs.

If you find yourself the SERVANT of a rigid, static, unevolving belief system ... it WILL be reflected and be evident in your life!

Vow now to take inventory of your beliefs this coming year ... and then ... press 'delete' or 'save'.

In order to teach ... you must first experience. Whether it is first-hand or via observation of another ... you must look through those eyes ... walk in those shoes ... before you gain the most cherished  of Holy Grails; Perspective.
Instead of labeling an experience as 'good ' or 'bad', 'right' or 'wrong' and then lamenting and dwelling on the choices that caused your experience in the first place ... resolve , instead to evaluate its impact on your spiritual growth ... and 'move on' . Every experience expands your understanding and evolves you as an individual, contributes to the collective consciousness of the human species and to ALL THAT IS. So ... in a nutshell, each and every experience that you have ... is for the benefit of ALL.
For those who have eyes ... see. For those who have ears hear; Goodness, love and mercy are all hidden in plain sight. It is all the birthright of every soul incarnate to savor. It is all yours for the asking. It is all yours for the discovery. After gathering the experience, allow the expansion of your spirit to see with the single eye... the eye within.
Note from the Web Master: 
Understandably so,there have been numerous questions and quotes pertaining to the Christian Bible. WE are currently writing a soon-to-be published article about this very subject. Please check back for the link. 
Always and forever at some level ... our stage is set by our own hand ... there is never victimhood ... as we always get what we first 'ask' for whether by conscious deliberate intent or by default. We are the choreographers of our own lives.

As the free world observes the Egyptian people in their quest for freedom ... those who are already free are reinforcing that quest by their newly-found appreciation of  their own freedom. An attitude of gratitude prevails.
  Valentine's Day 2011
                                Correct Choice? 
The expansion of the perspective of the                individual spirit is directly due to the                    consequences of choice. Do not allow                     another outside yourself to abort the true          nature of this process. Only the individual soul knows the original intention on the path to understanding.                                    
                                Follow your heart.
The question is if another could be a 'medium' without really knowing that he is ... and the answer is yes. Each of us has the capabilities of being "tuned-in, tapped-in, turned-on" as Abraham-Hicks likes to put it. Each of us is born 'psychic'. Each of us is truly like a miniature receiver of the vibrations emmanated from the Universe. It is a matter of tuning-in to the station that YOU want to set your dial.  If you are asking the question, it is most likely that you have been receiving the evidence to support your hunch that you are, indeed a psychic or a highly sensitive individual who could hone his skills to become what we call a medium. Spend some time alone in meditation/prayer and ask the very same question. Listen for the answer. You do not need another outside yourself to verify. Now, if you decide to do something with this 'knowing' that you have been shown ... it is suggested that you research and then develop a plan to pursue if interested. You can be guided by many 'teachers' ... outside of yourself  ... to learn to trust the most reliable information that you will receive this lifetime; your own inner guidance. That inner guidance is actually your connection to the God of your understanding. If you are interested and ready ... that teacher will appear.
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Submit your Questions for Ezra HERE
Then Read the answers HERE and HERE
Q. What exactly IS all of the chatter about 2012 and the 'end of the world' ?
A. In a nutshell, it is the shift of all human consciousness to thatof not merely asking, "But WHY?" ... to that of seeking AND discovering that, yes, indeed ... there IS an answer to each and every question!
Q. What is meant by, "Resist ye not evil." ?
A. In trusting the Procees of Life and letting go ... you release the resistance that is holding you in a particular area. When you shift your attention TO that which is WANTED and AWAY from that which IS ... you will soon discover  that, that which was undesirable falls away. In other words, it's like throwing a bone to your dog in the direction that you want it to go ... not in the direction in which he wants to go. It is all manipulation of thought energy ... and it is congruent with many of one of the Masters' teachings ... including  "Let go, let God." It matters not what you call SOURCE ENERGY ... but it DOES matter that you stay connected TO that SOURCE!
"It is how one assimilates the NOW that determines his future."
Q. What happens to a person when he is diagnosed as a sociopath? Where is the soul, then?
A.  Whether from a personal or observing perspective, in this question, it is implied that the soul leaves the body or disappears upon this diagnosis. It is like saying ... "Where does the soul go since I have been diagnosed with cancer?"  (or any other 'diagnosis')

Cancer, a personality disorder, or any other diagnosis are all earthly labels.  In this and every case, it matters not what the labels are ... but it IS indicative of your path and your connection (or not) to that spiritual side of you ... your soul, or higher self. The further you are from YOU, or your acknowledgement that you do, indeed, have a higher, wiser, more evolved part of you ... the more it will be evident in the manifestations in your life; meaning the positive and negative things that come into your life experience.

