Advice for the LIVE~LORN
Q. How dare the metaphysical community (& you) tell me that I am the one responsible for my own tragedies and all of the crisis that befalls me in my life? I would not have ever asked for the negative things that occur in my life! I have never heard of such hog wash!     R.P.

A.  Dear R. P.
Not sorry to say ... it is correct that each of us creates our own reality. We get what we focus our thoughts upon, whether it is perceived as good or perceived as bad ... we get it. The Universe is impersonal in that it does not mete out to individual souls that which it thinks as deserving or not. You are the creator of your own reality. Only yours, though ... not that of another's. So, if you view a crisis in your own life as the loss or damage of something or someone other than your own, then you must realize that you have no control of how another creates. You are responsible for you and your thoughts, word and deeds only. It is law.
So, I am sorry that you think it hog wash. Not for your judgement of this Universal Law, but ... for you, because if you do not acknowledge this law, you will not be empowered to create the life that you so desire ... and you will be creating purely by default. My suggestion to you is to at least, study the Law of Attraction and understand the basics of it. I think that you will find it  fascinating as well as informative.        ~ Ezra~
Q. I agree with you about most subjects that you discuss on this web site, but I do not understand my own purpose in life. How can I find this out?    C. Mc.

A. Dear C. Mc
You are not alone in this at all. We all can sense a purpose, but we are not always able to get a real answer. My suggestion to you is that you incorporate daily meditation along with your (assuming) prayer routine. Then ask the question. It will come eventually. Meanwhile, you can visualize exactly what you would love to do in this life ... even if you did not get paid for it. If you are passionate about anything and you probably will be, as passion is what fuels the soul ... any passion ... then you will be able to decipher what your purpose in this lifetime is. Before you become adept at meditation or visualization, you may want to skidaddle over to a numerologist, an intuitive, an astrologist etc. and they can guide you toward your purpose. You will find many suggestions on this very website. But ... you will be the ultimate wisdom in your own discovery of your purpose. An outside source can only give you clues. It is ultimately your own responsibility to discover your own path and purpose in this lifetime. No one else knows more about you than you. Actually, MEDITATION is the best route to take!              ~ Ezra ~
Q. How do I know if its my mind playing tricks with me when I ask a question and then, meditate and receive an answer? Do I trust the information always, without fail?

A. Dear J.B.
There are times that every seasoned meditator thinks that the mind is playing tricks. The key is to just relax and trust what you receive. I like to request before meditation that I receive only the highest and best information as I can apply it to the present time. I ask that God oversees the answers. I do not "filter" anything that I get during meditation. I do not judge the information. I either remember it or if I have the time I record it for future reference. Once you make a habit out of recording the information and then revisiting it at a later time, you will have the evidence that you desire that the information is coming through loudly and clearly and it is not coming from your own mind, per sae ... but from your higher self.
                                                               ~ Ezra~
Q. My family & I recently lost a loved one to suicide. We cannot get past the feeling of guilt. We all are haunted with the feeling that each one of us should have seen this coming. We all feel responsible. We cannot release that feeling and just grieve our loss. Will we ever be able to move on from this horrific feeling? Are we responsible? And if so, could we have averted this horrific personal tragedy?   B.A.F

A. Dear  B.A.F.
First, I am deeply  saddened by your loss. It is, indeed a personal tragedy.  A loss such as yours is a side of life, here on earth, that shakes us to our core. Suicide makes us question our very existence and makes us angry at the departed one as well as at God for taking him. It is the ultimate loss. 
I invite you to read my thoughts on suicide here. Please give yourself a reasonable amount of time to assimilate and apply this information during the grieving process. Be gentle with yourself at this time and times to come with regard to this situation. You will heal in time ... but the biggest thing will be that it will be revealed in time and many of your questions that arise daily from the time of this tragedy will be answered. Yes, time heals ... because it reveals.            
                                                                     ~ Ezra ~

Q. If reincarnation is a truth ... why, is it not taught in the Christian churches? It does makes a lot of sense, but if it was true we would be taught that from the time we were young instead of all of a sudden ... just randomly hearing about it on your kind of website? (by "kind" I mean, spiritual and metaphysical.)       T.R.P.

