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Web Master's Note: I highly recommend this book, Gnosis of the Cosmic Christ as it will clarify many of the metaphors contained in the Christian Bible. ~Rev. Holly Greene White~
        Apocalypse ... Revelation
           The TRUE Knowledge

                                         Tau Malachi
                        * Gnosis of the Cosmic Christ

                       Llewellyn Worldwide, Publisher

"Orthodox forms of Christianity have produced great misconceptions concerning the apocalypse and the Book of Revelation. These misconceptions all stem from the idea of a singular event in the past producing a fixed or static creation ... which in turn leads to the idea of a singular event of an apocalypse in the future, which is also static or fixed. However, according to the Kabbalah of Gnostic Christianity, the creative act (Genesis) and divine revelation (apocalypse) is an ONGOING event, NOT a singular event of the past or the future. It is therefore not static or fixed at all. Thus, creation is occurring now and so also is the apocalypse in all of its great beauty and great horror."     ~Tau Malachi~