We all come into each lifetime with our own unique 'bucket list', so to speak ... a list of things things that we would enjoy seeing come into fruition from the perspective of our spiritual nature. Say for example,  that we intend to experience and assimilate trusting others this lifetime as one of our pre-birth intentions. We, then, go about our 'business' this current lifetime, creating our own unique  opportunities that will lead us to the experiences that will eventually lead us to the conclusion that we, do, indeed trust others more so than before in this current lifetime.

Understanding that each and every soul that comes on our radar screen here, in the physical, can be trusted may or may not roll-out entirely this current lifetime for the soul in question, but it was his intention to come to terms with that aspect of his relationships this lifetime and construct opportunities conducive to learning and understanding trust.

This particular 'lesson' may be extended over many lifetimes before the soul truly understands what it means to trust unconditionally, but it was his intention and thus, establishes his point of attraction ... to begin to learn to trust during this particular lifetime.  So, his life experiences 'bring' him to that threshold, this lifetime or, in the very least give him the opportunities TO learn  how to trust others. It will be his responsibility to see the signs and assimilate the lessons ... which may or may not be the result of just one lifetime.

Because 'life' ... or consciousness, is eternal, we do not have to 'get it done' all in one lifetime. In fact, it is not a requirement to get it done at all ... as long as we progress from lifetime to lifetime as we have intended. Just coming once again to the physical is accomplishment in itself  a great strides in the progression or evolution of the spirit. The eternal nature of the soul is just that; ETERNAL. There is never an end to our expansion and evolution. 

                          PLUS ... it is ALL  BY CHOICE!!!

The original question is quite thought-provoking ... and it is sensed that the asker of the question is on his own personal path as a spiritual seeker OR is attempting to assist another  in finding his own connection with his higher self. Either way ... it is a good question.

There are many souls in human form on earth today who are experiencing many lessons (I say that very loosely ... as they are not lessons, but experiences)that stop them in their tracks. These life-changing  experiences could come in the disguise as a 'fatal' dis-ease, a death in the soul family, winning the lottery, becoming a parent, traveling to distant lands, going to jail, losing a job, a friend, a home ... you get the idea.  It is all relative in how each individual assimilates the situation within the choices that he makes both prior to and after physical birth. Nothing is set in stone!

Anything and everything that the soul experiences while in physical form can be translated into that which assists in bringing that soul to the threshold of a choice to raise his vibration ... to take the higher road, as some say. That is what evolution is ... choosing the more appropriate choice for the individual at the time for the expansion of the spirit both individually, collectively AND for ALL THAT IS ... or God! 

In order to give a clear answer to the question, where is the soul, when given a very grave, according to earthly standards, diagnosis, label or assessment ... you must first understand that all things are to set the stage for higher learning. Absolutely everything that comes into our lives is first requested; BY OUR OWN THOUGHTS!  Neither a word nor an action is necessary ... we each 'get what we ask for'. 

                             Everything is done unto self !!!

So,  where is the soul during any diagnosis? It remains where it has always been ... guiding us through our life experiences through our emotional signals. If you acknowledge its existence and purpose, you, then make the conscious choice of raising your vibration ... which translates into enhancing your life's journey this lifetime. If you remain ignorant and in denial of the existence of your eternal consciousness, you are in a sense, cutting off your nose in spite of your face. It is when we validate and begin to understand the process of life, here, on planet earth that causes the shift in consciousness. Once we realize that each of us is responsible for creating our own reality, then and only then will our souls find gradual and consistent chances to improve our life experience.

Your life may improve merely by default, but it is only when you consciously make the decision to allow the guidance system that is in place for you to do its work that you will be given the consitent evidence of improvement. 

My advice to you, if you or a loved one has been given the diagnosis of having an anti-social personality disorder (sociopathic) ... or ANY disorder ... is to look for the underlying story ...  to attempt to discover the emotional reason or issue that this disorder/diagnosis may be trying to convey to you. If you are aware of the request, you will then be enlightened to the answer that is given you and in that answer, you will also be given the opportunity to begin at that point to improve your life and release the resistance that got you to that diagnosis in the first place.