A. Dear T.R.P.,
Thanks for bringing this to light. I am appreciative that I have an opportunity to add to your perspective on reincarnation. First of all, I am a big believer in reincarnation as it does answer many, many of the questions that we ask while here in this physical world. I am a firm believer of reincarnation, but not of transmigration. Transmigration is thought to be when a human spirit re-incarnates into the body of a lower species, like an animal or insect. I s'pose if we as humans wanted the experience of a lower species, I guess we could .... but, I tend to believe more so that we 'recycle' ...  human spirit into a new human body, lifetime after lifetime. (please read my dissertation about Reincarnation here) and not the popular misconception of human spirit moving into other life forms.I am a past life regression facilitator and I have yet to uncover a person regressing to anything other than a human being in a past life,maybe it is because ... I do not "call" for a past life to be revealed unless that life is relevant to helping discover answers to current issues. Having said that, just because I have not experienced a client telling me he was a bumblebee, does not make it an untruth. It just has not been in my experience. (Ask me a year from now, and possibly I will tell you that I finally did have a client who was something other than a human spirit in his experience!)

Back to your question ... Let us take a look at the reason for the rejection of reincarnation:
The wife of the Roman Emperor, Justinian, whose name was Theodora, did not like the idea that she had to watch what she did in her current life or face "punishment" in another life. So, she began the movement to ban any mention (or almost any) of reincarnation from the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church, which, at that time, you know was the only source of Christianity. Theodora was a living example of one of the "power elite" types and the response they have to reincarnation. Ha, these people do not want to think that they cannot escape punishment. Remember, these kind think that they are above the law.
Many times they are ... above the man made laws. Universal Laws, nah .... but their reasoning is beyond personal when it comes to banishing the idea of being able to be punished for your actions in a future lifetime: If you do have more than one lifetime to work out your "salvation", then there is not near the urgency in the present lifetime to do so. This idea does not sit well with those who want to use religion as power over the people. 

The whole plan was (remember .... church and state were, basically one  in the same during the Roman rule ...) to set up an organized church and claim that it offers the ONLY path to salvation. If you have only one lifetime to do this in ... it gives more power to the church AND to the power elite! The URGENCY is established!

I do suggest that you read anything and everything on reincarnation and then, come to your own conclusion. This web site is to stimulate thought and to add unto your current beliefs. If you feel good about the possibility of reincarnation, then, that belief is for you. If, on the other hand, you do not ... please, do not take it into your beliefs at present, but maybe revisit it at another time.       ~ Ezra ~
Q.  Why do you refer to Jesus so much on this web site? I was under the impression if you believed in what you are professing, Jesus, was not in the mix of things, that a metaphysical belief was more of a belief in self. Could you explain? P.W.

A.  Dear P.W.
Yes, and again, thank you for this question, so that I may set things straight.

The reason that I refer to Jesus the Christ often is because He is without a doubt, the finest example of what it is like to be human and in this physical environment (EARTH) and at the same time putting on the mind of Christ and allowing that energy to flow through Him and into His ministry. There have been many more, however, expounding the very same teachings in all parts of the world. Jesus is one of the most famous, historically. 

You know, from my articles, that I hold Jesus in the highest of highest regards and that I promote our understanding more about His mission during His walk on the earth plane. His example is how I walk toward molding my own 'life'. You know that I state He was our brother ... as we are all children of God.  He did not profess to be the only God incarnate but He told us ALL to become like God and to put on the mind of Christ as He did. In those times, that was a very rebellious theme to promote.  (not too much unlike today)

You know, also, that His actual teachings were to encourage finding the truths of living here in the physical (in contrast with the Spirit Realm, from whence we all came) by going within. Jesus understood the value of meditation along with prayer. Each human being has that ability to be like Jesus the Christ. Each person has the potential of becoming a Christed Being while here on earth, as Jesus. Jesus' purpose for incarnating was to get that word out.

Jesus' purpose was not to create, yet, another religion. Jesus was here to promote the possibilities of the individual by empowering each soul. He gave us practical tools for life. He was an advocate for mankind. He championed on our behalf because He knew that we had forgotten our origins. He wanted to give us the reasons WHY we get what we get here, on earth. He attempted to assist us so we would be able to find our way about, here on earth and back to our true home, in the Spirit Realm, (Heaven) without so much suffering along the way.

Without the teachings of our brother, Jesus, mankind would be struggling and suffering even more than we are today.

Metaphysics is a scientifically based (and evidenced) belief system and concept ... it is spiritually based, but does NOT promote nor is affiliated with any particular organized  religion. There are many who consider themselves to be students or seekers in metaphysics while adding unto their current religion or belief system. As I have said, the information offered on this web site is to stimulate thought, not to encourage you to abandon your current belief system. I will forever say, "Take what resounds in your heart & soul and leave the rest to revisit another time." And there will be, yet, another time, for your soul guided you here to begin with. (meaning, to begin the true questioning phase of your life)

If you notice, I also speak of other divinely inspired beings on this website. In fact, take time to look within your own soul. A divine being resides there, also! Just make that connection & remember who you are!

