Channeling Spirit
                            "What, what? Why, why?"
... To quote a favorite spiritual teacher of mine as she cocked her head to the side and smiled ... She used this phrase when she wanted to inject some humor into a class but used it immediately after she threw out a revelation to the students in a nonchalant fashion. Of course, when we heard, "What what, why, why?" we were all sitting on the edge of our seats waiting for her explanation of whatever she had mentioned before ever so casually. 

I am going to guide you, my beloved reader, my spiritual seeker of like-mind ... to the threshold of many, many teachers. These will not always be in the form that we are accustomed to. Teachers come in various forms. In fact, an infinite number of forms.

Learning from any and all of these teachers is truly a personal thing ... as you already know that "When the student is ready, the teacher appears" ... and that a "teacher" is not always so obvious! A teacher could include a person, place, thing or event ... but what I am about to relay to you is an obvious teacher to the spiritual seeker ... but one that is not easily recognized unless you acknowledge that we ALL are spiritual seekers ... every last one of us. 
    Let those who have eyes see .... 
                                                 and those who have ears hear.

Many of you, I am sure, have never heard  the phrase,
"channeling spirit" ... and that is understandable because until recently, the way our society accepted this subject was always proceeded with the cautioned possibility not the actuality. A roll of the eyes or the nudge of the elbow was always seen in a group that was initially introduced to "channeling" ... but, this is the New Millennium ... and with this New Millennium comes new thought about such subjects as "channeling" and "connecting with Spirit". In fact, with this NEW AGE, (there, I said it!!!) comes the awesome age of INFINITE POSSIBILITIES for mankind.


The stage is set due to advanced technology ... (Yeah for technology!) and the evidence is flooding through! Whether you are onboard or not, the truth is  now among us all. As the popular television series, the X-Files, would state;

                             "The truth is out there!"

                               and so it is, and so it is .......

Throughout recorded history, it has been thought that only those with a "special gift" could connect with Spirit, or God .... or Universal Intelligence. That thought has changed! (again, YEAH!)  Channeling is a skill that can be learned. In fact, each one of us came in (were born) with the knowing that we were never alone and that we could connect with our Source (God) any time that we chose to do so ... but, as we became indoctrinated into this dense material world ... we forgot that knowing, that understanding. We became products, of course, to the ideas of those who came before us ... our initial teachers. And most of those teachers had forgotten the true Universal Laws.

As time went on .... there were many messengers sent from the Universe (some call it "Heaven" or the Spirit Realm) to nudge mankind into "remembering" the way it is truly meant to be, here on this physical planet. These messengers' intent was purely to help the humans of this world, housing the spirits of their world, to remember who they really are!!!  And what exactly, was the message?

Humans are just the vehicle for the real spirit, the soul, the consciousness that is eternal ... and earth is merely a classroom for that spirit's evolution. 

Some took these truths, these teachings, of the messengers to heart. Others took the teachings and distorted the Messages of the Universe until that information was so muddied that, again, the true information was lost.

From the beginning of civilized history, the powers-that-be claimed that they held the only truths and that one must follow and abide by those truths if one wanted salvation.

In general, the messages became so perverted that they served no one's soul ... except those who profited by these perverted messages ... namely, the governments and the churches. These distorted messages became the tenets of those whose interest was purely to serve an exclusive and perceived elite group. The pure Universal Laws are to serve all ! 

Can you imagine how the God of your understanding must have viewed it all?  The Infinite Intelligence of the Universe knew that the souls of the earth needed the rule book for playing here in this physical world. We humans were running a-muck by default! Over time, we had become clueless because we allowed the Universal Laws to fade into the background while the laws of man, under the guise of the laws of God, came to the forefront!  

HOLD the PHONE !!! This was all by HUMAN DESIGN, not God's design!!! The Universe is impersonal ... and all infinite in the knowing that everything seeks its own level and takes care of itself, whether it be things pertaining to the body, mind or spirit. Yes, the Universe (God) is awesome .... and understands that, ultimately, each spirit of every human being has the power to create his own reality! The Universe created the Laws,  ... but, each and every being in the Universe is responsible for the interpretation of those laws and how they apply to the individual. God (the Universe) is not the enforcer nor the punisher! 

                                WE ARE! 
           All things are done unto self.