Look at every experience, whether it is deemed as good or bad by you ... as an opportunity to learn the underlying emotional reason for the manifestation of that experience. WHAT are you being told by your soul?

The soul is always with you ... sometimes in need of gentle care and attention, but it is always with you ... you are never alone. Acknowledging its presence is the first step in bridging the communication and ultimately assisting in the healing that will come forth.

There are many accepted and therapeutic ways to begin the process of healing, no matter what the situation. I would suggest to you to check into some of these alternative solutions and be 'guided' by how you feel when introduced to these methods to choose what is appropriate for you at this time. 

You are a special soul ... with the eagerness to learn more than most souls this lifetime ... please proceed with the same inspiration that you had when choosing your  path this lifetime ... in discovering the answers.

Tea Leaves and Tarot
The  culmination of the individual's Spiritual DNA is collected and stored in the individual's consciousness from lifetime to lifetime in and out of physical and non-physical existence.  Each human lives many lives on the earth plane and collects many experiences. These experiences help hone the individual and very unique  perspective.

 Each perspective also adds to the collective human consciousness AND to the consciousness of ALL THAT IS ... some call this God. 

What is labeled as past lives  (which is merely those experiences that have occurred and collected over the millennia) may or may not have influence on our current lifetime. That 'collection' prior to each lifetime does help the individual consciousness with establishing theINTENTIONS  that would offer certain opportunities to set the stage for the experi-ences that would like to be seen come into fruition. 

Humans are NOT puppets, fulfilling that which is pre-destined or pre-ordained. The human spirit is here to create each lifetime to add unto his 'bag of tricks'.  The physical being is not required to unwaveringly adhere to any particular experience or  follow a set-in-stone map of the soul's journey. He may, however, use any gained knowledge of the  individual conscious collection to assist in the choices that he makes in the current lifetime.
   If you look at absolutely everything that you            experience in this lifetime from the perspective     that it IS merely and 'experience' ... you will live     your life with amazing clarity and purpose. 
  Ask yourself: Am I an emotional hoarder? Let     go ... and  restore the balance in your life that is    your birthright.
 Be careful what you 'witch' for ... concentrated focus   on any thought will yield manifestation. A witch hunt is NOT beneficial to anyone ... being vigilant of   your thoughts will behoove you ... being a vigilante is unnnatural to the human spirit.
  ~Ezra~                                                                                            7-7-11
 Effect change with only positive                                    involvement; Be not witness to the focus on        the events that give energy to that which you     do not want. When you align your thoughts         with the 'fight against' or the resistance to ...        anything ... there is a more likely probability      that what you do NOT want will arrive at your    doorstep in your near future.

For Example:
When you are in good health, train yourself to   appreciate that state of being and KNOW that       you are supposed to experience wellness ...           hold tht vision of perpetual good health.

When you FIGHT another's dis-ease or                    encourage another to FIGHT his dis-ease ...         that focus on the FIGHT gathers more and             more and more energy on the FIGHT ... and         there will be more and more and more energy   giving evidence of the perceived enemy (the     dis-ease) TO fight. 

Instead ... let go ... resist not ... relax.  Train           yourself to focus on that which is your                    birthright ... on wellness and feeling good!

Participating in the FIGHT AGAINST                       ANYTHING will give energy to that which             you are fighting.  Take the opposite approach     and visualize the balance ... Let go let God, as       they say.
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         Healing Questions Answered

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How to SUCCEED in Past Life Business THIS lifetime; Meditate.
    Choosing to hoard hatred  is detrimental to your                            health! "Let go, let God" ... is for YOUR BENEFIT!!!
 Source is not a respecter of man! YOU get to do the
 choosing. Think of it as the 'Smorgasbord' game; 
          I want that, and that and that on my plate ... but I                    choose to leave that and that ... Enjoy your game!
In answer to the question, would a soul plan suicide or is it just an exit point or another option:

When a soul is in the pre-birth planning stages for the next physical life on planet earth, there is much optimism, anticipating another amazing lifetime of glorious experience.  The individual soul at that point understands that the next physical life is for the purpose of creating opportunities to expand the individual perspective, the perspective of the human species and the perspective of All That Is. 