There are many, many publications with in-depth information about this very topic. I am happy to stimulate your thinking about this and hope that you will pursue this. There are many available resources upon this web site. Thank you for your interest.
                                                ~ Ezra ~

     Keep those questions and/or comments coming!  
 You are not alone in them ... it w/b on behalf of many!   
Q. I have recently experienced a tragedy in my family and have discovered the name of a woman who has a suicide survivors group listed on your web site. Is she of the belief system that is taught on your web site? Will I be able to find comfort in her counseling and teachings in that group?  S.W.
A. Dear SW
First off let me tell you how deeply sorry I am for you and your family during this time of crisis.

It will be a comfort to you to be able to get some help by surrounding yourself at this time with people of similar experience. As far as the belief system that will be upheld at those meetings, I cannot comment. Every gathering always morphs into what that individual group requires. You will want to get in touch directly with the facilitator of that particular group that you are inquiring about. 

I will tell you, though, that the people who list on this web site are people with varied backgrounds and life experiences and have come to the understanding of the beliefs that are
taught on this web site because these beliefs assist in the upliftment of the individual and the collective  consciousness. These truths can be applied to everyday challenges as well as the cataclysmic events in our lives.

Most contacts on this website are teachers of this belief system or they would find another avenue of expression. They are teachers and healers because of what has been revealed to them over the course of this lifetime. They have come to the belief that with every event in each lifetime we come closer and closer to recognizing and then embracing the Universal truths. 

These healers and teachers are doing the work of the way-showers of the past. "He that believeth in me, the works that I do, shall he do also."

The metaphysical and spiritual teachers and healers believe that Spirit (the God of your understand-ing) is the Life Force that flows through us all!

I am also sure, that if you attend a group or class or workshop that is facilitated by a metaphysical or spiritual teacher, your own belief system will be respected. Everyone's belief system is valid as long as it serves the individual. It is when a belief system becomes stagnant and mired with adverse teachings to the spirit in all of us that it is to be re-evaluated. 

"Does my current belief system serve my needs as a growing and evolving spirit?"  The answer that you get, of course determines your next move; Do you stay in your comfort zone, if you are indeed, comforted by your beliefs .... or do you venture out and become a spiritual seeker? 

Ultimately, it is all up to you. 

                 "To be or not to be ... "

                                                        ~Ezra ~
Q. What would you say to a person who thinks that you and the people associated with this web site are doing the work of the Devil?

A. Simply put, I would tell them that I do not believe that there even is a devil! As in my world, there is not. There is only a benevolent God who bestows upon all of His children, the spirits who inhabit this earth, only love and well-being.

Now... if you are coming from an obvious place of fear (and that question would be from a person in that dark place of fear) which is the opposite of love ... I would say, that apparently, he/she has witnessed the lower consciousness of mankind and have personified that lower consciousness with a demonic type figure, translating into what human beings in that lower state of consciousness refer to as the DEVIL

Not a problem with me, because I have come to understand that those who speak of the devil or label others as walking with the devil (or evil) come from the perspective that the world is a dangerous place and that well-being is something that we must earn. Their entire belief system is FEAR-BASED.

I believe that well-being and love are our birth rights. God is love and every human being has a right to walk with God or Spirit while on this physical plane. If he chooses not to walk with God, it is not because of a Devil or Demon pulling him away to the dark side of life. It is his personal choice to not allow or receive the presence of Spirit into his own heart.

If an individual ends up on the proverbial "dark side" during this lifetime, it is due to his own choosing and he must take the responsibility of that choosing. That is why the wonderful Law of Karma is so sweet. It is so very fair in that "what comes around goes around", this lifetime or next. 

The Devil is non-existent ... and only in the minds of fear-based and dogmatic religions does he reside. The personification of a Devil is the perfect excuse for 'most anything.

"The devil made me do it", could be used in every aspect of our lives when, in retrospect, we come to realize that a choice that we made in the past may have not been the choice that we would make in the present. Enter the Devil mentality.

The poor "devil" is actually a scape goat ....  Hey ....wonder if that is why "he" is depicted with a goat's head and cloven feet in many of our Christian images! Ha .... hold on a moment .... I must look this up, I am on to something!!! Tee Hee .....

