MS, Cancer, Heart, Diabetes
    The Magical Mystery Tour                           Topics/Outline/Handouts/Bibliography
                 Presentation for DIS-Ease Relief
I.  Life Stories ... PERSPECTIVE

     A. Introduction ... My Story 
          1.  My Name and Qualifications
              2.  My Intention for this course is to assist in RESTORING BALANCE
              3.  Near Death Experience ...Why?
              4Familiar 'sayings ... what they mean to YOU.
              5.  I Can GIVE to YOU: References, books and information
              6.  Receive Your Commitment to this class ... only in return
     B. Assignment: Your Story
              1. Write a brief  or as detailed of a story about the time of your life leading                       up to and then including the time after the diagnosis of your disease.
              2. Be willing to share with the class ... your stories will be
                  read at the next class ... but no reference of identity will be revealed.
                  (Please keep this in mind as you are writing your story. It will be
                 assumed that all of the material in your story will be read. Please                                    edit accordingly.) Either you or the instructor may present your story
                  to the class members. It will be your choice. Trust in this process.
               3. Include any and all pertinent events, feelings and perspective upon
                   BOTH of these times; BEFORE DIAGNOSIS and AFTER DIAGNOSIS.

II.  Revelation of Life Stories

       A.  Volunteer Stories Read to Class ... Enhancing Trust
       B.  Guided Insight and Analysis
             1. Class member discussion and sharing.
                  2. Instructor  Feedback.

         C.  Introduction to Meditation
                 1. Brief Explanation of the Benefits to Meditation
                  2. Sex, Drugs, Rock 'n'Roll ... and Meditation
                  3. Hand-out of Guided Meditation CD's (Yours to KEEP)

       D.  Assignment: Listen to CD Daily / Entire Year
                   1. Listen to CD upon Rising EACH Morning
                   2. Listen to the full CD upon Retiring EACH Evening
                   3. We will BEGIN the next class with this MEDITATION.

III. Who DO You Think You Are?

        A.  Open Your Mind, Open Your Heart
                   1.  Trusting the Process
                    2.   The Meaning of Life ... and more "Heavy Stuff"
                   3.   Mr. Big Stuff ... Who do you think you are?
        B.   Gaining Understanding and Perspective
                    1.   The Magical Mystery Tour
                     2.   The Land of Duality
                     3.   Say "Hello" to your Higher Self
                     4.   Meet YOUR T.E.A.M.
                     5.   Put Me in Coach ...
        C.   Assignment: Finding the Definitive YOU
                    1.  Write briefly about how YOU would describe you ... and then
                          briefly how YOU THINK others view you.

                      2. Be willing to share with the next class ... your definition and                                              assessment will be read at the next class ... but no reference of                                            identity will be revealed, unless YOU, at this time desire to share
                          on a more personal level with the class ... it is YOUR CHOICE.

                      3. Please include any and all pertinent assessments of personal                                             relationships, if any.

IV.   Revelation of the Definitive YOU

         A.   Definitive You Assignment Read in Class.
               1. General Questions about events in Assignment
                     2. You are the Wind Beneath My Wings
         B.   Guided Insight and Analysis
                      1. Class Member Discussion and Sharing
                      2.  Instructor Feedback

         C.    Biology of Belief
                 1. Your Body Accepts What Your Mind Believes
         D.    Assignment:

V.     Understanding Natural Laws

         A.    It Is What It Is
                 1.   The Law of Flexibility
                       2.   The Law of Cjoices
                       3.   The Law of Responsibility
                       4.   The Law of  Balance
                       5.   The Law of Process
                       6.   The Law of Patterns
                       7.   The Law of Discipline
                       8.   The Law of  Perfection
                       9.   The Law of the Present Moment
                     10.   The Law of  No Judgments
                      11.   The Law of Faith
                      12.   The Law of  Expectations
                      13.   The Law of  Honesty
                      14.   The Law of Higher Will
                      15.   The Law of Intuition
                      16.   The Law of Action
                      17.   The Law of Cycles

          B.    I AM What I AM/Pattern and Experience
                                  MY OWN LIFE 'Lessons'

          C.    Patterns, Habits and Addictions (Thought First)
          D.    Assignment: Assimiliating Natural Law                    
                  1.  Learn and Understand EACH Natural Law
                   2.  Have you consciously applied this Law or have you 'witnessed' this
                              Law purely by default in the Main Events of your life?
                         3.  Record how these Laws have affected you, personally.
                  4. Has there been a 'pattern' this lifetime?
                         5.  Listen to the newest CD

VI.     Tools for Living a Happy, Healthy Life

         A.   The Process
                  1. Catalyst
                         2. Chaos or Confusion   }      Refining Your Diamond
                         3. Change
                         4. Clarity

          B.   Your Indicator ... Your Guide ... Your Emotions

         C.   Assignment: Collecting the Evidence

                         1.  Document any and all 'events' or evidence that may fortify your

                         2.  At this time ... at this time, I encourage you to trust the process                                          and be prepared to share your findings with the class, personally                                      ... however, it is still your choice and as always you may opt to                                            have the instructor read your evidence.

                         3.  Please include any and all pertinent experiences ... do not judge                                        them, just write them down. You will 'intuitively' know what                                             ones to document. 

VII.    Evidence Revealed 

         A.   Experiences Read 

         B.   Guided Insight and Analysis

                        1. Class Member Discussion and Sharing.

                        2.  Instructor Feedback
        C.    Assignment:


         A.  The Convergence of  Religion and Science
                      1. You ARE What You BELIEVE
                      2.  Famous People (and their quotes) Who BELIEVE

         B.  'Be' the Explorer and Discoverer
                      1.  Open Your Ears and Open your Eyes ... and Here We Go!
                      2.  Don't Stop Believing!  Give a Little Whistle

        C.   Assignment: Collect More Data

                1.  Bring to the next class, current data that will substantiate the                                           concepts that we have been learning. Use all media ...                                                            newspaper articles, document T.V. references, science books and                                          magazines, religious documents, any and all discoveries this                                              next month.

IX. Stay Ahead and on Top of It

        A.  Momentum ... Backlash

           B.  Your Reality

          C.   Assignment:
                  1. Your 'Workshop'
                        2. Your Vision Board

X.    Be Here Now
           A.  Be the Observer

            B.  Remember YOUR T.E.A.M

            C.  Assignment:
                  1. Observe in a public space, or via the news the                                                                            unfolding of a 'story'. Remain detached about the outcome.
                         2. Observe a private story. Remain detached.

XI.   I'm OK You're OK


            C.  Assignment:

XII. Lookin' for Love in All the Wrong Places


                 1. Lookin' for Love in all the Wrong Places

    Graduation, Good-Byes and Best Wishes!


ALL sessions include sporadic questions and answers ... my belief is that ALL questions will benefit ALL members of the session.
Class Enhancement Notes:
*Pull Cards, Read                 
  Make Note of the Synchronicites

*Tell Stories of the Seasons     from Old Pagan Beliefs, Lao-Tsu, Bible Stories, etc.

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Follow the Yellow Brick Road
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A Course in Miracles
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