Yes ... he begins with his own opportunities, again, knowing that his individual contribution to the evolution of the Universe is extremely important. He also knows that in order to be of service to the rest of mankind, the first order of business is to have something to give others ... so, he realizes that his first purpose is to fine-tune himself., so he sets his intentions.

The soul tentatively plans to create opportunities within his physical soul family to provide the contrast of experience that leads to raising his own awareness that eventually leads to becoming (by earth standards) 'enlightened' or 'aware' of a higher purpose that will serve all. This will not be expected the first physical incarnation and perhaps this perspective will never be gained while in the physical. Each soul has a totally different perspective and purpose for coming forth into the physical realm.

Each soul knows at the time of pre-birth planning  that once he accesses the physical realm he can be assured that the Universal Laws are still in effect. He also knows that earthly laws will also come into play, like time-space and gravity. 

A soul also knows that his are tentative blueprints and are never-ever set in stone and only a sketchy outline due to the Law of Free Will. Each soul, while in the non-physical realm, also knows that he is never alone ... and all he has to do is ask for assisitance ... and he will receive whatever he needs at the time of his physical evolution. He KNOWS fully that he is a part of All That Is, or God ... and he is perfection at every stage of his evolution. He knows that he is always in a state of becoming. He knows that there is no pass/fail to the next physical lifetime, just like there is no 'pass/fail' to the non-physical lifetimes. 

Before birth on planet earth each soul knows that there is merely expansion of the understanding of the consciousness of the individual, the species and All That Is during the evolution of the experiences with each and every lifetime ... and that there is not fear and dark, only love and light.

But ...  as he is born into the physical realm  he forgets all of that which he understood and accepted as truth in the non-physcal realm. It is all in the big plan to do so as each lifetime on the earth plane begins experience anew and is not a regurgitation of the previous lifetimes. It is pure genious! Underlying each physical lifetime is the desire to remember that which is Universal Truth and eventually return to the non-physical.

IF a soul was to remember the details of previously (dubbed) lifetimes (which are actually simultaneous) there would not be the new experiences  for evolution that are desired and growth would cease to be.

So, this leads us to the answer of your question, "Does the soul plan suicide?"  
Each being comes forth for the expansion of the spirit ... and just like a soul will most likely not gain evolutionary experience  from inhabiting a fetus that is intended for abortion ... 99.9 % of souls will NOT plan to commit suicide while in pre-birth planning in the way the earth standards view suicide. Keep in mind, that due to the Law of Free Will, there are a few exceptions, for remote reasons.

If it is realized that all death from the physical realm IS by choice ... it will be understood that ALL DEATH is SUICIDE. Each soul knows at a cell level as well as soul level when his time of transitioning from the physical realm back into the non-physical realm is at hand. Sometimes the soul is ever-so creative in summoning this transition. There are many 'creative' ways to transition without resorting to what earth views as suicide. (example; death by 'accident', death by war, death by dis-ease, etc.) 

It is extremely rare that a soul, in his pre-birth planning stages would "PLAN" his own suicide ... as at the time of his pre-birth planning period, he views physical life as 'sacred' and filled with evolutionary opportunities. He would view suicide as opportunities missed and an inappropriate intention of that physical  opportunity or lifetime. 

Do you not see that mankind is continuing to kill in the name of 'religion'? WAKE UP PEOPLE!

Religion is regarded by the average person as 
the way the truth and the light ...

By the wise, religion is regarded as, basically, a collection of exclusive falsehoods ...

And ... by the ruling elite of all nations religion is regarded as an extremely useful tool to control the masses!

   Consider SPIRITUALITY without borders ... for    all are ONE ... the truth lies within each soul.

   Disregard the organized religions that spew              hope on this planet where humans continue to      die  in the NAME of RELIGION!

         "I will do for you ... because it is apparent                that you cannot do for yourself ."
                                 Seriously, people?  

THAT is the crux of the mentality of those who think that there is an outside source that will not only provide for them ... but SAVE them in the interim! YOUR  POWER ...  your God  ... lies within each of you. 

  The 'trick' to living a satisfying, happy and                      healthy life ... is first to find the key that fits your      door lock ... and then ... open the doggone thing!"

The Law of Attraction is at work 100% of the time ... either by your intentional thought or by default ... you ALWAYS get what is the vibrational equivalent of your sustained thoughts! 

