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    Spiritual Studies & Resource Site
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                         Holly White
                         P.O. Box 94
          Bellwood, Pennsylvania 16617
              SOULS-R-WE Directory
                    JUST $49.95 Year!

The SOULS-R-WE On-Line Directory will list your business for ONE YEAR with fully paid contracts for each listing. You may subscribe at any time, and your contract will expire one year from the initial subscription date. (You may choose auto-renewal.)

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Just $49.95 per Year !
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           SAMPLE of On-Line Directory Listing:

Soul Portraits / Spirit Art
Rev. Holly White
P.O. Box 94
Bellwood, Pennsylvania 16617
(814) 937-4425
Custom Jewelry
Holly White
P.O. Box 94
Bellwood, Pennsylvania 16617
(814) 937-4425
Past Life Regression
Rev. Holly White
P.O. Box 94
Bellwood, Pennsylvania 16617
(814) 937-4425
      ADDITIONAL                Advertising

              JUST $9.95 PER EVENT!
Most metaphysical/healing practices hold classes, workshops, book
signings, seminars and other single events throughout the year.

SOULS-r-WE will assist in getting the word out for your special event. CLICK HERE and fill out the EVENT FORM and send in your event details. Your event will be listed on the Happenings page of the
Souls-r-We website.

This website is now regularly read on an international basis ... and participates with other on-line websites in a networking format that gets almost instantaneous results. People have reported that they 'check in' with the Happenings page before they vist an area, to see what may be available to them during a visit. Some actually plan their trips around the events on the Happenings page.

If you want to get the word out about the who, what, when and where of your particular event ... think about the Souls-r-We website ... and the $9.95 per event offer.

          It's fast and easy and the results manifest before your eyes!

           JUST $99.95 Yearly!
                        THREE-in-ONE Package Includes:

                        1. One-Page Mini Website, YOUR DESIGN!
                        2. Souls-r-We Directory Listing
                        3. Event Announcement upon demand

Yet, another service that is available is YOUR OWN SINGLE PAGE WEBSITE on the already established and internationally-read
SOULS-r-WE website. This offer includes an entire page of YOUR VERY OWN PRACTICE!  Your photos, your message!!!!

This method of co-hosting your very own web page is a lot more economical than paying for an entire site with design and maintenance. It is simple and easy ... and all you need to do after your single web page is exactly the way YOU want it is ... is relax for an entire year knowing that your practice will be 'out there' in front of potential clients. You may choose automatic renewal at the end of the contract year with a tear-down and re-build of your page.

YOU design every part of your page! Of course, you may have assistance in the design at no additional charge, but essentially YOU are the one who has free-reign on the message and content of this SINGLE PAGE WEBSITE, complete with your own address!
                ( for example: )
   This is terrific to bolster your image on business cards!
With the purchase of a yearly listing of your very own single page website, a link TO that website w/b included in the SOULS-r-WE Directory ... yet another way for people to FIND YOU!

You can link this single page website to your own, already existing web site, too! SOULS-r-WE can work with you to make sure your mini-website to YOUR PRACTICE/BUSINESS gets the exposure that it needs to thrive in these economically challenging times.

You may *update your page during the year for FREE, too! Just send the updated information and it will be posted at no additional fee.
      (*Updates would not include entire tear down & re-creation of the page, but not to worry ... we will get it perfect for you the first time!)

Follow the instructions and send in the basic information and payment. The Souls-r-We Webmaster will contact you via E-mail for all of the details to YOUR VERY OWN SINGLE PAGE WEB SITE!!!

  YOU will be asked to PROOF        and APPROVE each listing            before it is permanently                 launched on the
   Souls-r-We Directory
  It MUST be to your liking !