Accident & Coincidence
As I stated earlier ... all is in perfect timing. Some refer to this as Divine Timing. Everything is to add unto the development or evolvement of  spiritual perspective. This entire physical experience upon this physical earth is to bring THOUGHT to new highs. This life that we each are living ... is to EVOLVE the consciousness of humanity and expand the Universal Knowing and Understanding both as an individual, collective consciousness AND for All That Is ... some call this God. (a THREE-fold goal)

If one decides to create an 'event' or challenge for himself ... it comes not from an outside source but from the urging of his very own spirit.  Don't get me wrong, human beings are not puppets ... we work in tandem with a higher source, but that source is a portion of who we each are already. The task is to REMEMBER the MIRACLE that EACH SOUL already IS.

With each event or challenge in life, the consciousness is coming closer and closer to knowing more. You may want to ask yourself, "What is the message for me? Why am I getting what I am getting?"

                                                                 MAKE A PERSONAL DECISION!

Within each perceived 'accident' or event or coincidence ... is hidden a deep opportunity to gain insight into your experience in this physical life. It is ALL merely a circumstance that YOU, not an outside source, created in order to receive a crucial message from your higher consciousness. 

When you create a circumstance ... first, do not judge it as as either good nor bad, but as a message that you need to 'open'.  Know that the circumstance has created a new paradigm for you and that new paradigm is called, 'after the accident'.

Some of the introspective questions that you may want to ask ;

1. Why am I being shown this? 
2. How am I to react to this? 
3. Will this message guide or persuade me to THINK differently or ACT differently?  
4. Where is the GIFT within this message?

JUST with the ACKNOWLEDGEMENT ALONE, that the incident is indeed a MESSAGE to YOU ... allows you to reach a higher vibration . 

Remembering that ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING in this physical life IS a GIFT ... will shift your entire perspective and raise your vibration higher and higher. Raising your vibration helps to insure that your intentions are manifested faster and without struggle.

Some of the 'gifts' that are the silver lining of an experience could be time to look at the belief system that you know hold, to charge yourself accountable for YOU and not make any outside source responsible for the life that you have created. Sometimes, we are forced to look at forgiveness of others as well as ourselves. ... sometimes we are guided to understand the perspective of another. Sometimes, the experience (accident) is not so serious at all ... and merely introduces us to another thought or conclusion.

JUST REMEMBER ...  to look for the GIFT ... and that will be all that is necessary in every aspect of your day. Your perspective will become elevated and wise and life will become greatly improved for you.

It is a rare person who can see around each and every corner of his life ... so it is recommended that you take into your heart and soul the understanding , the knowing ... that absolutely everything occurs to the benefit of YOU. Strive for the understanding of your NOW.

You have experienced first-hand as well as heard the stories of others about delayed appointments that intersected with "accidents' ... accidents that YOU could have experienced, had you, yourself, not been delayed for one reason or another. For instance, remember the story of one of the would-be World Trade Center victims? The story was about a man who was delayed going to work IN the World Trade Center the day of the terrorist attacks due to a blister on his foot. He stopped at a store along the way to work to get a bandage for his blister and that was more than enough time to delay his being inside the World Trade Center when it was attacked. His life was spared due to what seemed to him a very inconvenient as well as painful stop on the way to work. That was a GIFT ... but only in hind sight. LOOK for YOUR GIFT each and every day ... and then stand in a place of appreciation for having found that gift. Love the NOW that you are 'in' and that appreciation will pave your way to a new and improved future.

Train yourself to ask the questions from the assumption that ALL IS PERFECT and ALL is in PERFECT TIMING ... and you will become a deliberate thinker ... and the steadfast creator of your own life experience ... and

                                                         LIFE WILL BECOME BETTER FOR YOU!!!

Love & Light,
Reverend Holly Greene White
July 2009
           Accident & Coincidence
It is becoming more and more popular to say, "There are No accidents. There are NO coincidences." But what, exactly DOES that mean?

WE will give you an explanation  and decode the reasoning behind accident and coincidence. Take what resounds in your own soul as truth and disregard the rest ... you are either ready to 'hear' or you are not ... (as is the entire SOULS-R-WE website for your benefit, and for no other gain.)

If you understand the metaphysical lesson ... that you are a vibrational receptor (we all are!) living in a vibrational Universe ... and that you attract only that which is a vibrational match to your emission, you will then, begin to understand the statement, "There is never an accident nor coincidence ..."

 ALL is in the perfect timing of the soul's evolution and it goes without saying that it is of the utmost importance to continue to evoke compassion for all ... as we are all in this learning experience together and we know not why another soul is experiencing some of the more 'challenging' events in a lifetime.

When one comes from the flawed premise that an event is either 'bad or good' it is no wonder that certain events are dubbed as 'accidents'. If, on the other hand one begins with the assumption that each and every hour of the day, unfolds PERFECTLY and as it is meant to unfold ... an entirely different perspective of life on Planet Earth will be revealed.

Each soul NEEDS to KNOW that it is his birthright to go about experiencing that which he intended prior to physical birth. EACH SOUL is a creator of his own experience, as a human being with an eternal and everlasting, ever evolving soul. EACH SOUL holds the solutions to his own dilemmas ... EACH SOUL is the 'captain of his own ship' ... EACH is responsible for all that he lives, all that he experiences.

AND ... EACH is guided by his emotional guidance system ... which translates to the message system of the soul.
Accident ?
Coincidence ?