                                                                       (Please refer to the BELIEVE page on this website ...)

The earth plane is dualistic in nature ... when your thoughts dwell upon ANYTHING for any sustained amount of time, you will see the evidence of those thoughts appear in your reality. 

                        For example:
If your thoughts dwell about LONELINESS, POVERTY, ILL HEALTH ... that will show up in your reality!
 AND conversely,
If your thoughts are consistently of an uplifting and positive nature ... those, too, will appear!

The Universe (some call this GOD) is NOT a respector of human thought in that it sorts and sigfts through your thoughts and determines what is best for you ... 'GOD' merely MATCHES what you think and brings that to your reality. 

Learn to TRAIN your BRAIN ... and vibrate to that which YOU WANT to come into your life!  
Meditation, Hypnotherapy and Visualization is the solution to your pollution! All of the answers to your questions lie within you!  ONLY YOU has the TRUTH for YOU. Access that information ... and never again will you rely upon another for the answers for YOU!  
Human reincarnation is re-cycling  at its best!  ... Once humans remember WHO they are and WHY they are HERE ... the current lifetime as well as each and every subsequent lifetime will get better and better for them! 

  Q. And just why do you suppose Jesus                                        could heal the sick?
   A. Because He could ONLY see the                                                 wellness that is present in all beings. He                               understood that all is perfect and                                             unfolding as it should ... then, and forever, in all               ways. He held that vision for each.

                                  The K.I.S.S. Rule

    Keep iSimply Spiritual

When  approaching the solution to a perceived problem, always and forever KNOW that the meaning is deeper than the surface.

Eventually you will come to the understanding that absolutley everything that 'happens' on this material earth is for the expansion of the spirit.

THEN and only then, will you be able to observe an experience and KNOW that it is as it should be.

THEN and only then, will you be able to  KEEP it SIMPLY SPIRITUAL as you CHOOSE not to panic and therefore give energy to an unwanted situation. 

KNOW that the Universe matches your very vibration,  all day ... every day.

KISS all in your path as you embrace each day.

Soul Groups are those clusters of souls that have CHOSEN to interact with each other THIS particular lifetime. They may or may not have interacted previous lifetimes, however, more often than not, souls tend to plan lifetimes in groups that are mostly familiar with each other. Just like all other choices ... there are no set rules in the selection of these soul groups. Each human soul instinctively knows what it needs for its evolution and growth and so the process of choosing the CORE group is instinctive to include any and all that will assist in the expansion of the individual soul as well as the group. 

As each lifetime on planet earth evolves, the Law of Attraction prevails and there is a magnetic attraction that will bring all of the necessary components together, anyway ... whether it be people, places things, events ... so it is unnecessary that prior to birth, while in the non-physical ... that each and every detail is planned. (This includes the 'players'/souls of a particular experience.) 

Always, components will line up exactly as it should be for the optimum experience. There are no mistakes or coincidences or 'miracles' ... only attraction of  vibrational transmissions.


(LOVE THIS inquiry as it accepts reincarnation as truth. It would behoove others to accept this truth as just that understanding alone, would unlock much in this current lifetime. The energy of the soul is eternal!)

The soul group is not a finite group as WE are ALL ONE ... and we interact with different souls as well as the same ones with adjusted roles throughout eternity.  The thread that runs through a particular group through a particular lifetime is the experiences that the members of that group intend to experience. (some call these 'lessons')  Most of these are planned prior to birth. The actual EVENT may or may not be planned, but the OPPORTUNITY to have the experience is tentatively planned.

There is a clustering of souls under the umbrellas of families, communities, etc. because it is with more ease that these intended experiences will manifest, but ... it does not mean that when there is a particular experience ... that other, unfamiliar souls do not enter the mix. Keep in mind the Law of Attraction.

For example ... the souls of  the '9-11' victims were not of the same soul families, BUT they were  linked with the same 'community' due to their  jobs being housed in the same building,  the towers of the World Trade Center. These souls were attracted to each other due to their pre-planned, intended experience while living life in the physical realm. The 'opportunity' to send a message be it on a personal as well as global level was intended long before it manifested. We are all students as well as teachers ... sometime on a personal level and sometimes for the bigger picture of  the collective consciousness ... always BOTH, as all affects the bigger picture, some just not as obvious as this example ... and we always experience for ALL THAT IS.

