Reverend Holly Greene White
My guides have been relentless. I cannot rest until this article is written. The topic for today is, "Autism". April is Autism awareness month. Our local school is participating in this public education and my grandchildren have been bringing home some information to share with their families about autism. Today, the students are WEARING BLUE to kick off this month of autism awareness.  This event commemorates the families and community members who are assisting those children with autism. Becoming aware of autism is a blessing for us all ... as it is an awakening of sorts.
It is no wonder that I woke up this morning with Autism on my mind and in my heart.

At this time, I am going to relay some statistics about autism to assist in spreading the awareness.

      "We are members of a vast cosmic orchestra in which each living                    instrument is essential to the complementary and harmonious 
         playing of the whole."  
                                                 ~ from Kinship with All Life, by J. Allen Boone~

                                                                      Did You Know?

* Today, it is estimated that 1 in every 110 children is diagnosed with autism.

* Boys are 4 times more likely to develop autism than girls.

* A new case of autism is diagnosed nearly every 20 minutes.

* The economic impact of autism is more that $90 billion and is expected to more that
    double in the next decade.

* Autism effects more children than childhood cancer, juvenile diabetes and pediatric
    AIDS combined

* Autism receives less than 5% of the research funding of many less prevalent diseases.

* There is no known cause for autism, nor is there a cure.

For MORE information & the above stats, please visit:

Like all of us, I am being fine-tuned both by non-physical and physical beings as well via the events in my life. They are my 'lessons' or my pre-birth 'bucket list' of my intentions for coming back to this physical realm in the first place. I will experience these events until I master the meanings. Once I master the 'lesson' or meaning ... I am passionately on to the next experience ... and the next and the next, all the while summoning the LIFE FORCE that so freely flows through me when I am on the path of discovery.  That is the most exhilarating of all feelings ... to CONSCIOUSLY SUMMON that life force! I have said before that it has become a hunt for me. No stone goes unturned when I am in pursuit! (I admit, it HAS become an obsession! Relaying my findings is another!)

know when I am in communication with one of my 'meant-to-be' experiences or people by the way that I FEEL. It is my barometer. When I FEEL a certain way, it is a signal to me that what I am about to witness, or experience is an important life lesson or connection. When I FEEL that internal alert ... I naturally, pay MORE attention to what is unfolding before my senses. I even keep a running notebook or digital voice recorder handy to make SURE that I do not lose the meaning of the experience after the experience because that is so easy to do in this sensory over-stimulated society of distractions. I like to think of it as my heart light being activated during this feeling. That thought makes me smile and has served me quite well.

As I previously mentioned, I am blessed with being privileged to witness miracles each and every day. Most people know one when they see one ... and others know one even if they don't see it. That is what ALL walks of  human life understand ... we just call it many things ... some call it faith, while others call it beliefs. Some call it religion while others call it the imagination of science. Believe me when I tell you that it is all in the process of the soul's revelation ... in that, the knowing, those lessons of the experiences ... WILL present themselves when the human is ready for the teachings of the soul.

Like I said, I always know when the who, what and where of a lesson will come into my radar due to my inner alert. After the experience, it is my mission to discover the reason or the why that I had the experience or was introduced to the teacher in the first place. It is quite fun ... and I view it as an spiritually guided educational scavenger hunt. I search until I exhaust my resources for a particular topic or until I am satisfied in the understanding of a particular experience that has come my way. That completion ... is also determined by the inner signals that I FEEL. 

Over the past 50 plus years, I have come to know and trust these feelings.

These feelings are my guidance system. These feelings are my connection to my soul. These feelings are my conscious connection to the God of my understanding... and I know that I can rely upon these feelings.

Having said that, it is not by chance that I have been blessed over this lifetime to have had both young and old mentally and physically different beings in my soul group. Some of these people are labeled as autistic.  I can say that I have learned a lot from them at a soul level early on. There was a connection with these pure and simplistic souls that I have found with no other. I never saw them as 'challenged' as the way most of us see them ... I always felt a deep heart connection with each. I would look into their eyes and they would impress upon me that they had a huge purpose in this world and that they were the wise ones that we were going to learn most from this lifetime. Each encounter would bring tears to my eyes, yet, another signal from my inner being that, indeed, I have met with a great spiritual teacher. There was an exchange of spiritual energy ... a sort of imparting of information. (That DEEP KISS that is poetic in nature)

Each, of course, had his own message to the world, but each also had universal messages. The first universal message was that of unity. Each wanted to relay that no matter what the individual bodily 'package' .exhibits .. we are all one and perfect in the eyes of our Creator, our Source, our God.

The individual universal message from these souls was, "Do not feel sorry for me. I chose this 'condition', just as we all chose our individual human experience ... so that I may better understand that which I have returned to the physical to learn."

It goes without saying that each and every time that I'd have such an encounter ... I would go away from the experience a more informed person. These souls moved me to tears but not tears of  pity for them ... but pity for my initial misunderstanding  of their intention this lifetime. The awareness that they brought to me was so profound ... no wonder I was brought to tears! These truly devout beings were refining their spiritual understanding this lifetime. They chose to put the 'spit shine' on their connection with their God without the usual distractions that accompanied most of us! Most of us cannot be so blessed.

Another Universal message and this is key; EACH SOUL CHOOSES the current life that they feel is best suited to present the opportunities to experience that which they intended prior to birth! There are as many reasons for choosing a particular life as there are souls who do the choosing. 

