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The Universal Law of Polarity (or Duality) states that everything has an opposite; Hot~Cold, Light~Dark, Up~Down, Good~Bad ... and in the absence of what you are n0t, that which you are ... is not.

             Polar opposites make existence possible!

If what you are not did not coexist with what you are ... then what you are ... could not be. Therefore, do not condemn or criticize what you are or what you do not want.  

Contrast ... WHY?

After the initial experience of actually touching the hot iron the little girl would be prepared and the chances of her touching a hot iron in the future would be very slim.  

                                                      A basic lesson, of course.

Let us expand on this simple lesson: If you did not first experience the extreme feeling of HOT ... and the extreme feeling of COLD ... how could you IDENTIFY that somewhere in-between those extreme temperatures lies the temperature that you really want?

It is this way in all areas of our lives; this experience, this training in different degrees ... but all on the same vibrational level of understanding.

The Law of Polarity contains a full spectrum of possibilities that range in the eyes of the beholder from extremely 'good' to extremely 'bad' experiences.

If you would pause for just a moment and think of how you have come to qualify and quantify your judgement of your experiences AS good or bad ... you will deepen your understanding of this Universal Law.

                    You ASK for CLARITY ...

                    The UNIVERSE GIVES YOU:
                          EXTREME CHOICES

Once you understand and learn to accept the Law of Polarity you will soon see that surrendering to this law will be greatly beneficial to you. You will begin to view this law as working FOR you ... instead of AGAINST you. 

(AGAIN: ALL Universal Laws are set in place for the individual and collective soul to enhance his eternally evolving physical and non-physical life  ... but it is  your responsibility to understand how these laws work IF it is your intention to master them)

You have always known this law at a soul level but, possibly, now may be the time for you to acknowledge this spiritual understanding. 

Make it a point to deliberately and intentionally get this Universal Law to work for you in the here and now!


This earth plane ... is currently full of amazing opportunities to evolve and 'grow' the individual and collective soul (consciousness) BECAUSE OF THE LAW of DUALITY! 

Drink it up ... make the choices for YOU that resound in YOUR SOUL ... and do not be concerned about the choices that others are making. Enjoy the process of sifting through the extreme examples that surround you. 

Honor this Law of Duality by ACKNOWLEDGING that this unseen Universal Law has been put in place in the material world as a TEACHING TOOL by Our Creator; An important tool to assist us in knowing what we individually want from this current life experience.


When all is said and done ... TRUST that the Universe/God is on your side! There are no 'winners or losers' in the human experience ... only spiritual beings honing their own, individual perspective  ... which adds unto the Collective Whole again and again, lifetime after lifetime.

And it makes no difference WHAT that Collective Whole is 'called'... as it is the Higher PERSPECTIVE of us ALL. 

                               WE ARE ONE

Holy Schmoly, you say, formally hearing this Universal Law for the first time ... sounds like a bunch of psycho-babble to me!

We live with this Universal Law (as we do all of the Universal Laws) each and every day, but most of us have not taken the time in our busy, earthly lives to get a grip on understanding it. That is a human trait, so you need not lament over this, although, it DOES benefit you to begin to realize and understand and then apply these Universal Laws in order to create the life that you intended.


What it is ... Why does it exist ... and how can we use the Law of Polarity (aka; The Law of Duality) to enhance our earthly lives?

The Law of Polarity was created by our Creator ... the All That Is ... Source Energy ... God ... whatever you choose to label "IT"... as a means to the process for each soul to explore and experience each lifetime to the fullest.

In other words ... how would you recognize that which you want in your life IF you have never experienced that which you do not want first? The Law of Polarity allows one to CLARIFY his experience by sifting through all of the options that are available to him in order to make better choices.

 When I was a little girl, I colored a page from a coloring book that my Dad eventually hung in his office. It was a picture of a little girl pointing to an iron on an ironing table not with the warning of  "Hot: Do Not Touch" on it but ...

"??????" as the heading to the page, denoting CHOICE. 

It was apparent that the little girl on the coloring page had not previously encountered a full-fledged hot iron or she would not have been considered touching it.