Is it no wonder that people (not to mention, other factors in one's life) come and go and  relationships are forever changing ? It is all by design!

Due to the volume of questions to Ezra, it is impossible to answer questions pertaining exclusively to an individual. There are many referrals on this wesite that may be contacted for individual consultations.

~Web Master~
It matters not where on the face of the earth plane a soul decides to be born ... it is ALL to assist the experiences that result in the expansion of the individual soul, the collective human consciousness and ALL THAT IS ... some call this God. It is a three-part harmonious effort.         

Q. I have this feeling that every  time I want to learn something it is blocked. I am 60 years old and it has been going on all of my life. What can I do?

If you look closely at your belief system and without prejudice there lies the credit for this blockage.
Your beliefs have held you in that place of  paralysis. 

As you look around your physical reality, that too, will also provide the evidence to your statement. Your beliefs, the ones that were brought forth 'all of your life' ... are responsible for your feeling that you and all that you attempt to learn is blocked.

Many times I have said that you create your own reality. That reality (unique to the individual) is FIRST created by thought.  That thought, thought over and over again ... is what makes up your belief system.

When a thought becomes a part of your core belief system, it creates an emotional response from your Higher Self. Because of the Universal Law of Free Will, your Higher Self may not agree or align with your belief. If your Higher Self does not align with your original intentions,  signals  or guidance  is sent in the form of negative emotions.

The old saying of allowing your conscience to be your guide comes into play, here. If  a physical human refuses to 'listen' to his negative emotions, a gap that grows larger and larger with every refusal is formed. If only positive emotions are felt ... all is well, it is as simple as that!

If the belief persists in the individual's  beleif system  in spite of the negative warnings or messages that are continually coming forth from the Higher Self ... the evidence of the belief will manifest in the individual's current physical reality.


I am going to leave you with a link that will assist you immensely in understanding beliefs. Once you understand why you get what you get ... you will be guided to other information on this topic and will then,
be able to train yourself to release unwanted beliefs. 

  Once a dis-ease (the body not being at-ease)           
  manifests ... neither chemicals nor surgery will                totally eliminate the manifestation. The source of         any dis-ease of the physical human body is a result        of an underlying cause. It is a symptom/message 
  from your Inner Being/God .

  You can temporarily cut out the dis-ease or throw
  chemicals at the manifestation ... but unless you get
  to the actual cause, this 'cure' will surface again,
  possibly even as a different dis-ease in the future.

   The actual cause of any dis-ease is imbalance in 
   either body~mind~spirt, which all originates in               spirit. (are we not all spiritual beings?)

   So, in order to 'fix' or cure the dis-ease the inner               landscape issues of the being must be first explored
   and then resolved.

   Miraculous recoveries, cures  and/or remissions are    not miraculous at all ... but your birth right and               actual process to heal your own body should you
   decide to do so!


Life Review:
Often, it is asked if there is any benefit to training your physical mind to conducting a 'life review' now and then while in the physical realm instead of waiting until the 'life review' (some call this an individual's 'judgement day') after the transition from physical to non-physical.

The life review is fact ... all souls DO experience that each and every time it transitions from non-physical or that lifetime's 'death'.

In the non-physical realm (some call this 'Heaven') there is not the contrast that can be found, here, on the earth plane. The earthly experience is the fast-track to evolve the individual spirit; the classroom, if I may ...

Since all spirits have this life review (each, privately ... only to review their general experience in the physical to assess how they may improve their NEXT earthly visit. There is NO RIGHT or WRONG or meting out of punishment ... the life review is only used as a indication or tool) does it not stand to reason that each should strive to choose wisely and evolve in a spiritual manner as best they can while in the physical?

Again, keeping tabs on the way you conduct your life is not to ward off the possibility of hell or damnation ... it is to advance the evolution of your spiritual nature. 

Each soul leaves each lifetime with a certain level of consciousness and then transitions into the non-physical realm WITH that very awareness. Striving to enter each lifetime with the goal of spiritually evolving  at a fast rate (mind you, merely competing with yourself and your previous life experiences) and then leaving this earth WITH that understanding is of the highest intention.

So ... yes, absolutely, it would be beneficial to take little 'reviews' of the progress that is being made in this life experience. Once the being understands this process, the reviews will be embedded in each and every choice that is made.