Ta-Dah! Listen to this, gang:

According to Webster's Collegiate Edition of the Dictionary ( I use the 1922 publication)

SCAPEGOAT was an actual ancient Jewish symbol involving a real to life GOAT!: 
1. A goat on whose head were symbolically placed the people's sins, after which he was suffered to escape into the wilderness. 2. Hence, a person or thing bearing blame for others.
OMG! I love it when the religious dogmas of the past come into my line of vision and collide with the Universal truths!!!

If ya ask me ... this is just one more religious symbol ... the scape goat ... that was perverted and customized over time to represent something entirely different than its original symbolic meaning. (remember, symbols are a visual language ... as the people of ancient times did not have a common language so most did not read or write ... they communicated with SYMBOLS !!!)

So, to sum it up ... if a person would tell me that I am "walking with the devil" ... I would smile as I visualized an ancient goat scampering off into the wilderness with the symbolic sins of that person upon his head! Oh, by the way, I do not believe in sin, either! (but I will address that at another time)

                                                ~ Ezra ~
Sit back and relax with a cup of hot tea or coffee and read this web site. When you are in a relaxed atmosphere your mind absorbs more.

"We" is glad that you have chosen to relax and learn along with us. We all are perpetual students and what better course of study than studying the nature of the spirit that resides within each and every one of us?

                  ~ Holly ~

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Q. Do we keep the same guardian angel from lifetime to lifetime? It would seem to me that it would be beneficial to our soul if we would have consistent guidance and that working with the same entity would promote soul growth over many lifetimes.

A. Good question! Over the years I have had that question asked to me face-to-face ... and here is my answer:

YOU are the extended part of the non-physical world. 
YOU are the part of that which we call God, here on earth ... in this physical plane. 

YOU are a portion of SOURCE ENERGY!

Yes, there is a perceived TEAM of non-physical entities assisting you from the non-physical side of your 'life' ... only because consciousness is ONE in that realm ... or ONE TEAM.

To explain it in human terms, there are many, many, many drops of water making up the whole ocean of Source ... or God ...but ultimately ... YOU, that part of you that chose to 'remain behind', so to speak ... in the non-physical world is the pilot, the choreographer, the teacher, the guidance that comes forth into the consciousness of your physical life, here, on the earth plane. That non-physical part of YOU IS that older, wiser and much more experienced entity that is the part of the WHOLE.

As physical humans tend to do ... they label every aspect of their experience whether it be physical or non-physical ... and that, labeling does serve its purpose while communicating with others in the physical realm.

However, when one attempts to switch perspective to the non-physical while remaining physical, the translation is impaired, just as you know it to be true of physical language translated to a foreign physical language.

Always and forever valuable information will be lost in the translation!

Therefore, from a physical perspective ... there is a tendency to label the unseen and to personify that which can only be sensed so the human mind can have a point of reference in the understanding after translation. 

When an experience is added to the collection of non-physical encounters of a human being ... that volley of information to another physical being is a difficult task. Currently, as has always been, there are 'risks' involved ...mostly which are socially imposed. 

Describing the encounter or experience of a non-physical kind to another physical being often results in a misunderstanding.

Each being is only able to understand from his collection of experience or his perception ... so it is not hard to understand that each being is at a different point OF that understanding. (and, I might add ... is 'given' only that which he can assimilate at the time.)

"When the student is ready, the teacher appears."

Over your time it has been necessary to adopt a  language that has been generally accepted by your planet to describe 'divine' encounters and the perceived non-physical 'characters' that have been perceived or presented themselves to the physical being.

That language, for example, includes but is not exclusive to; angels, cherubs, serafins, guardian angels, spirit guides, spirits and many other labels to help clarify the characters that are perceived in a 'divine' encounter or experience.

That language continues to be the language of  priests, rabbis, pastors, clerics and, yes, even  mediums to this very day.

Translation of the unseen experiences follows the path of the least resistance in the one who receives the experience. Translation, then, is the operative word. 

Translation is how the individual, from his collection of experience ... from lifetime to lifetime ... perceives, assimilates and then relays the information given to him.

The individual HEARS in the way that is most meaningful to him. So ... if the receiver perceives to hear and 'angel' ... then, so be it. If he instead, perceives to hear a 'demon' ... then so be it ... and on and on.

In other words, each and every human being has the capability of receiving information from the non-physical realm. Each has the capability because part of each physical human being resides (for a lack of a better word) or is focused IN THAT REALM of non-physical.