If a soul chooses to be mentally or physically 'challenged' ... he has his reasons. It could be to assist his soul group in learning an aspect of one of the universal laws. It could be because the soul himself will better absorb his own experiences without the disturbance from the stimulations of the outside world. It could be that he wants to experience this lifetme safely tucked inside his cocoon. Only at a soul level does that soul and the souls he has contracts with, know the real reason.

This brings me back to Autistic personalities. Yes. The families and friends of Autistic children do face challenges in life that others do not. Yes. The world does need to become more informed about Autism and other spectrums of that condition. Yes. Compassion and understanding is of the utmost comfort to those who are facing these day-to-day challenges as a family. They need acknowledgement and also validation that they do have special needs. That is why it is most important that we all become aware.

                                       BUT ...

Let us also understand that these souls have chosenalong with their soul group, to return to planet earth and put the spit shine in many areas of their spiritual lives while here in the physical as the rest of us merely stand back and observe. These very courageous souls have intended to come back more as teachers than students ... and we should feel blessed and grateful to be in the presence of such spiritually evolved beings. 

So the next time that you have the opportunity to interact with one of these evolved beings, make a focused effort to surrender to the meaning (for you) that is behind the experience. The teacher appears when the student is ready ... be ready with open arms to embrace an Autistic child or adult. They are coming to earth in droves if you have noticed and each has a message all of his own!

For those who have eyes, see ... for those who have ears, hear ...

                                        Love and Light,
                               Rev. Holly Greene White

Before we go any further into this article, I would like you to view the following video. Because this is a web site that shifts the human perspective to that of a more spiritual approach to life, this is one of the most powerful videos about AUTISM that you could watch. As always, I request that you get yourself prepared by opening your mind and your heart and allowing your soul, that part of you that is God ... to take over. Take three cleansing breaths and now please click here.

You have just viewed Abraham the entity that is channeled by Esther Hicks. 

Millions of people on our planet today 'get it' ... and understand more and more that we humans DO have access to the answers to our most mystical questions. Each of us do. These answers come from tuning in to the true nature of our very being; That of the nature of our spirit. 

   We each are spirits having a             physical/human experience.

This truth is the basis for our learning and experiencing here on earth. I am not trying to recruit you to this belief as many of our organized religions do. (this belief system is NOT a religion!!!) I am relaying that which I have known through many years of evidential experience. I do this only to fulfill my own soul's urging to teach these truths, so that YOUR life can be enhanced and more miraculous day by day. There is no compensation in relaying these teachings for me ... other than my own exhilaration in the knowing that I am fulfilling my true purpose, while here in the physical. 

You see, I have a contract that must be fulfilled ... one of relaying the experiences that I have been so entrusted. I witness or hear of so-called miracles each and every day due to this web site and my connections all over the world. I am truly blessed. The thing is, these 'miracles' are not miracles at all ... they are our birth right. Once one operates from the spiritual perspective you become privileged to actually SEE that well-being for the human species prevails. No longer will you view life as either good or evil. You will see clearly that all truly DOES happen for a reason and that there are NO MISTAKES, NO COINCIDENCES and truly NEVER is a person a 'VICTIM' to any circumstance whatsoever. (shocked?)

I also know that once you hold these truths within your own beliefs and then go about your daily lives looking at your life from the perspective of your own spirit ... life not only gets better for you, but you begin to innately know the answers to the age-old questions as well as the answers to the newer questions that are asked by those alive on planet earth today. The 'whys' of Autism is one of those current event questions because it is a current issue.

It is quite an amazing process, this process of life. It would be of great benefit to all, if the rules of our physical existence would be explained. This web site will assist you in this process. Please stay tuned.

Autism is a condition that many families are facing in this time of modern civilization. Of course it will be a condition that will also demand the attention of those who are not directly coping. We as a country, if not the world, will become more and more aware of conditions such as Autism and its many spectrums ... due to campaigns such as April being Autism awareness month.

The facts that are being released about Autism at this time address the body and mind components of this condition. Because this is a web site of a spiritual nature, I am going to go further and site the spiritual elements behind Autism.

                    Signs and Symbols

It is most important that we, as members of the human race, become aware of what is presented to us in the form of (what is labeled) dis-ease or unusual conditions so that we may observe and learn the true meanings of these signs and symbols.

Keeping in mind, that this web site teaches spiritual concepts and actualities, allow me to give you a look at the spiritual side of Autism. This is the back story of the truth about Autism. As incredible as it sounds ... as most back stories do appear at first blush ... I know it as truth it has been revealed to many during this time ... and not merely to me. I will give you a short reference list at the end of this article so you may go further in your education of the spiritual side of Autism. It is truly a magnificent journey. (Alzheimer's is a parallel condition and it would behoove you to check both Autism and Alzheimer's out from a spiritual perspective so that you may understand the FULLNESS of the answers to the WHYS in these areas that seem to 'plague' our world today)

                         (continued next column)
At that time, Jesus said, "I thank you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because you have hidden these things from the wise and the intelligent and have revealed them to infants; yes, Father, for such was your gracious will."
Mathew 11:25-26

                        "Let the children come unto me."
Some Additional References:

The Soul of Autism ... William Stillman

Raising Intuitive Children ... Caron B. Goode, EdD
                                             Tara Paterson

Autism and the God Connection ... William Stillman

Courageous Souls ... Robert Schwartz

Life Before Life ... Jim B. Tucker, M.D.

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