You can train yourself to a higher spiriutal understanding once the secret of meditation is learned ... which is no secret!  Meditation is the other half of prayer; First you ask in prayer ... then you get the answer during meditation. It is the communication and then the alignment of the individual soul with Infinite Intelligence that is the desired process.

One does not need to physically 'do' either prayer nor meditation, once the reasoning behind the practice is absorbed, for each and every time a being is brought to the threshold of choice or decision ... the Universe or Infinite Intelligence automatically considers this a prayerful request.  When the request is followed by silence or 'letting go' and not engineering the outcome, the answer that best aligns with the intention of the soul doing the asking will prevail. It must be ... it is Universal Law!

     Dis-ease and Karma ... 
     Once a being understands the Law of Karma and the Law of Attraction, it becomes clear that physical humans do, indeed, create their own reality. Each reality is created through choice and then, experiencing the consequences (perceived as good or bad) in earth time. The part of the proverbial equation that may be missing with this understanding is, that SOME of the choices may have been made or set into motion prior to the being's physical birth on earth. In other words, SOME of the results that manifest and human beings shake their fist at or stand scratching their heads about  ... are due to the choices that the soul made while in the non-physical realm.

     NOW ... this is where it gets even more sticky;  although, most physical humans neither understand nor choose to        believe in reincarnation for the species ... reincarnation is not only fact, but there is now physical evidence to prove this otherwise controversial subject. 

     IF, humans can realize that there is a re-cycling of souls ... AND that most souls desire to recycle many different             times ... maybe the understanding of 'why' humans all enter this physical life 'the usual way' ... BUT can have many varied reasons for doing so ... will come to light.

    Inequality on all levels of the human experience can and does insult the sensibilities ... until one discovers that it
 is always the choice of the being, either prior to, or while living life in the physical realm that allowed the                            imbalanced manifestation in the first place. 

If you happen to stumble upon a situation that is in contrast and ruffles your sensibilities ... acknowledge that the energy upon the earth plane appears to be speeding up ... but do not allow  yourself to get caught up in the momentum that is not yours.

Instead, train yourself to merely observe the contrast  then choose that which is in alignment with your own souls' intention/vibration.

ALL contrast is a blessing to ALL souls ... as it is that which births creativity and eventual solutions.

CONTRAST is the catalyst in the eternal evolutionary process. Embrace it, for without the contrast, life would not move forward and eventually become non-existent.

  When I get any question that begins, "What do I         NEED to do ..." my first answer is to release that         word,  NEED in all of your prayers, requests and       attitude.

When a soul has come to a crossroad, a decision, a time of change ... and their vibrational offering
is that of NEED ... that very vibration OF NEED is       sent out into the Universe and the Law of                       Attraction goes to work bringing more of the               components of that NEED into your vibration.

       NOT the SOLUTION or wanted answer ...

The human must understand, that when                      faced with an unwanted experience ... at a soul           level, the asking for help is well underway, due 
to the vibrational offering of the 'soul' upon that       experience.

Prayer is in that moment of initial 'need'. It                   doesn't  have to be verbal ... the soul is already in a vibration of asking. Believe me, the Universe 'hears'.

If NEED is continued in the vibrational asking ...
the human will just continue to GET whatever
that  is ... NOT THE SOLUTION.

The advice after the initial prayer ... is to go into
an 'allowing' mode ... or RELEASE any NEED to get an answer. Meditate and connect with your
Higher Self. During the 'release of resistance'  
in meditation, is where you will begin to find
the answers to your NEEDY QUESTIONS.

Defragging your computer (meditating) is the           ONLY way to methodically and regularly get 
the answers.

It would be to your benefit to remember that
prayer is a two-fold process; the asking ... and            then the releasing of resistance or allowing.

     In the first part ... YOU DO THE 'TALKING' or               asking (and it need not be verbal)

     The second part is when the UNIVERSE (GOD)
     TALKS TO YOU!!!

      How does one hear the answer, if one does not                                                     stop to ...



Q. What do I need to complete my physical healing? What am I doing wrong?

A. The answer lies NOT within the 'doing' ... but in the FIRST step of any action ... the THINKING.

You must first think of yourself as whole, vibrant, full of health ... then SEE yourself as that.