HOW each individual interprets that experience is entirely 'up' to the individual, drawing from where he is in the understanding of his role in being physical and his understanding of WHO he really is!!!

Each and every human being is capable of allowing the GUIDANCE from non-physical to flow through him ... whether he labels it as angels, spirits, deceased loved ones, teachers, etc. 

It matters not the name or label. ("a rose by any other name...")

So, in answer to your question ... "Do we keep the same guardian angel from lifetime to lifetime?" 

YES ... because ... it is all the same ... no matter what you label it ... it is all Source Energy that is offering guidance to you all day, every day ... without ceasing.

If you feel more comfortable calling upon your 'angel' in comparison to calling upon the part of yourself that is all-knowing of your particular experiences and wants ... then, so be it. 

Believe me when I tell you that labels do not matter. The only part that matters is ... that you HEAR the GUIDANCE ... and you will feel it as you resonate with the information ... all else is just hooplah!

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Q. Where did we go so wrong?

A. At this time, in the history of earth, more and more humans are thinking along these lines and coming to the conclusion ... that in their families, their communities, their countries and the world stage ... there is much to be witnessed as 'wrong'. 

It is a human trait to observe other people, places, events, things ... and then come away having an opinion about that which was just observed. Some label this as judgement.

From the point of reference of most humans upon the earth today ... when the comparison is made and the judgement arrives in their minds, it may appear that the scales tip toward more wrong than right in all areas of life. The hungry children come to mind, the mistreatment and killing of innocent people, the mistreatment of the animals, poverty ...WE could go on ...

Those who walk on planet earth today do not recall how far humanity has come. It has been a process ... a process that had no beginning and has no end. Thousands and thousands of your earth years have been spent to arrive at the very moment that you are standing. 

Dear humans, I am here to tell you that you have not gone wrong ... in any area. You are still in the process. You are still learning. You are still under construction as they say.

Earth is truly a 'classroom' ... but there is no 'pass/fail' ... as you are never graded ... and you are never judged. You cannot fail ... you can only add unto your earthly experience.

If you, as a physical human, could step outside of your earthly mind, you would be able to see the bigger picture. You would be able to understand that this particular lifetime, this particular experience that you are having at this particular 'time' ...  is but ONE. 

You are not 'new to the area'. You have been 'around' many, many times before. You have willingly participated in this process of life on planet earth countless times before.

If you are surprised, in your human form, by that statement, take a moment and feel what your Inner Being is conveying to you. If you allow your true feelings to surface, you will feel confirmation from your very soul in this knowing.
Q. Lately, I have been feeling so angry, lonely, torn, jealous and suicidal. Please tell me what to do.

A. Dear One. You are not alone. You are not alone in your thoughts or in your feelings.
There are many who feel as you currently do, and most have experienced sometime in this lifetime those very same emotions.

       Of course, you know this, already ... you have been told this before and you have also sensed this before.

Please allow me to expand on my statement of the obvious..

Humans have been given a guidance system from the Creator unlike that of any other living being on this planet; That guidance system revolves around emotions so it is no wonder that when feeling negative emotion ... it is has such a paralyzing effect.

If you can ... practice stepping back from your negative emotion for just one moment, and pretend that you are observing those emotions in another,it will be most beneficial.

       Pretend that you are the observer.

Pretend that you are the confidant in which a friend has chosen to ask what to 'do' in the friend's situation of the very same feelings that you are experiencing at this moment.

What questions would you ask him? How would you respond?

A good place to start is to ask if there are any events or circumstances in his life that point to these negative feelings. Has there been a recent death, separation, end to a cherished relationship? Has there been a major change in his lifestyle? A move from his familiar surroundings such as a move from a home, a job, schooling, a community?

Most humans are very routine oriented ... and when a change in their routine occurs, it affects them on an emotional level, whether it is viewed as a good or bad change. 

                          CHANGE AFFECTS!

Once you train yourself to become the observer, there are many answers that will pop out at you. 

Another volley of questions that should be asked is ... whether or not the friend is physically taking care of himself. In other words, the usual questions that one of your medical doctors would ask; Do you get enough sleep, eat right, exercise regularly?
Are you staying on top of your hygiene and
getting regular baths and showers and seeing to the cleanliness of your clothes and surroundings? (Those last questions may seem frivolous, but the answers are extremely important and can indicate a problem area)

Because YOU have become the OBSERVER ... 
(to YOU) you can answer all of these questions quite accurately and get hints from your answers. It is suggested that you write down all of your answers to go over them after you have completed your 'interview'.