So, .... the Universe (God) was patient. The Great Spirit had the proverbial, "all the time in the world" to wait it out.
                   (Ha, a little eternal lingo, there...)
Although the Universe kept sending messengers to the material world, not many spirits in the human vehicle were able to "hear or see" the true messages.

Enter the Age of Aquarius ... yeah, I know, I know. NOW I am evoking a little Hippie lingo on ya ... but, for those who have ears ... well, you know the rest.

That's right, folks. The Age of Aquarius is upon us, like it or not. Accept it or not. No matter, no fear, whatever!

It is what it is ... that of a new collective consciousness of the like we have never seen before!

Don't worry ... this is not an age of gloom and doom like some would have you think. It is an age of great discovery and huge leaps of spiritual evolvement for us all ... all of mankind ... Body~Mind~and Spirit !

Oh, yes, of course ..... there will be trepidation for some due to the changes that will occur. As I have said before on this web site, change is the "Boogey Man" for most. But ...
without change there is no growth in body mind or spirit.

And this time in history is the time for concentration on the spirit of us all. 

What a glorious time to inhabit planet earth! Those who resist change will quickly transition into spirit ... but those who have the very purpose to be the way-showers to this new thought will "keep on keepin' on" and guide us into the most phenomenal experience in recorded history of this planet ... "it is all good", to quote Martha. As always, those who want to see the good will ... and those who see only the perceived negative will ... well, just slough off.

                                   And so it is ...
(I say this because it sounds so reverent !!! When I am actually being most irreverent of our traditonal thought !)
Channeling information from the Heavenly Realm is not as far-fetched as the media and traditional thought would have you believe. Many still think of contacting the spirit world as a dangerous venture or one that is "dancing with the devil" as I have heard it said in my neck of the woods.

That could not be further from the truth!

In reality, contacting the "other side" is an enormous boost in spiritual empowerment and it assists you in becoming familiar with the natural processes of life as well as overcoming the fear that many of us have about death. 

When we begin to understand the Laws of the Universe which are revealed through the channeler (when the appropriate questions are asked, of course!)  we, then, see the bigger picture of all of creation. We understand the importance of each of our lives and comprehend the contribution that each of us makes to that bigger picture.

When we are open to channeled information, we are actually tapping into the infinite resources that this universe has to offer us all. We also understand that all that we ever need to know lies within and all we have to do is ask

This web site is mostly channeled information, and heck, I am just an ordinary (we are ALL, actually, extraordinary!) grandma. It comes from deep within myself ... from my higher being, for sure. I begin with a prayer to God to show me only that which is from God before I begin to type. My hands just fly over the keyboard when I am writing this information. I am amazed each and every time I sit down to enter a new article. I know that this is information needing to get out at this time in history because I receive such joy while studying and relaying it!

This New Age will be quite evolutionary for each of us in that the information that was once reserved for the very few because the very few had ears, eyes ... will now be available to many more. WHY? Because this time, space reality ... was the dedicated era when this knowledge would be imparted on a global basis. We are ready to see and hear. ENTER THE NEW AGE ...

All people (spirits) on earth today, KNEW that this would be a time of awakening on earth. That is why the souls of this earth *chose to come forth during this time. (*a whole 'nother article)

This is why you are reading this website. You sense it. You know. Deep within your soul, you know how important this time on planet earth really is ... and you want to be a part of it! This remembering is your birth right. You planned to gain all of this understanding this lifetime. You may not have known HOW, but before you were born, you made that your agenda: To become and enlightened being.

Yes ... there are others, of course, who knew prior to their birth about this awakening on earth but will choose not to participate. They will continue to choose to transition (die) to the spirit realm just before the critical mass or tipping point, chooses to accept this remembering as mainstream beliefs.

This does not mean that those souls remaining are more lofty in spiritual endeavors than those who choose to transition ... not at all. Those who will choose to take their final exit before the "tipping point" have actually set the stage for the rest of us ... and they, most likely will be back to bask in the newly found way of life here on planet earth. 

We all are teachers and we all are students. We merely choose different paths to the same end ... but ultimately it is for the evolution of all beings. It is all good. (doggone that Martha .... she is on my mind ... ha!)

So, without further ado; Go and meditate on this article.

Holly Greene White  2003