Our Brother, Jesus, was able to heal others BECAUSE HE ONLY saw the WHOLE SPIRIT in others ... not the illusion of their dis-ease or imbalance in their physical body.

You have asked for the healing ... now, all you need to 'do' is  KNOW that your answer is well underway, if you would just allow this process to take place ... and quit asking for the 'evidence'. 

The healing begins at a soul level. Once you believe that you are worthy, that you are a portion of the Creator of this Universe ... that ALL occurs in this physical plane as it is to unfold ... that ALL IS WELL ... that your BIRTHRIGHT is wellness ... you will heal completely.

IF ... on the other hand ... your BELIEFS are such ... that your dis-ease serves you in some fashion ... and you look upon yourself as a victim or even 'deserving' of this dis-ease ... the natural laws of the universe WILL HOLD YOU IN THIS PLACE OF DIS-EASE! 

Change your thoughts ... change your life.
We are on the eve of destruction  ... those old beliefs that have held humans captive in the 'struggle' will soon be released.

The message carried with the signs of the apocalypse is being remembered, welcomed and  understood one by one ...  as the revelation of this New Age SHIFTS into being.
In your charitable generosity; Are you merely throwing money at those in need ... or are you, in the mena time, TEACHING those in need 'How to fish'? The giving of your money makes YOU feel good ... but have you thought of how it makes the receiver feel if you train them ONLY to 'take'? Teach them how to fish and then, they, in return ... can give as giving and receiving are the same feeling; ALLOW ALL to reconcile that balance ... by teaching, not merely donating.
 I believe in education. Education can be a wonderful thing. 
BUT ... (and it's a big one!) as you fill your head full of documented facts and knowledge ... it makes less room for being OPEN to alternative thinking. A forever open mind is more beneficial to you than any degree or collection of mainstream thought. The 'education' most treasured in an eternal sense ... is the wisdom that is gained while experiencing that which you call 'life'.
What WILL you gain ... when you lose?

The most recent question about time came from an obviously knowledgeable soul:
Q: "I'm thinking about TIME, whether it exists or is more truthfully a construct that humans make to organize our culture. Is there a before, an after - or rather is every moment a now?

A: It is fact that all time is simultaneous and your statement is a true and  an intuitive one ... it is noted that the asker has brought this question to the forefront, already knowing the answer at a soul-level.

Time IS a construct of humans to insure non-chaos in areas that CAN be insured. When the pre-birth decision was made to incarnate to planet earth (once again) it was agreed upon, that for the most beneficial physical experience upon planet earth ... the time-space OF earth would be a given and most always observed. 

While the spirit is here on earth, it agrees to adhere to the earthly laws of time and space that have been already established. THAT is what living in the physical is all about; dealing with the  parameters  of life on planet earth while advancing in the learning, understanding , evolution and then execution of your manipultation of your personal energy through EXPERIENCING what you have intended.

           YOU are Co-Creators with Source/God.


                                        Q. GUILT

A. Keep in mind, folks, that if you choose to sit at the feet of the idol of guilt (yet, another false god that you have heard  about ...) you will set yourself up for that which HAS to follow:                                                              

                        IT IS A UNIVERSAL LAW!

All that is 'done' is done unto SELF! YOU are never a 'victim' ... 

YOU are in control of it all! If you choose not to forgive yourself or others and stay in the vibration of guilt ... you will align yourself with and ATTRACT people, places, events that will PUNISH you! (abusive relationships, lack, etc.)

Not because there is a vengeful god watching your every move , ready to POUNCE upon you if you happen to get off  of your intended track... but rather, because YOU have chosen to not see your guilty feelings as a message to you that you are indeed, mis-creating your reality. 

You can CHOOSE to actively 'forgive and forget', 'let go, let God' ... whatever phrase that you care to use ... and FORGIVE YOURSELF and OTHERS BEFORE your guilt gathers the vibrational momentum that will require (by Universal Law) punishment of self. 

Train yourself to SEE the signs ... train yourself to SEE how you need to manage your energy for the results that YOU want to get in this lifetime!  

The earth plane is made up of the contrast in all things ... so to learn to establish that reference point of balance IN all things within the individual being.

Although humans, in their physical formthink of the process of natural events which includes all weather interactions as a force that leaves them powerless ... they do not for one instance ... SEE the LINK that thoughts and emotions have with actual physical events.