Next, questions regarding your spirit side of the individual must be asked; Do you take some time for yourself each and every day? Are you able to relax a moment or two upon rising and prior to going to bed? Are you able to find time to communicate with God in prayer or meditation. 

In addition to asking yourself the above questions ... here are several other articles on the web site that you may help you understand who and what you are and why you are experiencing what you are at this time. This is a very short list ... and in reality, the entire website, as well as the links to this website are all valuable in finding the answer to your original question.

It is not by chance that you have asked this question as there are many who have asked the very same also. This is the first step toward self-discovery. It is the beginning of your new journey. It is the beginning of discovering WHO YOU REALLY ARE! Congratulations ...

Q. Please tell us more about SOUL GROUPS. 
I am so very curious about who is in my soul group this life time and speculate about this all of the time. I have read several books, especially the book, Journey of the Soul by Michael Newton, but would love to hear of your take on this, Ezra. I am sensing that I AM yearning to be back home. 

A. Excellent! It is my great pleasure to give my readers a peek into the process of life and the illusion of death ...on planet earth. Thanking you in advance for this forum!

Allow me to tell you in a way that you hear that, yes, you ARE yearning to be back home. Every soul that is currently experiencing physical life on planet earth is yearning to be back home. The human spirit is hard wired for that yearning, the fulfillment of that calling. 

That calling is the LIFE FORCE (some call this GOD) that surges through the human physical body while living life on planet earth and it does exactly what the label implies ... it keeps the human alive and functioning upon this planet, until the return to the non-physical, where the soul/consciousness blends back into that life stream, that LIFE FORCE. Some label this as heaven.

So, YES ... all souls yearn to return to that 'place' that is called many things ...

If you have read the books about life before life, you will understand that physical life is a process and there are certain Universal Laws that govern this process. You would be wise to study these laws if you have not, already, as understanding these God given laws will assist you in understanding why people 'get what they get' while in physical form. It will also help you to understand the function of the SOUL GROUP or the SOUL FAMILY.

Prior to most every incarnation (one must understand the re-cycling of non-physical to physical form, also, and realize there are exceptions) the individual consciousness (I refer to it as the 'soul') goes through a pre-birth or before incarnation planning process.

This planning process includes but is not limited to, the interactions of other individual consciousness. These other, individual consciousness, will be a part of the SOUL GROUP in the physical, that will experience life together in a more intimate way while on planet earth.

When you live side-by-side with another human, he is a part of your soul group. When you work side-by-side with another human, he is a part of your soul group. When you have a favorite service worker, say a mailman, or clerk at your favorite store or your doctor  that you see regularly, he, too, is a part of your soul group. When you are in a classroom with your classmates, you all are a part of your soul group and of course, when you are born into a family, those family members are a part of your soul group.  

In other words ... every one you come in contact with on an intimate level, is a member of your soul group. 

NOW ... allow me to specify this; You can tell your soul group by understanding that the members have a REGULAR give and take of energy with each other or a one time IMPACT in your current life. The energy that is exchanged by the soul group members is undeniable. You may see this as obvious in a daily manner as with family, friends and co-workers ... OR ... you may see this in a less obvious way as you cross paths often with 'blood' relatives, old friends and service people. (for example ... a parent that has not raised you or a mailman that you rarely see, but chat when you do.)  A Soul Group member does not have to be in your life daily. They just have to have had an impact on your your energy exchange within the context of your current lifetime.

Chances are great that EVERYONE you interact with on  a regular basis is part of your personal soul group, this lifetime. THAT revelation is empowering to most.

What I would like to convey is, that it would be quite beneficial to you to view ALL of HUMANITY currently alive on your planet as a portion of your soul group as this statement is more of the bigger truth. 

Once most souls begin to acknowledge thatindeed, 'everyone is all in this together' ... life on planet earth will take a spectacular leap toward bringing in the age that is labeled by some as "Heaven on Earth."

Heaven Speaks ...

Do you have ears
 ... to hear?
After all of these centuries in your earth time ... is the UNIVERSAL message STILL veiled? It is Hu-Man Nature to love and appreciate the DIVINE (some call this 'worship') ... as WE ALL are a part of that which we label as GOD ... BUT ... WHO gets to CHOOSE the BELIEFS of ALL??? 

WHO? WHO? WHO? (Chances are, YOU think is is YOU!  ;-)  )

OPEN the Message ... and READ IT!!!   ~Ezra